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muRDERER! Zack did nothing wrong to deserve hard mode and you KILL HIM








 okay i might literally be the only person who thinks of these things because it’s like a whole new level of over-analyzing but ahahaha look tho. strange things happen in charmed universe aka that jacket is pretty unisex. reincarnated great minds think alike.


Yellow Journal

This is kinda like a wreck this journal. Well, contains a lot of stories, photos, memories, frustrations and disappointments. And if you will open this you are officially entering my world.

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“You’re not dead, so I assume you’re fine.” She crossed her arms across her chest. They had the same super serum pumping through their veins. She knew it would take a lot to kill him. 

“I know you’re trying to bring Bucky’s memories back but why would you tell him I used to have a crush on him?! He didn’t know that with his memories. How is that suppose to trigger any of his memories about me?” Her frustration was growing. Bucky had always been around but he had always had a girl. She was just been scrawny, sickly Shirley, Steve’s twin.   

She had told Steve about her crush but it was her brother’s best friend, that was a road Shirley didn’t want to go down. 

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How many timelines do you remember? Can you remember any???

* [Sans doesn’t seem like he wants to answer at first, smile dropping more and the light in his pupils momentarily gone.]

* …Less and less, lately. It’s gettin’ harder to remember what’s real or not. What each timeline is. Whether I’m rememberin’ something- or makin’ it up in my mind being paranoid. 

* …Bits in pieces, I know, are right. Sometimes I’ll lie to the kiddo and say I remember everythin’, but there’s times where I can’t remember anything they tell me.

* When I think about it, maybe it’s for the better. But then there’s some stuff- some stuff I wonder if I’d done. Some stuff from the past that keep slipping my mind even before the timelines- before everything. Keeps coming and going from my memory, and it’s frustrating.

* …

* Kind of a mess, really. Can’t help but keep doin’ the same mundane tasks, just… in case somethin’ happen. Where I won’t be able to remember everything again, or when things are reset, or everythin’- it makes it easier. Used to cook a lot until now, used to want to apply for some different jobs too to get spare money that we might be able to trade up on the surface so we can live in peace…

* [He doesn’t want to talk anymore.]

(Warning for long post. I’ll put it under a read more when I’m less lazy.)
Wow, ok.
This has been a very self introspective period for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about my whole life, trying to figure out where do all my issues stem from, what caused it, etc. etc.
I’ve tried my hardest to remember everything I can from my early childhood to this day. This brought up lots of repressed memories and frustration, generally lots of negativity. I remembered all of my past anger, violent thoughts, extreme attention seeking, and things like that. The thing is, I’ve always had issues for as long as I can remember, so I always dismissed it as being part of my personality (and that just made me assume I had a terrible personality which wasn’t good at all for my poor, fragile ego), but in the end I realized it just comes from very early.
I’m not going to explain everything because that’d be telling the story of my life and I don’t really feel like doing that here and now. I’m just gonna say, I have tons of mommy issues, and in the end, I decided to confront her about it. I had a heart to heart with my mom where I discussed my entire life, how I felt about it all, and how I feel now.
And holy hell, I just placed everything together. I finally feel like all the pieces fit, and I can see the whole picture.
I can finally say I know where I’m coming from with my problems and issues, and now that I addressed them, I finally feel like I can move on. Of course I haven’t just magically solved everything, but knowing the reason behind most of my problems will help me overcome them, I believe. I still don’t know how to properly do it, but I’m going to try. I’m going to be better.

Also, I finally started a YouTube channel where I’m gonna post vlogs, videos where I talk about personal stuff, trans stuff mostly, since I love those channels. I’m not gonna give it out yet though because it’s still a wip and I still don’t have the confidence to say “I made this, this is me speaking” as I’m constantly convinced I’m being embarrassing and saying stupid things. And most likely I am, but, hey, we all have to start somewhere, and if I don’t post the embarrassing and stupid things, I’ll never learn to make good ones.
So yeah, I think in going to make a video about this in the bear future. Hopefully very near.

Magnus Bane Is Here: Harry Shum Jr. Makes His Grand Entrance

Magnus Bane Is Here: Harry Shum Jr. Makes His Grand Entrance

External image

This week’s Shadowhunters episode, the aptly named “Raising Hell” brought a favorite character to the front for some much-anticipated screen time. The High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane, is the man responsible for Clary’s (Katherine McNamara) frustrating memory block, so the gang took steps to lure him out of hiding. What followed was probably the most gratifying episode of the series to air…

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I used to be obsessed with dog breed books when I was younger, but because my memory is shocking I hardly retained anything. So I’m trying to drum it all in to my head, along with grooming patterns, and all the rest. If I could change ONE thing about me it would be a better memory. It really fucking frustrates me. On a daily basis.

Holy Shit.

So the time has come. I finished school in November. Now I am officialy done with my musical activities with my orchestra (I play the violin, by the way) and I am a month away from moving cities, just like when I was eleven. Again.

But now I am doing it alone. Little me, all by myself. Little me, now has to go to university. Speaking of which, I still don’t know how the fuck I passed that entrance exam, but I am glad all that time studying payed off.

All that tied me to this place, I have either lost or  put an end to.  This beautiful place, riddled with memories, joy, hopes and frustration and the feeling of timelessness that comes with all of it. Time, time has passed and I am no longer a child. No matter what I say or do. Life is so short. So brief. Now this place and the people in it will no longer be a part of my daily life. Except for my family, but I know they will always be with me– no matter where I am. They always are. 

Why do we fear change so much? The universe IS change. We ARE the universe. So then, why do we fear it? Why do we fear what we are? After all, it’s all we know. All we get to experience. And yet it scares the shit out of us.

Well, I did have some sort of crisis last year, before I decide to go and try entering university. And I somehow managed to fool myself and believe that I was 100% okay with that. Well, I am not. It’s not that I regret my choice. It’s not that I don’t want to do this. I really, really, really, really, do. REALLY. I love music. I do. But, I am afraid. I just don’t trust myself. 

I am afraid of fucking things up. I doubt myself. How could I possibly succeed? I am always so scared that it sort of blocks me. 

Well, fuck me. I’m gonna try and show that guy he’s wrong.

Hang on tight, world. 

Here I go.

Platformer Fatigue

The very specific point you reach while playing a platformer game, generally 3-10 minutes into a level, where you stop getting further and further every time and gradually get worse instead. Caused by a combination of hands getting tired, muscle memory getting thrown off, frustration, increased lack of patience, and self-consciousness. Identifiable by the phrase “I used to be able to do that jump, what’s going on?”


“Duck Game has been fun, but man, on some of those harder challenges, major RNG plus platformer fatigue equals a pure frustration machine. You just can’t make your fingers do what you want them to do.”

SanDisk 8GB Class 4 SDHC Memory Card - Frustration-Free Packaging

SanDisk 8GB Class 4 SDHC Memory Card – Frustration-Free Packaging

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SanDisk 8GB Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card, Frustration-Free Packaging- SDSDB-008G-AFFP (Label May Change) Capture and store all your memories with the affordable and reliable SanDisk SDHC Memory Card (8GB). With 8GB of storage space, the card allows you to take plenty of photos and video without running out of space. The card also features a writeable label, making it…

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Tiger 'tamed' by good friend Couples at the Memorial

By Mark Lamport-Stokes

DUBLIN, Ohio (Reuters) - Tiger Woods had plenty of fun playing with good friend Fred Couples in Thursday’s opening round of the Memorial Tournament, but was frustrated after failing to capitalizes on good ball-striking in tough conditions.

While PGA Tour veteran Couples surprised himself with his own good play on lightning-fast greens that became increasingly bumpy for the late starters, Woods had to settle for a one-under-par 71 after mixing five birdies with four bogeys.

“It was probably the highest score I could have shot today,” five-times Memorial champion Woods told reporters after launching his title defence with a total of 30 putts on a hot, muggy and breezy afternoon at Muirfield Village Golf Club.

“Didn’t capitalise on a few opportunities I had. Short irons, I didn’t hit them close enough. All in all it was a pretty high score.

"But I played a lot better than my score indicates. Hopefully tomorrow I can clean up, make a few more putts and get a roll.”

Woods, who has clinched four victories in just seven starts on the 2013 PGA Tour, is considered one of the best putters of all time but he struggled on greens he described as “a little crusty and a little bumpy”.

He added: “I just didn’t make anything today. I thought I hit good putts. I misread a couple pretty badly.

"Chipping is tough around here. You’ve got to leave it in the correct spots. I left all my chip shots on the correct spots where I had uphill putts coming for the next one.

"And unfortunately I didn’t bury those,” added Woods, who was six shots behind leader Charl Schwartzel of South Africa.


Asked what he thought of the five-birdie 70 carded by the 53-year-old Couples, who will captain the U.S. Presidents Cup team against the Internationals in October at Muirfield Village, Woods smiled: “Yeah, kicked my ass.”

Overall, though, Woods thoroughly enjoyed being grouped with former Masters champion Couples and fellow American Keegan Bradley, who also opened with a 71.

“We had a good time,” said Woods, a 14-times major winner. “We had our spells when we were having a lot of fun and had spells when it got a little quiet out there.

"I made a few mistakes, so did Keegs. It had its moments.”

Couples, champion here in 1998, was delighted with his round after playing no competitive golf for a month since he tied for fourth in the Liberty Mutual Insurance Legends of Golf in Savannah, Georgia on the over-50s Champions Tour.

“I was not expecting 70,” the laid-back Couples beamed. “I’m not going to lie to anyone. But I’m thrilled. I’ve not been playing any golf. I skipped last week.

"To be honest, I sent him (Woods) a text and said, ‘Do you really want me in this group? I’ve played no golf.’ You’re nervous playing with him.

"But I was more nervous, because I’ve not played since Savannah with Jay Haas and I didn’t play well there, so to go through all that … but I did beat him (Woods),” he added with a laugh.

Couples, who has played just four times on the Champions Tour and twice on the PGA Tour this season, outlined the strategy he usually adopts when paired with Woods in competition.

“My goal when I play with him always is to try to hit it solid and stay out of his way,” he said.

“And today was a good one. I’ve putted extremely well and I look forward to playing tomorrow.”

(Editing by Greg Stutchbury)