men i admire most


“I probably didn’t come from a particularly great template for relationship building. The vagaries of the job don’t help either. The people I admire the most are family men. The most heroic thing you can do is be a good father. You’ll see guys who are like that, they’re men, but they have a softness to them as well and they’re not having to be tough. They’re great guys, really good guys. They are men that have a solidity to them and know what they’re here for.”
- Ben Mendelsohn

Happy birthday Jack

I want to wish happy birthday to one of the men I admire most in the world. An intelligent, kind and very beautiful man with a pure heart and a pure soul. Thanks to exist and to be the most beautiful person in the world. Happy Birthday Jack, enjoy your day 🎂🎉🎈 ps: (sorry for my English, but it is not my first language 😂)

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the signs as iconic shadowhunters quotes
  • aries: go ahead and knock me on my ass. you'll feel better
  • taurus: honestly i just got this jacket
  • gemini: i'm not interested in your supernatural fight club
  • cancer: "solid partnership"? that's hot
  • leo: buddy, what's going on? i'm not your type, man!
  • virgo: virgin shadowhunter energy
  • libra: most men like it when i admire their jewels
  • scorpio: why do you always look so miserable
  • sagittarius: michaelangelo was excellent in bed i might add
  • capricorn: all the naughty bits are covered (a little too much in my opinion)
  • aquarius: it's never too early for teriyaki
  • pisces: with a body like yours everything's your color