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We of the Goodnight Media Group stand with marginalized communities and survivors of nationalism and fascism against Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. Their portrayal of heroes and role models now includes a Nazi organization headed by their most classic hero and defender of civil rights, Captain America. In a recent press release, Marvel Comics revealed that Captain America would be considered “worthy” of the second most iconic weapon in the Marvel canon, Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, because of Nazi ties to Nordic spirituality and the occult.

This is an affront to all who support justice, freedom, and kicking Nationalists in the teeth. In response, the GMG will no longer be buying, reviewing, recommending, or distributing Marvel goods made after February 2017.

As individuals within an organization, Marvel has, over the years, given us hope. Our founders are a queer woman and a disabled gentleman, and our correspondents reach far and wide in their lives and experiences. The X-men comics showed two full generations how to be brave while maintaining the level of danger people under political and social tyranny face. Iron Man comics showed us that the greatest minds are even stronger with family and friends. And Captain America told us all to be strong in the truth, to stand up for the weak, and to fight for freedom and justice.

These goals shaped our lives. Marvel no longer holds those goals in appropriate regard. We refuse to share these new destructive and oppressive goals with the children and youths in our lives.

—  Lauren Goodnight
CEO, Goodnight Media Group

I’m FINALLY happy to announce that I had the treat of illustrating the brand new paperback editions of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching adventures. This job was truly an honour, and it’s the first time a female artist has illustrated a book by Terry Pratchett! Hurrah!
The first book ‘The Wee Free Men’ will be released April 27th.


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“No, Shouta you need to say it with more confidence!”
“With more confidence… Hizashi, who was this going to again? Why do I have to do this…?”
“Just do it please? I’ll handle your class so you can sleep. Do this for me?”
“Jeez…. what was the line again? French… french girls?? What…”

I’m dedicating this to @tandembicycles, @kawaiijohn and @ukitakejuushiro  !

yes I know Valentine’s came and left but !! h-here!!

I hope I’m not being pushy, but this has been the funniest Valentine’s Day I’ve seen in a while and I feel like I’m speaking for the most people who follow you guys x’)

So thank you, keep being your funny selves, and pls accept this!