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It's kind of Jekyll and Hyde-y in a way the whole Savitar thing. Not so much the classic tale but the distinct beings. How Savitar *is* Barry but with certain things exaggerated with an absence of love and friendship and all those things that keep Barry light. And how Barry could have gone that path if he didn't have those people in his life that he does, that love and support even though he also has that darkness inside him.

Yeah that is a good way to put it. And it could’ve been explored in dopplegangers or with an evil twin (Malcolm Thawne, anyone?) but I love that they used a time remnant because that means he really *is* Barry, our Barry, just a little older, and a lot darker. He has all the same memories and pain and love, the same core, but it’s so broken and distorted now?

And our Barry could truly become that? There’s not a question of that possibility because we literally see it - he is our Barry, taken to a dark extremity. 

And that makes me love him, too? Because he truly does have the same core of love and vulnerability despite it all, just with the hate and anger ramped up to 1000 and he’s given up trying to control those things and hold himself in check. 

So Barry, our Barry, without love, without hope, and with all that pain rushing back all the time, he becomes… Savitar.

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Frederik with Vincent and Josephine

taking the kids to school. Love that they do this. Like most parents.

They could easily pass this along to their help, but its a lovely memory that they and the kids will remember.

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This is so cute. I love that they take the kids to school. And I love the Danish tradition of those bikes with the bit on the front for the kids to sit in. I wish we had that more over here. 

Mississippi lawmaker Karl Oliver wants to lynch people who take down Confederate monuments

  • Mississippi state Rep. Karl Oliver learned of New Orleans’ successful effort to remove Confederate monuments from public spaces, and he wanted to do one thing to the people responsible: lynch them.
  • “The destruction of these monuments, erected in the loving memory of our family and fellow southern Americans, is both heinous and horrific,” the GOP politician wrote Saturday on his Facebook page.  
  • According to the Jackson Free Press, Oliver’s message was “liked” by state Republican representatives John Read and Doug McLeod.
  • The Facebook post also drew at least one Twitter rebuke from a Democratic member of the state’s House of Representatives. Read more (5/22/17)

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Letting go of someone who’s not good for you

1. Write down all the reasons why you think it’s bad for you to keep on being a part of this love relationship.

2. Try to call to mind the pain and hurtful memories, and all the times you’ve wished that your heart was free again.

3. Identify and list all the different ways you’ve changed, and become less of your self with this person’s in your life.

4. Remind yourself of how you’ve tried to try to keep the love alive – and how it hasn’t worked, or left you feeling satisfied.

5. Think about and celebrate the ways you think you’ll change if you can end things now, and can love somebody else.

6. Image being strong enough to make a lasting break, and doing what is best for the “you” you want to be.

7. Think of things you’ll do to fill the void it leaves behind – so you are not pulled back when you’re hit with loneliness.

8. Remember what was good – for not everything was bad. Be thankful for the lessons, and the memories you have.

I was driving home today as I passed by all the places we used to go together. It was in the midst of our bittersweet memories when I realized I took you to all my favorite places.
All my favorite places that I can never return to again.
—  Everything reminds me of you

It’s times like this when you realise that money or being financially free provides life with a level of freedom but it isn’t something to dedicate you’re entire existence towards.

It’s times like this when you realise that what makes life worth living is love; falling in love and creating families, making memories with your loved ones, waking up to the person you love everyday, loving your occupation, loving yourself.

It’s times like this when you realise how empty life was before, when you finally connect your souls missing piece with another soul, and formulate a bond stronger than anything you’ve experienced before. A reciprocated love that solely promotions growth and positive changes.

It’s times like this when it all makes sense.