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John 19 :))))))

19. have them being lied to before dying. (thinking they’ve been betrayed; thinking they weren’t loved; thinking they’ve lost their loved ones, etc)

This is gonna be so flipping short cause I suck but-

John laid there on the ground, clutching his chest as red blossomed from the center, warm blood seeping over the fingers that desperately clawed at the wound. John kept trying to breathe, to fill his lungs with air, but he gasped fruitlessly as the air never came. His head was starting to spin, his vision blurry, as he watches fellow soldiers be slaughtered next to him; men shot off horses, boys stabbed in the throats and made to suffer a slow and agonizing death by the red coats.

John reached for his gun that he had lost in the fall, stretching so far his fingers were brushing against the hilt, then the gun goes flying across the field several meters away. John let’s out a pained cry, desperation flooding every action as he ties to pull himself to the gun. A black boot comes down onto Johns arm hard and he lets out wail as he feels the bone crack within him.

“Come on, boy. Is that all you got? Not so tough now.” The British soldier above him mocked as he ground down the heel of his boot harder, causing another scream to be torn from his throat. “Pathetic.”

John tries to grab the soldier with his good arm but the soldier merely sides steps the lane attack, laughing as the young man continues to fight.

“How sad, little man doesn’t know when to quit. How does it know your death will forever be in vain. You lost the war boy, you died for nothing.” John felt fear strike within him, that couldn’t be right, the tides had surely turned, he was lying. “General Washington and all his men are dead, you traitorous son of a whore will burn in hell with the rest of them.”

“No…” John could feel the darkness again play at the edge of his vision, the heat seeping out of the hole in his chest. Lafayette… Hamilton… they were dead, they had lost the war… so many innocent lives will be killed because they could not win. The soldier chuckled darkly, moving the gun from his shoulder into his hands and held it with a fire grip. John watched as the soldier above him raised the bayonet above his head, aiming the knife above his throat. John closed his eyes and waited.


Gymnastics Legends (Part 1/): Kohei Uchimura, the greatest male gymnast of all time

  • the first gymnast, male or female, to sweep the major all around titles (Worlds & Olympics) in a quad (he has completed this feat twice)
  • 7 Olympic medals and 19 World medals
  • 6x All Around World Champion (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015) and 2x All Around Olympic Champion (2012, 2016)
  • 3x Olympic Champion and 10x World Champion
  • has been a world champion in the high bar, floor exercise, and parallel bars
  • competed a total of 23 routines at the 2011 World Championships in Tokyo (AA in TQ, TF, and AA final + 5 event finals)
  • 3x recipient of the Longines Prize for Elegance
  • 10x Japanese National All Around Champion (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

Ileana Cosânzeana aesthetic

Ileana Cosânzeana is a figure in Romanian mythology. This mythological personage is represented as a beautiful good-natured princess. In Romanian folklore, Ileana is the original concept of feminine beauty, the most beautiful amongst the fairies: her eyes look like the sun, her body is like the sea and her garments are made of flowers. Pearls and gold flow out of her mouth when she sings. She is also said to use her power of white magic to heal or revive. Ileana Cosânzeana signifies the most poetic imagination of Romanian genius. She personifies the beauty, the youth, and the angelic soul, in one word the perfection of humanity. She is a mythical character with supernatural powers and with symbolic features. 

In some tales she is a warrior, the amazonian type, with the independent spirit and military virtues of the amazons, but without their contempt for men, riding a horse which is also her best friend. Ileana Cosânzeana succeeds in defeating the evil forces only because she is very brave, smart, modest and diligent. In some tales “Ileana Cosânzeana” is the fairy of the Spring flowers, who gives each flower its perfume, although she also has the power to take it back. The elves love her, as do the flowers; even the wind loves Ileana, but he can never catch her.