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GENRE: DEMON AU, SMUT (there is finally smut in this chapter)

NOTE: Realms might be ending after a few more chapters. Just to warn you guys! 

“Are you as delicious as you sound?”

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How Would You Like It?

A short Snowbaz fic [that strted off being] based on the song by How Would You Like It, By Lauren Aquilina

Song here
Dodie Clark cover here

Words: 2.4K

Pairings: Baz Pitch/ Simon Snow

Angst (not really but kind of)/ Fluff


            I trudged back to my room, defeated. Snow went off, again, and I looked like a complete fool, again. It started as harmless teasing, he sat next to me in potions, but not at the same table, so we weren’t partners, and he couldn’t get the potion right. Of course, it was my job as his ‘nemesis’ to make a joke out of his failure, because that’s what third-year Baz would’ve done, been relentless and careless. It was all normal, Snow’s face grew red, and his hand was by his waist—ready to hold his sword—it was just like every other petty argument we had. By this point, the entire class had their eyes on us, ready to see every little detail, so they could have the best gossip, the only thing that was different than usual was the absolute anger in Snow’s eyes, he was pissed, and it wasn’t just because of me.

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Stuck With Me

Author: Admin Grace

Characters: Dean and the Reader

Pairing: Mildly Dean x Reader

Warnings: Nothin’ but harsh thoughts.

Quick fact: literally 90% of Dean’s speech - as you will read - is paraphrased from my beautiful friend. 

Disclaimer: I do not own nor did I do the picture below, I found it online and it was the only thing that fit the scenario - and tweaked the color to make it seem like night. Thank god for google images!

You were curled up stoically, your body relaxed and your breath steady. Your breathing was the only thing moving besides your occasional blinking.

It was hard to sleep when there was an odd knot in your chest, the kind that made it emotionally hard to breathe and impossible to think of anything happier - anything that would make this knot go away.

Maybe you were a fucking masochist, though… it would perhaps explain why you were like this. 
Dwelling on your problems constantly and having the heavy weight - that sensation of information that needed sharing–but no. No, god, no.

No one wanted to hear that.

People could go blue in the face with their: “oh, I’m here for you”s; and their: “you can tell me anything”s.

No one wanted to hear that. No one wanted to be subjected to your problems.

You knew you would gladly sacrifice your left foot to help someone you loved - or, well, fuck, you’ve sacrificed so much for people you hardly even fucking knew…

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What Happened?

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader
Word count: 1,549 (Before lyrics)
Warnings: Cuss word or two. Drinking. Angst
Challenge: Written for @cas-is-my-hero‘s 100 Followers Writing Challenge. My song is “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

Sequel: This is the third part in my completed “No Falling” series.

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Until The Very End

This is my first Drarry fluff fanfiction/oneshot. Sorry for the grammer mistakes btw. I hope you enjoy it, if you do please reblog or like this post to let me know if I should continue writing more fanfictions. thank you so much! :D (also check out my wattpad for more upcoming fanfictions: obsessionobsessed)

“Watch out where you’re going, Potter!” Draco yelled as he and Harry bump shoulders walking down a narrow hallway. All of Harry’s quills, ink bottles, and books fell to the floor.

Harry was in a rush to get out of Potions and get to the Griffindor tower to have his weekend to relax in his room.

Ron, Neville, Dean, and Seamus where staying with Hermione and Ginny at Hogmead for a few nights so he’d have the room to himself.

There was nothing to do except stare at the map and obsess over Draco. Harry fancied the blond boy.

After making it to his room, Harry threw all his stuff in his trunk and plopped down on the bed then took the map out of his robes.

Draco was accompanied by three other guys who’s names, he did not know. The three where rather closer to Draco than Harry would have liked to admit.

Throwing the cloke over himself, Harry set off towards Draco and the three other boys.


Harry could hear the conversation before he rounded the corner to Draco and the boys. He stopped behind the wall to listen.

“…and no one cares, Malfoy. No one does. Your worthless and no one loves you. Not even your parents, your mother only gave birth to you so they could carry out the Malfoy name.”

Harry turned the corner to see Draco acrossed the hall, with his shoulders pinned to the wall by two of the boys on either side, while the third was spitting insults in his face. All three of the boys where towering over Draco, and where well built.

“You’re a discussing sight to see, Malfoy.”

The two boys released Draco while the third shoved him to the ground. The trio walked down the nearest corridor and out of sight.

Draco stood up slowly, not bothering to brush off his robes. With his head hung, he walked to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.


Harry was stunned. Draco Malfoy, was being bullied? It didn’t seem possible, yet Harry watched the whole thing play out.

Harry wasn’t thinking what he was doing, but his gut- and his heart- told him to fallow Draco into the bathrooms.

Taking off the cloak and stuffing it into his robes, Harry, once again, followed Draco.

Harry stood in the door frame, his heart sank at the sight: Draco was staring into the bathroom’s mirror with his back to Harry; crying.

His hands where gripping the side of the sink so hard his knuckles where white, and his body was shaking from the impact of his sobs. His grey eyes where bloodshot and his hair was sticking out in every direction.

Harry’s heart broke just looking at him.


Harry took a few steps forward so he was standing mearly five feet away.

Draco spun around and pointed his wand at Harry. Harry did not draw out his wand, he just stood with his arms at his sides.

“W-what do you want, P-Potter?”

Draco stuttered, desperately trying to choke down his sobs, while using his free hand do frantically wipe away his tears.

“Draco I-”

Harry didn’t know what to say. ‘I saw you getting bullied’ 'I saw you sobbing over the sink’ 'I am deeply in love with you’

“I- I saw what happened- earlier”

Harry settled with, not looking away from Draco.

Draco’s puffy red eyes widened, and gave off a hint of fear and sorrow. A few more tears slipped from his eyes, he whipped them away with his sleve then muffled a choked sob.

“O- obl- oblivia-”

Draco was trying to wipe his memory, but he started sobbing uncontrollably. Hiccups where erupting from his throat and his hands and body where once again shaking. Tears where pouring from his eyes, creating a waterfall down his cheeks onto his black robes.

Harry couldn’t think of anything to do, he walked a few steps closer to Draco. In turn, Draco took a step back.

Draco was now shaking so hard he dropped his wand. Not bothering to pick it up, Draco walked a few more steps back until he felt the corner of the bathroom against his back.

Draco was covering his tear-stained face with both of his now soaked sleeves. He slowly sank onto the bathroom floor until his arms where wrapped around his legs and his face was buried in his knees.

Draco doesn’t care to notice when Harry crosses the room and sits next to him, their shoulders and legs pressing against each other.

“J- just go- go a-away P-Potter.”

Draco was stuttering so quietly it was almost hard to hear.

“I’m not leaving you.”

Harry said sternly yet softly.

Draco didn’t respond, or even look up at Harry, he stayed seated there, with his body pressed against Harry’s; still sobbing.

It was silent except for Draco’s sobbing and hiccups echoing around the bathroom.

Harry felt horrible, just sitting there while Draco was crying next to him. So he took a chance-

Harry took both of Draco’s wrists in his hands and pried them apart from around his legs. Draco jerked his wrists away and looked over at Harry, but didn’t protest.

Harry hooked both of his arms around Draco’s torso and rested his head in Draco’s chest. Draco was shocked for a second, but after the slight hesitation, he also linked his arms around Harry’s back, and laid his head in the crook between Harry’s head and shoulder, wetting Harry’s robes with tears that where still streaming down his face.


At first, the hug was a little awkward from the position both of the boys where in, but none less comfortable and calming. It seemed to last forever. Draco’s sobbing stopped completely, all that you could hear was the shallow breathing and Draco’s sniffing every so often.

After what seemed like an eternity, Harry slowly pulled away from Draco’s grasp.


Harry whispered


Draco looked down at his lap in an attempt to hide the blush burning bright across his face.

“What happened back there?”

“You saw what happened.”

Draco replied, lowering his voice so Harry had to lean in to hear better.

“No, I mean why where those guys talking to you like that?”

Draco was silent, burying his face deeper into his knees.

“Draco; why where those guys talking to you like that?”

Harry repeated, turning his body towards Draco so he was now on his knees.


Draco speeds through, covering his head with his arms as if someone where about to hit him.


Draco removes his hands to his sides and is silent for another moment before taking in a big breath and exhaling; he looked directly at Harry and said slowly and steadily-

“They know it gets on my nerves and I break down like this, they enjoy it.”

Ruby red blush runs creeps across Draco’s cheeks as he looks down again.

Harry, once again, has no words. All he could think of to do, was to place his fingers under Draco’s jaw, and tilt his head up so they where gazing into each other’s eyes.

Emerald green crashed into icy gray for no more than two second, before Harry closed his eyes, tilted his head slightly to the right, and pressed his lips against Draco’s.

Unlike the hug, Draco didn’t hesitate to kiss Harry back. Draco’s eyes fluttered shut, and their lips moved in sync. They fit perfectly together, like they where two puzzle pieces.

The kiss was short, but passionate, Harry was the one to pull away. Draco’s eyes where still shut ad his mouth agape.

“S- sorry, I didn’t know what came over me.”

This time it was Harry’s turn to blush red hot. He looked away quickly and stood up. Draco stood up with him.

“Nothing to apologize for.”

Draco smiled and pulled Harry in by his Griffindor tie, and in for another kiss.

Their bodys where flush; chest against chest. Draco’s left hand ran up Harry’s shoulder and into his messy brown hair, while the other slid down to rest on his hip; pulling him as close as they could get. Harry’s hands snaked around and linked at the back of Draco’s neck.

When the two where kissing, it made Draco forget everything, his sadness, fear, depression.. everything except love, for The Boy Who Lived.

Nothing was ever lust at that moment, not even when Harry slid his toung across Draco’s bottom lip, asking for entrance. Draco parted his lips and let Harry explore his mouth.

The two where French kissing, and it was the most wonderful sensation to Draco, letting all of his worry flow out of him like a stream in the woods. It was pure bliss.

A long while later, Harry was again, the one to pull away, giving Draco one last passionate kiss.

“We should get going, people will start to wonder where you are.”

Harry was no more than an inch away from Draco, whispering his words in a sad tone, looking down at his and Draco’s shoes.

“I can’t go back,”

Draco pulled carefully away from Harry, only enough to take in his appearance- even messier hair, slightly crooked glasses and tie, and his vibrant green eyes still staring at their feet.

“I can’t let anyone see me like this.”

Draco gestured to his still bloodshot eyes, and tear-soaked robes.

Harry looked up and thought for a moment, his eyes lighted up.

Harry beamed. He reached into his robes and pulled out the invisibility cloke.

Draco smiled a toothy grin and took Harry’s hand.

They intertwined their fingers together while Harry pulled the cloke over the both of them.


The hallways where empty, it must have been past curfew. Most of the lights where out, but there was enough light to see where they where going without using their wands.

“You passed the Slytherin common room, Harry.”

“I know.”

Harry gave him a small smile even though he couldn’t see it.

They stopped in front of the sleeping Fat Lady’s frame.


Harry says from under the cloke. The Fat Lady doesn’t bother to open her eyes, just swings open her frame.

The Griffindor commen room is empty. Both the boys walk up the stairs into Harry’s room.

“What are we doing here?”

Draco asks as Harry pulls off the cloke along with his robes.

“We’re going to sleep, no offense but it looks like you need it.”

Ignoring the comment, Draco stiffens as Harry strips down to his boxers and crawls atop of what Draco can only assume is his bed.

“You coming then?”

Harry pulls the covers aside and motions to the left side of him so Draco can lay down.

“Uh, y-yeah.”

Draco peals off his robes and throws them into a pile in the corner of the room along with the rest of his clothes and slips in bed aside Harry.

Harry’s stomach dropped at the sight of the scars on Draco’s wrists. He pretended not to notice, be he couldn’t look away, sadness and worry filled Harry’s heart and mind.

Draco seemed to notice Harry staring because he quickly jumped in bed and pulled the blankets over himself.

The bed was quite small, but big enough so only the boy’s arms touched.

Draco and Harry laid awkwardly for a while before Harry thankfully spoke up.

“Draco, why does what those guys say make you break down like that?”

Draco now wished for the awkward silence.

“I- I don’t know.”

Draco answered, looking anywhere except Harry.

“Well surly you don’t believe what they say is true, do you?”

Draco didn’t answer.

Harry turned on his side to face Draco.

“Draco, they’re just trying to get to you, what they say isn’t true.”

Draco stays quiet. He to flips on his side, facing the room’s red walls, refusing to look at Harry. Harry wraps his arms around Draco’s chest and pulls his so his back is pressed against his chest.

Harry takes one of Draco’s wrists and places small kisses to his scars, repeating the same to the other. Draco doesn’t move, enjoying the moment of Harry’s warm body pressed against his and the sweet kisses, he just closes his eyes.

“You’re beautiful, Draco.”

Harry whispers, pulling his arms around and resting his head at the base of the blond’s neck.

“Don’t lie to me, Harry.”

“I’m not lying, I’m telling you the truth, Draco. You’re beautiful, and smart, and funny, unique and brave…”

Harry was still whispering, kissing the back of Draco’s neck after every word he said.

“…your skin is so smooth and beautiful, and your smell is indescribably wonderful- I just want to lay like this forever, and make your scent the only thing I know. You’re hair is so soft I just want to run my fingers through it…”

Harry moved one of his hands up to Draco’s head, running his fingers through it until it got even messier than before, then smoothing it out with his fingers until it laid flat, and running his fingers through it again, never stopping the repeat of his actions.

“…you look absolutely adorable when your flustered, and don’t even get me started when you bite your lip while you’re concentrating.”

Harry let out a small laugh, his breath on Draco’s neck sent shivers up his spine.

Harry continued on, whispering sweet nothings into Draco’s ear until both of their eyes felt heavy.

“… you’re just so- perfect, Draco; I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if anyone where to hurt you again.”

Draco was at loss of words, his eyes where glassed over, tears threatening to spill. Draco turned to he was now facing Harry.

Harry’s eyes where closed; he looked so peaceful. Draco shifted so his head was lying on Harry’s chest, listing to the steady beat of his heart.

Harry took his arm and wrapped it around Draco, holding him close, and took Draco’s hand and rested them on the other side of his chest.

“Harry, did you really mean all of those things you said?”

Draco looked up at Harry’s closed eyes.

“Only every word.”

And smile tugged at Harry’s mouth. Draco couldn’t stop himself from smiling either, pink blush spread across his face. It was quiet for a few moments.



Harry lazily mumbled.

“If those guys come back again, will you-”

Draco paused

“-will you stay with me?”

Draco closed his eyes and both of the lovers fell asleep in each others arms after Harry spoke his words-

“Until the very end.”

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Shangst! Do some Shangst please I can't wait until Shangst week 😂 Errrrr maybe Lance having a mental breakdown because at some point everything is too much for him so while he's crying and screaming on the floor Shiro walks in and rest is up to you

Oh dear. Alright. Hope you’re prepared for it. 🤣


Lance just was tired of everything. Tired of living, tired of breathing, tired of trying. He tried so hard to prove his worth, to prove he was useful. Not once had those efforts been recognized. It stung and broke his heart each time he got brushed off.

He had finally reached his boiling point. It was after a mission. Everyone had been grouped up, smiling and laughing, and Lance was left out of it. Yet again he was just the seventh wheel, left by himself.

No one would care if he was gone, right? He was just Lance, a boy from Cuba with no specialities to make him worthwhile. His shoulders shuddered with sobs as memories flooded his mind. Tears ran down his cheeks as he tried to gasp for air.

Nothing felt real, his mind running at 100 mph and his breath leaving him almost completely. He tried to pull in a breath, coughing with a choked sob instead. He didn’t hear the knock at the door as he curled up tighter, trying to gasp in air to his lungs. He sobbed again, tears staining his cheeks.

He was startled as a hand touched him, flinching away from it. Lance looked at them with wild eyes, recognizing Shiro instantly. “F-Fuck sorry, I didn’t hear you,” he whispered out in a quiet hoarse voice. He shaking moved Shiro’s hand away gently, surprised as it came back. He was scooped up into a tight hug, holding him up on his shaky legs.

Lance broke, tears spilling from him as he sobbed. He clung to Shiro, wishing that he could be alright for once. That maybe he would be important and useful to everyone. He just wanted to be needed, and Shiro was there to make him feel that way.

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(A drabble request for SaM, please, because my heart is broken in half: can you write something sweet, like Satan trying to act cool and casual in front of a Natalie who ACTUALLY HAS HER MEMORIES *sobs*)

please listen to this while reading.

“how’s it going?” he says as she opens her eyes. he grins. (it’s a wobbly grin, but a grin nonetheless.) she smiles. (it’s a wobbly smile, but it’s a smile nonetheless.) “it’s not bad,” she murmurs back. “i hurt a little, but that’s to be expected when you die, i guess.” her eye start to water and she snuffles and satan scoffs. “oh, c’mon. none of that. why’re you crying now? just be happy to bask in my presence, girl.” she slaps his chest lightly but moves closer anyway.

“how’d you get me back, anyway?”

his face goes blank and he scoops her hands into his, studying them intently. “that’s nothing for you to worry yourself with right now.” she cocks her head as best as possible while lying down, but doesn’t press it. he lifts a hand to his mouth and brushes his mouth against it. “how ‘bout i make dinner?” she bites her lip, but nods. he sits up.


“yeah -?”

“it’s alright.” he turns to find her crawling closer and freezes as she covers him up in her duvet. his shock gives way to stunned disbelief as she climbs underneath it with him and brings his face to hers. “it’s not your fault,” she says, almost pleadingly. he grins sorrowfully. “it is.”

“is not.”

“is too.”

“is no -” she is abruptly cut off by his mouth covering hers. she gasps in surprise before melting into it.

he pulls away briefly to say something (to which natalie mewls in protest). “i love you, too.”

the blush that encompasses her face makes him tackle her all over again, and it is okay.

it will be —

— okay.

additional notes: after which probably there is lots of kissing and giggling n tickling. i hope this is okay? theres really no plot but i just needed the healing power of the fluff.

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Can you recommend any books that will make me cry? Thanks in advance!

Hi, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond! I’ve never been a big crier when reading books, so I’m probably not the best person to ask, but here are a few that have actually made me shed a tear (or at least feel a little sad):

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: If you didn’t already know, this is my favorite book, which means I’m always gonna find a way to recommend it. It’s about a girl who goes to live with foster parents in Nazi Germany. I’m sure you can already tell it’s gonna be sad, and the writing is so beautiful and the story so captivating. Literally not a day goes by that I don’t think about it.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell: I know this one’s really popular, so I’m sorry if you’ve already read it. It’s a love story and covers high school bullying (sorta I think? it’s been a while since I read it) and an abusive step-father and is, understandably, very sad.

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart: I think you should go into this book without knowing much, so all I can tell you is that I am positive you will cry (even I did).

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson: It’s a really entertaining (and sad, obviously) read about a girl who goes to a lake house for once last time with her father, who is dying of cancer. I think I actually cried at this one too.

Paperweight by Meg Haston: This is about a girl with an eating disorder who goes to a treatment center. It is raw and honest and emotional and will probably make you sob.

The Memory of Light by Francisco X. Stork: This book is about a teenager in a group of kids with mental illnesses, and, like the previous book, it is raw and doesn’t sugarcoat anything, and it almost got me crying.

A List of Cages by Robin Roe: This is a recent release about a boy in the foster care system who is really shy and the seniors at his school who take him under their wings. It was a little sad for a while, but I was controlling the tears, and then I got to a certain point (believe me, you’ll know it when you get to it) that hit me like a truck and I was bawling.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas: Another new release, this one is about the Black Lives Matter movement and follows the experiences of a girl and her family after she witnesses her friend get shot by a police officer. You’ve probably heard the hype surrounding it, and it deserves every bit of it.

History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera: I haven’t finished this yet, but it follows a boy whose ex-boyfriend died and it’s just about how he grieves and copes with that. Nothing gets me more sad than the death of a teenager or child–hits a little too close to home (to be clear, I just mean because I and so many others are just teenagers but we’re so full of life it’s hard to imagine it all going away).

Storms [Jean x Armin]
AU: Armin is the Commander of the Survey Corps and Jean is a squad leader.
I wrote this a long time ago, and I figured I post it here too.

Books about former military strategies laid littered all about the floor as Armin hopelessly looked through them. He was sitting on the floor in front of his bed in his quarters. His hair was disheveled from the number of times he had grabbed at it in frustration. He’d been researching for hours, and he was gotten nothing done.

Being the Commander of the Survey Corps was really wearing down on him. His eyes were once so bright, now they were decorated with red streaks, and purple to go underneath them. The weight of hundreds of lives crushed him, the stress of having to make at least one successful expedition made him want nothing more than to crawl six feet into the ground and never come back up.

He had grown visibly more muscular since his teen years, but not much. His hair had grown visibly longer, it was down to his shoulders now. The biggest change, however, wasn’t his appearance.

He had fallen in love with Jean Kirstein.

It wasn’t the most likely of scenarios, but it certainly wasn’t one they were opposed to.

As Armin was flipping through the pages, he found himself missing Jean terribly. He had been away to the inner walls for a meeting of Military Personnel for a week, and he would be gone for another week. Armin would’ve gone too, but with an expedition so near, he couldn’t attend. Jean had been away for a week, and Armin missed him every night

They had been apart before, and they could manage to be away from each other. But, storms had been raging on night after night. As much as Armin would’ve liked to think he got braver, storms still scared him. The noise reminded him of the Colossal Titan attacking Shinganshina.

Luckily for him, the storms always started when he had already gotten his work done so he could cry in the peace of his own bed.

Armin slammed the book closed and threw it on the ground. He was getting nowhere with these. He leaned back against his bed frame and rubbed his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. He sighed and looked out the window. The sun had long since set, the sky turned black and white lights twinkled across the sky. Well, the ones that weren’t covered by dark gray clouds. 

A white light cracked against the sky, followed by a break of loud thunder.

Every muscle in Armin’s body tensed and he sat up to attention. He started shaking slightly as he stared doe-eyed out the window.

Another crash.

He stopped a whimper from leaving his throat. He coughed, trying to regain his composure. He took deep breaths as he calmly put his books and papers away, occasionally yelping when more thunder broke outside.

Tears were steadily streaming down his cheeks as he sat on his bed. His legs were crossed and his head was in his hands. He let out sobs through his gritted teeth.

“Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic," He kept mumbling to himself. The Commander of the Survey Corps, crying in his room. What kind of leader did that?

One of the biggest breaks of thunder crashed, and the door to Armin’s room flew open. Armin stared wide eyed at the panting figure of his boyfriend.

Jean’s hair had gotten longer as well, but it was still cut short. Right now, it was hidden underneath his cloak. He had gotten noticeably taller, and well built, his wet shirt clinging to his toned muscles. Rainwater dripped from the hood to the floor as Jean ripped it off and threw somewhere in the room.

He marched over to the bed and slid in next to Armin. Armin tried to wipe his eyes and hide his tears, but Jean was having none of it. He gently, yet firmly took Armin’s arm away from his eyes.

The tears running down his face slowly came to a stop at the sight of his lover. He was felt at peace for a moment.

Then more thunder came.

He whimpered and hid his face into the taller man’s chest. Jean’s arms encircled the blonde’s waist, large hands soothingly rubbed the small of his back. The comfort was just what Armin needed to calm down.

Jean slowly slid down until the were both laying down on the bed. He threw the blanket over the two of them and they laid on their side facing each other.

"Wha-What are you doing back s-so soon?” Armin cupped Jean’s cheek, trying to distract himself from the terrible memories that plagued his mind.

“Eren managed to get into a fight with the MP, so we had to leave.” Jean gave the shit-eating grin that Armin fell in love with. Armin was going to laugh, but the rain came down harder, followed by more noise.

Armin brought his face into Jean’s chest, where he let out sob after sob. His memories, filled with sorrow and pain, flashed in his mind and he couldn’t shake them. He lost control of his breathing. His breaths were ragged and shallow as he desperately clung to Jean.

Jean gently rubbed Armin’s back. “Breath in,” He whispered calmly into his hair, “Take a breath. Like me, okay?” Jean took a deep breath, and Armin followed his example. Jean sat them both up and repeated this action, Armin following suit.

“I-I’m so sorry…” Armin breathed as his regained his ability to breath.

Jean shook his head and ran his hands up and down the blond boy’s arms. “Hush, hush. You have nothing to feel sorry for.”

“But I’m so pathetic!” The storm calmed down, the only noise now was the rain crashing onto the window.


“You don’t get it! I’m your commander! And I’m blubbering like a child! All because of a storm! Wh-What kind of man am I?” Armin was losing control of himself again.

“Commander Armin Arlert!” Jean’s sudden formality shocked Armin into silence.

“I would honestly be concerned if I was being led by someone who didn’t have any fears. You’re not weak, Commander, you’re human. A wonderful human who has been through far too much than he deserves. If anyone had to live through what you have, they wouldn’t even be functional. Yet you somehow lead an entire army flawlessly.

"I didn’t fall in love with your bravery. I didn’t fall in love with your leadership skills. I fell in love with your mind. I fell in love with the way you protect others. I fell in love with the way your eyes light up when you talk about your dreams. I didn’t fall in love with the Commander of the Survey Corps. I fell in love with Armin Arlert.”

To prove his point further, Jean planted a kiss on his commanding officer’s lips. A quick, chaste kiss, like their first kiss when they were trainees. Armin buried his head into his subordinate’s neck.

“I don’t deserve you-”

“You’re wrong.”


“You’re a smart man, but you’re an idiot if you think you don’t deserve me. You deserve the best life. I want to provide that for you if you’d allow me.” Jean could feel Armin smiled against his skin. He ran his hand down his golden locks, placing a kiss on top of their owner’s head. “I love you, Commander Armin Arlert.”

“I love you too, Squad Leader Jean Kirstein.” Jean smiled and closed his eyes. He buried his nose into his hair and hugged the smaller man as tight as he could. "D-Don’t leave me, n-not like the others.“

"I…Can’t promise that. You know that” Armin nodded slowly, “But I’m going to give you all the love you deserve-which is a lot-with the time I have here. I promise you that. I’ll be here for as long as I can, and as long as you will have me, doing nothing but loving you.”

Armin removed his head from Jean’s shoulder and looked into his amber eyes. “I love you. I love you. I love you.” Armin started crying again, repeating that sentence over and over again. He let out every emotion he had, anger, sadness, love.

Jean happily welcomed him into his arms, repeating the statement to him as well. Their pure, unadulterated love for each other echoing off the walls. Armin long forgot about the storm. He was focused on the warm body of which he loved so much in front of him.

Sure, Armin was still terrified with storms. But, maybe, with Jean there, they were bearable.

Trust - Thomas Shelby x reader

Requested by anon: ‘Hey i was wondering if you could please do a tommy shelby imagine where the reader is tommy’s wife and its set where s3 left off with the whole shelby clan being arrested with the prompt ‘i trusted you’ thanks x’

Words: 1,100.

Warnings: None, other than a bit of swearing and angry reader.

((feedback would be greatly appreciated as this is my first))

requests are open and I have a prompt list I have reblogged if you’d like to request something from that, otherwise, enjoy!

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Reasons why Michael in the Bathroom makes me cry.
  • Michael in the fucking bathroom. 
  • “I could stay right here, or disappear and nobody’d even notice at all.”
  • Michael’s voice crack as he gets upset.
  • Michael getting more and more frantic when he works himself up. 
  • “memories get erased, soon i’ll get replaced with a newer cooler version of me!”
  • “as I choke back the tears”
  • “Or i’ll blame it on weed or something in my eye, I’m just michael who ya don’t know!”
  • “my big mistake was showing up!”
  • “I’M JUST *sobs* …at a party….” don’t mind me i’ll just start crying along with the music. It’s called immersion look it up.
  • “wish I stayed at home in bed watching cable porn, or wish I’d offed myself instead, wish I was never born!” 
  • “God he’s such a LOSER

anonymous asked:

95, pansmione?

“There’s no going back if we do this,” Pansy said.

The words indicated a level of concern that she did not display on her face. Instead, there was defiance there, in the stubborn creases around her mouth, in the frown on her forehead, in the way her nose crinkled with distaste. If anyone had stumbled upon them, they might have thought she and Hermione were in the middle of an argument, but appearances were deceiving, and the two women had deceived their friends long enough. 

Hermione swallowed, the sound so loud in the empty corridor, it nearly echoed off the walls. “It’s time. I’m tired of lying and hiding.”

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So since I’m bored, I might as well write my review of Infinite’s Come Back Again.

(And yes, I am giving my full 100% biased feelings towards this :) )

I’ll mainly be talking about the dance practice version of this because it’s my favorite one and the one I always go back to watch because it just gets me nostalgic for some reason, even if I wasn’t in the fandom back then.

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have you ever just look back at exo and you just sigh either between thankfulness or happiness because they’ve gone through so much to arrive at where there are right now.

from when they couldn’t bow together and how we always get so excited for having ot12 on stage

We may be separated into two groups, but really, we are one big family. -sehun

how mama concept looks like (bundled up babies)

jongin’s pants was the most annoying thing ever

and how history was (and is still) the fun jam


and also the fun disneyland 

and now you look at the old pictures thinking like wow, they look so freaking rookie and new and awkward

and dear god the embarrassing times where we gave them names like bacon and asdgljhg

and wolf came out we were all fucked asking like is this really a song even then they were still the great, full of charisma and energy

oh god no 

and then growl came and everything exploded in fury and the breaking records and everything and the wins and xoxo

and the stupid adorable encores

and not to forget the very successful recent wins

oh god the suspenders 

the small moments we never want to forget; their smile.


and all the tears shed, happy and proud

We will be together forever – luhan

I’m going to give every last bit of my passion for dance to EXO. I want to help letting the world know the sound of Korea. -jongin

Don’t forget, I’m a dragon, I can fly, in the shortest amount of time, I’ll   bring all my members with me and we’ll come to your side. -kris

But still we stayed strong and endured till the end. -tao

We are over our shining moment with 12 being on stage together. -kyungsoo

We want our music to be unique, so that people go ‘Ah, that’s definitely EXO’ when they hear our songs. –joonmyun

I’ll do my best as myself, then together with my team I’ll walk towards that most glorious day. -yixing

Even though the language is different, the music is still the same. -jongdae

I felt that I was lacking and even if it was a short period I had to work hard to enter that team. I was happy because my efforts paid. -baekhyun

No matter what, we’ll keep the same mentality we started out with. -minseok

We became closer, and we break all records. The moment when we got on stage to accept the awards after all those difficulties… I dont know how I could express that feeling in words. -tao

I want all 12 of us to be together forever. -chanyeol

Let’s be loyal to each other, don’t fight, and go until the end. -sehun

The tears, the dumb moments, the encore stages, the debut, the performances, the shows they attended, the awards they had won and all these and other moments will be a part of our history.


forever and always.

Frozen stars Chapter 3: Sad memories

Hunk carries the sobbing Lance onto the bed, Hunk, knowing Lance, isn’t so keen to physical touch, but when it comes to things like this? He is desperate, basically craving touch.  “Hey, Lance, what happened, are you ok?” He says as he puts his arm over Lance’s shoulder. Lance tilts his head towards the door, cracking his knuckles, keeping his hands busy, this situation isn’t fun for him. “No, I just panicked when i was with Leo, started thinking of my family, well, he is family, but, it felt like i was losing him.” That was a lie, well, partially, he didn’t think something in his pockets was a trigger to a mental breakdown. “Awe, Lance, you don’t have to worry, Leo’s fine! Even Coran said he’d be,” Hunk pauses, with  a comforting tone taking a breath, only to say; “-I thought there was something else that happened, like… yeah, if you remembered something bad or something.”  Hunk sees Lance move reluctantly, tugging his hugging arm. ‘sorry Lance, didn’t mean to make you remember’ Hunk thinks sadly to himself as he removes his arm carefully from Lance’s shoulder, with Lance hopping a bit further away from Hunk, notably uncomfortable. “No, no, i just got worried, my Homesickness got the best of me that’s all.” Lance smiles up at Hunk. “Ok..” Is the only thing that Hunk can respond with. They sit in silence for a while before Lance stands up, gesturing with his hand a little “Goodbye” before leaving the room.

Shiro had gathered the others, that is to say; Allura, Coran, Pidge, Keith and even Slav.

They’re all sitting in the dining hall, except for Shiro, who’s anxiously walking back and forth infront of the others.

“Shiro, why’d you call us??” Pidge asks looking at Shiro with a questioning face. Shiro stops walking, straightens his back whilst facing the others directly, might aswell just tell them like this. “Lance had a mental breakdown, like, it was quite a heavy one aswell.” He says. Pidge drops her Jaw whilst Coran and Allura look at each other with questioning faces, Slav looking at the others with bothered eyes, and keith raises his eyebrows and looks at Shiro surprised.

“Wait, are you telling me that, Lance, the happiest boy in the team- had a breakdown, a mental breakdown!?” Keith, almost, shouts at shiro, although his voice was still partially loud, he didn’t want to seem mad, he’s just worried. “Yes, he, uh, he wasn’t looking good, and maybe it was more of a panic attack? I don’t know.” Shiro says with a worried tone, crossing his arms.

“Um, excuse me? Before the argument goes any further, can you explain to me what a mental breakdown’ is?” Allura asks, quite confused about the situation. Shiro, looks at her and raises his hand, as if he had an answer, but stopping before scratching his head with the same hand. “It’s, like uhh, kind of that a feeling you get, feeling anxious and sad and overwhelmed, and you can’t stop that feeling, or maybe, it’s like, it’s like a breaking point of some sort, when you bottle up all of your feelings until something small makes you, well, break.” Shiro explained, waving his arms all over the place, he does that when he feels anxious. Allura, who was bending over the table, with eyebrows crunched together lets out a sad sigh, before sitting normally on the chair again. “Thanks for the information.” She lets out, as quiet as a whisper.

Everybody’s suddenly interrupted by the fact that someone walked into the dining hall- it was Hunk. “What happened, where’s Lance?” Pidge asks, worried as she stands ap and slams her hands on the table. Hunk looks at the others and smiles lightly, making everyone slightly relieved.“He’s fine, just a little homesickness and he was getting worried over Leo, he’s either with Leo or in his room.” He says, sitting next to Pidge, hugging her softly to comfort her. “Really?” Keith says, letting out a relieved sigh, well this wasn’t good, but he thought it was worse. “We should let him be for a while now, he.. needs some time alone” Hunk then says, as he looks away at the floor. “It’s ok, he’ll need all the time he wants right now.” Shiro says, smiling at Hunk.

Lance didn’t want to go to his room, he just wants to be with Leo. He sits by Leo’s side, seeing the, once again, sleeping child was like looking at one of his brothers lie in their deathbed, it made Lance cry, cry for the guilt and loathing he doesn’t deserve to have stuck in his chest. As the teardrops fell onto the sheets of Leo, he was greeted by a hand taking lance’s hand, Leo looks away at the wall, and lance, he continues crying.    

Lance remembers the time when his cousin had gotten involved in a car accident and was heavily injured, lying asleep on the hospital bed, looking so calm yet so hurt, he remembers as his tia was crying running her hands through the boys hair, Lance remembers as he held his cousin’s hand just staring at his face in shock. He remembers his cousin dying.

I know that the ch short but its been  a rough time, sorry :/

SCM : Tauxolouve regaining his memory after the King took it away

Standing in front of the King together with Tauxolouve and your new born baby, you can hear your heart beating nonstop with worry. The rest of the gods are there, all looking sad. Still wrapping his hand around your shoulder, Tauxolouve simply stared back at the King as if he mentally prepared for whatever that is coming.

You recalled a few days ago of how Tauxolouve was so excited to hold your son, Toshiro in his hands after he was born. However, his face turn pale after kissing his child and you had a bad feeling about it. That night, Toshiro was visited by the evil gods who wanted his blood to revive the dark King and Tauxolouve used his power to protect him, prevented him from losing his life. Now all of you are standing in front of the King.

“I am prepared for everything. Just spare my son.” Tauxolouve break the silent first. You can feel tears flowing down your cheeks.

“Very well, you will then vanish from heaven and earth.” The King sighed.

You dropped to your floor upon hearing it and Tauxolouve immediately hold you up.

“I love you and Toshiro. Take care.” Tauxolouve whispered sadly and kissed you deeply before taken away by the others.

You refused to give up and kneel on your knees to beg the King. The King refused to see you and you stubbornly refuse to get on your feet. The rest of the gods take turn taking care Toshiro and even persuade you to give up. You refuse to give in and finally collapse after kneeling for 2 days.

By the time you regained your conscious, you saw the King in front of you. Without any delay, you started begging him. “Please forgive him!” You sobbed weakly.

“You are still very stubborn despite a fact that you are now a human.” The King sighed. “Fine! However, he can’t escape unpunished. I will remove his memory and you are not to see him again.”

Your face turned pale for a moment but soon accepted it. Having him forget about you is better than him vanish. Together with Toshiro, you left the place where you used to stay. You stay away from the rest of the gods as well since they will remind you of Tauxolouve. It was tough to raise Toshiro by yourself but somehow you pulled through and it has been 4 years since you last saw Tauxolouve.

Back in heaven, Tauxolouve is hard at work as usual. He realized that he is missing part of his memory and he can’t understand why. Every night he has a same dream about a woman but he can’t seem to get a clear vision of her. He still has the anklet with him and although he has no idea when he got this but he knows it is important to him.

“I know you guys are hiding something from me.” Tauxolouve rebuked during one of the night together with the wishes gods.

“Just don’t ask anymore.” Leon replied calmly.

“Leon is right! Just let it go.” Karno added.

“It is for your own good.” Hue said softly.

“We can’t say anything to you.” Teorus turned away from him.

“You guys are saying the same thing for so many years. How to you expect me to let go. It is obvious that you are hiding something from me.” Tauxolouve shouted while everyone look away from him with exception Aigo, who is sleeping as usual. Feeling frustrated, Tauxolouve left the living room.

Alone in the garden, Tauxolouve feel lost when a voice surprised him. “If you get no answer, why don’t you find out yourself?” Tauxolouve turned to see Aigo walking toward him. “Here is the address.” Aigo passed a piece of paper to him and left soon after without saying further.

Tauxolouve looks at the piece of paper and decide to go down to earth to find out what is going on. He found the place located near a river and the scene is beautiful. It is almost as peaceful as his secret hideout. There is a little boy near the river doing some painting. However, he suddenly starts crying and throw the painting on the ground.

“Even if you can’t draw well, there is no reason for you to cry.” Tauxolouve said kindly to the boy.

“No, I wanted to draw a family portrait but I don’t know how to draw my father. I don’t know how he looks like.” The boy sobbed even louder.

Tauxolouve feels sad for him and hugged him in his arms. After a while, the boy seem to calm down and quickly dry away his tears. “I can’t let my mum see my crying face. It will make her even sad.” He muttered to himself.

“You are such a good boy.” Tauxolouve smiled and pat at the boy head.

“Oh you had this same anklet too. My mum has a similar one. My mum told me that if two persons in love wear the same anklets, they will be together again in next life.” Toshiro explained after spotting the anklet.

“Together again in next life? Together again in next life?” Tauxolouve muttered repeatedly and these words seem to ring a bell while he glares down at his anklet.

Toshiro pick up the drawing on the ground and showed him what he had drawn. “She is my mum. Aren’t she beautiful?” He said proudly.

The moment Tauxolouve saw the painting, he hold his head in pain. Every memory he lost seem to be slowly coming back. He remembers the woman in his dream for the past few years is the same woman in the drawing. He remembers your name and finally looks up at the boy in front of him.

“Toshiro? You are Toshiro.” Tauxolouve hold him and whispered, who look surprised.

“How do you know my name?” Toshiro exclaimed in shock.

“Toshiro my boy, I am sorry for not being by your side.” Tauxolouve sobbed and pulled him into his arms. He then explained the rest of the details and Toshiro was jumping in joy. He knows Tauxolouve is not lying since his story matched what he knows about your likes.

“Mum, dad is home.” Toshiro shouted excitedly when he brought Tauxolouve home.

“Toshiro, stop the joke.” You muttered while continued with your housework without turning your back.

“I am really home.” Tauxolouve whispered sweetly into your ear and you jumped in shock.

You turned around to see Tauxolouve standing in front of you. You thought you are dreaming and wonder why would a person you been missing every day is suddenly here. Tears started to flow down and you can see him trying to hold back his tears as well.

“You are not dreaming. I am really is home.” Tauxolouve holds your hands and let it place on his cheeks. He then caresses your cheeks, wiping away those tears.

“It is really you but how? You supposed to lost your memories.” You sobbed and buried your face in his chest while he embraced you tightly.

“I can’t seem to forget you totally. The drawing and the anklet brought back my memories. I should thank Toshiro who inherited my skill of drawing.” Tauxolouve chuckled.

Toshiro ran over to both of you and Tauxolouve immediately carried him up. He then pulled you into his arms again.

“I am sorry for making both of you suffer. I promised that I won’t be leaving both of you anymore. I will make up for the lost time. Let me take good care of both of you.” Tauxolouve exclaimed happily.

You nodded and still can’t stop crying. You had lost hope of seeing him again. Seeing him now, the happiness you feel is word that can’t describe. The only thing you wish now is that there will peace and three of you will be together forever.

Young Justice
  • Tim Drake: *stares solemly at Jason's memorial*
  • Me: *sobbing*
  • Me: *hugging my pillow*
  • Me: So sweet
  • Me: *wipes a tear, smiling*
  • Me: But he's still gonna kick you in the face


He’d promised. 

Percival Graves had promised him, between kisses and touches, that he would take care of himself. Newt had made him swear that he wouldn’t loose him again. That his husband would be careful with this witch hunt for Gellert Grindelwald that he still insisted on doing. 

“Come back to me… every single day, just come back to me.”

“I will, Artemis. I am not leaving you now that I’ve finally got you.”

“Swear to me, Percival.”

“I swear it.” 

The five stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with the one we lost. They are tools to help us frame and identify what we may be feeling. But they are not stops on some linear timeline in grief.

He’d read that somewhere… or maybe heard it. It sounded like something his brother would say really. Could have also been his mum. He’d lost track. 

Anger came first. 

And the proof of it was still scattered everywhere in his suitcase and habitats he so loved. His little shed, that he’d always kept so neatly arranged in a way that seemed to make sense to only himself was now completely trashed. Work bench overturned, pages of a new manuscript shredded, those that weren’t were totally ruined from where a bottle of ink had fallen and shattered on top of them in the floor. His creatures had never before been scared of him, but that day even Pickett didn’t dare to come out of his pocket. 

Bargaining came next along with denial. Percy had managed to get himself out of plenty of sticky situations in the past, nothing ever seeming to be able to defeat the indestructible Auror. This all had to be some mean, elaborate prank, right? Percival wouldn’t do this to him, he wouldn’t die, he was tougher than to be so easily defeated once again.

….But Percy had been looking so worn down in his last few days. 

Fingers twisted the two gold bands on his finger. One his own, the other his husband’s. 

“Oh he simply forgot it at home, and with the niffler it’s better if I just keep it safe for him by wearing it.” 

That’s the lie he’d told the others, everyone else who didn’t know the truth about what had happened to the once great Auror. Percival’s ring had fit him a little big, and he’d nearly lost it. But thank the heavens for his niffler, who quickly caught it and very uncharacteristically to him- gave it back to Newt immediately.

But they all missed him too, didn’t they? Graves had become like a father to all of them. He’d helped Newt look after all of them, fed them, care for them when they were sick. The silence that had fallen across all of them the day Percy had died… Newt hadn’t even told them but they simply- they all somehow just knew. 

Newt didn’t know how he managed to keep himself functional for so long. Sometimes it feels like nothing has changed, like maybe Percy would come in any day again, shedding his coat and scarf and leaving them so neatly arranged on the coat hanger. He’d descent any minute into the case, with that bright smile that only Newt could get out of him sometimes. He’d call him Artemis and pull him into his arms, with Newt complaining about how he was dirty and sweaty and didn’t want to ruin Percival’s good and fancy clothes. And Percy… and Percy would laugh and pull him tighter, kissing him and Newt would melt. 

But no such day came. 

Instead he kept himself busy in his case, day after day, the time blurring together and forgetting just how long he’d been down there until his scruff started to really become a beard. Finally he emerged, coming to the house he shared with his husband. He’d shaved, showered, eaten. But when it was time to sleep he couldn’t get himself to open the door to their room. So instead he snatched a blanket from inside his case and slept on the sofa. 

It was like that for days. He couldn’t go into their room, the last thing that remained of Percival. The sheets still unmade as Newt had left them the day that Percy left. 

“You should just stay today.” Newt huffed as his warmth was stolen from him when Percival got up. 

“You said that yesterday too, and I did.” His husband replied, a smile on his face as he grabbed a clean towel and made his way to the restroom, his bare ass and body still bearing all the mark from what they had done the night before. 

“But I made it quite worth your while.” Newt called out behind him, and he could hear Percival’s laughter as the bathroom door closed behind him and the water from the shower turned on. 

It takes Newt a month to be able to stand at the doorway and not dash. Two more weeks before he dares put his hand on the doorknob. Four after that until he finally opens the door. One more until he finally steps inside. 

The red head is crying from the very second he sets foot inside. He swears the room still smells like him. Percival’s clothes are still so carelessly thrown on the floor along with Newt’s, though everything now looks so grim, and a layer of dust has settled over mostly everything, and even though the blinds are still wide open just the way they were left that morning almost three months ago… everything looks dark. 

He couldn’t get himself to clean any of it up, he just waves his wand and gets rid of the dust, but everything else was left intact. Newt takes a shower in their own bathroom that day, using all of Graves’ products, longing for a part of his husband back. 

He’d received a few owls from the ministry, asking when he’d come back for work. Some offering information on a new sighting of a creature, and the ministry asking if he knew what it was, when he’d go investigate it. All of them go unanswered.

He has stopped wearing his own coat, has replaced it with the one his husband always wore. It looks awkward on him, far too fancy, far odd. But he wears it with pride. It belonged to his husband, his husband who had done so much for everyone. 

The period of depression is the one which lasted the longest, and it partially never ended. Never again did he sleep in their bed, too haunted by all the memories of that house. Newt still goes there and visits. Sits on the floor facing Percy’s side of the bed. He swears he can still picture him there sometimes, sleeping comfortably under the blankets, limbs all tangled with Newt’s own. 

The magizoologist can’t help seeing him everywhere, besides him, hearing his voice. 

He knows Percy wouldn’t want him to be like this, he’d want him to move on, to go back to his creatures and the one thing he loved the most. But he can’t- he just can’t. It all feels wrong without him there by his side. 

He changed his last name now, because when first discussed Newt said he’d just tack it on to the rest of his name. Neither were more powerful than each other, they were a team, and they would always be. So he married and became Newton Artemis Fido Scamander Graves. Now- now he’s no longer Scamander, he’s just Graves. The name feels funny, not quite his, but he gets used to it soon enough.

His money is really starting to run low, he nows he will have to go to work soon. It’s been almost a year, but still he wears his husbands’ ring on his finger, his coat on his shoulders, and his memories like a cloud hanging over him. Newt never touched Graves; money, despite knowing his husband would complain if he was still alive enough to do so. “We’re married, partners like you said. Everything that’s mine is yours too.” Something like that is what he would say. But Newt would never dare. Besides his husband’s stolen coat, he didn’t touch anything else of his. 

Newt pushes himself to go back to London, to the ministry and beg for his job back. It is given with a lot of hesitation, but he’s got it back at the very least. He’s off traveling again, writing about creatures and submerging himself in his work. The more he works, the busier he is, the less and less that he thinks about his deceased husband. 

Percival is still out there he tells himself. He’s just busy with work and will write when he has the chance.

Newt keeps on trying to fool himself, but it never works. He knows the truth. 

Three more years pass by, four now since his husband was burried.

Never once did Newt visit his grave, not even when his husband was being put underground. It all felt like too much. Theseus went though, and told him about it. About how all the Aurors had been present there, even Picquery herself had gone and spoken a few words. The Goldstein’s had cried… but had they done so for their now dead friend, or for the husband whom he’d left behind? It had been a beautiful sunny day. Newt felt like the weather was almost mocking. How dare you be so happy on this day?!?!

Newt cries himself to sleep a lot.

Dumbledore had become headmaster of Hogwarts. He’d invited Newt over, and brought him into such a tight hug the moment they met. He allowed Newt to use the pensieve in the room and left him alone. Newt had pulled out memories from himself the day he learned Percy was dead. This way I can’t ever loose him. 

He sees him again, for the first time in years. And he looks stunning. Wearing a tux, hair slicked back, and smiling as Newt leaned in to kiss him as they were declared married. 

Newt goes through all of the memories. 

Dumbledore finds him sobbing uncontrollably on the floor hours later and pulls him onto his lap, holding him and sushing him, telling him things would be alright. 

It goes on like this for many years. 

Newt’s old now, he needs a cane to help him walk. The suitcase was passed down to his nephew, a blonde with freckles who loved magical creatures as much as Newt did. 

All his animals had either died, or been relocated to a better and more natural habitat. Even Pickett had died. But somethings remained the same, such as the two wedding bands on his finger, and the way he’d never again been with anyone after Graves. 

You were my first and my very last.

And for the first time since he’d left the house the two had lived in, he goes to their room, no hesitation this time as he opens the door and limps to the bed, carefully laying down and closing his eyes for the very last time.

I will soon see you again.