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Its uprightness is what actually fascinates me. When this thought appears, memory is no longer present, nor uneasiness, nor weariness, nor foreboding, nor any recalling of yesterday, nor any plan for tomorrow. It appears, and perhaps it has appeared a thousand times, ten thousand times. What, then, could be more familiar to me? But familiarity is just what has disappeared forever between us. I look at it. It lives with me. It is in my house. Sometimes it begins to eat; sometimes, though rarely, it sleeps next to me. And I, a madman, fold my hands and let it eat its own flesh.
—  Maurice Blanchot, from Death Sentence tr. Lydia Davis

Turns out the Raza aren’t a race of aliens. “The Raza” is the name of this ship.

So in the process of making a gif for freifraufischer, I came across this gem of a screencap.

Memoryless!Henry chatting up his mom Madame Mayor, Snow heart-eyeing the hell out of Regina, and Charming looking as if he’s contemplating war with The Evil Queen over her fries.

The stages of grief. Supposedly, the first is denial.

art preview for a fic that’ll come whenever i finally finish thirteen days though i might start writing it before then fuck i’m already outlining it

i’ve been consistently calling it the hell fic to khakisnorgle

but to give a one-sentence summary: L dies (naturally reaches the end of his lifespan) in the middle of the yotsuba arc, not long after asking light to succeed him, and a completely unprepared memoryless!light suddenly has to take complete charge of the investigation while dealing with his own grief and self-doubt.

Once upon a time, there was a lovely rose.

No…That isn’t right…

Once upon a time, there was a memoryless woman…

That also isn’t right…

Once, there were two unfortunate souls lost in a dark place neither here nor anywhere. What ever happened to these two sorrowful souls? Will you find out? Will their ending be a happy one, or will the darkness swallow their light upon? 

Who knows, who knows? Only time and the ones of old will tell….

In the Dark is an RPG Maker horror game focusing on puzzle solving, survival, and exploration, inspired by RPG Maker horror classics such as The Witch’s House and Ib, as well as by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

At the moment it is a solo project, but if you’re a scripter, then please let me know! There are some things that I want to do for this, but will not be able to do due to my lack of scripting knowledge. 

Interesting themes in common between Swan Song (5x11) and Heart of Darkness (1x16)

“I told you, I will always find you” <– Actual line Charming says when he finds Snow without her memories in the EF.

“Listen to me, you can’t do this, it isn’t who you want to be.” <– Actual line Charming says (while tied to a tree) to memoryless Snow who is hellbent on revenge against Regina.

Also keep this in mind for later:

How can you make her remember who you are, when she’s lost sight of who she is.” <– Jiminy to Charming as he chews through the rope.

Given those lines being so very very similar to each other, I feel like they are drawing attention to that particular EF mini arc from season 1 leading up to Snowing’s wedding. So if we are going under the assumption that those in the Underworld are missing certain key memories, then I don’t think it’s wrong to speculate that Killian could be missing his memories of Emma, but still have his issues with Rumple. It would play into the “unfinished business” tease and it would reinforce the season 1 echo of Snow wanting revenge on Regina when she couldn’t remember her love for Charming.

Speculation for 5B under the cut…

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Regina lies on her side and sniffs back a few tears. Her sister is gone, defeated by her and Emma’s combined magic. The fight left her injured though resulting in this current hospital stay.

There were visitors earlier but now she is alone.

Snow could not stay long because she had to return to her baby.

Emma had to leave to return to their still memoryless son.

Even after defeating the wicked witch she doesn’t feel victorious. All it means is that a family member she could have had, had things been different, is now dead with no chance of them being family. Just like her mother.

She sighs feeling the tear roll down her cheek.

A knock at the door startles her and she sits up slowly wincing at the pain in her sore ribs.

“Hello?” She calls out wondering who would come to visit her.

A bright smile lights up her face as the pair enter.

“Hi Miss Mills” Henry says. Her face falls slightly at the title but still he’s here. “My mom told me what happened so I asked if we could come visit.”

“He did. Wouldn’t stop bugging me about it” Emma says giving Regina a warm smile. She walks over giving the brunette a brief hug, “I’ll give you guys a couple of minutes okay?”

“Okay. Thank you Emma” Regina replies sincerely.

Emma smiles squeezing her hand, “Anytime. You’re family remember”.

She exits and Henry walks forward holding out his flowers. “I got you these”

Regina grins widely taking the arrangement and the card, “Thank you Henry. They’re lovely. ”

“Read the card”

Regina reaches for the envelope pulling out a hand drawn card that brings back memories of a toddler painting her pictures and giving her birthday cards. She opens it before reading the message

‘I love you Mom’

Regina gasps before looking up at Henry who smiles widely before launching forward and hugging her tightly “Hey Mom”

“Oh Henry I love you so much. You’re back. Are you really back?”

“I’m back Mom. We’re going to be family again. I’m sorry about Zelena”

“It’s okay Henry. I’m sorry about your Dad”

He nods with a frown before climbing into her arms. “I missed you”

“You didn’t remember me” Regina says.

“Still missed you. You’re my Mom. Mom you’re going to be okay right?” He asks worriedly.

Regina smiles kissing him on the forehead “Everything’s going to be okay now”

When Emma comes back in she finds the two asleep, Henry wrapped in his mother’s arms. She smiles covering the two with a blanket and settles down to watch over her reunited family.

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force sensitive! hux fic recs please?

  • King of Corners by @versus-a-blank-paper,  58k, M, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. WIP.
    Kylo messes with Hux’s head. He fails. Left with a General that doesn’t know his own name, Kylo does the only reasonable thing: commandeers a ship and makes for the far side of the galaxy with a memoryless Hux in tow. Or: mercenary Kylo and sniper Hux on a galactic road trip. 

  • Rising Sun by goldandobsidiann, 11k, E,  Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
    In a fit of rage, a newly-promoted General Hux makes the worst possible remark at the worst possible time, breaking one of the Supreme Leader’s sacred commandments. Kylo Ren sees that he pays restitution. Porn and power plays abound.

  • Promises, Promises by @noirsongbird​,  31k, E, No Archive Warnings Apply. First of a series.
    The whispers of the Dark Side did not just include promises of power. For Ben Solo, they also include promises of a handsome stranger.Or: A very literal take on the idea of “seduction” by the Dark Side.

  • Don’t Look Back Into The Sun by @claricechiarasorcha​, 11k, M, No Archive Warnings Apply
    The Emperor has taken his throne, but not without price.And now, Kylo Ren would have him pay it in full.

  • Janus by @misayawriting​, 4k, E, Graphic Descriptions of Violence
    Kylo Ren, for all his savagery and lack of emotional control, has somehow managed to awaken Hux’s latent Force sensitivity. Hux masks and takes advantage of his newfound ability to gain the upper hand in their relationship.

  • To The Ends Of Stars by My_Trex_has_fleas, 131k, E,  Graphic Descriptions of Violence. WIP.
    Hux takes Kylo Ren hostage after the collapse of Starkiller Base and they go on the run with everyone after them

  • Dead Man’s Hand by @windlion​, 4k, M,  Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. WIP.
    After Starkiller, Kylo is recalled by Snoke to complete his training. Hux is recalled to live up to his part of the bargain he struck years ago. 

To Sleep (Ectopistes migratorius, extinct), Kristina Knowski, 2014

Between infinity and oblivion, we only understand the latter. 

Of the two, it’s the one we experienced during that memoryless expanse before birth, the one we still taste in the fog of deep sleep, and the one we must touch when confronted by loss. 

If there are infinities, they can only come after this.

  • *Henry and Regina walk into the ice-cream parlour. Regina pauses when she sees Emma there but Henry drags her over*
  • Henry:Emma what are you doing here?
  • Emma:What are you talking about kid? You invited me here.
  • Regina:Henry.
  • Henry:I'm going to get some ice-cream.
  • *He leaves*
  • Emma:So our kid is still setting us up?
  • Regina:I thought he was only doing it because he was memoryless.
  • Emma:Apparently not.
  • Regina:Maybe the memories just encouraged him.
  • Emma:Huh?
  • Regina:Do you ever think about all our memories together?
  • Emma *smiles*:Sometimes and when I do I think about what could be.
  • Regina *smiles*:You do?
  • Emma:I do.
  • Regina:Would you like to split a sundae?
  • *Emma nods and Henry silently cheers hoping that this "accidental meeting" will get his mothers somewhere*