men are all wolves

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Zen wouldn’t say much at first, He trusts you enough to know you would never cheat on him or anything. But he doesn’t trust other people, especially guys. All men are wolves, right? He’ll tell you this and just a small warning to watch yourself, he’s just worried more than jealous. When you meet your friend he definitely twitches a little when you hug him. Trust.. Trust is important. Afterwards he’ll be a lot more clingier, just to let everyone know you’re his boy/girlfriend.

Jumin is jealous right away, he doesn’t even like the RFA guys talking to you since they’re always flirting. You’re his prize, right? No Jumin.. relationships don’t work that way. When he gets in an argument with you about it you just have to tell him you two are equals, he is yours just as much as you are his and he can’t control your actions forever. He’s not used to this so it’s hard not to just stash you away from the world and keep you all to himself, but he’ll learn. He’s still pretty jealous but he needs to trust you and believe in your choices.

Yoosung gets defensive immediately, he’s worried you’re talking to other people because maybe he doesn’t talk to you enough? He’ll go overboard with asking you questions, even the tiniest things he pushes on. You can’t help but ask what’s going on with him. When he says it’s because you’ve been talking to ‘that guy’ you laugh a little because that’s ridiculous, you’d never go behind Yoosungs back like that. He still is a little worried, but he’ll trust you on that. Gets very clingy though, PDA off the charts.

Seven isn’t worried, he trusts you with his life. You wouldn’t do anything like that without him knowing. He even wants to befriend the guy, begging you to add him into a groupchat with him. They actually get along nicely, memes are exchanged in mutual agreement. Once he knows the guy he won’t get very possessive, but he will still let him know that MC is his space station dream, no one else’s.

V talks to a ton of different people for his work so it doesn’t bother him, he talks to others and shouldn’t control your actions. Respects that you are allowed to have more friends than just the RFA, he doesn’t want to keep you caged up. He’s honestly not possessive at all, maybe a little more kissing after you both meet up with the guy but that’s it– He’s pretty calm with it all.

Saeran is jealous right away, why did you need to talk to other people when you had him? Trying to put together the pieces there. No Saeran, you can’t do that. Whenever he gets grumpy about the whole thing just assure him he’s the one you love– you’re just talking with the guy, nothing more. Love bites are the one thing he leaves before you go on your way to meet this mystery man of yours, the marks are so deep nothing could cover them. You’re embarrassed but he’s proud and confident know that he left his evidence on you.

Summarizing The MM main characters
  • Zen: Accidental psychic mom friend; endless gladiator fight to the death with Trust Fund Kid; pushing his "ALL MEN ARE WOLVES" propaganda; "Help police! there is a handsome man in my mirror, oh wait, IT's just ME~! *takes selfie*
  • Yoosung: LOLOL IS LOVE LOLOL IS LIFE; too good/pure for this world; they said I would understand life when I'm older, now I'm older, but I don't know sh*t; watizbasicspellin anspazin,HOW2WUD???
  • Jumin: aesthetic sh*tposter; do you want to see my cat? No? T O O B A D; I don't just make it rain, I'm a tsunami; seemingly emotionless, but unapologetic troll (especially to mom friend)
  • 707: #LifeHacks: replace feels with memes; hello my baby~ hello my honey~
  • h e l l o d a r k n e s s m y o l d
  • f r i e n d; HONEYBUDDHACHIPS/PHDPEPPERISOTP, "I'll sleep when I'm dead~! (I hope that's soon! lol)"
  • Jaehee: "I'm surrounded by idiots"; only one who seems to remember that this is a business app; "you seem stressed" "yeah, it's the stess"; mistaken as mom friend, but actually big sister who is highkey done (lowkey into actual mom friend)

When are y'all gonna stop giving wolves (men) in sheeps clothing (sephora lipgloss) the benefit of the fucking doubt. Men are all the same! They’re gonna hate you either way!!!!

Hello everyone.

Hello guys. It’s me, Cherry!

I’ve been  busy at work these last few months.
And I just left the hospital today.
My health is not good. I get sick so easily.
I have tonsillitis and it hurts so much. I can’t even sleep.

But there’s things I want to tell you all.

You all made my day!

I can’t stop smiling when I see you told me that you love my art or Yoosung or MC4 although I’m sick and stuck in bed ; v ;

I hope you’re not angry If I reply you late or not, because I couldn’t give a long answer. English isn’t my first language. Sometime I need my friend to help me answer the question, but she’s really busy too ;; I’m really sorry. T_T

Thank you so mush for loved my art. I hope you have a nice day!

p.s. If I finish all my work. Maybe I will draw the “All men are wolves” in Zen version.

composer changsub appreciation post 

because we don’t talk about the beautiful music changsub wrote enough 

  • when i was your man (lyricist, chorus making) from btob 3rd mini thriller
  • why (chorus making) from btob 3rd mini thriller
  • endless melody (composer, lyricist, chorus making) from btob 4th mini beep beep 
  • you’ll be alright (chorus making) from btob 5th mini move
  • happening (chorus making) from btob 5th mini move
  • shake it (chorus making) from btob 5th mini move
  • yippie yo yippit yay (chorus making) from btob 1st full length complete
  • last day (lyricist, chorus making) from btob 7th mini i mean 
  • all men are wolves except me (chorus) from btob 7th mini i mean 
  • killing me (lyricist, chorus making) from btob 8th mini remember that 
  • anymore (chorus making) from btob 8th mini remember that

updated on: 4 May 2016, according to the lyrics booklets inside of the physical albums

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