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Chapter 23 - Cheer Up

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A/N - Special thank you to @oh-beyond  who helped me out when I was stuck on the punishments.

“Aish what is taking them so long?!”  

After hearing Chanyeol whinge yet again Kyungsoo finally snapped. “Shut up Chanyeol. Unless you want Jongdae to punish you then by all means, keep talking.”

Chanyeol opened him mouth to say something back but as he let Kyungsoo’s words sink in he decided on staying quiet instead. It was as though he’d only just realised that he might end up with Jongdae’s punishment. You were starting to feel as frustrated as Chanyeol was but you refused to show it, especially after you kept seeing the winners glancing over in your direction before resuming their huddle. Every now and again you’d hear Jongdae’s loud laugh before all of them lost it and broke down laughing. You were just hoping it wouldn’t be anything too bad.

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But She’s  a Cheerleader

Summary:  Eddie Kaspbrak is a senior in high school with a lot of promise in his future. He has the “perfect” girl, good grades, and a few good friends. Sure he isn’t the most popular kid in school, but he’s happy. All of that changes though when his mother, friends, even his own girlfriend think he’s gay. All because he wants to be a cheerleader. When he arrives he meets a bunch of interesting characters, the most interesting being Richie Tozier, a complete trashmouth who unlike the rest, doesn’t want to fix what’s clearly wrong with him. Based on the film “But I’m a Cheerleader" 

Ships: Reddie, and some side Stenbrough later

Author’s Notes:  AHHHH! I’m so excited about this fic you don’t even know. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! Feel free to send me stuff/asks/whatever about this because I’d love to talk about it! Also: If you wanna be added to the tag list, either message me or shoot me an ask! I’m happy to add anyone!

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Eddie sat in the bleachers as his girlfriend was wrapping up her cheerleading practice. He heard the head cheerleader say something about donuts and being at the school at 7:30 Saturday morning to head to the football playoffs upstate. Eddie never really understood the appeal of football at all. Or why anyone would be so dedicated to cheering on the players. However, something always fascinated Eddie about cheerleading as a sport. Maybe it was the fun beats, or maybe it’s because it was a sport that was invented just to make people feel good; nothing more nothing less. Something about that concept always made Eddie want to try cheerleading, which he’s brought up to his girlfriend in passing. Just to see what she’d say “I would love to have you on the team Eddie bear, but this is Derry, and Derry wouldn’t be as supportive as me”  Needless to say, his excuse that he wants to look at pretty girls in short skirts got him the silent treatment for nearly a week. She was right though, Derry wasn’t exactly a progressive town to live in, and given that Eddie was never the most masculine of men anyway, cheerleading would only make the already present rumors worse. I’m not gay though, Eddie thought to himself. So why should it matter? He was pulled out of his thoughts by Jenna tugging on his wrist

“Hey, Eddie bear!” She exclaimed, hardly sweaty from the hour-long practice.
“Hey, babe. How was practice?” He said, grabbing onto the small of her back, pulling her close and placing a gentle kiss on the forehead.
“It went fine.” she pulled herself away from him and walked beside him to his car.

“Can you believe it? First time in 27 years that Derry High is making it to the state championships!”
“Eh, you know I don’t really care about that kind of stuff.”
“Awh Eddie, no fun. So what pray tell will you be doing Saturday instead of being normal?”
I am normal. Why does everyone think otherwise?
He laughed it off, “Oh you know. Just the usual, homework, work. Stressing over college.”
She pouted, “Awh, you’re stressed? I have the perfect solution.”

She tapped his nose and pulled him by the arm through the parking lot before making him unlock the car doors. Once the two of them were in the front seat of the old convertible, Jenna had attached her lips to his. It was wet, slobbery and nothing about it made Eddie want to kiss back. In fact, all he wanted to do was to pull away. He turned his face away from hers.
“Jen, I-I need to get home for dinner.”
“You can’t stay here with me for a little bit? Not even five minutes?”
She may be a horrendous kisser, but he really didn’t like seeing her upset. She was a decent enough girl. He supposed he loved her. If love meant preferring to see them happy just so you didn’t have to deal with them being angry,

“I mean I guess I could…”
She let out a suggestive chuckle before reattaching her lips to his. He couldn’t help but think if this is how other girls kissed their boyfriends, or more if this is how most guys kissed their girlfriends. His friends said they thought kissing their girlfriends was hot. She had to be doing something wrong for him to hate it so much.  He thinks back to the football captain, Mike Hanlon and how happy he is when he kisses his girlfriend. He thought about how it was gentle and it was almost as if they were one, in sync. What must it be like to kiss him?
That’s Normal. Everyone wonders these things, right? Eddie thought to himself, that’s all it was after all. Curiosity. Jenna moved her lips from his mouth to his jaw line and that’s where he drew the line. Pulling away from her kisses.
“Jen. I-I really should get home”
She rolled her eyes and pulled away from him, placing herself as far away from him as she could get in the small car. He sighed and created even more of a distance between the two before turning the keys in the ignition.
Eddie sat at the dinner table as his mother prepared his plate, putting a huge chicken breast on his plate along with the vegetables already on his plate.
“Eddie, you need to eat meat. You’re fragile enough already. Please?” She pleaded as she did at every meal.
Eddie pushed the meat away from the rest of the food on the plate, grimacing at the oils it left behind in the spot it once was, “Ma, I tell you every night. I’m fine.”
“Eddie, please. You’re wasting food.”
Eddie shrugged his shoulders and dug into his serving of mashed potatoes.
“I don’t know what happened to my sweet Eddie. You won’t take your pills anymore, and now this. One day you’ll be sorry that you didn’t listen to me.”
He shrugged again and continued eating his dinner. They had this discussion almost every night, one would think she’d give up by now, but if anything she got more persistent. Serving up fewer vegetables at every dinner trying to force him into eating what was on his plate, whether he liked it or not. At this point, he was shocked she hadn’t stopped serving them all together. He quickly ate his dinner, anxious to get up to his room and avoid his overbearing mother.
Eddie’s entire day was strange. It all started when his alarm went off to get up for school, as usual; and his mother came in to check if he was awake, as usual.
“You up Eddie?” She asked, sounding off in a way that Eddie couldn’t quite place. He just knew he had a bad feeling about it.
“Yea mom. I’m up.” He said, rolling out of bed slowly and turning off his alarm.
“Okay. I’ll be downstairs if you need anything.”
“Okay, ma.”
She turned away and closed the door behind her, something she’s never done before today. Eddie thought nothing of it, maybe his mother was finally learning the word privacy. He should be grateful if anything. He threw on an oversized school sweater that had the words ‘GO RAIDERS!’ printed onto the front along with the cleanest pair of jeans he could find on the floor of his messy room and he brushed his curls into something manageable before heading downstairs.
“Hey, mommy” he went up behind her and kissed her cheek before quickly grabbing his lunch and heading out the door. Mrs. Kaspbrak watched him go, hoping she was making the right choice.
He put his book bag and lunch in the back seat of his car and got into the driver’s seat, turning the keys in the ignition and driving to Jen’s house to pick her up from her house. When the car started, so did his radio. Some song he put on a playlist for Jen a while back started playing. It wasn’t even a real song per se, it’s from that old Adam Sandler movie Jen always made him watch, The Wedding Singer.
‘Oh it could be so nice, growin’ old with you’
Sure, he knew they wouldn’t grow old together. They were only in high school, and Eddie knew they weren’t truly in love, or at least he wasn’t. That’s why Eddie didn’t really take the playlist all too seriously. Just kind of putting what he could think of at the time onto the cd. Even if he was in love, they’re only 18. Making any commitment to anyone at his age was irresponsible. He still had to go to college and find out exactly where he was going in life before he tried dragging someone into it forever. He pulled up to her house and she was already waiting on her porch. She rushed into the car and pecked his cheek.
“Awh, you’re listening to the playlist you made me. How sweet” She clicked in her seatbelt and Eddie began driving in the direction of the school.
“Hey babe, I-I’m not feeling too good, can we skip school?” She pleaded.
“I mean you can, I can turn around and drop you off at home, but I really need to go to school.”
She pouted, “but I want my boyfriend to take care of me. Please? Have someone send you the notes.”
He looked at her briefly and sighed, she didn’t look sick at all, but she’d probably be angry if he didn’t eventually give in, “Can’t someone take care of you at home?”
“Nobody’s home to babe. Please? Pretty please? I’ll give you anything you want.”
“Fine. Let’s go.” He turned the car around and back in the direction of his house, where his strange morning was about to become the worst day of his life.


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Horror Movie AU

(Didn’t do all the characters, if you’d like to see my thoughts on someone I didn’t do, feel free to send in an ask! I’m going to list a very general description of each horror archetype and then under the cut will be the rest of the post!)

The Horror Archetypes

The Jock: Cocky, pompous tough guy. Believes he can accomplish and dominate anything in his path. Takes the lead, but will often be the first put in danger. “All women want him, all men envy him.”

The Cheerleader: Secretly envied, beautiful, and popular. Often air-headed. Not prude, lives fast, and tends to do things for attention. Normally on the arm of the Jock character type, or quickly sides with them for protection. 

The Nerd: Smart, voice of reason, very aware of surroundings and when things don’t feel right. No one ever believes them. May make rash decisions when danger comes (sometimes selfish), leads to vulnerability of being killed. Comic relief. 

The Nice Guy: Honest, good-natured, relatable person. Often has a good relationship with the Final Girl, a crush most likely. Attractive, very caring, looks out for the Final Girls best interest. Most likely to get killed. 

Final Girl: Almost always a virgin. Shy, reserved, innocent. Clearheaded most of the time, makes all the right decisions when things go wrong and knows how to defend herself. The Ultimate Survivor. Strongest of them all. 

The Crazy Old Man: Spouts cryptic nonsense that doesn’t get taken seriously. There to spur on the story, to worry the teenagers. Never believed because they never speak straight-forwardly. 

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Have you heard the mashable interview with Chris? Could he have stuttered any more when he was talking about AVPM and how he "heard of the thing" but "Had never seen it". First off, we know he's lying about that, since he AND Darren have both mentioned that Chris had seen AVPM, and the amount of stuttering he does is a tell also. Why lie? He brought up HP in the interview. He was never quiet about his love of HP. Oh, right, he is forced to be quiet about his love for Darren. Gotcha. Very clearly

Anon, I agree he is forced to remain silent and he is very much in love. 

But I think his denial of all things Darren is very intentional. Its been their strategy and it continues. Its why since Glee ended, with the exception of once, they do not interact on social media, they are never seen at the same place at the same time, they do not support each other’s projects publicly, and have not been seen at an event for the other in years.  Despite the fact that both men are the biggest cheerleaders of so many of their other Glee co-stars.

This lie was much more blatant than many others and easily refuted within seconds.  And Chris knows that, he is very well aware of the games being played. And he is very well aware of fandom. It is naive to think they do not troll and look at what is being said and what is being noticed. It is why Chris in particular continues to drop constant hints via social media.  

And I do think when the reference was made that appears to have taken Chris by surprise, Chris reverted into the strategy of “I don’t know him, I don’t like him, I never see him, and I know nothing about any of his projects.”

And by doing so.  Chris reminded us to keep looking. Keep talking. Keep making a big deal out of these things. Because the truth is out there.  And the two people at the center of this nonsense, who are the victims no matter what they do or say or how much they play, are screaming for people to notice.

okay im in serious need of cheerleader!jimin and athlete!jungkook like bball or smth like that then jimin’s all bubbly and stuff and jk’s all cool but they get so cheesy around each other but also it would be great if they could tackle stuff like:

•how hard it is to be an athlete esp. in such an under-appreciated sport like cheerleading
•balancing sports with relationships
•discrimination against men in cheerleading
•how cheerleaders dont just jump around at games
•how bball players are overworked esp. around game season
•so!! much!! more!!

i just really need this au to happen ㅠㅠ

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Okay but like katsuki or deku with a s/o who's from America and they just tell them how it's like over there like when they wore the cheerleader outfits Bc it was supposedly a western thing

((actually just had a pep rally that was western themed and that was… an experience and that reminded me of this ask lol))

“So, are American sporting events really like that?”
Well, that was a random question. You and Midoriya were just chilling in your room when he asked.
“Hm? Are they really like what?”
“You know. Loud. Crazy. A ton of screaming men with face paint. Cheerleaders. Is that for real, or just in the movies?”
It took every fiber of strength in your body not to start laughing. What a cute question! “Yes, yes, only in pro games, and yes. The crazy face paint dudes don’t show up at high school games, thank god.”
“Wait, people actually do that though?”
“Yeah, but I’ve only seen guys like that at football games and hockey games. I dunno if they go nuts anywhere else.”
“Huh.” He seemed to be deep in thought until he perked up again. “Okay, does everyone in America have a dog?”
You had to laugh at that one. “Where’d you hear that?”
He shrugged. “It seems like everyone does.”
“Heh, I wish everyone did. Then there would be enough dogs for me to pat every day to last a lifetime.”
“Was it super common though?”
“Oh yeah. Every other house down the street had at least one dog, at least in my area. Why’re you asking?”
“Hm? I was just wondering.”

You were hanging out with Bakugou (finally, just the two of you, you had both been so busy) and had selected some movie off the on demand service. Honestly, it was… Pretty boring. But you got to spend time with your boyfriend, so you weren’t really complaining.
“Is New York really that crowded?” What?
“Probably. I’ve never been there.”
“Hm.” Was that disappointment?
“I’ve been to a few big cities though, and they’re all pretty crowded. What’s got you curious?”
“Never been to America. Wondering what it’s like. Anything wrong with that?”
“No! No, not at all. Got any more questions?” He sounded like he had meant to ask for a long time.
“Have you been to Texas?”
“Yeah.” Where was this going?
“Does everyone wear cowboy boots there?”
“Bakugou oh my god.” What a good question!
“Never mind! Shut up!” He turned away from you in a huff.

“But yes, pretty much everyone wears cowboy boots.”
“I knew it.”

well i don’t know what you’re personally into in terms of genres so i’ll just list stuff i liked??

Amaama to inazuma - the cutest show about single father(who’s a teacher at school) and his little daughter(voiced by a real kid not a squeaky girl, super cute) and it’s gonna be about food so heck yeah i’m watching it

Cheer Danshi - A SHOW ABOUT ALL-MEN CHEERLEADING TEAM what else do you need to know

Fukigen na Mononokean - yay uh supernatural youkai stuff?? a boy meets an exorcist or smth, it was cute

DAYS - what can i say, i’m a sucker for soccer : ^ )))))))))))

Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan - your crazy comedy of this season, this one is about a psychic

there’s definitely more good stuff to come but these are what i watched today

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Okay imagine this: the boys from class 1-A in an all men's cheerleading squad. Maybe using their quirks to spice up the show a bit!

i’m sorry my first thought was Bakugou in the girl’s cheerleading outfit and exploding his pom poms

(honestly tho that outfit would look great on him)

okay now that that’s out of the way–ABSOLUTELY

Kirishima, Kaminari, Iida, Sero, and Aoyama are the most enthusiastic

Kirishima uses his hardening to make his body steady so they can use him as a springboard, Kaminari lights things up, Iida uses his legs to do awesome flips, Sero uses his tape to grab missing pom poms, and Aoyama uses his laser to make their routines look absolutely fabulous

the team likes to put colorful explosions in Bakugou’s hands/pompoms to make mini fireworks

(Bakugou is great at doing the really complicated routines, tho he always has this big angry scowl on his face no matter what routine he’s doing)