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Passionfruit | 2

“To you, matters of the heart have always been simple. You’ve always lived by three rules: you don’t do emotions, you don’t do attachment, and you don’t do love. That is, until you meet the enigma that is Kim Namjoon- a man who shakes your entire world upside down.”

pairing: namjoon x reader
genre: smut
wordcount: 7.1k

part one

You were used to judgment.

It came in many shapes and forms. Men’s roaming gazes as you walked past. The way guys would leer at you, objectifying you with their stares and their wolf whistles. You were used to coming face to face with judgment. 

People made assumptions about you and always had. Guys you slept with always approached you and you knew they had seen you and made a snap judgment about who you were. Girls who saw you narrowed their eyes and protectively put a hand on their boyfriends knees when you walked past. People saw you and decided that they knew who you were, you didn’t have a say in the matter. In their eyes you were already the slut, the loose one, the messy one, and nothing you could say or do would change that judgment call.

So it had been a surprise when you had met Namjoon’s eyes last week and seen no judgment there.

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Ten reasons why men’s clothes should not have pockets

1. Because the curve of a gentleman’s buttock would be quite ruined if one had to infer it through a lumpy wallet or keyring.
2. Because men sometimes adopt a seated position with their legs far apart, and I think we can all appreciate that if men had pockets this position might cause items to fall out of them and get stuck down the back of subway seats.
3. Because a real man should have on their person at all times at least a wallet, phone, keys, handkerchief, deodorant, electric razor, nasal hair trimmer, map, compass, multitool, selection of fuses, spare batteries, string, testicle buffer and sharp stick, and even if we did put pockets into men’s clothes they would obviously be insufficient to carry all of these items, so really why bother?
4. Because mankind has been carrying stuff since our days in the caves, when cave chaps would heft around rocks to impress the ladies. If there were pockets in men’s clothes, they would lose attractive lifting opportunities.
5. Because these are cost-conscious times, and surely no-one would wish to increase the price of trousers by adding extra frivolous fabric to them?
6. Because gentleman with pockets would be unable to resist the urge to adjust their genitalia in public.
7. Because backpack manufacturers would be put out of business by such a change, this being an economic risk we cannot afford to take in the modern age.
8. Because how better to signify your high-class status than by not carrying anything? There is surely no cheaper way to give the impression that you are a gentleman of such incredible means that you have a servant somewhere nearby whose job it is to gently hold your phone aloft.
9. Because even when empty, a pocket spoils the drape of a good pair of suit trousers, mildly disappointing loin-appreciators everywhere.
10. Because when we offered our test group of men who did not have any clothes a selection of clothes without pockets, most of them took some, and the one who did not was later arrested for indecent exposure, which frankly tells you everything you need to know about him and his ilk.

Masquerade: Side Story - Stay Close To Me

Notes: a side story inspired by an idea that @kantonliu sent me, and I couldn’t resist throwing everything aside to write probably the soppiest??? thing I’ve ever written. Have this as my thanks for everyones amazing support. <3 p.s probably some typos. 
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Sometimes, they picked the worst places to meet.

Now was one of those times.

It wasn’t that this huge open spaced establishment sprawling with chairs and tables set for two was subpar. It wasn’t the ambient night sky of hundreds and hundreds of tiny glowing bulbs suspended at different lengths from the high ceiling like perfect stars in their own universe.

It wasn’t the amazing service and other patrons that kept to themselves in groups of only two, always two. It wasn’t the velvet lined booths at the edges of the room that looked safe enough to keep secrets and smother whispers, it wasn’t the fact that there were no Russians or Japanese in sight.

It was the fact that Yuuri was here alone, waiting with his solitary drink at the bar as usual.

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The Past and Present

“Uncle Wilford! Uncle Wilfo~ord!” A little dyed red head and a pretend crown bobbed around a table corner to meet a lounging pink mustachioed fellow of considerable silliness looking at a very sharp knife. The two children looked quite excited and the man’s interest was piqued. He smiled, mustache lifting slightly, and waggled his eyebrows.

“Well then, Yan and King, whatcha need, hm?” Wilford put away his knife, sitting himself up and over to get down to the pair’s level. Yandere presented an old Polaroid picture, looking quite excited. Wilford recognized it immediately furrowing his brows and lightly taking it from the child’s grasp. “Where’d you two find this?” His dark brown eyes never left the photo.

“Yan and I found it in the attic when we were looking for Rufus!” King answered with enthusiasm. The peanut butter on his face dripped down onto the carpet, and normally Wilford would ‘punish’ him by giving him the tickle fight of his life. But the man was currently lost in memory with a small half smile on his lips. He suddenly looked up, eyebrow raised.

“Who’s Rufus?” Wilford looked between the two, a little bewildered.

“He’s a squirrel,” Yan answered. Wilford nodded, looking around the room like something was watching him. He lifted the picture, smiling at them both.

“Well this certainly was a find. I thought it had been lost,” Wilford clicked his tongue, lifting the photo for further examination. “I wonder if Dark still remembers this…” King suddenly snorted. Wilford looked down at him. “Got somethin’ up your nose, your majesty?”

“No!” King giggled into his hand, getting peanut butter all over it. “Why did uncle Dark look like that?” Wilford looked at the photo.

“You mean his sense of style has changed?” This remark got an outburst of laughter from the two. Wilford chuckled, himself. “Well, I would think it was because he wanted to keep up with the ‘aesthetic’ of being,” Wilford rolled his eyes and lifted his hands to form quotation marks, “'Darkness’. Really it was just him brooding,” Wilford shook his head. “He was certainly odd, still is. You know he still wears those band tee-shirts?” The kids looked shocked. Wilford was practically bubbling with laughter.

“How come we’ve never seen them!!” Yan shouted, King nodding in vigorous agreement.

“It’s because he thinks he can keep it a secret. But ol’ Wilford Warfstache has known him much longer than anyone else here! And no secret of his is safe with me. Here, I’ll prove it. Follow me.” The pink mustachioed man stood up, beckoning the children to follow him out of the room and into the large halls of the building they all shared. Wilford brought his knife back out, smiling like Yan and King after being slipped some candy.

“Oh Darkie~

“Wilford how many times–”

“Yeah, yeah! Just come over here! I think I’ve finally figured out a solution to taking over the channel,”

Oh really? Why do I not believe you?”

Just come here!

A flash of metal and a small pop of buttons had the entire hall in pause and silence. A soft ringing began to sound itself off, but it was long forgotten when the sounds of laughter filled the halls. Dark’s teeth were grit and he looked very angry. His hands were gripping his dress shirt to try and hide what was underneath, but it was too late.

“I told you he still wore em!” Wilford grinned, laughing along with the two children. They were practically rolling on the floor. Dark’s eyes flashed to Wilford.

“Is this the game we’re going to play?” Dark suddenly smiled, folding his hands behind his back to reveal even more of the shirt. His eyes were narrowed. “Then I suppose the children would like to know that your mustache has literally taken years to grow?” Wilford’s eyes widened and suddenly the two were grasping the other’s clothing, glaring daggers at each other.

“That’s not true!”

“Oh really? Then what would happen, say by some accident, it was suddenly shaved off tomorrow? You could easily grow it back, right Wilford?

“You better not, emo boy!

I am not an emo!






“You two are dorks” Yan said. He and King both grinned.

“But you’re our dorks!” They both ran forwards, hugging the two men that were still grappling each other.

“Don’t touch me”

“Maybe a little love is what Brood needs, kids” Wilford grinned. Dark snarled.


Inspired by a post I saw about Dark still wearing band tees

Super Junior D&E Subunit on US Concerts & Group’s Legacy: ‘The Two of Us Are Representing Super Junior’

Super Junior onstage at KCON 2017 Concert at Staples Center on Aug. 20, 2017 in Los Angeles.
When Super Junior’s Donghae (Lee Dong Hae) and Eunhyuk (Lee Hyuk Jae) were introduced to the crowd at the Staples Center last month as “pioneers of K-pop” and “K-pop kings” it was hard to deny the claims as the audience cheered them on, pockets of sapphire blue light waving in time to the beat. For a group that wasn’t supposed to be permanent, the boy band has undeniably made its mark on South Korea’s music industry and the appearance of subunit Super Junior D&E at KCON 2017 LA was a surefire sign that the act still has what it takes to excite a crowd.

“Today’s performance is important because not everyone in Super Junior could come; it’s just the two of us performing,” Eunhyuk told Billboard ahead of the pair’s performance. “Because of this, there’s a sense of responsibility and an idea that the two of us are representing Super Junior as a whole.”

Preceding the rise of K-pop internationally, Super Junior was one of the dominant male acts of the late 2000s after the success of “Sorry Sorry” in 2009 made them an undeniable leader in the industry. With their choreography-driven electro-pop and the group’s immense size – there were 13 or 15 members at its peak, depending on who you ask – the boy band shaped the sound and look of many following acts.

Sonically, the band has typically, but not always, favored upbeat dance tracks tinged with R&B and melodic ballads that emphasize the group’s harmonious vocals. Super Junior made a shift towards a more mature sound in recent years, with some of their latest singles, like 2014’s “This Is Love” and 2015’s “Devil,” moving them towards a groovier, sleeker pop sound and away from their more animated, occasionally verging on corny, past styling.

The rise of YouTube and social media in particular played a role in the group’s increasing popularity across the globe, the duo acknowledges, as it has in all of K-pop. “Even when we first debuted [in 2005], K-Pop and the Hallyu wave wasn’t as extensive,” said Eunhyuk. “However, today through Youtube, the internet and social media, it’s much easier and faster for information to spread. It makes me happy to see that K-pop has actively spread to various places around the world.”

Aging gracefully in the youth-oriented K-pop scene, Super Junior’s large number of members has helped the group remain relevant: Many of the men are known as actors or television personalities and their overall versatility has enabled the act to explore a variety of genres and languages through solo releases and smaller unit groups. D&E is one such team.

Balancing their goofball identities with their more mellow side as the bandmembers age has signified a shift in Super Junior’s music, but even more so with Super Junior D&E. The pair released their first track, “Oppa Has Risen (Oppa, Oppa),” in 2011 as a nu-disco funk hype track built to be performed at concerts. They quickly gained a reputation for campy retro-pop, but D&E also put sentimental R&B-tinged singles, following the same creative direction of Super Junior’s sound in general.

“When people think of D&E, they usually think of all fun, upbeat and exciting music that we have,” said Donghae. “I would like to recommend the more mellow, sad songs that we released right before leaving for the military.“ As examples he pointed to "Growing Pains” and “Still You,” both of which they performed later that night.

Though South Korea’s obligatory service has interrupted the career of many male Korean celebrities, Super Junior’s large size has helped the act thrive and rotate members in and out while the larger group remains active. D&E enlisted in South Korea’s mandatory military service in 2015 and were discharged within days of each other in July, weeks before their KCON performance. While they didn’t have any new music to share because they had been on duty during this time, the pair were exuberant in their first stateside appearance in so long and showed it dancing around the stage as the crowd sang along.

“What’s meaningful is that two years ago the last place we performed in the U.S. before we enlisted was actually the L.A. Staples Center [at KCON],” said Eunhyuk. “Having our first return performance here as well makes this experience really special. And because of our hiatus, each and every performance we have is really special and means a lot to us. We also are responsible for getting our fans pumped for our new eighth album, which we hope to do so through our performance tonight.”

In its 12th year, the boy band is down a few members and only seven of the group’s main members will participate in the upcoming eighth album: Donghae, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, and Siwon. Two, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, are in the military. Another two, Zhou Miand Henry, are not considered full members of the team and are typically relegated to work primarily on Chinese-language tracks with other members under the Super Junior-M title. The final pair, Kangin and Sungmin, are on hiatus; the former because of drunk driving incidents and the latter after fans requested he leave the group due to alleged mistreatment of them following his marriage. Two former bandmates, Han Geng and Kim Kibum, have been absent from the act for over five years.

While releasing an album over a decade into one’s career isn’t unheard of for K-pop, it is rare: Super Junior is one of the few Korean acts to remain active from their start to the present without breaking up. They’re also one of the oldest, with several members closer in age to iconic Korean acts like H.O.T. (the first true K-pop boy band) than to boy band of the moment BTS. But they’re still in the game and recognize the importance of that.  

“In a way, we do have a bit of pride about this,” said Eunhyuk. “As I said before, even when we debuted there was a lack of content and opportunities to popularize K-Pop. We feel as though we are able to link the [generations] through our performances, which we are proud of doing.”

But just because they’ve been around for a while hardly means that Super Junior’s going to rest on the laurels of their past successes – the promise of new surprises is sure to excite their fans, known as ELF or EverLasting Friends. Along with revamping their music to better suit men who are now anything but Juniors in the industry, the band plans to focus on reconnecting with their global audience, two years since their last album.

“We’ve been performing for about 10 years now, but in the upcoming years we plan to showcase a variety of different contents including albums, music, videos, movies and dramas to upgrade and show how much we’ve grown,” said Donghae.

Added Eunhyuk: “While we’ve been active for over 10 years, we didn’t really have the opportunity to perform in the U.S. as much. In the future we will work harder and plan to perform for our K-Pop loving fans in the U.S. more often.“

Mother Nature

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

     Everyone is wondering why Tony Stark recruited you.  With Tony being the only one who knew what your power was, you were always bombarded with one question: What the hell is your power? So, when Bucky asks you nicely, you show him.

Warnings: swearing, violence
Word Count: 2,360

    “C’mon, can’t you just tell us?” Clint slouched deeper into the couch as you refused for the millionth time.

    “Why won’t you show us? It’s pretty weird if your team doesn’t know what you can do,” Steve explained.  You were all seated in a circle, relaxing and drinking.  This was your day off and everyone was taking advantage of that.

    “I don’t want you guys to know.  Then the element of surprise would be no more,” you joked, chugging the last of your red wine and asking Nat for the bottle.  You smirked as Thor laughed and announced that he knew what your power was.  

    “Oh, really? Hint at it,” you pushed.  Thor straightened up and pointed at you. “Let’s just say all things green and beautiful blossom at their finest when you are around,” he stated.  You smiled and gave him a thumbs up.  That was the closest anyone had gotten to guessing your power.  You assumed, however, that Thor really did know.  Tony didn’t understand why you wanted to keep your power hidden from the rest of the group but he agreed to it after seeing how in distress everyone was becoming.  

    “So beautiful,” Tony agreed.  “Guess you guys will find out when Y/N comes on the mission with us tomorrow.”

    Your eyes widened.  “I get to go? Are you serious? You never let me go!” You were overjoyed, bouncing in your seat and gripping Bucky’s shoulders as you continued your happy dance.

    “What? No fair! You never bring me along, Mr. Stark!” Peter whined.  You giggled and winked over to the kid.  “Maybe it’s because my powers are cooler.”

    Peter scoffed and leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed over his chest.

    “Your Aunt May said you have a midterm this week,” Tony raised his hands up in defense. “Sucks to be you.”

    Peter whined some more but you drowned him out.  You were so giddy you hadn’t even noticed you were still hopping with Bucky.  You were practically in his lap.  

    “Who else is going?” Steve asked, seeming to enjoy your lively behavior.  

    “Me, Nat, Bucky, Y/N, and Sam,” Tony said.  You were even more happy hearing Bucky’s name.  You and Bucky had been flirting for the past month and your relationship with each other was to be announced.

    “Guess you guys will be the ones to find out!” you cheered, standing up and dusting yourself off.  “I’m heading to bed. Come tuck me in, Buck.”

     Everyone in the room either scoffed, rolled their eyes, smirked, or whistled.  They knew nothing romantic was happening yet between Bucky and yourself but they assumed something would happen soon.  Bucky’s cheeks went red at the sound of your request but he followed.

    Pulling him into his own room, you giggled some more and flew into his bed.  You laid on your stomach, all sprawled out and hugging the pillows.  

    “Guess you’re pretty excited about tomorrow, huh?” Bucky chuckled, sitting at the edge of the bed with his back facing you.  You rolled over and tugged on his shoulders.  Bucky now lay on his back and could catch glimpses of you from the corner of his eye.  

    “It’s my first one! Let me have this moment,” you protested, your giggling never stopping.  

    “I wasn’t taking it away from you.” Bucky reached up and pulled your head down.  You let him guide you.  Your lips met and your nose nudged his chin but it didn’t stop you from cupping his cheeks.  After a few seconds, you sat back up and watched Bucky sit up with you.  With him now facing you, you could see just how beautiful he was in the dimly lit room.  

     “What are you looking at?” Bucky smiled.  You leaned in for a kiss again and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer.  You smiled into the kiss when you felt Bucky’s arm reaching below your hips.  You grabbed his arms and tugged them away, Bucky taking that as a sign on rejection.  But, you quickly repositioned his hands on your breasts.  Bucky choked on air and you laughed so loud you were sure they all heard you downstairs.

    “I wasn’t expecting that,” Bucky chuckled, his cheeks redder than ever before.  He removed his hands and placed them in his lap.  The silence in the room was comfortable, the both of you simply enjoying each other’s company.  

    After tracing his face and playing with the tips of his hair, Bucky asked you the repetitive question.  

    “What is your power?”

    You chuckled and pecked his lips.  “You just can’t wait until tomorrow, can you?”

    “No, I’m curious.  Way too curious,” Bucky whined.  You stood your ground and shook your head no.  

    That was when Bucky did the unexpected.  He sighed and looked down, taking a few moments before he raised his head with the greatest, most convincing pout anyone had ever presented to you.  

    “Oh, stop!” you swatted his shoulder.  He only sighed deeper and slouched further.  You sighed with him.  “Can’t you just wait?”

    “I thought I was special,” Bucky teased.  Your mouth was agape but you bit your lip to prevent another loud laugh from slipping through your lips.  

    “Don’t tell anyone, okay?” You hadn’t even finished the sentence before Bucky smiled the widest smile and hugged you tightly.  You grunted and pushed him away softly.  “You want to know or not?”

    “Yes, yes! Please!” Bucky shooed you off the bed so you could show him.

     You rolled your eyes and looked at the corner of the room.  Before you did anything, you spoke up and warned him.

    “Okay, it’s going to look gruesome only because I’m not wearing my suit and you can see everything.”

    “What the hell is that supposed to mean? Are you going to implode or some shit?” Bucky asked, worry etched all over his face.  You giggled for the hundredth time that night.  You were positive it was the wine that was making you reveal your powers in the first place.  

    “No! It just looks weird and painful but it isn’t.  I’m not dying, okay?  I had to catch my mom when she fainted when I first showed her,” you replied.  Bucky only nodded, still worried.

    You glanced at the corner of his room and gracefully lifted your arms midway in the air.  Tiny brown and black lines appeared all over your arms and chest.  As they grew and stretched further, they curled and twirled around each other, forming beautiful sketches of vines and flowers.  Bucky’s eyes couldn’t widen any further.  He was so amazed by what he was witnessing and it wasn’t even the main event.  Bucky’s attention broke from your gorgeous body when he heard a rumble in the corner of the room.  

    You turned your arms and lifted your hands and fingers slowly.  Dirt appeared on the floor and stretched out, stopping a few feet away from Bucky’s bed.  Gracefully moving your hand, you outstretched it and slowly curled each finger.  Once your hand was in a fist, you turned your arm quickly and opened your hand, swiping it across the air.

    As you did this, roots and stumps were beginning to appear.  They grew quickly, forming into an apple tree.  The tree reached the ceiling and you continued its travel, curving the branches so they could continue their journey to each corner of Bucky’s room.  Flowers and fruits hung from several branches, each more colorful than the one created before them.  You encased each corner of the room with your creation, wrapping the end of it back onto the main tree.  You sighed happily and clapped your hands together when you turned to face a wide-eyed Bucky.  

    Bucky stuttered at first, his mouth hanging open and his hands pushing hair from his face every so often.  He covered his face, squeezed his cheeks, wiped his eyes, and rubbed at his chin.  He couldn’t believe what just happened.

    “So?” you waited.  Bucky turned to you and cleared his throat.  

    “Fuuuuuuck,” he cursed.  You were satisfied with his response and went to kiss him goodnight.

    “That’s not even the best I can do,” you teased him, pecking his lips again.  

    “You could do more?” He was so impressed he couldn’t even form proper sentences.  You did amazing! I can’t believe I’m semi-dating a girl with this amazing power! Is this real? Holy shit!

    “So much more.  But you’ll find that out tomorrow,” you clicked your tongue and made for the exit.

    “Wait, aren’t you going to take this all down?” Bucky stood up, confusion written all over his face.

    You chuckled, “I create life, Buck.  Tearing it down would kill me on the inside.”

    Bucky pouted and sighed, “You’re a tree hugger?”

    You laughed at that.  “Goodnight, Bucky.”

    “Am I supposed to sleep with this?” Bucky yelled out to you.  “There aren’t any bugs, right?”


    Now, here you were, standing in the plane as the others fought on the ground.  You huffed, turning on your ear piece and talking to Bucky.

    “How you doin’?” you asked him, waiting a while before he replied.

    “We could really use a little help.  We heard they were sending dozens of more men to the roof and there’s only four of us down here,” Bucky replied, grunting each time he punched someone to the ground.  You opened the line for Sam, Nat, and Tony.  

    “Hey, guys?” you cocked your head to the side.  You told the pilot to lower the jet so you could step out onto the roof.

    “That jet better be here to pick us up,” Tony stated.  As you reached the roof, you could hear Sam flying passed the windows and Tony’s suit shooting at anything in his way.

    “Nah, I’m gonna kick some ass,” you replied.  

    “Y/N, no! There are too many of them and your power isn’t strong enough!” Bucky yelled.  You rolled your eyes as he continued to lecture you.  

    “What part of, ‘that’s not even the best I can do’, don’t you understand?” You smirked and stepped off the plane, watching as dozens of more men made their way onto the roof.  

    You walked passed Nat, Bucky, and Tony fighting, your eyes never tearing away from the stampede in front of you.  When you were half way to them, you crouched down to the floor and placed your palms on the concrete.

    “You better be sporting some Hulk type shit, Y/N or else you’re going to be roadkill,” Sam exclaimed.  You smirked again and focused on every person in front of you, careful to not trap the rest of the team as well.  

    “What are you doing?” You heard Bucky yelling but you drowned it out as the floor beneath you began shaking.  As if to answer Bucky’s question, roots and branches sprouted from the concrete.  Instead of curling gracefully like they did last night when you showed Bucky, the branches broke off one another and twisted devilishly.  You rose from the ground and curled your fingers in the same manner, looking as if you were crushing someone’s literal heart.  The branches swung down and grabbed any limb they could reach.  Every single person was pulled from the ground and crushed to the point of unrecognizable appearances.  You snapped necks, you broke backs, and you crushed their weapons.  

    Once you saw each one of them die, you peppered some white flowers all over each dangerous twist and swirl.  You marveled at your finished work.  

    The roof was quiet, the only sound was from the engine of the plane.  You turned to your team.

    “What the fuck was that?” Sam announced as he landed.  Sam hardly showed fear but from what you were seeing, he was shaking in his own skin.

    “That was incredible,” Nat stated.  She smiled and shook her head.  She high-fived you quickly, announcing that her “work here was done”, and made her way back to the plane.  Tony stood there with a proud smirk on his face.

    “I’m both amazed and frightened over what just happened.  I’m glad I recruited you.  Please show the rest of the team because I can’t keep this marvel a secret,” Tony explained, following Sam and Nat to the plane.  Bucky stood there not knowing what to say.  He looked at you and back at your masterpiece.  He thought he was astounded by what you showed him last night- he was shocked to witness this.  It was a privilege, he decided.

    “I am so hot for you right now,” Bucky admitted.  You snorted and skipped towards him, grabbing his arm and walking the rest of the way.  


    After Sam revealed what you did on that roof, every single person wanted to see you in action.  Steve was the first to coin your “superhero name”- Mother Nature.  You chuckled at the name but hey, it suited you.  You refused to show them just how brutal your power really was unless you were in combat.  For now, you littered the tower with plants and fruit trees. 

    You grew all kinds of fruits around the compound.  You smiled every time Peter would come up to you and ask you for an apple.  He only wanted to see you grow it.  You complied, growing the sweetest, reddest apple you could just for him.  He blushed each time, devouring it once he told you goodbye.  He wasn’t the only one.  

    Sam would ask for lemons to squeeze some fresh lemonade that morning.  Nat would ask for bananas and grapes.  Scott would ask for oranges.  You were everyone’s new grocery store.  

    You didn’t mind.  It was nice when everyone would ask nicely and shy away when they thought you would say no.  You always said yes, though.

    Bucky didn’t ask for anything.  Instead, he loved watching the brown and black lines stretch all over your body, minus your face.  He would trace each twirl as you lay tangled in his sheets, the both of you naked.  As he marveled at your body, you marveled at his.  

    For some reason, a reason you both knew very well to be true- the two of you would always get the best night’s sleep when your body art would sneak its way onto his metal arm, creating swirls Bucky absolutely gushed over.  

I’d Rather Rescue Myself

A/N: So I got bored and wrote a thing.

Y/N met the eyes of her best friend and made a face. Her best friend smiled and nodded. They had been very excited about making each other over and wearing beautiful dresses, but now that they had been at the gala for a couple hours, the luster had worn off.

A crowd of socialite girls had located their boyfriends and swarmed around them. They were currently being held hostage on the other side of the room. Y/N had briefly considered rescuing Jason from their perfectly manicured clutches, but knew he would probably convince her to leave and Y/N didn’t want to go quite yet. Her best friend had evidently decided the same about Dick as he was still over there as well.

“What if we took off and went back to the manor, ordered chinese, and had a movie marathon in these ballgowns?” Bff/N leaned over and whispered. Y/N shot a look across the room where Jason was pretending to be interested in something a debutante was saying.

“Sounds good to me.” She said as she slipped her shoes back on and got up. The two women slipped out of the room without attracting the attention of either of their boyfriends or their adopted father.

“I cannot wait to throw these shoes in a closet to rot.” Bff/N groaned as she locked arms with Y/N.

Y/N laughed and turned to answer when a smelly cloth was pressed over her mouth and nose. If the mumbled shriek she heard next to her was any indication, her best friend was in a similar predicament. Y/N struggled as the world went dark.

She woke up, her head heavy but growing lighter. She opened her eyes to find that she was sitting upright against a box, with her hand bound by zipties in front of her body. She looked around and saw her best friend in a similar situation, sitting across from her. Further investigating the room, she saw that whoever had taken them hadn’t left anyone in the room, not had they left any obvious surveillance equipment to monitor the two women.

Y/N shifted her legs and bit back a laugh in realization. The idiots hadn’t even tied her legs. She felt the fabric of her skirt and couldn’t contain her happiness. Her phone, which had been in the pocket of her skirt, was still there. What kind of kidnappers were these? Not securing them or watching them and allowing something like a phone to remain on them?

As Y/N surveyed the room, her best friend began to stir. “Bff/N,” Y/N hissed. “Are you okay?”

“I think so?” The woman said as she opened her eyes. Y/N quickly freed herself from the zipties holding her wrists and moved to where her friend was.

“We have to get out of here quickly before whoever took us decides to come back.” Y/N said as she freed her friend. The two women got up and inspected the room. The door was locked, but there wasn’t any noise outside it. There was a computer in the room, but it was turned off. There were many boxes, some of them filled with paper, but the thing Y/N focused on was the single window in the room. She looked outside and sent a prayer of thanks up to anyone who would listen that there was a fire escape outside it. As far as she could tell, there was no alarm on the window so she slid it open and sighed in relief when only street noise met their ears. She slipped out the window, stumbling slightly as the heels on her feet made it hard to stand. Bff/N followed her out of the window and they quietly made their way down the stairs.

Muffled curses and crashes from above told them that their incompetent captors had noticed they were missing. Y/N and Bff/N exchanged a look before picking up the pace, hurrying down the stairs before the men could figure out how they got out. Y/N heard a yell as her feet met pavement. She looked up to see a man pointing out the window towards them.

A chill washed over her as she grabbed Bff/N’s hand and took off running down the street. She wished that she could stop and call Jason, but the sound of a door bursting open and boots following them told her that if she slowed down, they would surely be recaptured.

The two women ran around the corner and ducked into an alley, quickly pulling their long skirts in and tucking them close so they wouldn’t be seen.

Heavy footsteps ran passed the opening and disappeared into the night, clearly still in pursuit of someone, or two someones, and not letting up until the rhythm could no longer be heard.

Y/N sighed in relief, only to stiffen and shield her best friend as a bulky shadow blocked the entrance to the alley.

“This is quite a predicament you have gotten yourself in, princess.” A figure wearing a shiny red helmet said.

Y/N relaxed as she stood up. “You told you I hate it when you call me that.”

She could almost hear him smirk. “And I told you not to leave the gala without me.”

Y/N moved to stand in front of him. “Well if it makes you feel any better, I won’t be doing that again any time soon.”

Jason didn’t say anything as he pulled her close, crushing her against him. “You bet your ass you won’t.” He muttered in her ear. He hadn’t even noticed she was missing until Bruce got the ransom call. He and Dick had immediately suited up and went to the apartment building where Y/N’s gps said she was located. There they found men scrambling to find their hostages. Dick had stayed behind to round up the kidnappers while Jason canvassed the streets nearby for the missing women. His heart had stopped when he saw them huddled in an alley, their fancy dressed dirty and torn from whatever they had done to escape.

A shadow dropped down into the alley. Bff/N immediately launched herself at him once she saw who it was.

Dick pulled her close and peppered her face with kisses. “Are you two okay?” He asked, still holding his girlfriend close as if he feared someone would try and rip her from his arms.

Y/N and Bff/N both nodded. “We want to go home.” Y/N answered verbally for both of them.

Jason and Dick exchanged a look before escorting the woman out of the alley and back to the manor. The police could finish dealing with the scumbags, right now all that mattered was making sure their girls were alright.

When Snow Falls

Exo mafia au; You are the sister of Chanyeol, a powerful mob boss who has just hired Kyungsoo (D.O) to protect you.   

Kyungsoo (D.O.) x Reader ft. Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun

Part 1/11 Part 2 here Part 3 here Part 4 here Part 5 here Part 6 here Part 7 here Part 8 here Part 9 here Part 10 here Part 11 here


Word Count 2,587

Warning- This fan fiction contains suggestive themes involving violence and death. Please read at your own digression. This is just a fictional story and does not represent the personalities or factual stories of real people.

You sat in a comfortable leather chair, your fingernails gently trailing the stitching. You focused only on the material avoiding your older brother’s gaze completely.

“Y/N,” he said in his deep growl.

You didn’t think you’d ever get used to your brother Chanyeol’s deep voice. It still startled you and made you quiver. No matter how tough or confident you were, Chanyeol’s growl always put you in your place.

“Yes, oppa?” You said lightly finally meeting his eyes. Your brother smiled at you, something he did not show anyone else.

“I’m doing this because I love you and you need someone who will protect you.” His deep voice lost his edge. He spoke softly but only to you. He would never reveal this side to anyone.

“I don’t need any-” you were cut off by a single loud knock at the door.

Chanyeol immediately straightened up and in his usual dead voice he called the guest in. The door opened and you twisted your head back to get a look. A young man wearing a black tailored suit walked in. Shoes polished, raven hair groomed meticulously, not a single flaw in sight. He wasn’t very tall but still definitely taller than you. His suit jacket strained a bit on his broad shoulders. This was definitely done on purpose.

Everything about these type of men was thought-out to the very last detail. The way they dress, talk, act and every other feature about themselves had been strategically planned. You remember two years prior your brother asked one of his men to punch him in the face. At first, you thought he had gone mad. You remembered the petrified look on the foot soldier’s face probably questioning if this was a test. Nonetheless, your brother had done it simply to look intimidating. He wanted to be feared by all the other “capos” or mafia bosses. “A man who can take a punch is always feared,” he had said.

The tailored man curtly closed the door and lightly bowed. He reached his hand across the table to your brother’s. You noticed that the man’s dark lifeless eyes ignored you completely. As if you weren’t even there. Was this also done on purpose? Most likely. He didn’t seem too nervous. Chanyeol stood and shared a handshake, then motioned him to sit beside you.

“Kyungsoo, right on time as always.” Chanyeol nodded approvingly. “I would like to introduce you to the dearest and most important person in my life. My little sister.”

Tension immediately filled the room and you could feel Kyungsoo stiffen. He still refused to look at you which for some reason made Chanyeol grin. You, on the other hand, could not look away from the mysterious man.  

“I like you a lot Kyungsoo, I know I made the right choice. Her name is Y/N. She will be your most important responsibility.” Chanyeol’s grin faded. “Nothing in your life will ever be more important than Y/N. Nothing at all. You must protect her and keep her safe.”

It was odd, the tightening feeling in your chest. You suddenly felt nauseous and your palms became clammy. You knew for some time now that Chanyeol was on the hunt for eligible suitors for his little sister. He had told you a month prior over dinner. You had protested. A fight quickly ensued.

“Y/N!” He had shouted slamming his fists on the table. “You have no choice. You’re a woman now, no longer a little girl. Despite my feelings on the matter, you will start dating and I would rather pick him myself. He will be responsible and trustworthy and eventually you two will replace Baekhyun and I. You’re all I have left. Please let me do this for you.”

Chanyeol and Baekhyun had built this underground empire since they were 17. You remembered all the pain that had come from this. The deaths, the torture. Everything. You were forced into this world and Chanyeol was all you had. You didn’t want to disappoint him. It was true, you were an adult now. You remember the longing feeling that would come over you late at night as you dreamed of dating like other girls. Going to university and meeting a nice boy. However, that was not your life. It never would be. You silently agreed. Chanyeol would pick a good man. Well, as good as a mobster could be.

“Remember that just because I have made you date that doesn’t mean that Y/N is your property. You may not control her, pressure her, or make her do something she doesn’t want to do. All relationships take time and patience, I am sure you’ll learn that on your own, though. Remember what I have said Kyungsoo, take care of my sister. You must stay faithful to only her.” Chanyeol stood and peered at you both with intense eyes. He then leaned down and grabbed Kyungsoo roughly by the collar pulling him close. “Touch Y/N without her permission and you’ll be better off dead,” Kyungsoo said nothing. He sat quietly and didn’t once flinch or break eye contact with your brother.

Chanyeol grinned and let Kyungsoo go.

“Well, aren’t you going to say something?” Chanyeol asked sitting on his desk. “This relationship feels dry already.” He sighed rubbing his face.

Kyungsoo slowly turned to you. “Y/N, I will protect and respect you. I will do anything to keep you safe.”

Kyungsoo stared into your eyes and for some unknown reason, it made your heart flutter. He, however, was emotionless. His eyes like glass. His expression unchanging. You felt pathetic. You suddenly stood and smoothed yours in place.

“Great. It was nice meeting you Kyungsoo. I have things to do.”

Without another word, you left the room closing the door loudly behind you. Who does he think he is? He wouldn’t even look at me! I can’t believe my heart beat so quickly when he said my name. I’m so pathetic. You were tough! You were Y/N! Your brother owned one of the most respected and feared drug and crime empires ever and here you were getting a little lightheaded because of some Kyungsoo! This had never happened before. You never feared the other men who worked for you brother. You didn’t even fear Baekhyun, in fact, the only man you would ever refer to as “oppa” was Chanyeol. You wouldn’t be caught dead saying it to any other man. You walked briskly with your shoulders pushed back.

A bright smiling face at the end of the hallway greeted you with a wave. You internally rolled your eyes and almost contemplated turning around.

“Y/N!” Sehun called out. “Are you in trouble again? Chanyeol hyung seemed to be in a good mood earlier. Did you anger him?” The tall blond man rambled. He was the youngest man working under Chanyeol and he could be a real pain.

He was supposed to be in the mafia yet he acted like this was kindergarten. You knew Sehun very well. Ever since you were children actually. He was only a month older than you and always held it as leverage, “I am your oppa Y/N. Don’t speak to me informally.” Which would lead you to punch him and avoid him for weeks? The only reason why your brother and Baekhyun kept him around was simply because of how intimidating he could be. He was young, inexperienced, and sometimes uncontrollable but when the situation called for it, he could be the scariest man you’d ever meet. You had watched him torture and hurt many men. Even older foot soldiers feared him. Sehun was definitely a forced to be reckoned with.

“Sehun, please move. I have things to do.” You shoved past him and hurried along.

“Oppa Y/N! It’s oppa!”

You sat in your office with the lights off. It helped with headaches and left you feeling relaxed, at peace. A light knock startled you and gripped your armchair.

“I’m busy Sehun!” You shouted audibly groaning as you rubbed your temples.

“It’s Kyungsoo.” The voice behind the door said.  

You felt yourself instantly become anxious. Oh, I wish it was Sehun instead. You thought as you felt your heart rate speed up.

“Come in,” you ordered with a tone that rivaled Chanyeol’s.

The door opened and you could see the figure of a man approach you. You reached over and switched on the light, immediately regretting it. Your head pulsed and your eyes weakly tried to adjust.

“Here,” Kyungsoo said lightly. You looked up to see him handing you a glass of water with ice. “Chanyeol said you’re prone to migraines.” He continued gently.

You looked over him and sighed deeply. He was gorgeous and mysterious. He was actually smiling now yet it didn’t seem genuine. You straightened up and motioned him to sit across from you which he did.

You took the glass from him and peered into it. Then in a quick motion, you lunged the cup towards him, soaking him completely. Shock spread over his face and you took note to the way his fists balled and he shut his eyes, eyebrows furrowing.

“What kind of man hands a woman an open drink? Do you think I’m that fucking stupid?” You sat back as you spoke. Your voice calm. Chanyeol had taught you better. Despite the fact that he was handpicked by your brother out of hundreds of men didn’t mean anything. You trusted Chanyeol only.

“I can see why you don’t have many suitors,” Kyungsoo said harshly as he reached into his pocket to wipe his face with a handkerchief.

“You’re right. My brother kills them all so tread lightly.” You smiled at him and crossed your legs. “You can leave now.”

Kyungsoo stood but didn’t walk away. “Your brother sent me to call for you. He said he needs us.” He said this as he smoothed his suit jacket.

You stood. “It’s Chanyeol or hyung to you.” You walked out of the room with Kyungsoo and made a point to lock your door before you walked down the hall.

His artificial kindness won’t mean I’ll play nicely. You tried to convince yourself to hate Kyungsoo. Why would he agree to be your boyfriend? His actions made your head hurt even more. Just because you had to date didn’t mean you had to be nice.

You two slipped into a large dimly light room where Chanyeol and Baekhyun stood side by side. They peered down at someone blindfolded and tied up to a chair.

“What is going on?” You asked as you approached the sniffling person.

“Hello Y/N it’s nice to see your beautiful face again,” Baekhyun smirked. He had been out for a few weeks on active work and you could see what it pertained to. Stalking and kidnapping.

“I already met your new beau. It’s a shame Chanyeol doesn’t approve of you and me,” Baekhyun pouted.

Chanyeol roughly elbowed him.

Baekhyun the flirt and lover of all beautiful women. He was too rambunctious and wild. Chanyeol would never let it happen. Even though the conversation of you and Baekhyun had seriously been in discussion many times within themselves. They never asked for your input or opinion. In fact, it made you angry Chanyeol warned Kyungsoo about treating you like property when your brother had done it your whole life.

You snapped out of your thoughts and questioned the person sitting on the chair. “Why is she here?” You asked noticing the woman’s long dark hair. She wore a thin blouse and a short skirt. You could see the marks her heels made on the floor as she was dragged.

No one answered. In fact, it seemed like they were trying to drag whatever was going to happen on. They usually weren’t like this, so tense. Every other time they would make jokes or vocally torture their victims. You also took note that Sehun was not in the room. Extremely unusual when it came to interrogations.

“Go ahead Y/N. Remove her blindfold.” Baekhyun said smirking.

You were used to this. In fact you had tortured someone before. A foot soldier which you had discovered had been given information to the police. You didn’t like thinking about it so you shut the thoughts out immediately. You slowly walked up to the bound woman and removed her blindfold. You felt her flinch at your touch and sob quietly. You gently placed a hand atop her head shushing her gently. This was a page out of Sehun’s book. Comfort your victim. “It helps them relax and open up. Also making the interrogation confusing for them and even too overwhelming. I have had snitches spill everything they know when I smooth their hair faster than if I placed a knife at their throat. It’s twisted. It fucks with them.” You could hear Sehun saying this in your head.  

The woman looked up at you and you could see her trying to speak. Begging. You leaned down closer to her, “If you value your ability to see, then don’t fucking look at me.” You said. You needed to be in control at all times. The woman quickly looked away and made eye contact with Kyungsoo instead. You felt her begin to fight against her restraints then she began to scream.

“Kyungsoo! Kyungsoo please don’t let them hurt me. Please!” She begged.

Everyone’s eyes in the room were on Kyungsoo but only you were surprised.

“You know her?” You asked.

“Of course, he knows her. This is his ex-girlfriend. Isn’t she Kyungsoo?” Baekhyun asked sliding his arm around Kyungsoo, his voice taunting.

Kyungsoo looked at the woman in shock. His eyes wide and fists tightly balled together.

“You must prove that you’re trustworthy. You must prove your commitment to my sister and to us.” Chanyeol said deeply.

“Wait what?” You asked, your voice sounding strangled.

Chanyeol walked over and snatched the blindfold out of your hand tying it tightly over the woman’s mouth to keep her from crying out any longer.

“Oppa please,” You said still trying to process everything. “You don’t have to do this. Don’t you trust Kyungsoo?” You asked frantically.

Yes, you had tortured people. You watched others torture people without flinching. Without remorse. This was your life since you were very young. This was the norm. However, taking an innocent woman to prove another man’s loyalty was wrong. It made you sick.

“I will trust him. If he does this. Kyungsoo must be the one to do it. You don’t have to torture her. Just one bullet in her head is good enough for me.” Your brother said taking his gun out of its holster and handing it to Kyungsoo.

This was odd. Your brother would never simply hand his gun to another person. Now he was defenseless yet he didn’t seem to care. He was enjoying this.

“Hyung-” Kyungsoo began shaking his head.

Baekhyun quickly took his gun out as well and cocked it. Placing it against Kyungsoo’s skull.

“No please! This doesn’t have to be this way! I trust him!” You shouted standing in front of the woman.

“Y/N!” Chanyeol barked dragging you out of the way. You could hear the woman’s muffled screaming and Baekhyun hissing things into Kyungsoo’s ear. Everyone began to scream and shout.

“Do it now!” You could hear Baekhyun screaming.

“I can’t!” Kyungsoo cried out.

More shouting until you couldn’t tell their voices apart or what was being said until a loud gunshot rang throughout the warehouse.

❅ ❅ ❅

Thank you! 

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brachial-saur  asked:

Prompt: Sam losing it and flying through the night sky after Riley fell. Just soaring away from his emotions, with the moonlight on his wings... (My apologies for sadness)

He gets one last flight.

He’s not allowed, technically, but he doesn’t have to give his wing pack back until the morning and he doesn’t see the harm in it.

It’s not like he has anything to lose anyway.

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Hunted (M) (Chapter 1/??)

Author’s Note: This mini fic is dedicated to @dope-yougot7 lovely Admin Ken <3. Hope you all enjoy it~
Warnings: Following chapters will include smut, violence, blood, guns, etc. 
Word Count: 1865

Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood. A poor girl alone in the woods who falls victim to being hunted by a fearful wolf. But what happens when the predator becomes the prey?

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! Could you do a dating, married to, sex with & children with braun strowman? If you're up for it? Thank you❤

@hardcorewwetrash is this you 😂😂

Dating Braun would include:

-Him putting things on the top shelf on purpose

-Him Flexing his muscles more when another guy talks to you, out of jealousy

-You two going to Disney world together and making him wear Mickey ears

-Watching him work out being amazed at how much he could lift

-He’s like a giant space heater,always warm so on planes you cuddle up to him

-Having a front row seat to every pay per view and Raw which he’s in

Having Sex with Braun would include:

-He loves to pick you up and fuck you against the wall

-Even though at first he’s scared to get too rough with you in case he hurt you

-Him loving blowjobs while he’s driving his truck

-Plus he’s a country boy so just sex all over his truck

-He would definitely cuddle after it because he’s a giant teddy bear

Having a Baby with Braun would include:

-Him being super excited when you tell him, him hoping for a boy

-Buying the baby loads of sheep stuff just to see Braun’s face

-Him doing all the heavy lifting while your pregnant not even letting you carry a cup

-When the baby arrives he’s so gentle and won’t let anyone else but you and him hold it

-He would always let the child sit on his shoulders to see better or when they get tired of walking

-Braun would actually do anything for your kid no matter what it was

Being married to Braun would include:

-Having to spend hours searching for a suit which would fit the giant man

-A super cute country barn wedding

-“No Braun your truck can’t be apart of the ceremony”

-Him having Bray and Eric as his best men

-While having the first dance he just picks you up so he didn’t have to keep bending down

-A lot of baby making that night

Am I in trouble?

Originally posted by thejabberwock

Word Count: 818

Warning: None

Meeting Sam and Dean for the first time while they’re on the job…

As you lay in bed you see there was anything on your social media but at least it was better than going to school. You thought about how many times you missed school but made up for it. Then right when you were about to fall asleep you heard a knock.

Looking, you check who it is only to find that it’s two men in suits, right away you wondered if they were here about your attendance and how your parents would get arrested for you not attending school. Slowly you open the door to meet their faces. The taller one smiles a bit then starts speaking.

“Hi I’m agent Banner and this my partner agent Stark from the FBI we are here to ask you some questions on Frankie Steelburge?” As you release a deep breath you open the door wider so they could come in.

“Wait, Stark as in Ironman? And Banner as The Hulk?” You ask wondering how common it is to have two agents with names that are from the Avengers.

“Uh yeah we had cool parents. What can I say? Cool name cool parents.” Says Agent Stark as he sits on the lumpy sofa your parents could never afford to replace. Cookies that were just taken out of the oven were placed on the coffee table, instantly it had caught Agent Stark’s attention.

“So Miss (L/N) how well did you know Frankie?” Asked the Agent with the long brown hair and a face that resembled almost the innocent. Slowly you look over to the other detective as you see him focused on the cookies he had in his hands.

“I guess you could say I knew him well but not that much. I tried to talk to him but he’s been pretty distant. Eating alone, barely talking, disappearing after school. I mean even though I had other things to do I always put my friends first. But then again I had a lot of extracurricular activities.” You said as you watched Agent Stark eat the last cookie on the table. Then he started to contribute into the conversation.

“What sort of extracurricular activities?” Asked Agent Starke interested in the topic.

“Ummm volunteering hours, archery, cheerleading, chess club, book club, hand-to-hand combat training, and then robotics club. But that’s during the week days. On weekends I work.” Both looked impressed and as you looked at the plate with no cookies you went into the kitchen to get more. Of course Stark followed you in the kitchen.

“So I know your supposed to ask questions but seeing you love my cooking would you mind taste testing the pumpkin spice bread?” He responds with a sure. Cutting up a slice you hand it to him and casually he takes a bite. His eyes widen with amazement.

“Wow” Silently and casually you get you knife and point it towards the stranger.

“Now you have one minute to tell me who you are before I stab you. Cause there is no way you are an FBI Agent.” The strangers face got serious pretty fast as he realised he was being threatened.

Suddenly your dad rushes in the kitchen through the back door and your reflexes quickly stab the stranger you threatened.

“Dad leave before they hurt you. All those years of training will finally pay off now.” You say to your father. Then you realize that he’s not moving looking at him you start to wonder.

“Aw sweetie I should of told you the truth. I’m a hunter and so is he. We hunt the same thing, evil creatures.” You were baffled by all of this then suddenly the hunters friend comes in from the living room. His doe eyes widening in alarm as he saw his brother hurt.

“Am I in trouble?” You ask as you realize that you just stabbed someone.

“No but do you have a first aid kit?” Asked the guy with the long hair looking at his friends wound. Your dad nodded running to get it. Setting down the knife you stared at them in curiosity. 

“Im Dean and this is my brother Sam. And yes we are hunters. We’re the Winchester’s.” The shorter guy spoke who apparently was Dean. Out of nowhere a man with messy hair wearing a trench coat appeared behind the two brothers.

“Then who’s he?!” You yelled in frustration pointing at the mysterious man. Both brother’s looked at each other confused at my sudden outburst.

“What do you mean there’s no–dammit Cas! He’s Castiel…an angel.” Dean muttered covering his face as he groaned trying to relieve the stress of another problem. Raising an eyebrow in confusion you narrowed your eyes on the angel and receiving the same response.

“Yes. My name is Castiel. I am an angel of the lord.” He spoke making you roll your eyes at how dramatic he was being.

“Yeah okay Spock.”

It’s really a disgrace how little nonbinary/genderqueer/agender/anyone who isn’t male or female is recognised, like, we get so little recognition honestly

The feeders’ formula - part 2

One hour earlier

Joe was standing in the hotel lobby, waiting in line to find out which conference room his data protection course would be in. His firm seemed to like this hotel as Joe was often here. Not that he minded, waiting here in the queue to speak to the cute guy behind the desk. His name badge said his name was John and he certainly knew how to flash a smile to make his guests melt. He was definitely the best thing about the place and even waiting in the queue didn’t bother Joe today. Given the 2 hours of boredom ahead, this was going to be the highlight of his day for sure.

Joe was standing behind a very tall and well-built beast of a man. He was at least 6′7 and looked like he could break Joe in half with his little finger. He looked to be in his early 40s and was speaking to John in an aggressive manner. Just his size was intimidating as he towered over everyone else in the hotel like an aggressive steroid user. Wide shoulders, thick neck biceps the size of Joe’s thighs.

‘Are you an idiot? What’s even going on in that tiny brain of yours? I mean, do you know who I am I?’

‘Yes, sir, I do, and we’re very honoured to have you and your team staying here in the hotel .We’ll try our best to accommodate you for this evening. You have my word’.

Joe tried to scan the man from behind for clues about his seeming ‘celebrity status’. He spotted a crest on his luggage bag that belonged to the Dragons football team from up north and assumed that must be the team John was referring to. Intrigued, he then had a look for some of the hot players from the team, but it didn’t look like any were here at the moment.

‘You have the full list of my team’s dietary requirements?’

‘Yes sir, we do’ said John with thinly guarded irritation. He looked like he had somewhere else he wanted to be right now. 

‘Good, we’ll be down here at 8. Make sure it is a private room where no one can bother us for autographs and selfies. Think you can manage that?’

‘As I said sir, we’ll certainly try our best’.

The man then quickly stormed away without another word. He was clearly a man who always got what he wanted.

John breathed a quick sigh of relief as Joe politely moved forward.

‘Hi there, I’m looking for the data protection course’&#157;

To his disappointment, John didn’t even look up at him, clearly too preoccupied with the previous man’s request.

‘Yeah, that’ll probably be in conference room 5. It’s down the hall’.

Joe waited for him to elaborate with more directions, but they weren’t forthcoming. Not that he needed them, but chatting to the hot receptionist was the best thing about coming here usually.

‘Ok, thanks. I’m sure I can find it’.

Joe started to walk away, disappointed, when he heard John call to another helper behind the desk. ‘Hey Diana, we could probably seat the Dragons in conference room 5 afterwards as well. I spoke the guy running that and he said they will be done by 5.30′.

Two hours later

An obese Joe now sat in one of the hotel’s bedrooms. It was a suite and must have cost an absolute fortune to stay in. Joe was a changed man. One thousand doses of the feeders’ formula had been forced down his throat and his previously trim and fit body had now swollen up to…

‘562lbs!’&#157; exclaimed the feeder who had coaxed Joe into stepping on to the scale for him. ‘What a great result!’

The feeder was the guy who had spotted Joe hiding at the back during the meeting. He was incredibly toned and handsome, with short brown hair and very well developed chest and pecs. He hastily got his measuring tape out and asked Joe to hold it whilst he circled around him to get his waist and hip measurements, so that he could be dressed appropriately.

Joe had been silent up until now. He wanted to observe and see how these men worked. What they wanted from him now that he was up here. He slowly opened his mouth and timidly asked his first question.

‘Who is the guy who did this to me?’

The feeder didn’t stop and continued with what he was doing, much more interested in seeing how fat and round Joe had gotten rather than answering any questions he might have. There was a pause of 20 seconds and Joe was certain that the feeder was not going to answer him, when suddenly he patted him on his wide, fat ass and laughed.

‘That man is Evan Ernst. He’s our leader and head of the business. This is his suite we’re in now.’

Joe felt butterflies in his stomach. This was his room! That was the bed he must sleep in. He could walk back in at any moment and see him here, naked and being dressed by one of his minions.

‘The business?’&#157; asked Joe again, when suddenly it all clicked into place. ‘Ernst fitness; you mean the gym and fitness centres?’

The feeder didn’t say anything but raised his eyebrows at Joe as he walked away to the large closet.

‘I had no idea. But of course it makes sense. Where better to find men to do this to, than at a gym?!’ stuttered Joe, grabbing a roll of his new fat.

The feeder sighed as he flicked through a wide range of very large clothing. Evan always came prepared it seemed.

‘And of course, it explains why you all look so…’

The feeder turned his head, intrigued by where Joe was going. He grinned widely and slowly walked back over to him.

‘Oh yes’&#157; he began. ‘It’s very important to look good in our line of work’.

He came very close to Joe and began to stoke his fat, overhanging gut, seductively. Joe felt his heart rate increase and felt his cock grow as the feeder reached round and rubbed his palm across the wide expanse of his left ass cheek.

‘Evan has taught us all how to get what we need from any man we like’&#157; He leaned in and spoke in a whisper into Joe’s ear. ‘You just have to know how to play them and the poor guy is putty in your hand. He’ll eat whatever you want, he’ll do whatever you want; he’s your very own little pig to fatten up. Anything, just so he can feel you reach down…’ The feeder’s fingers were now brushing against Joe’s cock which stood to full attention.

‘You see, lots of people think the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But Evan knows…’

He placed his hand around Joe’s cock and slowly started to slide it up and down, making Joe breathe heavier and harder. His thick, chubby legs seemed to turn to jelly under this man’s influence.

…’the way to a man’s stomach, is through something much more…basic’&#157;.

Joe was in ecstasy, standing there naked in front of a guy hotter than any other man he had been with in his life. But he wasn’t Evan.

The feeder stopped, grabbed a roll of his fat overhang and laughed at him before walking back to the wardrobe, clearly satisfied that he had made his point.

It was then that Joe spotted it. A very large dinner jacket that was perfect for him. A plan started to form in his brain and Joe knew exactly what he needed to do to get Evan Ernst’s attention again.

One hour later

Joe talked through his plans and found that, rather than being dismissed like he had expected, the feeders were very interested in what Joe had to say. Now Joe was sat in the hotel suite, having gone through every detail of his plan in great detail. For the first time since he’d gained 400lbs, Joe was alone. The other men had gone to enrol more feeders in the plan and charm their way into the hotel kitchens.

Here he was in Evan’s room. He was told that Evan was away conducting business elsewhere in the city, so he knew he was not about to bump into him any time soon. It was so exciting to be here. The room seemed to smell of him, in an indescribable and deeply erotic way. Joe slipped over to Evan’s bed and sat himself down, contemplating how best to expel this pent up sexual frustration when he suddenly heard the door to the room unlock.

In walked a handsome, tanned young man in his early 20s, wearing the hotel uniform - very well. He was of average height but very toned with dark hair that curled into his handsome face and deep brown eyes. He seemed startled to see Joe there, dressed in his dinner jacket, ready for the evening ahead.

‘Oh, I’m sorry sir’ he stammered in a European accent. ‘Mr Ernst insists that we do our dress down service to his room at this time. He did not let anyone know he had guests up here before he left the hotel this evening. I’ll come back later’

‘That’s quite alright’ said Joe; it was the first time he had spoken to anyone other than the feeders since the transformation. ‘You may come in’

He smiled at Joe and closed the door behind him, setting about his business.

‘So, what’s your name then?’ asked Joe.

The man smiled shyly and carried on working whilst he spoke. ‘It’s Mark sir’

Joe stood up off the bed to watch Mark as he moved around the room, admiring his ass as he bent down to pick things up.

‘Do you know Mr Ernst well, Mark? Joe asked, genuinely curious.

‘No, not really. He seems very nice though’. Joe could tell by how shy he was talking about Evan that Mark had felt the attraction all men felt around Evan. He became clumsy as he tidied the room and knocked over a collection of books on Evan’s desk.

‘Oh, excuse me sir’ he apologised as he bent down to pick them up. However, as Joe looked down at the books, he saw that one of them was not really a book, but a hidden hiding place for several bottles of Evan’s formula.

Suddenly, Joe felt a wave of confidence flood over him.

‘That surprises me. Evan is always telling me about you.’

Mark stopped immediately and looked hopefully into Joe’s eyes.

‘Really?’ he said awkwardly. ‘What does he say?’

‘Ha!’ spat Joe ‘I couldn’t possibly say. Let’s just say that Evan has a somewhat vivid imagination when it comes to hot hotel staff in sexy little uniforms!’

Mark blushed, closed the book containing the formula bottles without any interest in them and stood up again, flushed and embarrassed, but clearly pleased. One small bottle of the formula remained on the floor.

‘You missed one’ said Joe.

Mark bent down to collect it, giving Joe the chance to admire his cute, firm ass one last time. This time however, Mark did seem to take an interest in the bottle.

‘It’s so small’ he said, clearly trying to change the subject. ‘I nearly missed it’

‘Ah yes, that’s Mr Ernst latest aftershave that he plans to sell across the country. That stuff there is going to make him one of the richest men you’ll ever meet’.

‘It’s good?’ said Mark, twisting the small bottle in his hands.

‘Try some’ said Joe. ‘Mr Ernst would welcome your - feedback’.

Joe smiled encouragingly as Mark paused for a moment, not wanting to seem too keen. Then he twisted the small lid off the bottle and inhaled formula delicately.

‘It smells nice’ said Mark.

‘Go ahead, try some’ encouraged Joe sweetly.

Placing one finger over the bottle top, Mark upturned the formula and began to dab it onto his neck. Joe watched, delighted and intrigued as to how the formula would work this way.

‘Mmm, smells so sexy, don’t you think Mark?’

‘Yes sir’ said Mark, standing there, feeling strange but unable to contemplate why. He seemed stuck in position like Joe had been.

‘Mr Ernst thinks it’s just the sexiest smell in the world’ cooed Joe, moving over to seductively untie Mark’s top buttons on his shirt. Joe could already smell the sweat building. ‘In fact, I bet if Mr Ernst came through those doors right now, and got a whiff of you - well, I think he’d have a big smile on his face’.

Joe had finished removing all of Mark’s buttons and began to take off his shirt as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Mark was looking paler and he slowly started to rock from his hips. His stomach suddenly looking bloated, like young Mark had arrived back from an all-you-can-eat buffet and he slowly let out quiet belches as his cheeks started to look thicker.

‘Mr Ernst will be pleased to see you’ giggled Joe, fingering a small roll of new flab as he unfastened Mark’ s belt, the fat spreading out into two thick love handles. 

Joe didn’t waste time and pulled Mark’s pants down along with his underwear, leaving him now naked with is pants around his ankles.

‘You see Mark…’ said Joe, lightly fingering Mark’s softening underbelly, watching it swell in front of his eyes ‘..we want to make Mr Ernst happy, don’t we?’ Joe took a handful of Mark’s softening moob and whispered in his ear: ‘I think these are going to make Mr Ernst very happy indeed’

Joe felt the belly bugle, watched as the fat built in Mark’s groin, swallowing up his cock. He saw his ass swell and widen into pure lard; chuckled as Mark’s face grew softer and broader with every passing second.

This was just the beginning…

One hour later

Joe was back in the room where he had experienced his massive transformation. The tables had been rearranged and redressed for the football team’s banquet. One long table was set up in front of the stage suggesting to Joe that this was quite a formal event for the players. It was certainly one that Joe was never going to forget.

Joe was dressed as head waiter for the evening. As it was his plan, the feeders thought he deserved the role.

The football team had gathered in their tuxedos in the hotel foyer. John, the poor guy Joe had seen the feeders fatten up before him, was seemingly oblivious to what had happened to him. He was back working behind the desk with everyone working around him as if there were no change at all. His huge overfed gut spilling over his belt and fat ass bumping in to all of the other staff who were impatiently trying to work around the fat lump of lard. Joe grinned; the fatty deserved it.

The men all looked very handsome; every last one of them. It was a sea of abs and perfect jawlines. Joe walked over to the manager he had seen at the reception desk earlier that day. This was it. No going back now.

‘Mr Stevens, would you like to follow me. The room is now ready for you and your party’

Dan Stevens, the team’s manager took a step back and looked Joe up and down, clearly disgusted at the massively obese man that dared speak to him.

‘Alright’ he nodded already turning away from Joe. He called to his team. ‘Come on guys, it’s through here’

A couple of the players were chatting up girls in the lobby, telling them stories of what it was like to be a professional athlete that were no doubt well-rehearsed and successful in getting them laid. But, one by one, all of them abandoned the lobby and followed Joe as he led them all away to the conference room.

Joe was listening carefully to the team as they followed behind him. He heard hoots and laughs as he knew they must be watching his huge, wide backside from behind as he led the way. It made it all the more pleasurable to open the door widely and smile as they all walked past him into the conference room.

Joe had a team of feeders, dressed as waiters ready to seat them all. Dan, the manager was seated first and Joe observed as Dan seemed to look around, impressed at how many waiting staff the hotel had put on for his team.

The players seemed more subdued now and Joe grinned as he saw a lot of the boys casually check out some of the feeders as they walked by. The feeders were already playing them.

The feeders played their part well, serving drinks and deliberately holding long, lingering eye contact with the boys that were checking them out. So much so that, in five minutes, this team of straight men were being less coy about checking out the waiters. Any lingering thoughts of the girls from the lobby long forgotten. Joe nodded to the kitchen staff. It was time.

Dan, the team’s manager sat at the top table watching all of his boys in front of him. He was busy chatting noisily to one of the other manager types on his table, seeming to not notice the effect the waiting staff were having on his men.

Almost instantaneously, the men were all presented with their first course, a large bowl of soup. The boys abandoned their leering at the waiters and happily tucked in looking up coyly at the waiting staff, who were all smiling sweetly down at them. They were eating the soup. Every last one of them.

Joe grinned widely whilst looking around at them all. It was intoxicating, the excitement of knowing that no matter what the men did now, just a single dose of the formula inside of them was going to make them like him.

The room began to fill with a stink of the boys’ sweat. Very quickly, the dining room began to smell like their changing room and Joe nodded for one of the feeders to lock the door.

The boys wiped their foreheads but continued to gulp down more and more soup into their bodies, unknowingly increasing their dosage of the feeders’ formula with every mouthful. 

The smallest guy was the first. Joe suspected it would be him. He looked slighter than any of the others and was clearly on the team for his speed rather than his strength. His body just couldn’t cope with the flow of formula pumping in to him like the larger men. He dropped his spoon into his nearly empty bowl and burped loudly, as he stood up from his chair. Surprisingly though, the other players didn’t even look at him as they seemed preoccupied with something else. Groans started to be heard throughout the room as the men clutched their stomachs and rubbed them gently to try and sooth the pain building up inside of them. Meanwhile, the smallest guy was well on his way, softly rocking as his body started to swell up with a thin layer of blubber. 

One by one, the waiters abandoned their posts to personally assist the boys as they succumbed to the formula in rapid succession; larger and larger men falling victim to it.

Joe watched as the players were undressed by their own personal feeder. Rolls of belly fat spilling over their now tight designer suits. The first guy was now fully naked with a huge gut blooming below his soft chest whilst a feeder rubbed and jiggled his chubby ass from behind, whispering into his ear a description of everything that was happening to his body.

But Joe wasn’t the only one standing by watching the spectacle. Dan the manager stood up from his table in horror; his spoon still clutched in his hand. He quickly stood up and shuffled around the tables as he saw what was happening to his team. He was the last one not fattening yet. One of the beefier men even tried to grab him as he went by.

‘Coach, what’s happening…’&#157; he said gruffly, clutching the fat pot belly slowly belly bursting out of his shirt with his other hand. He’d leaned forward with  the weight of it and had to move his hand from his belly back onto the table to steady himself.

Dan cruelly snapped the hand he was  trying to reach him with away like he was contagious, and backed away from him to the edge of the room. The fat gut on his star player clearly disgusted him. All the men were fattening now and in varying stages of undress. The feeders laughed loudly as one of the men seemed to be growing the most enormous ass on him. It must have been at least the size of Joe’s ass, but the guy was still at least 250lbs less than him, with solid thick legs still managing to hold him up.

‘Look at this porker!’&#157; they shouted to each other, taking turns to slap his huge ass and give it a jiggle.

They each tried to highlight to the others how fat their player was getting.

‘Just look at the moobs my fatty is getting!’ said one feeder, bouncing a pair of soft, sagging nipples on one of the broader men.

‘Can you see the love handles growing on this pig?!’ said another, grabbing a large roll with two hands and jiggling it for effect.

That’s when Joe stepped up to Dan and spoke calmly and confidently to him.

‘Do you want to know who has done this to them?’ he asked sensitively. 

Dan stared in to his eyes and nodded, terrified.

‘That man over there’ he pointed.

Evan Ernst, who had just been let into the room that moment, walked straight over to him, ignoring the spectacle that was happening all around them both.

‘This is the greatest feeder in the world. He did this to your boys’&#157;. Joe chuckled, he couldn’t help himself. ‘And thousands of other men before them’.

Dan looked at Evan with fury written across his face.

Evan was more than a match for him height-wise and stood there looking across at him smugly, not saying a word. He knew as well as Joe did how this was going to end.

It was a very subtle change, but Dan’s face turned from a state of anger to deep, deep concentration as he seemed to clench all of his muscles. The smell of sweat coming off him was unreal.

‘You see, he’s taken over the management of your team’s… dietary requirements’ Joe said pleasantly to him. He could tell Dan was barely even listening to him right now, so deep was his concentration trying to fight off the formula.

‘It’s bulking season for these greedy lads’ Joe laughed as he pointed around the room at the fattening obese men still growing heavier and heavier.

‘And guess what Mr Stevens’&#157; said Joe. Dan looked across to his face as Joe readied himself for the final move.

‘Now it’s your turn!’ And with that, Joe delivered a mighty slap to Dan’s ass, the shock forcing Dan to break his concentration for the tiniest second. His face relaxed and Joe knew it was all over for him.

Aware that Evan was there to watch, Joe quickly set about removing Dan’s bow tie and ripped his shirt down to expose his large, but muscled stomach. Dan burped a long and slow burp, seeming to relieve all the pressure that had build up inside of him when he was still able to fight the formula.

The formula seemed to be working faster; catching up for the time it had lost. Dan’s gut grew larger and larger in front of them, turning in to a complete barrel within seconds. His hard pecs swelled and grew more pointed as his double chin started to form a ring around his harsh face.

Joe had to move quickly as he saw Dan’s thighs swelling up inside his pants; untying his belt and pulling his pants down just in time. Joe had to pause and watch as he saw Dan’s fattening love handles pour over the waistband of his underpants . His gut was round and wide, with an ass that was fighting to catch up. But Joe had waited too long and heard the waistband snap on Dan’s underpants. He sheepishly removed the underwear hoping that Evan didn’t get too angry at him for his bad timing.

Dan was already a large-framed man before the formula, making his body the perfect target for this overdose. Fatter and rounder he grew, beyond all the other fatties in the room. Even larger than Joe, by quite a considerable amount.

Finally he collapsed into a fat heap on the floor, his soft underbelly hiding his cock.

Joe finally allowed himself to look at Evan; the greatest feeder in the world.

‘Not bad’ he said to Joe. Then Evan turned and walked out of the room, satisfied. 

anonymous asked:

i'm a girl and while i am a big sucker for sexy female demons, it's a bummer having to interact with them as a male protagonist all the time. do you think, among all this otakubaiting, there'll be at least hope for a female protagonist in a mainline game? i mean, the female mc for persona 3 and tamaki from smt:if are pretty well-liked between fans.

To best answer this I link again to the recent Hashino comments where he seems to be entirely sales-minded when judging not just the success of Atlus’ games but the company’s legacy as a whole. I guess that’s why he is where he is, though.

To that end, if you want to increase sales of something, one way is to cater to different demographics with representation. The easier a time people having projecting themselves into a work, the higher their immersion and the more likely they will enjoy it! Seems simple, huh?

However, there was no effort to optimize sales in Persona 5 in particular by including a female protagonist option. Why? My only conclusion is that it was deemed not worth the investment. P3P included the option and it sold well, but it wasn’t a massive hit. Around 150k units, if I remember my Identity Crisis research correctly. Players were going to have their hetero teacher sex and like it.

I can’t speak for how Tamaki affected If…, but it honestly makes less sense for SMT games not to include the option because there’s fare less to rewrite for a gender swap compared to Persona. I think what’s holding back SMT though is preconceived notions of what SMT is within Atlus itself (going on Doi’s comment about men being better suited to surviving apocalypses) and who actually plays the series, i.e., primarily dudes. Primarily, but not exclusively, even in Japan; when I went to the SMT4 preview event there were a handful of women in attendance among the 20 or so people there. But I think it’s more to do with it being perceived as a “shounen” property than anything else.

I don’t think Atlus Japan understands their overseas market at all. They’re probably just smitten that they can produce games primarily intended for their domestic audience and sometimes double or triple their numbers with the overseas take. After all, their attempt to cater to the American market with Strange Journey didn’t produce the numbers they hoped. So, until their current direction and its significant growth falters, I don’t see things changing. I’d either stop buying their games or sending them passive-aggressive tweets (I’m starting to do both but mainly the latter).


This is a PREQUEL to THIS story. You don’t necessarily have to read either for one to make sense, so do whatever you want with that info.

Niall knew that his family was poor. 

It wasn’t exactly something that could be hidden, despite his father’s attempts to prove to Niall’s mother that they weren’t in major debt with the London mafia. Niall’s parents didn’t really get along. Niall didn’t fully understand the things that they constantly screamed at each other, but it definitely had something to do with money. 

The day Niall’s mother leaves, no one is surprised. 

Niall cries anyway. 

It doesn’t really make sense that he would cry, seeing as he had never had an authentic relationship with either of his parents pretty much ever, but he cries nonetheless. 

That day is also the first day Bobby hit Niall. 

He didn’t do it often, usually only after he had downed a couple of beers and gambled a little too much. Niall can testify that the knowledge of this doesn’t soften the punches.

8 months after Niall’s mother leaves, four men in black show up on their doorstep, completely changing the blonde boy’s life forever.

* * * *

“Um, hullo.” Niall mumbles softly to the tanned, dark haired man in front of him. There’s a confused, intrigued look on the man’s face as his eyes roam over the blonde’s lithe body, and Niall feels an instinctive smile grace his face. 

“I’m sorry,” A nice, deep accent replies. The man’s amber eyes are soft now, and there’s a charasmatic smile on his face. “I thought this was Bobby Horan’s residency.” 

Niall blushes, nodding. “It is.” 

The man looks back towards his colleagues, each of them shrugging in response. “Well, you’re not Bobby Horan.” The man exhales, raising his eyebrows. 

Niall can’t help but let out a little giggle at the man’s obvious statement. “Well, duh. I’m Niall, his son.” 

The men in front of the blonde practically melt at the adorable sound, grinning in response. “Niall, hi, I’m Zayn Malik, a… friend of your father’s. These are my colleagues, Harry Styles-” Zayn gestures to a tall, curly haired man, “Louis Tomlinson-” He points at a boyish looking man with a mischievous smile, “And Liam Payne.” Finally, he nods over towards a muscled guy with big brown doe eyes. “Do you mind if we come in to speak with your father for a bit?” 

Despite the man’s convincing smile, and the attractiveness of all four of them, Niall takes a step back, beginning to close the door. “My father doesn’t like strangers. I really shouldn’t even be talking to you.” The Irish boy stutters. 

Just like that, the men are back to business, and the large muscled guy, Liam, places a hand on the door, forcing it open. “Sorry, love, this is a really important talk.” The blue eyed one says lightly as the four push past Niall. 

“No!” Niall begs. “I’ll get in so much trouble if you go in there, please.” 

Zayn turns, eyes hard and angry, “Harry,” He addresses, then leaves the room, Liam and Louis following closely as the tallest of the group stays behind. 

“Hey,” Harry says softly, rubbing a hand down Niall’s shoulder. Obviously the more approachable one of the group, Harry sits in the hall with Niall, comforting the boy as he cries, terrified of his father’s reaction when he finds out Niall was the one who let them in. 

45 minutes later, the three men return, this time with a bruised Bobby stumbling behind them. Niall gasps at the sight of his father, but doesn’t make a move to leave Harry’s side. 

“Niall.” Bobby acknowledges with a nod of his head. “You… you won’t be staying here anymore.” He says blatantly and Niall’s jaw drops. 

“W-what?” Niall says softly, voice barely even understandable. 

Bobby has the decency to look embarrassed as the four men in the room regard him icily. “I… I have some debt-”

“-A lot of debt.” Louis chimes in mercilessly. 

“A lot of debt… with these men here.” He tries to explain, not yet looking his son in the eyes. “And because I can’t pay them back with money… they.. you…” 

“What your father is trying to say, Niall, is that in exchange for his debt, he has decided to gift us with you.” Zayn says painlessly, and Niall feels tears come to his eyes. 

“I dont… understand? Gift?” He says shakily, finding comfort the feeling of Harry’s warmth beside him. 

Each of the men in suits grin at him a bit devilishly. “Sort of like… a pet, yeah?” Louis tries, smirking at he sees Bobby flinch. “Oh Bobby, what’s your problem? Not like we’re going to be hitting him like you’ve been.” He rolls his eyes. “Honestly Niall, I assure you that life with us will be 100% better than what you’re getting here.” 

It wasn’t that Niall would miss this life. He might not be super smart or anything, but he understands that his father is an asshole. He understands that this could potentially save his otherwise terrible looking life. He also understands that these guys could be even worse than his father. 

“I.. I-” Before Niall can even respond, Harry and Liam have teamed up against him, pulling him up and pulling him towards a large black range rover in his driveway. 

Tears have sprung into his eyes by now, but Niall doesn’t bother struggling. He knows his fate has been decided as they place him gently in the backseat in the middle of both of them. Harry is talked animately, mostly about how fun they’re going to have, probably just trying to stop Niall’s tears from falling. Surprisingly, it’s working, seeing as Niall is actually trying not to laugh rather than cry, as Harry chokes out one lame joke after another. Niall is so caught up in the calming touch of Liam, who is playing with the hair on the back of Niall’s neck carelessly and giggling at Harry’s stupid jokes, that he almost doesn’t notice as they pull up to a massive mansion estate. 

They pile out of the car and into the house, Zayn and Louis joining them from a separate car, and move into the house, a few men dragging out a small suitcase that must be filled with some of Niall’s things, something that Niall didn’t notice before. 

The five boys go directly into a large and lavish living room, where a huge polar bear fur-looking rug covers the floor, surrounded by a large black L-shaped couch and a few leather chairs to match. Immediately, Zayn softly pushes Niall to the couch, and the four men stand in front of him, looking very intimidating with crossed arms and black suits. 

“Listen, Niall.” Zayn orders, “I am going to start off telling you that we will not hurt you here. This is- mostly- a safe zone for you, unless of course you break the rules, which will result in punishment.” 

Niall’s bottom lip quivers. “Rules?” He asks timidly. 

Each of the boys nod. “There are only a few.” Liam tries to reassure the blonde.

“Most importantly, you will always obey us. If one of us tells you to go to bed, you go to bed, If one of us tells you to roll over, you roll over. Understood?” Louis says softly. Niall nods. His jaw tightens as he continues quickly. “When you are spoken to, you will always respond with ‘Yes, sir’ or ‘No, sir’.” 

“Yes, sir.” Niall says meekly. Louis grins happily, carding a hand through Niall’s soft blonde hair affectionately. Niall smiles back at the unexpected gesture, leaning up into the hand. 

“Next, you will be expected to finish out your high school term. Any extra schooling after that will be decided later. You will be taken to school everyday, and picked up from school everyday. No extra circulars, no socializing with anyone that doesn’t live in this house.” Zayn adds. “And Finally,” He smiles reassuringly as he pulls out a leather, black dog collar. “You will be expected to wear this at all times. If you feel uncomfortable wearing it in public, then we will discuss it, but if you are in this house, it must be around your neck. Are the rules clear?” 

Niall nods, not verbally responding at all, making Louis roll his eyes disappointedly. “And that takes us right into our next subject. Punishment.” Louis sits next to Niall, pulling the boy over his lap, making the boy squeak. Louis pulls down the loose joggers that the blonde was wearing, smacking his brief-clad bum three times in a row. Niall’s breath leaves him quickly as he gasps in surprise. The smacks didn’t hurt, only surprised him. 

“Remember, Niall, always respond when spoken to. What do you call us?” 

“Si-sir…” Niall sputters, eyes wide. 

Each of the four boys smile at him as Louis allows him to sit up once more. “Good boy.” 

“And that’s our final subject.” Liam smirks as Niall’s eyebrows raise. “Rewards.”

Each of the men look excited at this part, making Niall shiver. “When you’re a good boy, meaning you listen to the rules, or do something really really good for us, you will be rewarded.” 

“How?” Niall asks, intrigued.

Zayn smirks. “Well, it could be something as simple as a cookie after dinner.” He sits down next to Niall, breath close to his ear, “Or it could be something as rewarding as a blow job, or if you’re really lucky, maybe one of us will fuck you.”

“Or all of us.” Louis coughs conspicuously. 

Niall’s eyes are wide and his pants are suddenly a bit tighter than usual. 

“Oh, I think he likes that.” Harry teases, smug smile on his face. 

Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Harry each smirk at the irish boy, who suddenly feels like squirming. “Looks like somebody has new incentive to be a really good boy, huh?” Liam says, biting his lip.

Niall nods enthusiastically. “Looks like it.” He pauses, “Sir.” 

* * * *

In retrospect, Niall probably should’ve stayed as he was that first day; excited and ready to please his new masters. Well, two years later, Niall had a little bit of a rebel mentality. Despite this new rebelliousness that had struck Niall, he never would intentionally hurt or worry one or any of his sirs. He loved them, after all, and he knew they loved him back. Which is why everyone should really understand that he honestly didn’t mean to forget to tell his masters about his field trip. He just… forgot. He also, conveniently, forgot to charge his phone the previous night, meaning he had no way to call for a ride when they had returned to the school.

So, as he’s riding the bus (something he hasn’t done in years, by the way) to the nearest stop to their mansion, he’s biting his nails at the hiding he knows he’s going to receive. He’s nearly crying by the time he gets off the bus, knowing that either Zayn or Louis would absolutely murder his behind tonight. He trudges towards the house in the cold air, tapping in the code to their neighborhood reluctantly. He waves at the security camera that he knows is stationed in the gate, knowing that the guards would be around to pick him up soon. 

Just as he suspected, a black range rover is waiting for him at a stop sign at the nearest neighborhood, and Niall clambers in, exchanging hellos with Paul, one of the boys’ drivers. 

Paul eyes the blonde, pity imminent in his eyes. When Niall enters the threshold of the door, he’s greeted by… no one. He sends a confused glance to Paul, who sighs, “They’ve been out since 15:20 looking for you. I notified them the moment you crossed the gate, they’ll be home shortly.”  

Niall’s school got out at 15:15 and it was currently 20:53, meaning the boys had been out for over 5 hours looking for him. Niall sighed heavily. He was going to get it tonight. 

Paul peeks his head back through the door, muttering, “Mr. Malik has ordered me to order you to wait in the living room, you know what to do.” 

Niall did know what to do. Exhaling dejectedly, he kneels down on the fur rug, placing his head on the couch comfortably, counting the seconds until he heard the fo’otsteps. 

“Niall,” Zayn’s voice echoes through the room, making Niall shake in fear. 

Niall’s head lifts accordingly. “Look at me.” Zayn orders, and Niall’s meets his eyes hesitantly, not expecting the relieved and red-rimmed eyes that he sees. “Come here.” Zayn orders, arms open wide and Niall wastes no time jumping up into the warm embrace of the tanned man, moving on as Zayn pushed him into Liam’s, then Harry’s, then Louis’. Each looked exhausted and  surprisingly happy as Zayn sat Niall down onto the chair, standing in front of him in a familiar position. 

“Now,” He says softly. “Do you mind telling us where the hell you’ve been and why the fuck you thought it was a good idea to put us through that torture?” He shouts suddenly, eyes turning hard and angry quickly. 


“No!” Zayn silences. “You will sit here, silent, and listen, as we tell you, in great detail just how much bullshit we have gone through today.” He seethes. 

And Niall does, as the hours tick by, Zayn, Harry, Liam, and Louis  each scream at him in different octaves, each yelling about how worried they were and something about kidnappings or death and other serious stuff that made Niall tear up. He had blocked them out a long time ago, when fingers snap in front of his eyes. “Are you kidding me, Niall?!” Louis shouts earnestly. “You’re lucky we aren’t locking you in the isolation room right now!”

Niall makes a low whining noise. the isolation room (a.k.a. a blank room with nothing but a bed where Niall has spent only a few, painful and terrible hours) was by far, the worst punishment there was. 

“God!” Louis shouts angrily. “I just can’t believe how- how fucking stupid you are!” 

Niall’s mouth pops open at this statement, tears already rushing to his eyes at this one sentence.

“Like, you’re the one who’s pushing us, trying to convince us you’re smart enough for college, yet you do something this fucking dumb?” Liam agrees, making Niall want to curl in on himself. 

“I can’t believe you’ve been this idiotic, Ni-” Zayn begins-

- Before Harry decides, at this point, to stop the blasphemy. “That’s enough, guys. Stop.” He orders, recognizing the look in Niall’s eyes. 

The three boys, who were previously blinded by their worry and rage slowly begin to recognize the mess in front of them.

Harry has already moved to Niall, gathering the quivering mess of the blonde boy into his arms, whispering sweet nothings as he glared at the other boys. 

Zayn, Liam, and Louis each make eye contact, guilty looks on each of their faces. “Niall-” Zayn starts, apology cut off as Niall sniffs. 

“I know- I know I’m not the smartest person ever.” He whimpers. “But I’m not stupid.” He defends. “I’m sorry I forgot to tell you that I had a field trip but it was honestly just a mistake.” He cries, muffling himself in the crook of Harry’s neck. 

Each of the boys rush to the couch, mumbling their immediate apologies of “No, no baby.” or “It was the heat of the moment, I’m so so sorry” and “Of course you’re not stupid, baby, mistakes happen.”. 

Niall’s cries slowly diminish into small snuffles and Zayn takes the smaller boys hand into his own, muttering softly. “Baby, I’m so sorry. We didn’t mean any of it, alright? We’ll make it up to you, yeah? Anything you want, you got it.”

Niall perks up a little bit at this. Hurt eyes brightening slightly. “Anything?” 

The boys nod in unison. “Anything.” Louis agrees.

“Okay. I want to finish my schooling. All of it. Because I’m smart enough to and I know I can. And I know my supportive masters will be so supportive of me.” He says cheekily, smirking with narrowed eyes, obviously challenging the boys.  

Realizing that they had just been duped, Louis, Liam and Zayn narrow their eyes as well. “Why you little-” 

“Excuse me?” Harry glares.

“No- Harry, listen, he-” Liam tries to explain but Harry isn’t having any of it. 

Harry growls. “No, no, you hurt my little baby, he gets what he wants. Now, pinky swear.” He orders, obviously not going to take no for an answer. 

Zayn glowers at the curly haired man but sticks out his pinky anyways, and Niall links his pinky smugly. 

After Harry is satisfied, he picks Niall up, heading towards their bedroom. “Well, you all can meet us in the bedroom when you’re ready to be decent human beings again. Meanwhile, this little genius and I are going to lay down, yeah?” Harry asks, completely oblivious to Niall’s trickery. Niall nods, sweetly kissing Harry on the cheek as he innocently smiles at the other three boys. 

Shaking their heads as Niall and Harry walk away, the three wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Ew I don’t think i think this i’m so sorry. I’m tired so that’s my excuse. I love you and thanks for reading. 

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Imagine Dean being jealous over your crush on Chris Evans.

“Uh (Y/n) I don’t think we’re going to need that many tissues on the hunt you know.” Dean’s voice made your head snap in his direction as you closed your bag.

“Yeah well it’s not for the hunt and trust me I didn’t get enough!”

“Then what is it for?”

“Uh Civil War? Obviously! Look guys as much as I want to jump into action after so much time there is no way I am not going to see Civil War, or you for that matter! Because I am not going alone!”

“What?! We got a hunt there is no way we are going to see some chick flisk movie just for the heck of it!”

“Ok one; it is no chick flick, two; the hunt can wait a few hours and thre and most important; that is Chris fucking Evans in Captain America suit. You think I’d let it go fo anything in this world?” you raised an eyebrow and he immediately rolled his eyes.

“Seriously? That dude again! I honestly can’t see what the hell you like so much in him!”

“Oh you know if I started I wouldn’t finish till tomorrow morning!” you laughed but he just shot you a glare.

“You have told me and I still don’t get it. There’s nothing special about him. What? I can dress in a fucking Captain America suit and be ten times better! You like him so much, adore him too, when there are much better men out there that you haven’t noticed! Hell they might be even next to you but you will be too focused on your Chris-crush to take notice!”

“Oh sheesh Dean if I am to hear this talk again! Just get your jealous ass and let’s get going, I don’t plan on missing it!” you huffed, pushing by him to get out. You knew he’d follow anyway.

“M-My- wh-what? I’m- I’m not jealous! (Y/n). (Y/n)!” he shouted “Damn it.” he growled through his teeth.