men in black cosplay


Storm fan film RAIN will take your breath away….

Created by and starring Maya Glick @mayastormx - we finally have a superhero story told from the heart and POV of a woman of color. Dark and emotional, but ultimately uplifting and electrifyingly bad-ass… support this film and others like it to send the message that these kinds of characters and their stories matter.

Watch now:

(*stay til after the credits!)


Directed by Zane Rutledge and Jeff Stolhand
Produced by Matt Joyce
Score by Luqman Brown
Vfx by ZaneFX


So this is my Davy Jones cosplay! Fully homemade and self-applied and worn by myself!

He’s an entry into a international cosplay and makeup FX competition, if I win, I get a 6 month scholarship in a top special effects makeup school in HOLLYWOOD, LA!!!

To win, I need enough votes on Facebook to get me into the judge’s round by May 19th! You can vote for him HERE:

Plz plz share and reblog guys, this is the opportunity of a lifetime for me and the competition can get intense and aggressive with contestants trying to get each other disqualified and the richer contestants just pay for Facebook advertising so I need all the help I can get <3

Thank you guys <3