men fap

oh boy get ready for a fucking ride

pleasant little fucker isnt he

i’m sorry, what ?


wow! i have no idea what it’s like to be fetishized?! gosh golly. it’s almost like misogyny is something i get to just opt out of! oh wait

whatever you do, don’t look at porn of people who aren’t the same race as you!!

“So how does this affect you?” “It doesn’t! but it’s still not okay!” is this like a tree falling in the woods scenario?!

it actually fucking happened you guys. i always talked about this as a hypothetical thing - “do antis expect me to just fap to one guy at a time?” turns out they do. this is the most gold-medal-winning mental gymnastics ive ever seen, to actually say this and think you’re making sense. this logic falls apart under any question that you can possibly ask. why am i allowed to fap to men AT ALL if i’m not a man? apparently i have to be the same identity as the people i masturbate to, so why? do genderfluid people only get to masturbate to men on the days they feel masculine? THIS ! MAKES ! NO ! SENSE !

More imporant still, why do you think you have any right to tell me what I can and can’t masturbate to, you unbelievably creepy little shitstain


cavityvirus went from ming numbingly stupid to fucking 4chan levels of assholery so fast i still have whiplash. i just had to share this with you guys, this is the face of the “protect gay men from yaoi fangirls! uwu” movement. 

this absolute mindless, inane, so-fucking-dumb-you-would-be-funny-if-you-weren’t-also-so-disgusting dillhole. this gatekeeping, aphobic, misogynistic tripe that tries to pass itself as social justice.

I can’t wait for the callout “Zarya-is-gay blocked me for no reason and is mean!!!” no I blocked you because it says in my bio not to interact if you’re an nsfw blog. It’s that simple, or you’re homophobic and fetishize lesbian relationships and I’m not dealing with gross grown men that fap to lesbians following me, a 17 year old lesbian. 👀
So, what you’re saying is that CS and KJA would be so horrified that someone thought they were in love…. That’s called homophobia. Also, LR does not belong in the CS tag EVER unless it has to do with...

So, what you’re saying is that CS and KJA would be so horrified that someone thought they were in love….

No, they’re saying fetishizing two straight men for your yaoi fapping fantasy is creepy and gross…and please don’t fucking tag invade. And that neither really appreciates you speculating, in such detail over who they fuck and seeking to out them.

And actually yeah, cause they’re not and it’s not none of your business.

That’s called homophobia.

No, it’s called, again, your creepy fetishization and obsession. But nice gish galloping attempt, there

Also, LR does not belong in the CS tag EVER unless it has to do with CS. Her journey in fashion week DOES NOT.

Errmmm….she actually IS with Cole, but hey—when you asswipes stop tag invading, which you do non-stop….

We get it, you are homophobic and would cry if you realized CS isn’t straight.

Soooo that’s quite the leap there. Again, just accuse someone of something because they called out your l’il buddy there on tag invading and being an asswipe. Again, you’re REALLY pursuing the gish galloping/strawman thing today, huh?

That said, we all know you DO cry, every night, because you know Cole IS straight and is fucking Lili, hard, while you’re sobbing, alone, amirite? TBH, no one would cry if Cole turned out to be teh ghey—–we just take him at his word and are happy for him and Lili to be so in love.

To bad you don’t have that—-or won’t at least maybe fetishize GheyJ with the far more probable Meltie…..In fact, look at that, we have no issues with MeltJ!! So we aren’t homophobes!!

I’ve already eviscerated and fully debunked your claims and I’m not even done!

It’s horrifying to me that people think saying two boys are dating is accusing them of being gay. It’s not an accusation.

Actually, it is. Because they aren’t. Also you choice of words frequently leaves much to be desired, as well.

People love people. If two people look like they are in love, they probably are.

Yes, it’s how we know Cole and Lili ARE in love, but Cornholio/CrapaFart/ColeMeat/etc….are just you assholes fapping yourselves raw and fetishizing two real people.

Because Cornholio don’t “look like they are in love”

Why do people who like the same sex have to go through the added step of shouting specifically which gender they like from the rooftops before anyone will even entertain the idea that they might not like the opposite sex???

They don’t. Just in this case, this is all your fantasy. Neither has ever shouted dick, anywhere ever….But we DO entertain MeltJ, why won’t you??

Love is love.

Yes, and SH is in it!

If KJA was a girl, would you still think she was just friends with CS based on the exact same actions as they are currently exhibiting?

Yes, I would. In fact, we’d have fewer interactions, because the show wouldn’t be attempting to force the brOTP. Also, I wouldn’t EVER expect Cole to date someone that fucking stupid. Sorry, not sorry.

And honestly, if Cole had a co-worker, regardless of gender, with whom he shared one, minor common interest (camping), that was played up for the cameras and, once largely exhausted, he never spent any time away from work with this person—-and even at the height of this, spent a great deal of time texting someone else, yes, I’d take it as platonic.

In fact, Cole has many strictly platonic female friends, does many of the exact same activities with them and I take it as precisely that. Additionally, as I said—-I could see the argument for MeltJ, why don’t you.

Conversely—-if Lili were a dude, would YOU hate her as much and still insist SH is just PR?

If the answer is no, please think that through very carefully.

Except I just answered it and my answered further proved I don’t see it that way

Nothing has been confirmed at all in terms of those three. Gossip Mags do not count and have never counted. So if Coleneti is a fantasy then so is all other non-confirmed relationship.

OMG!!! You’re hilarious. That is THE single weakest false equivalency of false equivalencies, ever! Using that argument science doesn’t exist, because all science are theories. Good lord you’re fucking stupid.

Also, it isn’t “three”, it’s two: SH. And, I’m quite sure, if any “gossip magazine” ever claimed Cornholio was a thing, you’d truly fap yourself raw.

But let’s look at the facts:

SH are always together, away from work, on their own. There are innumerable sightings, there’s evidence they live together, Cole treats Lili completely differently from how he treats any other cast member and always has. They are further involved with one another’s lives across the board.

You are forced to twist things to make them NOT so.

In the case of Cornholio—-two dudes who haven’t spent a significant amount of time together, away from work in over 8 months. They happened to share ONE common interest (camping) and that was quickly exhausted. And actually, they’ve barely spent ANY time together, away from work, period. Like less than probably 5 cumulative hours over the course of nearly 4 months.

Everything else involves you twisting/fantasizing, insisting something that’s fully disproven happened (like road trips where they were hundreds of miles apart) or them queer bating—for the cameras!!! (which, is, of course, wildly ironic).

So you are forced to twist things to make them so.

Stop acting like shipping a boy and a girl makes you a better person. Let people love who they love and don’t be offended when it’s not the nuclear family you have put all your heart and soul into shipping.

Again, complete strawman. SH are an actual, confirmed couple. Who themselves provide breadcrumbs to create a game. We don’t “ship a boy and a girl”, we enjoy an adorable celebrity couple. The one shipping two real life people (which is gross) is yourself. We also aren’t looking to out anyone, whichis patently wrong. And that DOES make us better people.

No one fucking cares about teh ghey (in fact we were all just cooing over RAS and his husband)—-what we care about is not feshizing for your Yaoi self insert.

So fuck off….

How I feel right about now

People: I’m not seeing Sausage party because it’s transphobic, homophobic, has rape scenes and a 4 minute food creature orgy. 


People: Do you think we’ve forgotten Ghostbusters?


People: You mean like how you’ve ruined MLP for little girls who can’t even google it without being inundated with porn?