Like I stated last night… There’s just no way that I can show this print justice no matter what I do.

I couldn’t be more pleased. I decided to make it the focal point in my living room. It’ll soon have a companion piece in close proximity that I’m quite excited about as well… just awaiting it’s arrival.

It’s finally up. It’s so beautiful, but sadly the lighting in my house doesn’t give this print the justice it deserves. I really must apologize to the genius behind this rare treasure. I’m just not able to capture the true depth or tone of his work.

I, personally, find this particular print to be overwhelmingly breathtaking. It’s as if transcends across time bringing you to a different place. A time when life was so much simpler.

I would just like to say thank you to @MemoryRadio for making his amazing prints and other items available to be purchased. Perhaps one day I can replace my print with an actual painting. Regardless, they’re all remarkable and it’s nearly impossible which to choose first. You won’t be disappointed. :)

In The Heart of The Forest

Well… I finally got around to findiing some wall space and figuring out where I wanted to hang one of the prints than I have acquired. I posted my second favorite print a few months ago. This one happens to be my third in the list of favorites. Honestly, I don’t have enough wall space or I would have at least half of @memoryradio’s work scattered all over my house. There’s just so much that screams at me. Yeah, but I keep hoping that he’ll someday make my favorite print available before I’m ancient and decrepit or the zombie apocalypse falls upon us. Hell, in either case my ass is dead. :P

Seriously though everyone, I personally find the work of @MemoryRadio not only inspiring, but also energizing. I occasionaly find myself raiding his archives when I need a surge of peace and tranquility. Check it out for yourselves. Better yet, see for yourselves. Check out his site here where you can find something you might just have to have.

Oh look! I didn’t even notice. One of my furry babies made a special appearance for this post. How about that! She must like you. =]

Tumblr Crushes:

Christmas eve crushes.. going to work, but I will  be back tonight to troll through blogs and hit the heart button while I sip whiskey and wait for Father Christmas to pass me by.

blessing to you and yours.

Last one. I’m promise.

I know… I get a little ridiculous when I become passionate about certain things. Keep loving me or ignore me. Doesn’t really matter, I’m not at my best today anyway so I won’t be around much to flood your dashes.

I was attempting to get a better picture with the sunlight filtering in and then it got cloudy. I’m so disappointed that the clarity, depth, and tone of this print just doesn’t come across.

I’m sure you could however, in a very kind way troll this person’s page. If you’re interested you’ll also find access to the site to purchase some pretty amazing prints.

(Hint: see the tags below)

Tumblr Crushes:

The last crush list for 2012, this one is special, with special people on it, some that I have followed from the beginning  some that are new for me, but they all have a place in my heart.

May you all go and explore and maybe add them in your heart too.

Tumblr Crushes:

before I pass out or make myself pass out via whiskey,because sleep is not coming on it’s own, and the way I feel tonight I don’t want to dream.

but here are some amazing people with even more amazing words.and pictures. so you know the drill, go, read, follow, love.