men and gods

marina from splatoon 2 is precious and i treasure her but god why is her outfit like that while her partner pearl, and the past squid sisters for that matter, literally are not dreassed super sexually like that.

nintendo keeps heavily sexualizing their dark skinned girl characters and i am So Tired

edit: also if you’re here to tell me “she’s just dressed like the other octarians, 1) I’m a huge ass splatoon fan…. no she isn’t lol. 2) the only similarities with octoling clothing and marina’s is their bellies being shown; regular octoling have armored shirts completely covering their chests and being like…. armor…. and also their shorts are much longer. marina has short as hell shorts and a high crop top with major fucking exaggerate cleavage and curves. they’re different lol

Joe Budden ain’t have to do all that tbh. Dj Ak, Joe Budden, and Charlemagne got a ass whooping come for them.

And there wasn’t no beef before this interview so if you lost then oh well cause it all right here. Migos won’t being extra. Joe was cause you cut they interview short and even let them finish cause you wanna throw the mic down. That’s disrespectful asf.

Offset knew something was up when Joe tried to rush shit like y'all seen his side eye??? 😭😭 AND HE LOOKED SO DAMN FINE WHEN HE ROLLED UP HIS SLEEVES READY TO FIGHT 😭💕