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oh yeah wtf is with the blue balls thing? my empathy made me think it was real for a while but surely it's just this toy-with-women's softness gimmick?

Men make up the most ridiculous things

There were 1,134 people killed by US police in 2015. The rate of death for young black men was nine times higher than white men of the same age.

Despite making up only 2% of the total US population, African American males between the ages of 15 and 34 comprised more than 15% of all deaths logged in 2015 by The Counted, our ongoing investigation into the use of deadly force by police. We’re continuing to keep count here.

Learn more about The Counted.

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Black men make up over 33% of forcible rape despite only making up LESS THAN 13% of the population. More white people are killed by police than blacks. You're all self victimised cunts who want to play activist. Smdh. (US stats)

I’m glad you brought that statistic up. Allow me to address your concerns.

 According to the FBI’s website, if that is actually where you got your info from, blacks made up 32.5% of rape charges/arrests in 2012. Arrests. Not convictions, arrests.

We already know that black people (particularly men) face extreme, widespread bias from police officers, judges, and the judicial system overall so I am almost certain that there is a substantial margin of error within that statistic alone. Especially considering that the statistic only covers arrests and not ACTUAL convictions, nor does it account for the plenty of false rape charges that many white women have brought against innocent black men. 

By no means does this excuse rapists, black or white. But I will say this: a 16 year old black boy can be tried as an adult, found guilty of a rape charge, and left to rot in prison for 5 years over a false rape accusation, while a 20 year old young white man who was SEEN sexually assaulting an unconscious girl can get off on a six-month sentence, because the judge felt that a “prison sentence would have too severe an impact on him.“ 

Hence the innocent Brian Banks vs. the privileged Brock Turner: 

Again, this does not exuse black nor white male rapists. What this, along with recent events, illustrates is that officers and judges are quick to arrest black boys/men and then dump them in prison for various crimes regardless of whether the guy was actually guilty or not. Meanwhile, white men, even white rapists, get coddled by society so much that two other male witnesses can verify that they saw this rapist in the act, and yet still, the system works to his advantage. 

Now, since you also brought up that more whites than blacks are killed by police, let’s move on to that. Yes the number of whites killed by police are higher than those of blacks killed by police (since there are way more fucking white people in this country than black), but in this case, using rates rather than totals would be a clearer way to showcase the issue.

Your purpose in sending this ask seemed to be that you wanted to prove that black men make up a small percentage of the population, yet certain statistics of theirs measure up suprisingly high, right? Well you brought up a good point. 

In case you didn’t see the pic, young black men only make up 2% of ths US population, so why do they make up 15% of the people killed by police? That’s higher than the percentage of the US that is comprised of ALL black people in total. So why is their rate for death by cop (per capita) 5 times higher than that of white men of the same age? There’s far more white people, even young white men, in this country than black ones right so how can that be? 

Let’s broaden this up. 

Black people altogether make up about 13% of the US population. So why is it that, still


Before you try to blame it on black people being inherently violent/refusing to comply with officers’ orders, let me remind you of the following information gathered from in 2014 : 

  You wanna talk statistics and hey, I’m up for it. I’m presenting you with stats and rates pulled from multiple, credible sources at that, so go ahead…

Explain these trends. 

Explain why you would rather waste your time sending uneducated, immature asks to my blog, than to just take a second to admit that there is clearly a problem with the way that black people are arrested and senselessly murdered time and time again in this country. 

Matter of fact, just admit that you harbor an obvious and unnecessary hatred for black people just like nearly everybody else in this country, and keep it moving.

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