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Welcome to Brenna Erickson’s Memphis Month TAR Takeover!

Photo by Elyza Jayne Photography

Brenna Erickson is a very-talented singer, songwriter and recording engineer who studied Recording Technology at the University of Memphis. Last Fall she released her debut EP Homemade Songs, one she crafted beautifully, then recorded herself and independently. It is highly-recommended, and you can buy it from iTunes.

Today she has very graciously agreed to run our site, where she will be posting memories, sharing technical know-how and experiences – and most-wonderfully of all – brand-new music. We are very honored and it’s going to be wonderful, so let’s pass it over to her…

(The Brenna Erickson TAR Takeover Part 1)


Currently re-designing me and my friend’s old ocs and scrapped them to fit in the project. I am making at least few more villians so they can fit in AK universe. Meet Memphis he is a bat monster demon and the twin brother of Brandy. He is part of a Spider gang like many of them out there. There isn’t only few typical 8 leg group. There is a lot of them with different gang names and bosses. Memphis lost his normal form like his twin because he consume too much power as a monster form. He is stuck as a vampire monster forever. Memphis goal was to kill Brandy just only Brandy nothing else. Is to show who is the strongest in the Sinclaire family that can hold the bloodline strong. His father always spoil Brandy so much that he never liked his 7th son. With all that abuse he consume hatred and join the mafia gang to kill anybody who is in their way. Here is a fact, I’ve decided that Brandy is a trans girl. Here is another thing of Memphis version I did two months ago and wasn’t satisfied his first design til I re-change him again.


“I am a man.” - On February 12, 1968, Memphis sanitation workers, the majority of whom were Black, went on strike demanding recognition for their union, better wages, and safer working conditions after two trash handlers were killed by a malfunctioning garbage truck. The strike gained national attention and dragged on into March. Striking workers carried copies of a poster declaring “I AM A MAN,” a statement that recalled a question abolitionists posed more than 100 years earlier, “Am I not a man and a brother?”

Graduated from University of Memphis with my B.S. in Computer Science. I’ve spent the last few years working as an IT assistant/supervisor, and I’ve come to enjoy it, but my passion is software development so I hope to find a job in that soon.
Tumblr: @allaroundnerd
Twitter: @ninja_tankInstagram/PSN/Steam: @lost_angel25
Snapchat: @ninja_tank25