men being awesome


Look, I was really disappointed with PotC5 for several reasons..but this guy’s design was 👌 👌 👌



Hope you like him! Also sry but I just had to draw him with glasses, I honestly tried, and somehow all kind of glasses work on this kid xD 

The other OCs are here, in case you wanna see ‘em: [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]

And now I can finally get to some reblogging and answering! Fortunately I’m at my uncles’ so I don’t have a Internet curfew for today, bwahah! :D

I’m sorry I haven’t been active recently, I’ve just had a lot going on in my life for the past two weeks and I honestly just haven’t had time to post anything, I’ve also been struggling with some mental health stuff so thank you for continuing to support this blog and what it stands for. ❤️💛💚💙💜🌈🏳️‍🌈

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Nothin wrong with being gay, men are awesome. yea you're sometimes a drama king but generally you're cool

I’m sorry for being a drama king 😩
But thanks dude :^)


Toph: still the greatest earthbender in the world now that old Bumi is no longer around

I think it would be really cool if in Taylor’s next music video the love interest wasn’t just a straight, white, cisnormative, able-bodied male. Like, imagine how cool we could get with diversity and the messages which Taylor’s sending out. With someone who is non-white, we can stop the bullshit rumours that Taylor is “racist” going around. Or someone who is trans or not able-bodied? Imagine how awesome that would be. It would provide actors who are discriminated against roles, and would also help to show all the support which Taylor provides. It would also be a chance for Taylor to turn around and say “you know what, I’m not going with society’s ideas about who should be cast for roles”.