men in kilts


Thomas Graham - Scottish Powerlifter by Richard Findlay@FotoFlingScotland
Via Flickr:
Luss Highland Gathering 2014


Misha in a kilt everyone.

I dont know why. Is why even a valid question when were talking about Misha?
I like to think it’s orange because of his love of orange underwear; and obviously you dont wear underwear with a kilt …


That’s why i love Scotland. Namaste Sassenachs.

@asimplylucia this reminds me of upward facing dog!!

off kilt-er

you were right, @bleebug: kilted yoga DEFINITELY screams Captain Charming (i’ve heeded your call to arms, @thesschesthair)

~1.5k words of kilted shenanigans for Captain Charming Friday

It took some time to acknowledge, but there was definitely something going on between Emma’s father and boyfriend.

(Not like that, but…they were up to something.)

The first thing she noticed was a bit of plaid in the back of Killian’s closet. She thought it was pretty weird at first—the pattern of green, blue, and red didn’t really match the rest of his dark leather wardrobe—but figured he’d borrowed something from her dad at some point and just never gave it back.

A few days later, David was late coming to work at the sheriff station, and was moving uncharacteristically slow and stiff.

“You okay, old man?” she teased.

To her surprise, he shot her a glare on his way to the coffee maker, muttering something under his breath that sounded a lot like “damn pirate” and “I’ll show you who’s old.” Her curiosity was piqued, but then Aladdin and Will Scarlet got into a scuffle that somehow took all day to deal with and it was forgotten.

Until the next morning, when she woke up alone yet again. It had happened every day this week, and while she wouldn’t complain about the coffee already being made when she got downstairs, she kind of liked to have a morning cuddle (and maybe a bit more) with her True Love.

Killian was reading the newspaper at the kitchen table, already having set out her mug and sipping from his own. He was wearing the t-shirt he’d worn to bed last night and a pair of athletic shorts, and judging by the salt on his brow when she gave him a good morning kiss to his temple, he’d already been working up a sweat today.

“Hey, where did you go this morning?”

“I went for a run,” he lied, eyes never leaving the paper. It wasn’t just her lie detector going off—the few times she’d managed to convince him to go for a jog with her, he absolutely hated it.

“You wanna try that again?”

He glanced at her sheepishly. “I was just…getting some exercise. It was nothing you need worry about, love.”

She assessed him suspiciously, but didn’t say anything else as she poured her coffee. It wasn’t like him to keep secrets, especially with something as mild as this. He usually told her everything in due time, but this felt different.

The last straw was her mother’s comments at lunch regarding her father’s similar behavior that morning. Those guys were hiding something and Emma was going to find out what.

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