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The door to my livejournal swung upon and a shaft of light spilled into that dark room. Caught unawares by the lateness of the hour, I turned my bleary eyes to the door. Was she beautiful? Hell, was she beautiful. But it was her voice that arrested me, no man-eater's growl but something sweeter. As I stared dumbfounded up at her, my half-written Kataang fanfictions all but forgotten, she said, "I hear you like ATLA. Let's like ATLA together." I knew then this dame would save me.

Yes. This is accurate.

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Once upon a time, a fair damsel named Mem journeyed many miles to call upon Rawles, who dwelled in a house that totally would be an ivory tower if she did not live in a normal place. Then, ALAS, a terrible dragon attacked for some reason that would make total sense if I explained it, but the brave ladies fought it off with the aid of Rawles's wise familiar beast, Pietro. Then, overcome with love, they fell into each others' arms and checked Tumblr together.

yes good

this is highly accurate

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"i write gay porn and talk over actual queer people, that means i'm progressive" --can you guess

I cannot with this bullshit, Mem, omg.


Man, I go to read some Georgette Heyer for a while and I come back and your ask is inundated with basic ass anons trying to straightsplain to you how you aren’t allowed to be upset about lacking queer representation in slash-pandering no homo anime shows

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