“Time and Time Again” - Express Rising. Was at the old Love Garden in Lawrence, listening to some 7"s on the record player and Kelly came up and dropped this Express Rising 7" in my lap. I don’t remember what I’d been listening to before or what else in the world was going on. Just the bliss of the needle dropping and floating in to the orbit of “Time and Time Again”.

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So, here are all the blogs that I really love and that make my dash better. I don’t have a lot to talk about. (sorry for the edit)

a-d: abcdrauhl, ayebieber, bieberbelongtome, bieberslegend, boybnads, caxadian, chuztin, cieber, drewbieb, dsmetria.

e-j: everynights, falsetos, happy20thbirthdayjustindrew, holdintights, imnexttojustin, justinakaangel, justinbiebzr, justinchrists, justinduckbieber, justinsexyman, juzstinbieber.

k-o: kidrauhlhood, kingbeds, kittydrews, lifebybieber, lovethewayoulookatme, lovingbiebs, lylasconfident, memphises, memphixs, miraclebiebs, onenlife, oohbieber.

p-s: recklessbiebz, recovrs, rollarscoaster, rootingforyoubaby, ryyanbutler, shotsofjustin, stratfords, sttanfords.

t-z: teachmehowtobieber, thabiebsswag, wetbiebers, wisdombieber, withoutqueens, wowjustin, yesdrew, yourbodyrock.

I love y'all.


(first of all: please ignore this shitty edit) hey guys! recently i reached 1k and i wanted to do something. so this is it! a (very big lol) list of my favorites blogs. also i want to thank y'all for always being with me and supporting me in difficult times. but i still hate you all bye

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-whenusmile 1000yr 10x3 17yearsoldjustinbieber 1975black 1994x1992 2000thot 2000yr 
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adoresdrews alfreddoflores allbad allfredoflores allthatmattersisjustin allthatmattters alwaysgomez anmnesias anotherblessings ashsonirwin aubreygraharn augustuswates avonswaters ayebieber ayebutler babydriveslow babyiwoulds babysiwould baejorali baerauhl ballsofbieber bakersmans ballwrecking barbarapalvina bealrightss bealrightts beautyandbeat bebier belongtoyous beyoncevevo bieberatemyoreos biebercy biebtario bodyrockks buggatibiebervelli calvinsklein canadastratford cantbetamed cartermasons chinnybizzle chirsbrowns christtmaslove chuztin cieber clitt comesandgetit cometogomez comesgetit copthatforeign crazykhalils damnsjustinbieber dieinyousarms djtayjamess drakeful drewbieb dronkinlove


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eatmyassjustin eighteenluke emiliaclarck facerealities falsetos feliciathegoats firstmarch flatlinnes freshbieber fuckingwithjustinbieber gay4rihannagracieteefey hairsflip happinessishardtofind harrystyls haysgrier heartrbreaker holdintights holdtights holydrews honestbieber honorbiebs howstolove


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iansomerhaldervevo icantbelieb idontrecalls ihearmelodies illbelookingforu illbeyourplatinums illbeyoursilver iloveyoubiebs imsodonewithjustinbieber isjustinsbieber itslaylena iwonapologize jakcsgilinsky jamsefrancoes jasonmcans jesuschrists jhourna


jlstinbieber jsntinbieber juornals justicbieber justinbiebae justinbiebersvagina justinchrists justindulcet justinfuckenbieber justinjieber justinmallette justinsexyman kanyelifevest kelscollins kendricklamarr kennethamilton kennyhamliton kennyhamlton kidraaul kingbedwithoutqueen kingbieber kkimkardashians kustinbieber kylemessey kyliejenneri kyliekenner letyouflys likeserenitys lipswontletgo lloyal lookinfoyou lookflybutshit lookatusnows lovoto lyricalgomez


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manrauhl march1st mcdontgiveafuck melodiesgomez memphixs meplusyou michaelcliffosd mickdemoura mileycyrs mileyrscyrus mmistletoe mycobainshirt needschill neberletyousgo niallhorans




nowherebutups ofjdrews ohmybieber okpizza onelesshornygirl onenlife onestimes ontariofalls ontariosfaith ontarioskid outftowngirls outlwsthekiss outslawthekiss powerbieb


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rauhlettes rauhls rbieber rbizzle richbiotch rightnettoyous rihahna rihannasclit rihspect rockmafias rollercoazter rollrcoastrs rootingformybae runawaylowe russetts ryanggood saderenade sadserenades sandrabbulock sassybieb sassybizzle scarlettteefey secute selcose selenagomoz selenamg selenangomez seleniez selening selesmg selg selgmz sellingweedtojustinbieber separatedways sexingwithjustinbieber sexuahlromancing sexybieb sidethots sincerelystratford sirrbiebs slavetorhythm slowsdowns sluttybutsy smariedrew smokingjointswithmileycyrus somebodytoloves stellahudgcns sunsdowns swapitoutwithyou taakeyou takeyous talkofloves talktoyous texas7h19am thatforeign thatshouldbemes thiscanadian thotcamp thurstin toughtsofyous trashstin treysongzs 
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ujstin unlockthedream vanessaannes wedontknowthedj whaddupjbieber whatyoudeserves wingstofly withoutqueens wontforgets wowbieb wowjustin wrekingball
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yellowranicoat yezir yonceghost yourbodyrock zendayza zeymar zingbieber zustin zvynmaliks

Hi loves! Here’s my follow forever because I hit 1k followers (my first goal) (thank you so so so much)!!! I’ve been wanting to do one of these for so long and thought now would be a perfect time!

everyone tagged below are really really cool man and you should all follow them ok ok  (bolded means you a bad b and i high key fuck with you and your blog)


adorauhl allthatjustin allthatmattters ayebieber babe-bieber baby-yours-truly babysenoritaas beystin biebaerauhl biebersgrandes bieberthots bocadrews catchmedrews confidentkidrauhl 


dancebiebers dazedbieber deepsavon downstoearth drew-feelings enchantedrauhls endlessdrews fabulousbiebs feliciathegoats flatlinnes focuseddrew fuckingwithjustinbieber 


gloriousbiebs guapobieber hairsflip harryrs heavensbieber highondrew hitsjb holydrews hometodaddyhoneymoonbiebers ilovingbiebs itwas1994


jaileyrhode jasonmcanns jdaddydrew jdb-belieber jdbcliffo justibiebr justinbieber justinchrists justinslayed kidrauhlsboy kimrauhls liferuinedbyjustinbieberlikesafantasy lookingforbieb 


marchfirsst mccannradiant memphises memphixs mybieberstratford nextoyu notoriousbieber ohdrxws ontariofalls owwbieber


partitionz passedthemoons perfectjdb playtimebieber proud-beliebers radiantbiebs rainymarch1st rauhlingdrew rbieber rootingforyoukidrauhl 


sassybieb seducemebieber sexualjdb shawtymoan sirbieber sleepingwithjustin stalksbieber stillkdrauhl teamjdbthatfuckboyjustin thurstin trapgodbieber unbronkbieber


vvhatshatin wasdrew wasjb wingstoflys woahbizzle yieber zainrauhl zustin

I have finally reached my very first thousand followers and I couldn’t be more happier! I appreciate every single one of you and just thank you for being on this crazy journey with me and still being here. I love y’all. These are the blogs I tend to reblog from and that I enjoy. The bold ones are my favourites.


alexrsso, allfadesyouremain, alwaysandjelena, avonsglow, bizzlemalik, bustin, chillyurvanilly, classicdinozzo, doctorsreids, drewbieb, drewsrusso, everything-jelena


fckjelena, feelsgomez, flawlessbieber, godmezmarie, gomez-rauhls, gracieteefey, imgoingtocallyoufern, ishipjelena, jelenaisforeverr, jelenanights, jelenascharm, jelenaserenade, jelenasoreos, jelenathings


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