28/08/2014 - 29/08/2014

I was interested in going back and looking at using inks and more linear effects within drawing because it is something that I particularly enjoy doing, and I wanted to step away from using acrylics and thick paints for a while just so that I could refresh and attempt something potentially more subtle.
I am starting by drawing a female figure, clothed but in a pose that feels quite enclosed and solitary. The pose appeals to me, I feel as if the long limbs and variation of black, blue and red emphasise different materials and textures in the picture, and I decide to use a mixture of inks and fine liner pen. I am making the marks seem definite, but also I am adding various quick sketch areas to show how free moving and quick the picture is.
I am also doing an ink drawing of another woman who is posed for life drawing, and I feel that this is a more traditional and set up form for the life model to take. I am linking this work with the previous picture drawn, as I have taken inspiration from it, and so am using multiple images of the woman to test out different colours and techniques. I think that the blue and the red works particularly well because of the way that they blend so subtly to make a purple tone. It gives a seductive hot and cold feel instead to emphasise the shadows and curves of the model’s body.

is anything ever original? surely we are all so influenced and stimulated by visuals, external situations, internal thoughts etc. that nothing is never completly unique or original to oneself? 

is any of my work actually my own work?