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Eruri Blog Masterlist

Hi! I just hit 2k followers a few days ago! Thank you all so so so much for just tolerating my presence on your dash, haha. You’re all incredible and I’m very grateful to have you all as followers. :’)

So I decided to put together an Eruri blog master post for you guys. I’m sorry if I missed anyone, mixed up URLs (especially for the artists), or put you on here if you didn’t want to be on here (my fellow RPers…? ahh), but I sincerely hope I got all the Eruri blogs that I frequently see on my dash. Hopefully it’ll be useful for all of you Eruri shippers out there. Without further ado, and in no particular order:  


  1. worldofchicken
  2. the-lone-sky [also check out their art!] 
  3. mamebo
  4. konekojita
  5. kingro6918


  1. chiekit
  2. aileine
  3. hamletmachine
  4. ekaitz // origamically
  5. lesmoules
  6. buttsketch // februeruri
  7. kyhle
  8. shingekinokitty
  9. oldmenyaoi
  10. omniboner
  11. jen-suis
  12. kisu-no-hi
  13. happyds
  14. rhymewithrachel
  15. commanders-pants [also check out their writing!]
  16. erwinoutfitters
  17. ame801
  18. emperorofruin
  19. aivelin
  20. angleterre
  21. lps1


  1. heichousface
  2. komlin
  3. cosmonaut-field
  4. sassanids
  5. eightmin
  6. stereobone


  1. memos-from-heichou ~//~ memos-from-danchou
  2. mademoisellelevi ~//~ monsieurerwin
  3. heichou-bitches ~//~ askboloboy
  4. mommylevi ~//~ papa-erwin
  5. rivaille-heichou ~//~ orderandsophism
  6. shinymetalwings ~//~ charismatic-commander
  7. memosfromlevi ~//~ the13thcommander
  8. actualheichou ~//~ commandereyebrows 

Notable Blogs

  1. eruri-erotic
  2. eruriweek
  3. eruri-eruri
  4. erurivaille
  5. eruri-aus
  6. levisrnith
  7. irvin-rivaille

To whom it may concern,

I would like to formally accept my promotion that was so graciously given to me by CAPTAIN LEVI and COMMANDER ERWIN SMITH. As the newly-appointed SUPER SUPREME COMMANDER OF THE ENTIRE MILITARY, I realize that the task set before me is incredibly taxing and very dangerous. I’m glad to know, though, that my subordinates, Captain Levi and Commander Erwin Smith, who both serve under the Super Supreme Commander of the Entire Military, recognize my ability to lead everyone absolutely at all times.

I am truly thankful for such a prestigious position.

You are all in for the best military experience EVER.

The First Super Supreme Commander of the Entire Military, Zoe Hanji <3

((Okay, so we know that the promotions from Levi and Erwin were ooc, but we honestly could not help ourselves. Please forgive us for our frivolous and silly memo, but it just seemed too much fun to pass up. Don’t take us seriously, please haha!))

In response to:

Oi, Shitty Glasses

I see you went to take things to Erwin. All sudden and shit. Thanks for not inviting me. 

Whatever. Anyway. Be safe you moron. And tell Erwin not to do anything overly stupid or reckless. I’m not around, the last thing we need is him losing another arm or some dumb shit. 

Anyway. Safe. Be that. I know it’s hard for you to manage but if it’s within your limited capabilities, do it. 

PS no I am not worried about either of you fuck off I know you’re gonna say something about it when you get back shut the fuck up. 

I’m gonna get all sappy and shit because maybe I had some wine. And maybe.. watched a whole load of Sandra Bullock movies… 

I’ve been really struggling with things recently. Like the past few weeks (and last three or four days especially) I’ve been hiding away a lot and too afraid to do anything, write or even get out of bed some days. But a couple of people keep coming back to me and have been really helping to pull me back and stopped me hiding away and getting lost in my thoughts completely and doing something stupid.

I know it looks like I’m only replying to a couple of people right now. And those two people being danchou-bitches and memos-from-heichou. But I can’t stress how important these two people are to me right now.
I would without any hesitation say that these two people have saved my life. Easily. I’m honoured to be able to call them my friends and their plotting with me about the future has given me that hope and excitement to actually keep on going so we can actually do these things together.

Then a special shout out to princesashatotherescue who after meeting me a few weeks ago when she visited England with her family, still wants to know me for some strange reason. She’s wonderful, kind, sweet and much stronger than she thinks she is. She deserves so much love and deserves all the best. I can’t wait to see you again in person someday.

And one last thing. Thank you to mpcommander and freckledpatriot for also giving me the kick I need each day and reminding me that Sakuracon is something I can look forward to next year. I can’t wait to meet you both. You’re both so incredible and a cosplay inspiration. It’s because of you I’m going abroad and I’m so excited for it.

Thank you. To all of you.

It’s because of you all I’m getting better.

My replies to everyone else will come soon. I’m getting over this. I really am.
But it’s hard. But I’m gonna keep fighting.

I’m gonna live.

A quick selfie for my favorite tumblr ladehs memos-from-heichou, danchou-bitches, and also for the lovely lady, leadingtofreedom, and her fanfic that made this cosplay version come about in the first place~ <333

*Finally* getting my “Unnamed” photo for my doctor badge (because the weather has been an asshat the last few days, omg), and will go back and take a few more with the scubs and stuff~ :3

Sept 15th is technically the birthday of this mommylevi’s blog. It’s been 1 whole year since I started this so-called roleplay blog, and I must admit that I had a very wonderful experience while being here.

I met a lot of lovely people with different unique portrayals and amazing writings/fanworks. Though I may not be as active as I used to be, I am really thankful for you who still stay in here despite of that. I am truly sorry if I ever hurt or upset you in any ways, you have the right to feel disappointed and I totally understand that. But in all honesty, I am really glad that I’m able to talk or even roleplay together with a few of you.

I don’t usually do a follow forever or such, because I feel like discriminating some of you. But then again, this is just the thing that I’m able to do for now. Please don’t feel discouraged if I don’t mention your blog here, because I love every single of you! Thank you for making my roleplay experience amazing! ♥

Putting them under the read more because it’s such an enormous amount of mentioned blogs:

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cxnsilixm's 1,000+ follow forever


So, few weeks ago I reached an important milestone. I hit 1,000 followers. I never imagined I’d actually get to that many followers. It feels so surreal you guys. Me, little old me with an Eren Jaeger blog. At first I started on Tumblr last year as a personal blog who reblogged my favourite bands.

That’s when I got into Shingeki no Kyojin. I didn’t plan on becoming an RP blog, it just somewhat happened. I picked Eren because well, he’s the main character. But I saw that he was more than what Tumblr made him out to be. In all honesty, he’s much more than that. You guys helped him grow into more than an angry nerd running around wanting to kill Titans. He’s actually a pissbaby Princess whom I’ve grown to love like a brother.

So, I’d like to thank my followers, friends I’ve made on here, the people who I’ll make friends with, and to all you cuties~

Honourable mentions:

wxnterghost - I have so much to say about you sweetie. You’re just so unbelievable sometimes. I love you. Plain and simple. I never imagined we’d grow this close! Never regretted following your Elsa blog, sure as hell didn’t when I followed your OC blog and Bucky blog! You opened up an entirely new fandom to me and helped me interact with so many other people. I have to give kudos to you for helping me meet Mandy and the others. Thank you so much for showing me Outlast, BioShock, I still need to watch Alice. I love your characters, the weird-ass ship of Bucky and Eren, your perf OC, the hilarious neighbour headcanons we made for Bucky/Eren/Miles, making me use the world “hella” more than I’ve ever used it before. For dealing with my random bullshit and what not, you’re my bae~ You’re my husband~ Most of all, you’re a dork B)) 

levisbrokenwingsoffreedom - Waifu ; w ; Oh how I miss thee. I don’t see you on my dash anymore, and ugh I miss your Levi so much. I miss you, please message me. I still keep our messages in my inbox, I can’t bear delete them. Your portrayal of Levi is my absolute favourite, no one can trump you~ 

teacupsandtitans - You’re such a precious person. I love your Petra lots. She’s such a cutie, a great big sister to Eren and I know she’ll be a wonderful mother. The mun is just as cute, I love it when we talk OOC and reading your tags and watching you interact with Cellomun and when both of you guys refer to me or something like that. I love you a lot Grim ; w ; 

titanslayerlevi - You sweetie you! Agghhhh I am so glad you came back. I remember we used to have a small thing waaaay back when I first started my blog, but you’ve grown sweetie. And so have I. And I get real excited when I talk to you. I really do enjoy our conversations together! 

audaciaferociax - You fucking dick biscuit you~ Ahhhh you are by far the best Maka blog I have ever interacted with. I love, love, love your portrayal of Maka, I love it when she invades my askbox with the randomest shit ever, most of all, I love the sibling relationship we’ve built up! Pfffft I have the most fun and crackiest RPs with you bae!

Comrades { SnK RP blogs }

ackerdude - actual-marlo - ailexfurieux - armoredtraitor - brausthenervouswolf - cadetbraun - cameinsixth - catharticleader - cavalierette - charismatic-commander - chubbymarco - coeurcourageuxx - colossal-regret - combxtant - contegobellator - corporal-leviii - dux-senescendusdevotedtomankind - eatthebread - erwinthedanchou - femalecommanderfirmxtae - fractuxs - grxdivus - hail-to-the-red - innocent-armin - jeansbutton - kartxffel - kostenlostitans - leightimtamleonimum - lusty-levi - mafia-rivaille - marine-biologist-erd - memos-from-heichou - modernmikasa - mommylevi - notadamnhorse - notquiteblessed - opinionatedsoldier - orderandsophism - papa-erwin - philosophusx - punkd-levi - racy-riren - rivaille-heichou - ruhigenein - shinymetalwings - smugassholeprince - sommersprossigekrieger - survivantx - timidblondedreamer - unendingcuriosity - unwantedhxro - whatsinmybasement - xalivetomeatleast - yandere-commander

Outsiders { Non-SnK RP blogs }

activexduty - aquaphobicxorca - brooklynrooted - cerebralxserum - chxvalrous - constantquibbling - cxgnitiverecxlibration - deceivx - defiiled - fioredellaliberta - fixedpointcaptain - forgottenally - hexesinscarlet - infernxs - lovethxws - mxpoppins - nixreginam - recollectiveprotector - regimesfxll - say-woof - scarred-ribster - snowxreaper - spookedjournalistsxmniare - that-damn-cambion - thecopxclone - thefirstyoungally -thesoulboundalchemist - vrbrxnnen - wxnslow - xentricartist - xgoblin - xsalvare 

Civilians { Non-RP blogs }

actual-weaboo - arseniksofficial - ask-british-eren - ask-dat-sassyshorty - askjaegerbomb - benjamin-bunnybutt - brandedsociallyawkward - brightwall - canonjaeger - chikyuus - collar-fullofchemistry - crystalmikii - einaar - eruren - faeriedoki  - gothicdancer - homosexual-titan - i-love-shortie-heichou - immrtransistor - itsraviolibitch - jaegerbombtastic - johannathemad - key-and-cravat - kuueaterlettelle  - levischibibutt - lootibles - miyajimamizy - mizuichi - mypigscantfly - nagiisas -  niuniente - noahs-snark - perfectly–mistaken - pocketsizedtitan - prince-tavian - princeshortie - queen-taiyomi - quistine - randomthingieshere - recipesforweebs - repetiti0n - rivaicchi - sadmagneto - sailorinacosplay - sammtitan - seriousjizzjaeger - shingeki-no-survivors - steelballpit - stillshorterthanheichou - stoned-levi - swiggityswaggeritserenjaegertwelve-percent-plan - ukaku -  yuukisaurus

I know I haven’t talked to some of you in absolute ages, or haven’t even talked to you at all! But I love seeing you guys on my dash! So yeah… love you all, and hope we get to talk more soon! 

Argh this is a bit late but first of all a big THANK YOU to all of you! A while back I finally reached another hundred and to ‘celebrate’ 600 followers here’s my heartfelt follower forever! sorry for the banner my ps skills are rusty

Honestly though, you guys rock. You make my dash so lively and I can’t remember a single time when I came to tumblr and found myself bored. Now I could go on and write an essay about how all of you guys have enriched my life but that ’d probably sound pretentious as hell but bottom point is I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH I wish I could give each of you a big hug (in case you don’t detest hugs, that is). SO LETS DO WITH AN E-HUG INSTEAD *grouphugs everyone* ヽ(;▽;)ノ

// Oh and on this occassion I want to say sorry to my rp partners for probably being the most trashy RPer ever with the biggest and longest writer block ever. THANK YOU for putting up with me ;_; //

Now to the blogs, GO GO AND FOLLOW EVERY OF THOSE BLOGS BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL GREAT AND YOU WON’T REGRET IT! except for echuta don’t follow that one, that one is mine 

Bolded ones are friends
Italicized is for inspiring blogs
✿ is for special crush

A - E

askmrclean | ✿bob-andrews | ereri-is-in-the-air  | agentrodgers | dbsnk | arrrmin-arrrlert | ask-irl-levi | ask-irl-christa-renz | askcrackedshittyglasses | askjaegerbomb | aint-no-party-like-a-titan-party | erwinniwre | ✿echuta | abrandnewmelody | audaciaferociax | actual-marlo | erenoftheforest | erengayer askerenscreeper | danchou-bitches | ex-kouhai | ereriland | erens-jaeger-bombs | charismatic-commander

F - L

four-not-traitors | gangsterlevi | heichoulicious | jaegerlevi | kiokushitaka | haruchans-pool | jeansmom | foodbeforedefeat | lyballet | humanitys-shortest-sassmaster | jiyuuno-tsubasa | kusoheichou | femaleroguetitan | irisviel-yukinashin |

M - O

moni158 | memosfromlevi | official-heichou-levi | notgotahorseface | outsidethesewalls | nanababananaba | memos-from-heichou | memos-from-danchou | mommylevi | 

P - S

papaerwin | survivantx | shatteredxwings | queen-taiyomi | shikarius | papa-sensei | shingeki-no-shinju | starreb (the lil shit who makes me hungry all the time) | racy-riren | stoned-levi | picturesofarmincrying | papa-erwin | queen–historia | stirringwind

T - Z

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