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I like dub Kaiba but he really just drives me up the damn wall sometimes. Like here, for example. I’m torn between wanting to punch him in the face for still refusing to believe that magic exists and wanting to laugh because he ends up going to Egypt anyway.

Then again, Egypt is the land of de Nile so he should feel right at home there.


Ah, so you DO know his true name. But then… why list his name as Yugi Mutou in your simulation? 

Clearly Seto isn’t used to Atemu’s real name (he has to correct himself), but maybe this is also his way of clinging to the hope that the pharao’s spirit is still earth-bound and thus retrievble. By aknowledging his name, he’s aknowledge the event that went with it: Atemu’s passing into the afterlife.

This stream of consciousness dovetails with the post I reblogged earlier, of Seto feeling abandoned by Atemu. Atemu is gone, but he still haunts Seto’s thoughts, because he never had any closure.
In the anime, he was present during the ceremonial battle, even though he “lost” the preceeding quarrel over who gets to fight Atemu and send him off. Naturally, Seto thought it should be him, as his strongest rival (which, from his point of view totally makes sense, if you take into account what Ishizu said about this being the pharao’s hardest test). Yugi fighting Atemu makes sense from a narrative point of view, but after all nobody (not even Yugi himself) had any idea on how to stage that. Once that was resolved, Seto can accept that he will not get his final match and move on. Besides, the anime had them fighting together much more than against each other already, so the balance had already shifted in that direction.

 In the manga, the Memory World Arc smashcuts right after Seto’s defeat in Battle City, so the wound was still fresh. Here too, Seto had resolved to move on (and build Kaiba Land with Mokuba and possibly resign from duelling). But the events of the MW Arc came too shortly after this, and dragged Seto back into his old obsessions. In the anime, already see him taking a step towards his future - he opens Kaiba Land, which occupies him too much to even participate in his own tournament that he invited Yugi to. And he seems to be ok with that. 

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small thought i wanna share with you cause youre like THE puzzleshipper meta person: after the memory rpg and learning his real name, the maze of atems soul room probably cleared up, so his soul room looks more like a normal one that reflects him right? i wonder what it would look like and if there is a giant wall mural dedicated to his feels for his aibou. wouldnt that be a shock if he came to recognize how deep his feels really were in such a way. anyhow, im going to scream into a pillow now.

O.O HOW DID I MISS THIS. Gosh darn, it looks like I have a whole bunch of anon messages that I was unaware of- GDI TUMBLR APP, WHY DO YOU HIDE THESE IN THE ACTIVITY LOG.

But anyways, sorry for the delayed reply, anon, let’s see what we have here- Because this is awesome (and very flattering).

I love the idea of Atem’s soul room shifting in the aftermath of the Memory World arc, because of course. Even if you subscribe to my theory that he did not regain firsthand memories of his life from the events, he definitely regained a sense of identity from the experience and would have a lot to reference to from the game… 

And the mural idea… GOSH, I did not like Deathly Hallows, but you just gave me such Luna Lovegood feels from that idea, if you know that reference. And there’s certainly a basis for such a thing, if you think about Shadi finding that ‘photo’ in Anzu’s own soul room!

To start off, I just took a little pace around my room and prodded through the manga to try and pin down what I imagine Atem’s soul room might be like, at least in the final chapters of the story, and I think I got at least a vague something. 

I’ve seen a lot of references to Atem’s real soul room being like his throne room- But I don’t see that myself. He definitely encompassed the role of a leader, wore it as something he needed to be and acted as protector and defender, but I don’t see his very core being represented by a throne- By power.

I think he would be more focused on strength of self- And battle. He was a king in the saddle, of the sword, not the throne.

So I think Atem’s soul room would, if only in shape, look a lot like the inside of the Shrine of Wedju. 

-it wouldn’t be covered in slabs like that, but I just really like the look of it. It feels like a nice merger of Atem’s modern identity with his Egyptian identity, given the shrine reference and the stone and torches and such. But the odd, sharp angles and elongated shape and plethora of stairs would also be a nice nod-back to the labyrinth, the soul room he has had for so long. The maze might not be his natural one with his identity intact, but it DOES seem fitting to him all the same. And he has probably incorporated his role as ‘spirit of the Puzzle’ into his psyche, so I think he would naturally keep some representation of that state of his spirit.

But anyways, on the raised center of this ‘shrine’ we would have this:

A duel style floor.

Because even if there’s no need for slabs in his room, I still like to imagine the ‘centerpiece’ of Atem’s soul would be duel themed. What else represents his identity as ‘the Other Yuugi’ AND ‘the Pharaoh Atem’ so well as dueling? 

But ah, the thing is, while there might be a bunch of Egyptian symbols and spirit images all over the floor mural and on the walls - in place of the slabs - there’s other things mixed into the images.

His friends.

He would have Seto, Jounouchi, Mai, Malik, and countless other duelists he’s formed bonds with represented standing strong beside the spirits, and all of his friends who have stood by him outside of duels - Anzu, Honda, Otogi - represented in places of honor, to show how they hold a place in his heart and even the impression of them keeps him strong.

And Yuugi.

Yuugi is the foci of the floor mural, at the center of his soul.

Because, whether you believe his feelings are platonic or NOT, Yuugi’s the center of Atem’s being, the core of his world. 

So where else could he possibly be?

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Didn't you think the movie makes no sense ?

No.  Not really.

When concerning about Kaiba, anyway, since this is his movie so it’s intended to be Kaiba-centric, meant to give him closure (and a future), and it was well done.

Many people by today over the weekend will have seen the dubbed version of the movie and not the original Japanese version, so maybe this is why some viewers are confused by Kaiba’s motivations and path?

Just remember that the movie was originally made to revolve around the manga’s ending.  This included their ideas, the way the scenes were storyboarded, animated, choice of words and emotions — it’s meant to be an animated sequel to the manga.  (The dubbed version tweaks the film to make it an anime continuity instead - while makes sense in a way for the West (anime’s more well known here), it renders a couple of scenes in the manga-contiunity-only parts a little wonky to really fit in the anime timeline.  Namely, the “failures” about his duel with virtual Atem and Kaiba’s “reactions” to nothing happening when Yugi puts the puzzle together for him).

So here, I’m going to talk about Kaiba.

In the manga, he was not present at all in the Memory’s arc and the Ceremonial Duel between Yugi and Atem.  At all.  He did not see him off or was even aware to an understanding that Atem went to the afterlife to stay there forever and wasn’t in the Millennium Puzzle anymore.  He might’ve heard circumstances about the duel which is why he went looking for the ruins, but…

So, when was the last time Kaiba had anything to do with Atem?

The Battle City Semi-finals.  His last proper duel and major interaction was with him there.  He lost that duel and vows to fight him again to beat him (as does everyone else like Mai and Jou, but that’s besides the point).  His character development point stops there. The film takes the Kaiba from that point in time (with just a 6ish months to a year time skip since the series’ finale) and puts that Kaiba in the story where he’s still going after Atem.  Because that’s where he previously was when concerning him.  He still needs to defeat him, he still has his life goal to reach (all the impossible turned possible because that’s Seto Kaiba for you).  This isn’t really about Kaiba having regressed because what people meant by saying this was Kaiba “regressing” to his Battle City self which is.. the actual point of taking his BC characterization as the starting point in the movie.  The manga-continuity film picks up Kaiba’s character where it got left off last and that was when.

On the contrary, in the anime, he was present to be involved in the entire Pharaoh’s Memory World arc. Yami Bakura lured him into it using Blue-Eyes to get his interest.  He goes, gets sucked in into the RPG world, did Kaiba-y shit. After that is all over, Kaiba tries to be persistent on being the one to duel Atem in the Ceremonial Duel, says he needs his vendetta against him, until Yugi stands up to him and denies his demanding requests while apologizing because it will be him to duel Atem.  This is where the dub comes in with the “getting revenge by defeating Atem in a duel” I think, but alas, that was the subbed version and I’m not even sure what the dub did with that scene — I’d imagine it went along of the same lines.  Ishizu has been explaining that the Pharaoh can only go to the afterlife if he drops his sword (in their case - cards) and be defeated in a fight (duel).  Kaiba knows and had listened to all of this, is well aware of the circumstances of Atem leaving or not — and if Atem goes, it’s for good, done and over.  He saw the Millennium Tablet shattering and they evacuate the place to outside, and that’s it.  Counting fillers, Atem and Kaiba had continuous interactions and duels after Battle City till the finale’s end of Kaiba bearing witness. (If the dub considers their Capsule Monsters anime side story and Pyramid of Light movie to be a part of their dub anime canon as well prior to dub DSOD, that adds up much more.)

There’s a big difference there.  This is why I felt Kaiba’s heartwrenching reactions to “see? Atem is gone forever and he’s not in the puzzle anymore” makes little sense in consideration of an anime continuity the dub’s going for. I am glad Yugi retains some of his original personality/lines in that scene rather than moping on how he misses him.

Back to the film on Kaiba’s motivations: after obsessing he wanted to defeat Atem in Battle City to be the next Duel King / King of Games, he… doesn’t at all here.  He’s more concerned about Atem the person.  Not titles.  Yugi is the new Duel King / King of Games, yeah, but it’s not Yugi that he wants, because it’s not about the titles, for once!  Kaiba grew past that, it seems.  He wants Atem, his real rival and friend.  Atem has always been his goal in strength because he’s the obstacle in his path and future, and he wants to confront it by all means possible.

Granted, I still find Kaiba as a person infuriating, though, I do truly believe that when Kaiba and Yugi teamed up, after Kaiba sacrificed himself, after Kaiba genuinely smiling at Yugi afterwards saying they each have their own bonds with him — and their different ways of coping depending on what they went through, Kaiba did meet his interests half way and went to move past the Puzzle manifesto in peace.  The reassembly of the Millennium Puzzle was a turning point for him to help him onto a new path, to move forward until at last, he gets to confront Atem.  His friends (Yugi and gang) get to move forward to their future, so I am sure this is what they would want Kaiba to find his way, as well.

There was no duel, and that’s okay, I don’t think a duel is needed.  What gives it a satisfying conclusion and closure is that no matter how far Kaiba willingly strives for, he will find his own closure eventually because that’s what he truly desires and would make his heart happy, and I am happy for him.

This was about Seto Kaiba’s journey, that there aren’t anything such as “deadends” to achieve his own solace.

Remember When I Said I'd Do a Character Anlysis? // Text Post 6

I said a long time ago that I would write something up…and then life happened. All of my writing time has been filled by the YGO Fan-fiction Contest (of which I am still a part! I thought I would’ve been eliminated already) and a novella that I’m writing for my English class. My hands are getting pretty sore by writing every day, so I’ve postponed this idea for awhile. Then today, which is only forty minutes into 11 May, I got the inspiration to write something. So, here it goes!

Elle and I once were throwing head-canons at each other on Skype when we got in a discussion about the finale of the Memory World arc. Now at the end of the Memory World arc, nearly everyone is dead, so there aren’t that many people to name off as survivors – but those that do survive are heroes and are the new bearers of the Millennium Items. These survivors are Seto, Isis, and Mana. Most fans know that they are the three who survive, but quite a few people forget who wields which Item. Before the war, Seto had the Rod, Isis had the Torque, and Mana had nothing. When the war ended, Seto inherited the Puzzle from Atemu and became Pharaoh. He then passed the Rod down to an unnamed bearer who is only seen once. Isis is the only member of the Royal Court who lived and retained her Millennium Item; in other words, she kept the Torque. Some people believe that Mana inherited the Torque from Isis and that Isis took another Item (the Scales?), but this is a misconception. Instead, Mana inherited the Ring from Mahaado, her master.

Now I may be pulling some strings and trying to tie them together, but I think Mana looks an awful lot like Malik: they both have blond hair, tanned skin, and kohl-lined eyes. These are pictures of Mana and Malik from the manga.

Notice the subtle similarities. I’m not trying to say that Mana is a past female incarnate of Malik, but I think she could have some relation to him. For one, they can both wear the Ring. They are also both chosen Millennium Item wielders. I’d also like to point out that if there is some connection between Mana and Malik, that standing right next to Mana and possibly Mana’s role model is Isis, who looks like Ishizu. More coincidence? Is it coincidence that two of the three survivors of the Memory World arc bear resemblance to the Tombkeepers who were entrusted with protecting the secrets of the Nameless Pharaoh until his return?

Just thought I’d share that little tidbit with the YGO community. If anyone can build off this idea (or crash it down and tell me I’m on crack), please let me know! I just thought of this one day and Elle helped me expand on the idea a bit.

…It all makes sense now. Since the Memory World arc was an RPG and Yami Bakura was the Game Master, he’d make it so Thief King Bakura was extremely charismatic even when doing awful things. (He has enough practice with that already! Just ask his fans XD)

Just so we’re clear, I do know both incarnations of Yami Bakura are really bad people, doing stuff like tearing out eyes, possessing innocent civilians, planning to kill the heroes and everyone they know, and resurrecting ancient evils.

…But the sarcasm and dry humor makes them entertaining when they’re not being unbelievably horrifying.


Okay sorry, but I need to rage for a second.

GODDAMNIT BAKURA WTF?! He killed you fair and square! You don’t get to go “Oopsie, do over!” and then friggin reverse time just so you can win! Which I… don’t know how on earth you even managed to do that in the first place what with you looking pretty dead and all.


While I did figure out the whole “Yami is at the RPG board but Yugi’s in the coffin” problem I’ve still got a time issue

After Yami Yugi presented the God Cards to the slab, he was dragged into the memory world leaving Yugi and co. in front of the slab

Then Bobassa kicks Bakura out and they go into the Puzzle

With Puzzle!Bakura and Thief King this makes three evil Bakuras running around

Once Aknadin betrays Atem we find out Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura have been at the table the whole time with Yugi and co. in coffins on the ground while their souls travel the board (interestingly Bobassa’s body isn’t there)

Yami Yugi said his soul was brought to the table instantly, right after the slab flashed. However, the Bakura at the table is the physical Yami Bakura possessing Ryou Bakura’s body. That means the events are as follows:

Yami Yugi presents God Cards -> His soul is brought to the room behind the slab where the diorama and Aknadin’s mummy are -> Bobassa reveals Yugi and co. have to travel to the memory world through Yugi’s soul and the puzzle -> Kicks out Bakura because evil -> Yugi and co. travel into the puzzle 

Now here’s where it gets fishy. Once its revealed that its all an RPG, we find Yami Bakura and Yami Yugi at the table with the puzzle hanging in the air and Yugi and co. in coffins since their souls are on the board

So between the time Bakura was kicked out and the time Yugi and co. go to the memory world, Yami Bakura changed into a shady coat, came back, took the puzzle and all four unconscious teens to the back room behind the slab, and began his part as Thief King. Which means Yami Yugi had to have been playing alone for a while since there is no way Yami Bakura could have gotten to the table in so little time.

and then is there a difference between Yami Yugi at the table and Atem on the board? Atem looked surprised to find out it wasa a game but Yami Yugi seemed to be aware of the board and the events up to it

Millennium World is confusing…