men fragrances

The last decade has seen the unfortunate flourishing of a dismal genre, the fragrance for men and women who do not like fragrance and suspect that none of their friends do either.
The result has been a slew of apologetic, bloodless, gray, whippet-like, shivering little things that are probably impossible, and certainly pointless, to tell apart. All fragrances whose name involves the words energy, blue, sport, turbo, fresh, or acier in any order or combination belong to this genre. This is stuff for the generic guy wishing to meet a generic girl to have generic offspring. It has nothing to do with any other pleasure than that of merging with the crowd. My fondest hope is everyone will stop buying them and the genre will perish.
—  Turin and Sanchez on sports fragrances; Perfumes, The A-Z Guide


Fragrances that go both ways.

When it comes to fragrance, some of us prefer scents that aren’t overly feminine or masculine. We picked five that feel modern and palatable to all—no gender labels necessary. KELLEY HOFFMAN

Calvin Klein CK2

Back in the ’90s, Calvin Klein made a splash with ck one. They’re back at it with this contemporary twist—balancing woody and fresh notes, and housed in a bottle with a futuristic feel.

CLEAN Reserve Sueded Oud

This luxurious, woody musk from a brand known for its sustainable and eco-friendly outlook taps into the intrinsic human desire to get back to nature and discover our truest selves.

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume

An energizing combination of blood orange, jasmine, and sandalwood notes evoke maybe the most perfect morning ever: an alfresco breakfast at sunrise with a beautiful ocean view.


Inspired by a free-flowing night in an underground Brooklyn jazz club, this intoxicating scent’s vanilla and tobacco leaf notes exude a warm, boozy, bebop energy.

TOM FORD Neroli Portofino

With notes of citrus, floral, and amber, get instantly transported to the Italian Riviera. Seriously, this sparkling scent makes you feel like a movie star.