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Being able to talk to attractive older men without dying inside what’s that even like?

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Rupert Graves 2017 first half recap as S4 broadcast in Japan celebration post. Hope this looks slightly better quality than the “Happy Birthday" one.
My last post was marked as adult content by Tumblr and it made me upset because I felt like I insulted Rupert. I think this could follow the same path because of swim shorts Rupert (too sexy?) so I’m sad already…

#Silver Fox Saturday!


My great buddy @candycountries & I hc that whenever Erik takes Peter to the Synagogue (schul), Peter can’t sit still or serious for very long so he’ll make a silly face or laugh out loud & Erik just glares at him like “stfu you’re embarrassing me” & Peter would love embracing his Jewish heritage, but would have difficulty in it. Things like wearing his Kippot is a hassle because he has to pin it & he hates messing with the pins & his hair & speaking Yiddish is really hard for him because his accent is awful so Erik is just 10000000% done

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