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SMH Passover Gothic
  • Jack and Holster as active members of Samwell’s Hillel offer to help organise
  • Bitty finds out Seder is basically a giant organised dinner and offers to help cook
  • Bitty gets the frogs and tadpoles to help make sure the Haus is clean of Chametz because “we are a team and if some of y’all can’t eat pie none of y’all are getting pie
  • Jack starts giving a history lesson to the SMH boys about the history of Passover
  • Holster interjects and just makes everyone watch Rugrats: A Passover Story
  • The movie night continues with Prince of Egypt
  • Holster makes the tadpoles do the four questions at Seder
  • The boys fight over who is which of the four children (no consensus is drawn though Shitty tries to call being the wicked child even if no one agrees.  Eventually, Jack is voted wise, Chowder is voted innocent, BItty is voted “the one who doesn’t know how to ask”, and they let Shitty be the wicked child.)
  • Jack tries to buy good wine, but Holster convinces him not to because “it’s not Pesach without overly sweet wine” and add the Manischewitz to the cart
  • Someone (upon learning about Elijah’s chair): Oh hey is this chair for Elijah?
    Holster: Nah brah tha’t Johnson’s chair, E-man’s chair is that one *points to different chair a taddy is about to sit in*
  • No one can find the afikomen, Holster (who hide it) goes to look where he knew he hid it, but it’s not there.  The Haus ghosts get blamed.  It turns up 4 days later in a totally different place.
  • Everyone is surprised to hear Jack singing because this is Jack “hockey robot” Zimmermann, but he actually really likes the prayers and the holidays
  • The day after Passover ends, Bitty takes all the leftover charoset and uses it for pie filling making a charoset pie

doctorbluesmanreturns  asked:

Five obscure Victorian or Gothic novels that no one ever talks about and you think need to be better known?

I need to delve a lot more into the early Anne Radcliffe era of gothic novels.  If any of my followers can rec stuff from that period (@atundratoadstool , @chthonic-cassandra , anyone?) then I will take them as recommendations as well!  Heck, recommend gothics from any historical period that I’ve overlooked and I’ll try to read them!

In no particular order…

The Beetle.  There’s a whole host of messy sexual and racial issues to unpack here, but it’s Dracula with bugs and one of the heroes is basically Doctor Doom and it’s just about peak gothic weirdness.

A Long Fatal Love Chase.  This one starts as a pulpy melodrama, then abruptly pulls the rug from under you and is a serious, terrifying portrayal of an abusive relationship where the villain and the heroine do love each other but it just doesn’t matter because he’s still tormenting her.  And nobody will get out of it alive.

Speaking of which, Louisa May Alcott’s short gothic stories in general are worth seeking out, especially Perilous Play, which was the inspiration for own story Affable Stoner Jonathan Harker.  There are a couple of collections out there, only one of which I’ve gotten ahold of, but I’m still trying!

Israel Rank: The Autobiography of a Criminal was the basis for two popular adaptations (Kind Hearts and Coronets and A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder) but is itself fairly obscure.  It’s a lot darker and nastier than the derivative works, but if I had my way the titular antihero would stand beside Dorian Grey and Lord Ruthven as one of the sickest, most compelling awful men in gothic fiction.  (Yes, I named my Fallen London character after him.  She’s going to be his great aunt.)

I’m not sure it really counts as obscure, but I’m going to include La Morte Amoureuse anyway.  It’s a sad, sexy vampire story from before sad, sexy vampires were the common denominator, and it’s a shame there haven’t been any adaptations (to my knowledge.)

anonymous asked:

Me, an anon who loves the original Jekyll and Hyde novella: tHERES A MUSICAL


here’s the version i watched (with david hasslehoff as jekyll and hyde), here’s the cast recording for it, and here’s the gothic version of the soundtrack (with anthony warlow as jekyll and hyde, he’s widely accepted as the best actor for the character(s?); the gothic album also has Very Good versions (though i prefer the ‘97 cast for songs like murder, murder and facade so)

have fun my dude!! 

Я счастлива о том, что у меня есть читатели… можно только 1000, но для меня это очень важно… этот блог << живёт >> почти 4 месяца… я радуюсь, что я нашла себя, и главное- я начинала писать о том, что мне нравиться больше всего…. этот стиль << готика>> больше чем любовь. Он такой интересный, секретный… особенный. Я люблю готику ❤️ а мода … мне это жизнь… ♠️