memphis trip


A trip to Memphis 

So, every year me and sis visit Momma. This year she texted me some bullshit like she didn’t want to ride down there with me. I dropped it and traveled by myself. Pulling up to the church grave, I wasn’t feeling it already. But I walked up to her grave; it still feels unreal. I said a prayer and gave her her favorite flowers, roses. Walking back to the car, I see NAIYAH AND THIS Nigga all in the car. I said fuck it and pulled off in my car.I’m ready for that vacation now.


I didn’t go to bed until 8 am so I ended up sleeping until 3pm and eating some chicken strips and then my dumbass ate a whole pizza (it was small bUT STILL) and then I topped it all off with 2 cups of rootbeer and some lucky charms and I’ve felt so gross all day. I know it’s okay to have slip ups and days when you just say “fuck it” but I’m mad at myself bc I haven’t worked out in 2 days and my body is like “y u do dis”. On the plus side, I made overnight oats so hopefully I’ll have a healthy breakfast to kick start my day tomorrow and get me back on track (even though I’m going on a little road trip to Memphis).

Anthem for my Memphis trip

The anthem for my Memphis trip is definitely Mike Huckabee’s “Hello Iowa Caucus Night” because it makes me crack up and I have it stuck in my head. That song might change. The anthem for the Austin trip was “Fire and the Flood” because IT WOULD NOT STOP FRIPPIN PLAYING.


I have been in Memphis visiting Tyler for a smidge over 3 days. In that time Puck Puppy and I have become the bestest of friends. We enjoy all the cuddles together and he comes to hang out with me of his own free puppy will. I am so happy with this!!!

P.S.: Puck is probably the biggest coward of a dog ever so this is an insanely awesome thing that we have become the bestest of friends so quickly.