‘A Devious Act II’ - H.S. Divorce Series

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Words: 1,270

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of divorce.

This is part two, please request for part 3, plus ideas.

Requests are OPEN

Part One

It felt like nothing has happened when she woke up. She felt like it was like any other day. It uses to be that she would wake up beside him, but lately, he never been there for her awake.
The pillow beside her was damp, it was like she cried throughout her sleep, the tears still present upon her cheeks, reminding her of the events. It brought her back to the situation, the whole ordeal of it all. Why would he do that? Why would he throw away ten years of love, memories? Why would he do that to his family?
   (Y/N) lied in her bed, the sun streaks flowing through her window, the white covers bunched and she just lay looking up at the white ceiling, pondering these questions. Should she take him back? If it was really a mistake, he would never do it more than once, and this process, this “accident” happened throughout the year.
   She wouldn’t be lying if she said she still loves him. But thinking the situation over and over again, began to bring an astonishment. He really fucked up.
   The noise of thumping feet brought her out of her trance; no longer frozen. The blood rushed back, it felt like time stopped, and she was back in reality. That this was all a dream, but sometimes dreams can turn into a nightmare, and this is a nightmare in her eyes.
   A dip happened on the bed, she turned her head and spotted her firstborn making her way in the bedroom. Ivy began crawling up to her, the green eyes slightly showing a sparkle when the sun fits the iris. She was a spitting image of him, curly brown hair, green eyes, but she had her nose, a small petite nose. Seeing her, brought a small tear fall down her face. How was she to break this to them? Ivy might pick up pieces and Alfie will just be oblivious.
   “Hey, poppet.” (Y/N) told her, bringing her in for a morning cuddle. Ivy just giggled, seeing her mummy have a smile upon her lips.
   “Where’s daddy?” she questioned, making (Y/N)’s head turn to her, a smile came to a frown; she couldn’t break it yet.
   “Out, love. Let’s go get your brother, and eat so breaky. Hmm?” she told her, ticking her belly. She rolled off the bed, her daughter standing up and jumping on the mattress.
   “Come on, then.”
   Walking in Alfie’s room was the same as any day. He truly is a mummy’s boy, jumping and screaming in joy when she comes in. He was just standing up, holding onto the crib, playing with his blanket. (Y/N) walked in, opening her mouth, shaking her head creating a big smile. Her arms went out, coming towards her little one.
“How’s my precious boy?” she clapped at him. All Alfie can muster was a loud squeal, dancing a bit with his butt, doing a little boogie. It brought joy to her broken heart. She didn’t need a man in her life, just Alfie. Alfie can be the man of the house.
She picked him up, him instantly placing his head against her neck. She tapped his butt a bit, rocking him back and forth, while her daughter followed behind.
(Y/N) did the normal routine, feeding each child of hers. Placing Alf in his chair, and Ivy sitting at the breakfast bar, drawing in her notebook.
She went to her phone, checking if anything has happened. Surprised to see no message from Harry; it brought her mood a bit down.
“So tell me,” she began, wanting to ask the kids what happened last night, “what’d you do with daddy when mum was out?” Ivy looked up a bit, seeing her mother fed Alfie some baby food out of the fridge.
“Daddy put Alfie to bed early, like right after dinner. Then some lady came over and dad told me to go to my room.” Ivy told her, continuing to draw. (Y/N) just nodded, not wanting to know more about the situation. Ivy sounded like she didn’t care, it couldn’t be too bad.
The day continued the same, no messages from Harry, no questions from the kids. He truly was distant. The three of them went to the market, picking out fruits and vegetables for the week. Ivy loved seeing all the different types of candy, (Y/N) letting her pick a few. She enjoyed the time with her children. She’ll always enjoy their company.
Coming home was a gongshow, Alfie was cranky and tired, and the traffic was terrible. They eventually got home ten to six, with a tired baby in the back and a hungry five-year-old. She parked the car, and got out, holding Alfie close to her.
What they didn’t expect coming home was a tired Harry sitting on the couch, with a beer, watching some random channel. Ivy instantly forgot her worries and ran to him, clutching him. He hugged her but let go of her quick, pushing her away, slightly. (Y/N) simply ignored him, setting Alfie in his highchair, and taking out the takeout from her bag.
“I didn’t know you’ll be home, so I got you nothing.” usually they would split if this was to happen, but can’t she be selfish for once in her life? He is pretty good at it and has done it an awful lot.
“Not to worry love, already ate the leftover pizza in the fridge.” He replied, sitting at the breakfast counter next to his daughter who consumed herself in the food. Everyone sat, the two kids stuffing their mouths. Alfie created more than a mess, the leftovers of everything was around his lips, giving her a smile. Eating together was awkward, the kids didn’t pick up on it, but it was tense between her and Harry. Harry sat in silence, arms crossed out in front of him. (Y/N) ate lightly, picking at the food constantly.
“Ivy love, it’s late, and you have school tomorrow, so please go brush your teeth and go to bed. Mum will be up there in a bit, with Alf.” (Y/N) broke the awkward silence. It was odd for her chatterbox five-year-old to be quiet like a mouse. Ivy nodded, heading up the stairs, while (Y/N) cleaned up.
“Can we talk about it?” he asked, taking sips from the beer.
“How many of those have you had?” she fired back, putting the garbage away, and cleaning Alfie’s highchair table.
“Then no.” she fired back again, picking up Alfie and heading up the stairs. Harry was undefeated, simply pushing the beer away, watching it smash on the floor. The glass bottle coming in contact with the wooden floors. His cheek in his palm, and just look towards the kitchen cabinets.
(Y/N) could hear it from upstairs, groaning internally when she placed a kiss on her baby’s forehead, and quickly coming downstairs, seeing the mess. She ignored him, ignored everything around her, and picked up the lukewarm milk and running back upstairs, completing a part of her nightly routine.
“Harry for fuck sake, you’re acting like a child,” she said, coming down the stairs, seeing him with his head in his palms, and just being still.
“I want a divorce,” he mumbled, more to himself, practising for what is to come.
“I want a divorce,” he said once again, louder at the moment.

happy super duper belated birthday to the lovely and unbelievably kind @blushyalec. jule you are someone who radiates light wherever they go and i’m so lucky to know you and call you a friend. you’re beautiful and kind and have carved out a special place in my heart. i hope your year is filled with joy and memories and a whole lotta love ❤️

p.s. this is set in the world inverted universe!!

It’s not that Magnus is upset - it’s more that he’s, frankly, a little pissed.

Magnus is hundreds of years old, and he knows that, yes, but being with Alec - who is an event planner and everything - Magnus thought that just maybe he might be able to celebrate his birthday this year. Something small and quaint, maybe for just the two of them, but still something.

Both Alec and Magnus have had busy weeks, and Alec hadn’t stayed over the night before Magnus’ birthday. Magnus hadn’t minded, since he knew everything had been crazy recently, but he had been expecting to wake up to the good morning text that Alec usually sent when he didn’t stay the night. But his notifications were empty.

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Let us not only remember those of us who are seated at a table that may be seemingly full this year. Let us be thankful and remember those that have spent those days with us all throughout the year, or may be stationed miles away, and maybe last Thanksgiving was the last time we got to see them and they passed. Let us be thankful for memories and loved ones past, present, and future. Find a reason to be thankful for what you have had or currently have today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last November I was a tumblr newbie and knew no one. Oh how a year changes things. This year I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made here and I want you to know how much I appreciate you guys.

@thefinalhorcruxx, @remedial-potions, @jenn582, @idearlylovealaugh, @wildegreenlight, @trademarkblue, @coyotelaughingsoftly, @aloemilk, @aloemilk, @azaleablueme, @theperksofshippingromione: because you guys are my better than RL friends and I honestly have no idea what I would do without you. 

@diva-gonzo, @otterandterrier and @weasleyismyking540: for showing me what it looks like to always stand up for yourself and what you believe in! You are incredible. 

@owlpostagain @disneyprinceronweasley: your Potter discourse gives me life. Never stop.

@fleamontpotter @chirravutever: for illustrating all the missing book moments…thank you for giving me everything I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. Now I can never get enough.

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I’m so looking forward to getting to know even more of you over the next year. I cannot believe how incredible of a place you guys have made tumblr for me. I never thought I’d find the escape from reality here that I did.

In summary.. I’M THANKFUL FOR YOU.

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I’m thankful for my babygirl, who without I would probably be a memory. I love my girl with all my heart. -Rems

I relate.

My baby, my boyfriend, is one of the best things in my life. I love him too much for words.

I’m glad you have her hon.

-Mel (the Slytherin)

“colonel” dark spits, deep in an argument that will soon come to blows.

“damien,” wilford fires back. “celine.”

“william,” dark hisses, and throws the first punch.

“colonel,” dark hums, running a hand down wilford’s back.

“damien,” wilford murmurs back. “celine.”

“william,” dark says around a small smile.

Aries: Taking the easy way out was never good for you. You’re better than this town and it’s demons. I hope you know that. I hope some day you manage to see past it all.

Taurus: It’s okay that you need to cling to memories. To keep all the love letters they wrote for you. Some people will never understand. But every time you see your picture, you see so much more then just another ghost.

Gemini: Stop picking open old wounds. There’s no infection left there. You just need to let it sit and heal. Let the memory fade back into darkness.

Cancer: You can’t smoke drink or fuck your disorder away. I know you want to. But hiding behind a cloud of smoke and long sleeved hoodies

Leo: Draw your arrows. Now is not the time to just lay down and die. Get up. Get up and learn to fight again. Know that you are worth fighting for in every way possible. That you are something amazing.

Virgo :Stop going back to the places that parts of you died at, just to torture your self. You can’t keep running the knife across your skin, then wonder why you’re bleeding. It’s time to recover.

Libra: Don’t be afraid of the person you see in the mirror. Being alone just gives you time to figure out who you are underneath all of the bullshit of everyone else. Learn that spending time alone doesn’t mean being lonely.

Scorpio:It’s okay to relax every once in awhile. You can not stay on vigil 24/7. Even the best soldier has to rest. It is time to rest. To ease yourself into calm.

Sagittarius: Everything heals. You won’t need them forever. It won’t hurt forever, just for right now. This kind of pain is temporary.

Capricorn: Shrug off all their assumptions. They don’t really know what you’ve gone through. You’re not whatever their saying about you. You’re so much more then all of their bullshit rumors and lies.

Aquarius: Do what is best for you. Even if it means leaving others behind. Sometimes you have to claw yourself up from the very bottom. Sometimes you can’t have other people there with you. But it will be okay. You will be okay.

Pisces: Stop trying to run from it all. You can’t deal with it if you can’t face it. Look up and acknowledge what happened. As terrifying as it all shocking and heartbreaking as it was. You will get through it.

This weeks zodiac

Dragon Power!

My character, Mo, is a very short, apathetic, stubborn, chaotic neutral. Due to my horrible memory, and love for annoying the DM, she often tries to use powers she doesn’t have, which never ends well. Here is my favourite thing that happened:

Me: I turn into a dragon.
DM: No, you can’t do that.
Me: I turn into a dragon!
DM: You don’t have that ability! Mo can’t turn into a dragon!
Me: Too bad. I’m a dragon now.
DM: Okay, so Mo begins to stomp around and growl, pretending to be a dragon.
Le (Playing as a NG Wizard): I cast a spell that makes it look like Mo breathes fire!
DM: Oh boy, okay. Go ahead.
(Rolls a 15)
DM: Mo, roll for intimidation.
(Rolls a nat 20)
DM: OkAY! Wow! So, at first the enemies were confused on what the tiny red-haired one was doing, then saw her breath fire and lose their minds.
Le: They peed their pants!
DM: Yeah. They peed their pants and they are super embarrassed about it.

I don’t want him to become a memory.
—  I loved him dearly. He was real and I loved him dearly.//E.M.//8 words #98