After reading these articles and threads, I started to understand my frustrations with my male friends, roommates, and partners much better, because these imbalances have touched every single relationship I’ve ever had with a man. Male partners have consistently ignored glaring issues in the relationship so that I had to be the one to start the difficult conversation every single time, even though they supposedly had as much of a stake in the relationship as I did. Male roommates have made me beg and plead and send reminder texts to do even the most basic household management tasks. Male friends have tried to use me as a therapist, or drawn me into worrying about their physical health with them while refusing to see a doctor even though they had insurance.

Well-meaning men of varying roles in my life have consistently ignored my nonverbal cues, even very visible ones, forcing me to constantly have to articulate boundaries that ought to be obvious, over and over. (For instance, “Do you see how I’m intently reading a book right now? That means that I’m very interested in the book and am not interested in having a conversation right now.” “Did you notice how I’m hunched over with my arms folded over my stomach and a grimace on my face? This means that I’m in pain and probably not in the mood for cheery small-talk!” “Pay attention to how I’ve got huge headphones on and am staring at my computer screen and typing very quickly. This is why I didn’t hear a single word you just said and now is probably not a good time to chat about your day!”)

This is why being in relationship with men, even platonically, is often so exhausting for me. As much as I love them and care for them, it feels like work.

When You get unwanted attention from some fuckboy and you tell him no but then he stops when you tell him you have a boyfriend. It’s not because he values you as the property of another man.  

First off he doesn’t value you at all if he keeps trying after no. 

He only stops trying then because its easier for him to understand you don’t want him because you have someone else (he tells him self if you were single he would of had you)  because he literally can not understand why you wouldn’t just want him.

Which is honestly worse. Like some guys actually need you tell them a good solid reason why don’t want them. Like we practically live in a world where women have to justify not wanting a man, because no isn’t good enough anymore.