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‘Native New Yorker Frederick Joseph planned to give back to his community but he didn’t know what he would do. He finally decided on raising money for kids at his local Boys & Girls Club to see a movie. Joseph launched a GoFundMe page with hopes that he’d be able to send 300 kids to see the new Black Panther movie in February.

Joseph’s original goal was $10,000 but after 5,000 people donated, he’s raised more than double the goal at just under $30,000 [currently $40,323 as of January 12] in four days. He could never have predicted that it would go viral. The page was shared by multiple Twitter users, requesting follower support with donations from J.J. Abrams, Chelsea Clinton, and James Hill, ABC News reports.

It was recognized by people everywhere that the campaign is a cause worth supporting as the narrative of the new film could alter media representation forever. The Chadwick Boseman play the black panther is a prince, turned king, and then a superhero.

Dominique Jones, the executive director of the Harlem Boys & Girls Club, told ABC there are upwards of 1,000 kids from multiple age groups actively in attendance at her club, and if the cause is contributed to at its present rate, they may all be able to go.

Jones referred to Oprah Winfrey’s esteemed speech from the Golden Globes in which she discussed Sidney Poitier’s receiving the Cecil B. DeMille award in 1982.

“She saw that someone looked like her and other kids. When they see someone who looks like them, they see the unlimited possibilities. All of our beauty is on display,” Jones said.

In the same way, the experience of the new Black Panther film can set off a chain of events in a child’s life with its innovation. If a mogul’s career venture was induced by a moment that she witnessed on television, the possibilities are endless for the thousand kids that may see the movie.

“I knew I wanted to do something for the children, especially of Harlem, because it was a community primarily of color,” Joseph, 29, told CNN. “I said to myself, how can I get as many children as possible to see this film and see themselves as a superhero or a king or queen?”

“Representation and inclusion are legitimately essential pillars to creating dreams for yourself,” he added. “The children are the future. It starts with them,” Joseph said. “We’re just vessels trying to make a change.“


If interested, please go to: www•gofundme•com/help-children-see-black-panther

REPRESENTATION MATTERS!!! ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾


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‘50 students at Dade Middle School in Dallas had fathers who couldn’t attend the “breakfast with dads” event at school.

Fearing there would be a shortage of fathers, school leaders took to Facebook. Administrators pleaded with the community for 50 additional men to stand in their place.

“We were asked to help get some extra guys to stand in as surrogate fathers and mentors for the kids whose dad’s couldn’t make it or don’t have a dad in their life,” said Dade SBDM Board President, Donald Parish.

Standing proud on Thursday morning, nearly 600 arrived at the school. They were eager to enjoy the first meal of the day with a student that needed a positive male presence. Men from all walks of life turned out. Regardless of color or creed, Dallas represented well. Dads across the city came out (including men from local law enforcement, public officials and community organizers).

Each man exemplified why positive male presence is essential for children in Dallas, and the greater America. Some men taught students how to tie a tie. One auctioneer taught students how to auction like professionals. Other men provided general guidance and advice.

Teaching, leading, guiding and providing are the natural foundations of a real man.

“Words cannot describe the impact mentoring youth can have on both you and your mentee,”said Jason Rodriguez “Powerful to see a community of fellow men and fathers come together to wrap their arms around our young men. Thank you for having me out,” he added.

Looking to keep real men involved, the school is coordinating more events with the local community for weekly and monthly mentorship opportunities.

“This turnout is a testament to show [what happens] when a school and a community come together,” said Principal Tracie Washington.

This news is heartwarming and encouraging. In the later part of 2017, Former first lady, Michelle Obama asked men to step up. Breakfast is essential to executing daily task. Eating breakfast with dad, can be essential to the life of a child.’

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Since it’s been proven women can do the same work as men, now we must prove men can do the same work as women– express emotion, raise children, embody compassion. Humanity is waiting for it.
—  Allison Williamson

“The language of film is further and further away from the language of theater, and is closer to music. It’s abstract but still narrative. Everything feels less rehearsed. It’s more experimental than classical.”

On his birthday, ten sublime shots by the god Emmanuel Lubezki.