When I think of him,
I think of dark evenings around 8 p.m., of pathetic pop songs and late night Internet - stalking. Of the tears I cried when he had another girlfriend, I think about timid smiles and soft hello’s, about unexplainable, mixed signals and confusing information.
I think of the way he smiled at me, giddy, like a schoolboy, of the way he smelled and how no cloud of smoke could make him less attractive.
I think about the songs ‘Razorblades’ and ‘The Ghost of You and I’ from Story of the Year. I think about the arguments about him with my parents and friends.
I think of Sundays and eye contact during church services. I think about always having to worry about him and the time he was in jail.

And eventhough overall it aren’t happy feelings, I would give so much to have it all back

—  confessions

Hey, y’all! @in-the-midst-of-memories had the wonderful idea of starting a community prayer request post of sorts. So, comment on and/or reblog this post with your prayer request(s), that way we can all pray for and encourage each other as one big Jesus loving community. :)

anonymous asked:

Do you think Amami and Shirogane might have some sort of connection? According to Amami's FTEs he has 12 sisters (most of them are actually step-sisters) and all of them are missing for some reason. And when we take Tsumugi to the love hotel it's revealed she's in love with her step brother. Also, if I'm not mistaken, didn't Ouma make a DR1 reference in ch3 and said he thought Amami might be related to the mastermind?

This is an interesting question! It’s impossible to know for sure of course but at most I would say…it’s a possibility, to be sure? Amami definitely has 12 sisters according to his FTEs as you said, and what’s more, I believe it’s also confirmed they’re not all blood-related to him necessarily. The fact that Tsumugi mentions her step-brother in her love hotel scene also seems like an interesting fact for her to bring up, moreso since it’s something that never actually comes up in her regular FTEs.

The problem is how much of this information can be taken at face value, as well as how much of it was meant seriously. As with most in-game backstories, it’s uncertain whether Amami’s siblings actually exist in reality or whether they were something engineered—I personally am inclined to think they do, however, since I think most of the “important people” that each of the characters remember were definitely based on real people they were close to, rather than entirely made up. The best lies are the ones with some truth to them, after all.

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Anyone remember that rly old sketch of Kai I made?
Well I forgot I was working on a digital version of it LOL
Dunno if i’ll finish it but might as well upload what I have haha!