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Hi! As an avid fic reader, there is something that has always bothered me about a lot of fan-fiction I have read in the Stucky fandom or the marvel fandom in general. There is almost always a level of casual sexism against the female characters, for example, in many fics the female characters are referred to as "girls" despite being grown fucking women also is it necessary to talk about how beautiful Natasha or Peggy are in every single fic? Aren't we reducing them to their beauty?

This is actually an incredibly complicated issue. Yes, there definitely is a fair amount of casual sexism in stucky fanfic and in fanfic in general. But on the other hand, compared to general fiction and the world at large, there is significantly less sexism. I’d also point out that the majority of transformative fandom is female identifying, queer, or both, this makes fanfics relationship with sexism a lot more complicated. Internalized misogyny is incredibly hard to sort out and be aware of, because it’s your own internal monologue and in the case of many fanfic authors, your own internal monologue as a woman and (in most cases) a feminist. 

The specific examples you pulled are tricky ones, cause on one hand, yeah theres certainly an element of sexism in there, but on the other hand there also isn’t necessarily a bad wicked thing. In most stucky fics, the narration is third person pov through either steve or bucky, and in the case of two men born in the 1910′s calling grown women girls would absolutely be a part of their vernacular. It’s absolutely sexist, but I’d argue that it’s a strongly internalized attitude and language pattern both of them would absolutely have problems recognizing and or getting rid of. So even if it’s not a carefully thought out choice from the author, it serves as interesting characterization. Also since the majority of fic authors are women, the relationship with using girls isn’t as simple, for one thing it is a part of common english to use women and girls interchangeably and it’s not something that’s closely examined by all women all the time. Also, I think theres as aspect of it’s usage that is reclaiming it in a way. I mean girls isn’t a slur by any means but it’s not free of negative meaning, and by referring to wonderful characters as girls it in some ways seeks to remove those negative connotations- by presenting to the reader a group of people who the reader admires and saying some of them are girls and thats great, it does something meaningful for a woman reading. Using the word girl/s isn’t always something bad, especially when women are using it.

As for calling them beautiful all the time, I’d argue that 9/10 times theres absolutely nothing inherently sexist about mentioning their beauty. I mean it is objectively true, mcu’s female characters are beautiful. Now the reason behind all of them being gorgeous is pretty sinister, hollywood has an insanely toxic and sexist beauty standard and the fact that female characters in movies have to be beautiful in the same way is a whole other barrel of fish and we’re talking about fanfic, we’re dealing with characters who have a appearance and personality not 100% set by the author of a fic. Honestly, I’ve read thousands of Stucky fics and I think I’ve read a handful where women were actively reduced to their beauty. I mean when was the last time you read a novel by a cishet man? It’s absolutely horrifying, the way they treat women is disgusting, and fic is so much better. 

Most of the time in fic, beauty is just one aspect of their character, for example Peggy’s strength and steely determination usually follow any mention of her beauty and Natasha’s dry humour and keen intelligence usually follow any mention of hers. On the other hand yeah, you get a lot of Bucky dancing with a beautiful nameless woman who only appears as an object of desire and jealousy and yeah, thats a problem. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all to mention a woman’s beauty provided shes being not shown as important only because she’s beautiful. 

I’d also argue that the vast majority of sexism in fanfic isn’t calling female characters girls or referring to their beauty, its demonizing or ignoring female characters who are “in the way” of a m/m ship. I see this happen a LOT with Sharon in particular, but also Peggy and Natasha. You don’t see the female character who is canonically with one half of a m/m ship is a controlling, violently jealous, homophobic monster plotline often anymore, but it does still come up. More common is the female character who is canonically with one half of a m/m ship is a endlessly pure, patient, supportive and unconditionally understanding prop who exists only to step graciously out of the way of the m/m pairing. I see that all the damn time and it bothers me. 

Female characters tend to not be as developed in canon and because of that often also remain underdeveloped in fanfic and also tend in both canon and fic to be there only to support the male characters not existing outside that context. That or the fact that f/f ships are incredibly neglected. I mean theres like one f/f fic for every like seven m/m fics. Part of that is the fact that there are so many less women than men in fiction. Part of that is on us for just not writing wlw and favouring mlm or m/f ships. I have really complicated feelings about this as a queer woman, I mean I‘m running a ship blog about two men. I could be putting my time into natsharon, cartinelli or claire temple/misty knight, but I’m here instead. I worked through lots of internalized homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and aphobia while reading m/m fics, not f/f and I spend so much more time and energy on m/m ships. I mean here I am, a wlw and here I am investing almost all my leisure time on men. I mean I love it in this fandom and it’s absolutely my choice to be here but part of me wonders what it would be like if I had gone through that process with a f/f ship instead and what it would be like to invest this time on women. I wonder what it would be like to be in mcu fandom if our source material treated it’s female characters better and had more of them.

You also see barely any not white, disabled, unattractive or poor women in fic, but once again part of that is a distinct lack of diversity within the source material. But you know what, I do not see many fics with Helen Cho or Claire Temple in them at all, let alone as developed characters.

Anyways sexism in fandom is a lot more complicated than it initially appears. Nothing is ideologically pure, even fanfic, but due to the nature of fanfic being written by people who you can easily contact in the sometimes caustic forum of tumblr I think it’s incredibly important to be gentle with authors who violate what you individually see as correct. Much of tumblr’s atmosphere of callout culture has a very black and white view of what justice is and what is correct, when in reality theres a lot of layers to this, it’s not a simple black and white dichotomy. People are at different places in their journeys, theres a lot of reasons why authors write things the way they do that you might not be aware of, broad sweeping statements saying x is always bad are a real dicey area to step into (and yes, I see the irony in saying that)

So while fandom certainly needs to take a closer look at our own internalized misogyny (and racism and ableism and audism and so on), I think theres much more to be gained from larger conversations, self reflection and making an active effort to be kinder to women than there is from things like carefully abstaining from words like girls.

okay but long after he retires from piracy and settles down on the planet, obi wan starts hearing stories about a pirate queen who marauds throughout the star systems, taking Separatist and Republic ships alike. dozens of crews have been dispatched to stop her, but none succeed

according to the rumors, the pirate queen is force-sensitive, which is why she travels in a scavenger ship and has a very minimal crew. one of the stories says that there’s just three of them, the queen and her two companions. sometimes a wookiee is mentioned, always wielding a bowcaster. for his part, obi wan thinks it’s nonsense. another jedi pirate? impossible.

he thinks that until one day a small, rickety scavenger ship lands in his garden without so much as a whisper of warning, and a girl swaggers down the gangplank, her hair done in three buns on the back of her head and dressed in gear obi wan associates with desert planets. her crew is as small as advertised, just two young men who stand just behind her looking far too casual for obi wan’s taste.

“well,” she says in a soft, lilting accent very much like his own. the force ripples around like heat from a flame. “this is a pretty little planet. I think i’ll take it off your hands.”

and that’s how obi wan, retired accidental pirate, meets rey, the scavenger pirate queen

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What did you think of Jack? And do you still headcanon Lena as a lesbian or do you see her as bi? I always love hearing your opinions on these things.

I admit that it took some time for me to be convinced of Jack’s good and loving intentions surrounding Lena. This is because she originally referred to him as her kryptonite and admitted that being around him would cause painful feelings to resurface. Never a good sign. I had a feeling from the beginning that he was not exclusively involved in all of the dark occurrences surrounding Biomax only because I remembered the original synopsis about Beth Breen. Jack came across as intelligent and charming but it wasn’t until dinner when I started to feel ok about him.

I really like the way they handled the story of Lena’s previous relationship with him and her receptiveness and hesitation with him re-entering her life. Of course my heart broke for her because of the decision she had to make and what she had to do.

As far as Lena’s sexual orientation, I originally headcanoned her as a lesbian, but with the introduction of Jack, my hc was no longer strict. I am open to her being bisexual so I usually just say wlw now for inclusive purposes. But a big part of me still wants to say she is a lesbian. Of course there are women that identify as lesbian but previously dated men. In my mind, despite sexual orientation, it is still possible to develop feelings of love and give in to the idea of being loved in return. I think it is safe to say a lot of us have been there.

Lena struggles with feelings of abandonment so when she has someone that loves her and believes in her and that person happens to be someone that she can relate to on such a strong level, maybe it is easy for her to love him as well. Maybe it isn’t everything she truly wants in a relationship, but many of the important factors are there. So after years of not feeling like she is able to truly connect to someone, when she finds Jack, she just lets it happen. She’s content. But maybe there was still something that was always missing. Maybe the painful memories aren’t just that he made her choose, that he didn’t make room for everything her life entailed, or that everything she thought she felt or tried to make herself feel was a waste of time.

Maybe the pain she feels is also guilt because when it ended, part of her felt relieved. She felt relief over the idea of after those years with him, she was finally free. She didn’t have to pretend anymore. Maybe she could move on and find someone that knew and appreciated her for all that she was. Not only Lena Luthor, but just Lena. Not only what everyone thought they knew or what is on the surface, but what is inside – who she really is. I imagine she found that in Kara and her instant connection with Kara and willingness to open up so quickly speaks volumes of that.

But Lena still has that fear. She is terrified that maybe one day, Kara will leave or be taken away as well. Maybe Kara doesn’t feel the same way. Maybe she can’t have the woman she really wants. Perhaps she should give things with Jack another go because when she had him, at least she had someone. Someone that knew her with the good and the bad and still cared. Someone that found out the worst but came back anyway and wants another chance. Nobody has ever come back and asked for another try. Lena thinks that maybe he deserves one. Maybe she can be okay with settling for the quasi-happiness she had before. Maybe she can keep her secret if it means someone accepting most of her, because other than Kara, who else would? Who could ever truly love a Luthor? So she tries. She lets herself fall in love with love again. She falls in love with the idea of Jack and what he is willing to give her.

But it was a mistake. As soon as she let herself love him, he was gone – taken from her because of a choice she had to make. So there it is, another person she loved cruelly taken away to the evil in this world. She will have to bear that burden and it hurts but she isn’t surprised because it is always the same. Maybe it’s a sign, though? At least she has Kara. Kara, who believes in her, fights for her, and vows to protect her. Kara who sees beyond the surface. At least she can still love her even if she can’t have her. Maybe that will change someday? And maybe if it does, Kara will actually be the one that stays.

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What I am trying to say is that men were more behaved, well-rounded, and more mature, than the kids today who act like entitled assholes. Although the laws and social ideas were less developed and genuinely bad (legally being allowed to beat or rape is obviously not good), but actual men did this less frequently because they were raised to be men rather than to be children.

If you have a source for that being less frequent back then I’d honestly love to see it

I started watching Harlots and it’s a great show. 

I only have one major problem with it: 


I had to crop and convert a little snippet that I liked (end of episode one) on my own and it takes fucking forever. 

Other than that the show is amazing. I don’t know who is in charge of the soundtrack but I am loving it. 

There are so many little things that are in this show that I have been craving in a tv production you have no idea. 

  • Just a little example: women joking among each other and laughing their asses off for one. 
  • Then there’s the fact that in any given scene, not only are women the focus, but for the first time in my life I’m pretty sure they outnumber the men in most frames. 
  • the characters themselves are so well built; they have very distinct personalities, each with their own strengths and flaws (and I want to credit the actresses for doing a damn fine job of bringing that to life); none of them are ever framed as stupid, in fact they’re all pretty smart;
  • related to the point above: holy shit do they break stereotypes; and if they don’t, they sure do play with them.
  • I can’t help but notice Jessica Brown Findlay again playing the role of a woman who wants to be free of patriarchy, only she traveled further back in time on this one. 
  • fyi the show takes places in the 18th century. WHICH MEANS COSTUME PORN
  • Seriously the soundtrack on this show haunts me it’s so good

What I love about Doc falling in love is that it’s prefaced with Doc going “women are the greatest mystery in the universe” and it’s setting it up Doc and Clara’s relationship to be a stereotypical man trying to figure out what the woman wants and the woman being “confusing” and “speaking a language that men can’t understand”. But it isn’t that at all. They just get each other and there’s no trying to figure women out, at no point does is Doc confused by her or trying to understand what it is she wants. She’s not a puzzle for him to try and put together. The beauty of Doc falling in love is that it shows that women aren’t a mystery, that they’re people who can be just as deeply passionate about the things that you are. All it took was for Doc to actually get to know a woman to realise that they’re not a mystery.

My thoughts on Kalagang

I’ll admit, when I first heard about this plot-line of Sense8, about Kala being arranged to marry an Indian man but not wanting and falling in love with a white guy, I was very skeptical. I thought it would be some White Saviour narrative that would portray Desi men in a negative light and Desi women as needing to be ‘rescued’ by white men. But after watching, I am glad to see that I was wrong.

Most white saviour stories would feature a woman of colour who would be portrayed as ‘exotic’, demure, subservient, and unusually attracted to a white man whom she’ll become extremely devoted to, despite him not having done anything worth such attention or love. These stories include the operas Lakmé and Madama Butterfly, the musical Miss Saigon, and films such as Disney’s Pocahontas and the 1960 film The World of Suzie Wong. And even more, the woman of colour would usually become so helpless without the white man to save her, that when he whisks her in his arms, she’d gladly give up everything to be with him: her language, her culture, her family, etc. Even more, men of colour would be demonized in order to make her have no other choice but to run into the white man’s arms. It’s basically a way for them to project their sexual fantasies about women of colour since the days of European imperialism and colonialism.

Kala and Wolfgang, however, couldn’t be more different from the above narrative.

First of all, Rajan, Kala’s fiancé, is a good man. He genuinely cares about her and wants her to be happy. And while Kala does feel confused about the wedding, she does not feel ‘trapped’ or in need of rescue. In fact, Rajan even asks Kala if she wants to end the marriage when he sees that she’s not happy. And in no way is Kala ever ‘rescued’ from anyone, and she is definitely not a submissive person. She’s an emotionally strong person and she’s capable of taking care of herself. Kala is not subservient or portrayed as ‘exotic’, she’s human. The creators also handled the marriage situation in quite a sensitive way, showing that Rajan is a sweet man who truly cares about Kala, but her main conflict stems from the fact that she does not love him. And throughout the series, she can hold her own and is very resilient, yet a caring and gentle girl who wants to make her family proud.

Also, Kala does not give up her culture or her language at all. She’s still very much in touch with her religion and her devotion to Ganesha, which are treated respectfully. She is never portrayed as needing to be ‘saved from her barbaric culture’ or however those White Saviour narratives go. It’s actually her father-in-law who is skeptical about Hindu traditions and wishes to get rid of them, yet even so, he’s never demonized.

Now, let’s talk about Wolfgang. First of all, I am so glad that he’s not a White Saviour. Typically, these kinds of characters would have the following characteristics: learning the ways of the native people, becoming superior to them, and also find love with a woman of colour, who will still passionately love him even after he is involved with the death of a member of her family. They’re also typically cocky and dominant over the woman of colour, who all but sacrifices her entire life to be with him. 

Wolfgang, however, does not have any of these characteristics. He’s a troubled individual who needs a lot of help, and Kala’s gentle nature gives him the emotional support that he needs. However, he does not see Kala as someone to be ‘rescued’. Rather, he thinks that she should stay away from him because he is dangerous. He listens to her and treats her as an equal, and he does genuinely care about her as well. Wolfgang also listens to her talk about her culture and heritage, not to humour her, but with a genuine interest and respect in the hopes of understanding her. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, Kala actually comes across as more emotionally strong than Wolfgang. Most White Saviour narratives portray the people of colour as irrational, angry, and overly-emotional while the white people are shown as logical and smarter. Yet Kala is quite an emotionally strong character, in contrast to Wolfgang, who has issues with his anger and is constantly at war with his own inner demons of the past. Yet Kala is like a light in his life, as she cares about him and helps him out by giving him the emotional strength and support that he desperately needs.

Not to mention, their interactions are always cute and sweet to watch. Tina Desai and Max Riemelt have quite the undeniable chemistry together, and they portray their characters so excellently throughout the show. Kala and Wolfgang has quite possibly become my top OTP, and I really hope to see more of their relationship in season 2.

Tall Redhead

It seems to me
the hight of desirability
is a lady with stunning
red locks
streaming from a head
dizzyingly aloft
i am sure
that fair headed ladies
are just as beguiling
to other men
but it’s the auburn
that makes my blood burn
however it seems
that there is a disconnect
between what the eyes want
and what makes the heart pant
for as stunning as
a lofty blonde
or scarlet may be
the dont snare me
in their nets
i only ever fall in love
with short brunettes

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Hey, it's me.. the girl who asked you about moving out. I finally moved out!!!!! I am so happy and I feel free but it is unreal. I can't believe I went through with it. I am so happy I took your advice! I am looking forward to losing weight, loving myself, taking care of myself and dating really loving and caring men (rich too)! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayyyyyyyyyyyy. So happy to hear that. I’m getting ready for breakfast at my favorite spot and brunch later lol, I’ll toast to you🔮🍸🍸🍸

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Hi! I saw your post about good/bad things about being a gay man in fandom, and how most things in fandom are geared towards women. I won't even deny that, I know it's very true! I am curious to know, though: what WOULD you consider as the best things that you do see in fandom, especially as a gay man? Do you have a preferred way of having gay couples depicted? Love your blog btw. <3

Hey there! Yeah, it’s not something I’d call a problem tbh because it’s definitely important to have those kinds of spaces that are oriented towards women and aren’t catering to the male gaze. It just feels kind of uncomfortable as a gay guy sometimes because a lot of the material is fetishizing of gay men and there’s such an emphasis on the media being gay that it feels very othering, like it’s something that’s viewed as exotic or unnatural.

That being said. I honestly really enjoy fandom spaces! I think the community aspect is really great! I like the thought of coming together over something you like and, if the fandom is large enough, finding your niche of people who share your more specific interests. The whole concept of fanwork is great too. It’s amazing that people would dedicate so much time to it.

For the more gay-oriented portion of this, I think it’s really great when people stop seeing the gay aspect as something exciting or as a defining part of the relationships in the fandom. When people just let characters exist as people above and apart from their sexuality. Of course, a lot of gay people (or LGB+ people) like to say, “God, I’m so gay,” but when it really comes down to relationships, you don’t think of it as, “I love them in a gay way;” it’s just loving someone, and when people treat that sort of love the same way they’d treat straight couples, I’m a big fan. 

I also really like the stress that’s put on emotions in relationships. Like, getting past the whole toxic masculinity stuff that says men have to be unemotional and can’t be hurt is a big thing in fandom spaces and that’s great. 

I guess my biggest criteria to what I’d consider good gay representation is the ability to get away from characters being gay and allowing them to have lives outside of their identities. Also, if you take away gender, there shouldn’t be a type of love that’s “clearly gay.” As a pretty well-known example, I think The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller does a very good job on both of these points. 

One thing that I feel like fanfiction suffers a lot from, at least when I used to read fanfiction, is falling into the “shitty male author” sort of writing. As in, where male authors have no idea how to write female characters and so end up only describing their bodies. I think that’s been translated a lot into fanfiction, and into other gay media too, where the only thing a character appreciates about their partner is their body and you have a hard time figuring out what they actually like about their partner. This isn’t a female author problem. (I think A Royal Affair by John Wiltshire really suffers from this, for example.)

Also, this is more funny to me than anything, but I feel like you can often tell an author’s gender by how they treat body hair. I don’t know why, but often feels like female authors in general are very adverse to their characters having body hair and gay men tend to make more of a mention of it and have it be something that’s considered sexy. 

I totally used this as an excuse to ramble and I’m sorry for that! 

Thank you very much!

Update 26.04.2017

Ist been a long while since my last update so here I am writing one now. First of all I now truly confirmed that men, especially vanilla ones, are dumb unreliable assholes who really dont give two shits about you and your welfare. I met a guy and we started going out in a vanilla way (dont worry, he was pretty rich and stable cause he works for Benz in a high position). And a day ( I SHIT YOU NOT) before we leave for our planned trip to Italy (all paid by him of course) HE CANCELS. And do you guys want to know why? Because he still loves his ex that pretty much emotionally abused him. #goodbye

After that I was sick with a very bad bacterial sinusitis mixed up with allergies so I had to go on 2.5 weeks with no escorting or sugaring. All my money was spent on medicines. And the bills were still pouring in. Although I have managed to start clearing off my debt and catch up with bills in only 3 months, I still have a long way to go.

Olympia is on vacation with his family, knight is on Business trips, Mallorca dude is in Mallorca and Daddy A never has time so he’S always off the radar. Safety hasn’t come back to Germany and all POTS were salt,

BUT! I met a paypig on Tinder. Not a sugar, still splenda. He’s still a University Student, so he’s fucking you, but he is also fucking CUTE and his fam is rich af.

We are Meeting tomorrow with a starting rate of 300 to fuck him in the ass for an hour. And for me to go shopping . Wish me luck.

Im back to escorting now too but the bookings have been slow lately. I used to get a booking almost nightly. Now ist just every other 2 days.

Much love to all of you sugaring!

managed to squeeze this print in right before ECCC! my boys <3

Zodiac signs as Shakespeare quotes
  • Aries: Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once.
  • Taurus: Doubt thou the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move. Doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love.
  • Gemini: What's in a name? A rose by any name would smell as sweet.
  • Cancer: Talking isn't doing. It is a kind of good deed to say well, and yet words are not deeds.
  • Leo: But if it be a sin to covet honour, I am the most offending soul alive.
  • Virgo: The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.
  • Libra: Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
  • Scorpio: These violent delights have violent ends, and in their triumph die- like fire and powder- which, as they kiss, consume.
  • Sagittarius: Give me my robe, put on my crown, I have immortal longings in me.
  • Capricorn: It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.
  • Aquarius: The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact.
  • Pisces: I love you with so much of my heart, that none is left to protest.
YOI Skaters As Things I Have Done
  • Viktor: Collapsed in the hallway because my friend wasn't paying enough attention to me, spent hundreds of dollars on a gift for same friend, and pissed off a bunch of my other friends by declaring said friend as my favorite
  • Yurio: Accidentally kicked one of my friends in the head, then laughing when she got pissed
  • Yuuri: Woke my mom up at 2am because of all the racket I was making in the kitchen while stress baking cookies
  • Christophe: Showing my friends photos of my boobs because "don't they look so good in this photo?" and getting the response "your boobs are fantastic"
  • Phichit: Keeping a folder of all the ugly selfies my best friend has ever sent me to give to her future boyfriend
  • Mila: Picked up friend and ran to PE because "your legs are too short to keep up with mine, either buy roller skates and hold onto my sleeve or let me carry you, we don't have all day"
  • Georgi: Sent my girlfriend at the time 500 seconds of snapchats in under 10 minutes before she woke up and then continued to send more after she woke up
  • Sara: Gave an hour long lecture to one of my best friends who I consider to be family on gender roles and why I generally dislike men who aren't fictional that some how turned into me listing reasons why girls are beautiful and I Love them
  • Michele: Have given the same two pieces of dating advice to one of my friends for years, "dump him" or "give me your phone, I'm going to fight him"
  • Emil: Hugged one of my best friends for over an hour, actually it was closer to two, I only let go when I fell asleep
  • JJ: Talked for a full hour about how hot I am to one of my friends and then after a few minutes of silence, whispered "oh god, I really hate myself" and then curled up into a ball and cried
  • Minami: Consistently terrifies friends with shrieking flying tackle hugs from behind, screams of terror usually ensue
  • Seung-gil: Robotically wrote the Bee Movie Script on the classroom board when we had a sub, "Do you have work you are supposed to be doing?" "Yes." "Is this it?" "No, do you have any more questions?" "I- uh, no, I guess not."
  • Guang Hong: Texted someone that if they messed with my best friend I would brutally murder them and then followed up with blushing emojis and flower emojis
  • Leo: Listened to the same song on repeat 12 hours a day, for over a week, until I could hear the song playing in my dreams
  • Bonus, Coaches + Teachers:
  • Yakov: Some how became the mom friend despite the fact that I can't even take care of myself, "I swear to god if you skip physics oNE MORE TIME", "Do your homework, I know where you sleep", "Oh for fuck's sake, come over to my house, I'm not going to listen to you bitch for weeks because you didn't want to disinfect your cuts"
  • Minako: Was running a high fever during my physics final to the point where I was fading in and out of consciousness, and aced it
  • Lilia: Developed a reputation for having terrifying kicks after I realized that the men in my karate class couldn't hold back their punches if they were too busy avoiding getting nailed in the balls
  • Celestino: Refused to stop smiling and laughing for a full day, actually got kicked out of class because I laughed so much
Voltron characters as things I've said
  • Allura: "Why marry rich when you can be rich? Scam those men, wear those heels and be a boss ass bitch"
  • Coran: "My secret ingredient for delicious food is love...just kidding, it's MSG"
  • Lotor having a mildly okay hair day: "They were right, I am worth it. L'Oreal, where my sponsor at?!?!?"
  • Shiro: "I've been playing hide and seek with happiness for quite awhile now"
  • Lance: "This dude really thought he could get me! like, how can you treat me right if you can't get 3 stars in Mario Kart 8"
  • Keith: "What do you mean 'in a committed relationship with anger' isn't valid?"
  • Pidge: "They said what you love the most will destroy you. False. My computer would never betray me"
  • Hunk, talking about chicken nuggets: "And I swear... it was love at first bite"
  • bonus
  • Matt, holding up a bottle of sodium hydroxide: "you could say i'm pretty basic!" *badum tss*
  • Shay: "No don't eat so many sweets, you already have me"