Prince Kaisel cantered up beside Lan. “That Saldaean flag bears the red stripe of the Queen,” he said. “She’s riding with them again, Lan.”

“She is their queen. She can do as she wishes.”

“You should talk to her,” Kaisel said, shaking his head. “Its not right,
Lan. Other women from the Saldaean army are starting to ride with them as well.”

“I’ve seen Saldaean women spar,” Lan said, still watching the battlefield. “If I were to place a bet on a contest between one of them and a man from any army in the South, I’d bet on the Saldaean any day.”

“But …”

“This war is everything or nothing. If I could round up each woman in
the Borderlands and put a sword in her hands, I would. For now, I’ll settle for not doing something stupid—like forbidding some trained and passionate soldiers from fighting. If you, however, decide not to exercise that prudence, you are free to tell them what you think. I promise to give you a good burial once they let me take your head down off the pole.”


The Wheel of Time 14: A Memory of Light, Chapter 16

Lan Mandragoran is not having any of Prince Kaisel misogynistic crap.

Lan nodded to him, then looked at Moiraine. “Have you two been arguing?”

Moiraine tucked the mark away, face becoming impassive. Rand didn’t know what to make of the interaction between the two of them since Moiraine’s return. They were civil, but there was a distance between them that he had not expected.


A Memory of Light, chapter 11 “Just Another Sell-sword”.

there was a distance between them

Because seeing Moiraine alive doesn’t magically sweep away Lan’s broken-bond-induced grief. Because Moiraine’s reappearance does not resolve lingering tensions regarding the choices she made before.

Because these two have over 20 years experience of being an Aes-Sedai-and-Warder team, and falling back into their old partnership is impossible without that professional relationship and without that emphatic link. And they’ve both moved on - they don’t want the partnership they once had. They need to build a new relationship, with different boundaries.

They’re old friends, they’ll figure it out. Or maybe they already have and this is what works for them. 

It’s just not what suits poor Rand, who wants a moment of things being back to normal with his mentor figures, before the end.