Sophie&Gideon 🖤

Some head canon ideas for this underrated ship in honor of Lightwood Day.

-Gideon teaches all of the children Spanish, which Sophie loves and appreciates because she was not given the chance to learn another language as a child.

-This also leads to the children picking up Gideon’s habit of swearing in Spanish.

-This Sophie is not so happy about but it brings up fond memories of Gideon giving her her first training lessons and so she lets it slide…most of the time.

-Sophie teaches their girls how to be strong, independent women so that they will never be victims at the hands of greedy men like she was.

-Sophie teaches her girls that it’s ok to be picky when looking for a husband, not just any man will do, because they deserve kind, strong, intelligent men like their father.

-They always sit down for tea and scones on Sunday afternoon which tends to lead Sophie and Gideon down memory lane.

-They then exchange lovely memories of how they met, their courtship, and the early years of their marriage while both teary eyed.

-The children usually roll their eyes at this but secretly hope for the kind of love story their parents have.

-Sophie and Gideon tell the children of their grandfather and all his mistakes. While they do not teach the children to hate him, they use him as an example of what happens when shadowhunters lose their way and sight of their purpose.

-Sophie and Gideon take the children over to the institute every Saturday to spend the day with Will, Tessa, Gabriel and Cecily and all their children. They love being a part of such a big family.

-Gideon and Sophie view Will and Tess and their children as much their family as Gabriel and Cecily.

-Gideon never takes sides when Will and Gabriel are arguing, he instead likes to amuse himself with comments like “You two seem more like brothers than Gabriel and I” which always leads to Will and Gabriel stopping their argument, both embarrassed to be accused as being blood related and not just by marriage.

-This always amuses Gideon further and he reminds them that they argue so much because they are actually very alike. This causes more embarrassed looks and mutters to the contrary.

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kazuvi au where they're fucking happy (and dating) go go

MAIK OF COURSE! Thank you. I didn’t know it was possible for me to write Kazubisha without angst, but yOU’VE INSPIRED ME. Also I don’t know if shinki have heartbeats so just pretend for the sake of this. XD

Bishamonten has been alive far more years than she has lived.

Morning light spills through the window, flooding the room with a pale, welcoming glow. A new day is home to new memories with the people she loves. It has been far too long since she’s seen it quite like that.

Kazuma sleeps with his arms circling her middle. He’s strong, steady, but most importantly he’s alive, inasmuch as that’s possible for someone dead. She closes her eyes with a smile as his heartbeat thrums where his chest meets her back.

They’ve sacrificed everything for this. In a sense, she couldn’t be more tired. But when she feels him stir, whisper her name into her neck, and tighten his arms around her, fire ignites her veins.

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What I love about the Amnesia AU is the question of morality in terms of the physical. The term Amnesia isn't quite correct as Kylo basically ripped all of Hux as a person out. So... is a person their personality or their body? Is someone's crimes connected to who they are or to their anatomy. Yes, Hux did those things but with Hux gone and as good as dead, is it right to punish the body that's left behind? Oh, the debates the Republic/Resistance would have to have over this!

Ooooh, an interesting take on it! You’re right about the term ‘amnesiac’ being used, since Hux’s memory loss is intentional but I’m not quite sure what else you could call him, and I’m sure the Resistance wouldn’t either!

I suppose it’d depend on how much Hux forgets. If he forgets absolutely everything about himself–which I’m presuming is what the first anon meant to happen–then there’d be no experience there for his previous way of thinking/acting to be based on. So I agree, that with his memory gone, the Hux that destroyed the Hosnian system is as good as dead. Not even Luke or Rey can bring Hux back but they can comfirm that foul play has occured, not that Kylo would ever admit to anything.

Maybe he and the new Hux would sit together in their cell whilst the Republic argues amongst themselves. Kylo is heartbroken that it came to this and that Hux looks at him as though he means nothing to him but it’s the price they’ve had to pay. At least Hux is still alive this way. …Or is he?

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hey u know how apparently because dean and cas have both watched tv at different points of different seasons they're more jacks dad's than sam?? even tho sam is actually kind to and trying to raise jack? funny how logic works for these idiots

If Dean was actually in love with Cas or even really viewed him as a “brother,” he would want to raise Jack. He would see it as his duty and a way to honor Cas’ life. If Cas was the love of Dean’s life and died and left a son, the normal thing for Dean to do would be to raise him as his own child, teach him what kind of person Cas was and impart Cas’ values. Instead we see Dean try to murder Jack minutes after he was born, mistreat him, threaten him, all of which have made Jack have low self-esteem and want to die. Sam is the only one mourning Cas and honoring his memory the way a loved one would.

I don’t want him to become a memory.
—  I loved him dearly. He was real and I loved him dearly.//E.M.//8 words #98
She’s moved on.
But sometimes the sky still looks like his eyes.
She’s moved on.
But she’s kept every possession that has any connection to him.
She’s moved on.
But when she comes across that flannel he left behind she’ll put it on so it’s like he’s holding her again.
She’s moved on.
But the fact that the same flannel has almost lost every last trace of him, makes her chest feel heavier for a while.
She’s moved on.
But on lonely nights she’ll sleep in his old t-shirt he gave her when she was his.
She’s moved on?
But there’s moments so often where something happens or is said that reminds her of him and a memory she loved, sometimes wishing she could relive it even just for a moment…
—  You never really move on, just move past…// Sil. R. (Via ourvoicematters)