men don't get married

Hoseok’s Ideal Type

Long Hair VS Short Hair

Aegyo VS Charisma

Skirts VS Pants Both

Double Eyelids VS Monolids Both

Younger VS Older Both

Straight Hair VS Wavy Hair Both

Tall VS Short Both


some woman anonymously reported 6 bombs yesterday in a really popular ski resort not far from my house, because she thought her husband was there with his lover

well, jokes on her, because they found her and now she has to pay 2M (czk) for the damages (policemen, firemen, special trained dogs, pyrotechnicists and lost profits)

but ALSO jokes on her husband, because the law here orders that married couples share EVERYTHING, even debts so he has to pay it as well

moral of the story: don’t get married 

But that’s not the end of it, is it? Hardly. 

Any world where Amy Pond doesn’t burn the universe down trying to find her kid isn’t a world I want to read about. I want Rory, her loyal right hand man; the Doctor, protective and panicked; and enigmatic childhood friend Mels boldly along for the ride. 

I want to watch this chaotic little family run. They go chasing down Madam Kovarian, get pitted up against the Silence, dragged on side-adventures where Amy screams with frustration at the delay. I want to watch them build something here, between the four of them.

Amy and Rory lean on each other more than ever, Amy’s fire lifts up Rory’s spirits as he stands in to be her strength, support, and patience. Mels, to whom Amy is mother, guardian, and best friend, is watching Amy fall from a pedestal, to a lower, better place. Amy is becoming her sister in arms, her compatriot, grinning at each other over the aftermaths of an episode’s chaos. Rory is bringing out shades of the Last Centurion. 

Mels watches her friends fall apart over their stolen child, a secret burning under her tongue. She loves them, but they lost her. Mels loves them, and she’s watching them fight for her day in and day out, or fight for Melody Pond at least. She watches Amy lean on her, in her lowest moments. “You’ll find her,” Mels whispers, and knows Amy never did. 

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Child support in a nutshell:

Man doesn’t pay child support: GO TO JAIL, go directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200!

Woman spends child support on herself: No harm, no foul, no penalty.

Another good reason for men not to have kids and stay single.  Where are the feminists who chant “equality” so loudly when you need them?  They’re either claiming it’s the “patriarchy backfiring” or “bathing in male tears”.

Family Dinner with Elvis...
  • <b> So, today I had dinner with my grandparents. Someone had put Elvis on and I tried so hard to focus on my mushrooms, not to think about Twist & Shout, not even a bit. Then this happened:</b> <p><b>Grandpa:</b> “Wife, you know what was in the newspaper today?“<p><b>Grandma:</b> “No, what do you mean?“<p><b>Grandpa:</b> “There were two men getting married!“<p><b>Grandma:</b> “Who?“<p><b>Grandpa:</b> “I don't care who, but they were two men!“<p><b>Grandma:</b> “Well, yeah, it happens that two men are falling in love.“<p><b>Me:</b> “Please excuse me for a second.“<p><b>Me:</b> *leaves the room*<p><b>Me:</b> *starts crying*<p>