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Every time someone says they “just don’t find black people attractive,” I wonder if they have ever looked at black people, I mean really take time to look. There are so many beautiful black people out there, so much beautiful black and dark brown and brown skin, so many beautiful eyes, and lips, and amazing hair that sometimes defies gravity. How can you not see the beauty in black peoples’ skin and black peoples’ features and black peoples’ hair? Black people are beautiful.

  • Me: They need to stop impaling Kurt
  • Sassy Sister: *wasn't listening* "stop impregnating Kurt"?!
  • Me: *sarcastic laughter* Yeah, they really need to stop!
  • Non-Fandom Sister: *eyebrow raise* Like that hasn't happened.
  • Me: There was this one time aliens knocked out the whole team and the alien queen laid eggs in all of them.
  • Non-Fandom Sister: *looks pleased*