memphis flooding


Mississippi Flooding - by Dogman707

1) Top picture was taken on New Year’s Eve (Dec 31). The water was up about 20 higher than normal.
2) This picture was looking back at the  parking area for visitors to the park.
3) This picture was taken today(Jan 3) from the parking area. As you can see the river covers the stones. Also, there is a pile fo debris that has floated down stream. This is about 34 feet at flood stage
4) In this picture you see tree about 20 feet long with roots and all floating on down to New Orleans. 
The river is predicated rise another 7 feet.

Mississippi River flooding: Near-record floodwaters in Memphis
  • 46’ the current levels of the Mississippi river in Memphis; some areas are already underwater
  • 48.7’ the prior record levels of the river in the area — set during a historic flood way back in 1937
  • 48’ the expected crest of the river in the area, which officials expect on Wednesday source

» A little bit of good news: While the floodwaters are extremely high, authorities say there will be no new rain until Tuesday, giving residents an opportunity to deal with the water already there, as well as to consider evacuation plans. (EDIT: A prior version of this story listed a 1927 flood as the record-setter. While the flood was devastating, it was not the worst. We apologize for the error.)

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