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Erm but aren't Matt and Ryan as problematic as Chris?

See the problem is that people think ‘racist/sexist douchecanoe’ is synonymous with ‘problematic’ and its not.

“Generally okay people who occasionally do ✨problematic things✨” are problematic. They do not do the things they do with the intent to harm others. The things themselves are problematic but if theyre done in ignorance or misinformation then the person themself is not problematic.

Arin and Dan are 'problematic’. They say and do things that are offensive because they are white men who dont always understand how rude their comments and jokes are. They know its Bad™ but dont understand How Bad™ until people point it out to them. They at least make an attempt to correct themselves. 2017 Arin and Dan are completely different from 2013 Arin and Dan.

Matt and Ryan are 'problematic’. They say and do things that are offensive not to harm others, but for the sake of comedy. Theyre problematic because theyre both young and believe in a “no limit” kind of humor. If you dont understand how hurtful that kind of humor is, then you cant understand why people are “unreasonably offended” at your jokes. Theyre both grown ass men and that doesnt excuse their behavior, but keep in mind that Arin was a shitty fuckin person at the age of 22 when he was still on newgrounds.

On//ey is not ✨problematic✨ because he actively makes fun of minorites. He knows damn well whos getting hurt by his jokes and he constantly reminds people that he doesnt care. This is not about him being ignorant and accidentally crossing a line, this is about him purposely launching himself over that line to get people upset and to get white dudebros to laugh along with him. Brushing off anyone who gets upset with him as someone who complains too much, 'sjw tears’ femi//nazi, etc. instead of trying to give himself a bit of perspective.

Tl;dr Matt and Ryan are problematic and theyve done sht that has stopped me from liking them anymore. But theyre still Young™ and if Arin was able to change his bad habits then so can they. I believe that people can change and as long as theres an effort being made, they shouldnt be demonized. They are not nearly as bad as on//ey and to think theyre on the same level makes me believe you dont think on//ey is as bad as I think he is.

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Hi, I love your art and I'm thrilled you opened prompts! Can I suggest Levi getting Princess Erwin all ready for a nice date night?

Sure thing <3 Thanks for liking my doodles and that sweet request :) Have a date-night feat. Princess Erwin and Levi’s miserable love face:

It’s probably their wedding day or smth…I have much love for bowtie-Levi and his big princess! Thanks again!

I have quite a few prompts left but feel free to drop another one :)


Pairing: non-specified-relationship Rob Benedict x gender-neutral!Reader x Richard Speight Jr

Summary: Just a little something I whipped up for @your-not-invisible-to-me in a KoC group chat…

Warnings: very unspecific story, super friggin’ short

A/N: God!Chuck smut coming soon later so stick around for that!

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(Y/N) was crying. They were crying very very silently, to the point where neither Rob nor Rich, who just came back from filming an episode of Kings of Con together, would notice had they not realized the silence that ensued when they both announced their arrival to their shared home.

Both men knocked on the door before entering (Y/N)’s room, where it was dark and both men shared a worried glance at each other, a wordless conversation. Rob sat on the foot of the bed while Richard approached their side, placing a comforting hand on their arm. “Hey, sweetheart, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, Rich, I’m-I’m okay.” Clearly, they were not, and it broke Richard’s heart to see them like this; so in despair and him unable to help them with whatever they were going through.

“(Y/N), you know you can tell us anything, right?” Rob voiced out from where he was. “We’re here for you, whether you like it or not.”

“What if you both leave me one day?”

“Now, now, (Y/N), you can’t seriously think you can get rid of us that easily, do you?” This evoked a small laugh from them, making Rob exhaled a sigh of relief.

“I suppose not.” They replied with a bashful smile, as if unsure why would two great guys such as Rob and Rich would ever spend time with a person like them.

“You’re our brightest little star, (Y/N), and we’ll make sure you never burn out.” Rich said reassuringly, grabbing for Rob’s now-outstretched hand, extending his free one for them to hold.

“We love you very much, okay?” Rob squeezed their hand, a genuine smile spreading across their face.

“I love you guys too.” They said softly, realizing that you found a family, a home, in the two men.

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Step one: say stuff that you know will irritate and hurt someone deeply. Repeat until their response becomes angry or they retaliate with something mean.
Step 2: take their response out of context and say something like “lmao they hate us so much because they’re stupid and have no real counter arguments”
Step III: conclude that everyone in x category is a hateful moron.
Step cuatro: Feel proud of yourself for having so thoroughly proved your ideology and collect hi fives from your echo chamber

period cramps 


Lookit this shiny hoodlum causin mayhem and such. I’ve always thought he was a kid (like basically everyone) before I read the comics, so now that I know he’s like in his goshdamn twenties I’m over here like….??? He’s been bound, gagged, shot, drunk, bombed, etc. why did I not read them as a kid and why am I reading them now.

What men dont understand is :

When we want flowers, you dont have to spend $50 on roses. You could pick some simple ones in a field and show up to surprise us. When we want a sweet message, it doesnt have to be 5 pages long. It can simply say, “Have a good day, gorgeous!”. And when we want surprises, just show up with a $1 candy bar and tell us you love us.

We really are not that hard to understand.

Aunt Flow, TOM, Shark Week, Period.

I’ve got a story for y’all. So I’ve been using the birth control Nexplinon for the last three years, which has been a real life saver for me since I used to have really bad cramps with my periods— like, just lay on the ground for hours, head ach inducing, possibly might lead to vomiting type of cramps. For all thoes 3 years I didn’t have a period, which after insurance covering most of the cost really saved me money too. Last month I got it out, and because I had a little insurance fiasco my appointment to get another in was pushed back for a month.

And I just got my period.

Without being used to this every month it was never on my mind a whole lot. Now, with all my cramping and just the over all weariness I’m experiencing, I can’t help but want to complain about it in public, on social media, just generally.

Only people with periods don’t get to do that!

And I hate it so much! This is something that affects about half of the worlds population and the only period discord allowed in most spaces are hushed innuendos to other women. I feel like it might be part of the problem of why a sh*t ton of men DONT UNDERSTAND HOW PERIODS WORK!

Yeah, in America, we don’t have great personal health classes, but, on top of that, there is no conversation around periods that include the typical cis male. And we’ve socially ingrained that it is something gross and disgusting to talk about. So, we don’t.

Like everything, there are a few outliers to this, some period having folk that are comfortable sharing the nature of their bleeding and just bemoaning the fact of its arrival, but most of us period havers don’t get that luxury.

I know that one text post wont solve all the period inequality– like, don’t even get me started on the cost of sanitary products and how they must stay hidden at all costs–  but this has been on my mind for awhile.

Suffering in silence for the benefit of squeamish cis men in power is ridiculous and can we please not do that any more? We need good legislation around the cost and access to birth control and around getting tampons and pads put into needs and not luxury products for low income people.

TL:DR: All Period havers should be able to freely talk about/ normalize periods and having them, because no, period havers can’t physically stop their bodies from having periods.