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1982 house for sale - 4920 Cherry Laurel Lane, Delray Beach, Fla.

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* Glasses by Prisma (Japan)

* Vase unmarked

* Fabric remnant unmarked; I’m probably going to turn it into a pillowcase

Memphis-Milano styling on all items.


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Part 2 in our 3-part series on 80s phones.

These clear phones were made in a variety of color combos, and sold under a variety of brands: Unisonic, Conairphone, Lonestar, RadioShack, BellSouth, etc.

Most of these had little Christmas-tree light bulbs inside that flashed orange when the phone rang.

Conair and BellSouth also sold matching see-thru answering machines. The BellSouth one was called the “Memento 9000,” and is shown in the third-to-last photo. I picked one of these up NOS on eBay about a year ago. The Conair one is shown in the second-to-last photo, and is pictured much better back in post #29; it was part of their “Neon Brights” series.