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🌿 rosemary memory spell 🌿

a simple spell for when you need help remembering something

🌿 gather: a jar, a white candle, rosemary, rue, and rainwater. 

🌿 add rosemary and rue to the jar

🌿 seal the jar spell with white wax, chant:

“For you, there’s rosemary and rue; these keep
Seeming and savour all the winter long…”  - Winter’s Tale, Shakespeare

🌿 when you need to remember something, sprinkle the jar witch rainwater

Comprehensive List of Ryden Songs

For anon! Marking the songs written by Ryan as R and Brendon as B 

Northern Downpour: R The Ryden Song. 

  • Ryan told Brendon to pay special attention to the line ‘I know the world’s a broken bone, but melt your headaches, call it home’
  • Brendon has broken down many times while performing it post split and doesn’t sing it anymore
  • ‘I missed your skin when you were east’ is believed to be a reference to the Seattle lore. 
  • ‘Hey moon, please forget to fall down’ - Sun & Moon theory  

When The Day Met The Night: R obvious Sun & Moon theory also here Brendon uses male pronouns in the second verse!

Cape Town: R by The Young Veins, Ryan and Jon’s band, post split

  • Cape Town was the last show Panic played before they split
  • Includes the line ‘I loved you, I left you in Cape Town’
  • Ryan has also said the split was like breaking up with a girlfriend

The Other Girl: R 

  • ‘Don’t have much to say right now, Cause I’m trying to figure out, Why he’s with the other girl’ wow need I say more?

Bittersweet: B 

  • ‘I’ve been to Tokyo and to South Africa’ Cape Town is in South Africa and it’s like a response to Cape Town
  • ‘You could tell me secrets that I’ll probably repeat
    I’m not trying to hurt you, I just love to speak’  
    we know Ry is a secretive person and Brendon has a big mouth so yeah 

Nearly Witches: R+B ahhh The Song Of Salt and pain

  • Ryan wrote the song during the cabin days, but later Brendon used it on V&V with some modifications
  • basically he changed it from a creepy, spooky song to a romantic thing
  • also he changed Ryan’s ‘as a boy’ to ‘as a girl’
  • AND THE Main Thing: Brendon mocked Ryan’s original lyrics ‘here I am composing a burlesque’ Very Frequently by singing it in a.. camp way.. and thrusting his hips etc

Memories: B check this out

The Calendar: B subtlety has never been B’s best suite 

  • This is officially about the split and Ryan and Jon. Like confirmed.
  • but  ‘And I meant everything I said that night
    I will come back to life, But only for you’ 
  • ‘Put another ex on the calendar, Summer’s on its deathbed’ -Sun & Moon theory  
  • ‘at night your body’s a symphony, and I’m conducting’…!!

Hurricane: B 

  • Cause they know, I know that they don’t look like me.
    Oh, they know, I know that they don’t sound like me.  -
    referring to the young veins changing their style 
  • But he didn’t come and speak to me, Or put my heart at ease.

Casual Affair: B

  • preceded by an anti gay message from an old film during live shows
  • which possibly implies it’s about a gay affair? I think brendon said it was about fantasizing etc so yeah

Nicotine: B brendon’s denied it, but a lot of people think the muffled intro sounds like I love you Ryan Ross, but not right now…

Lonely Moonlight: R  Ryan’s solo work

  • ‘When I had a younger heart, You told me not to fear the dark’
  • ‘Someone I love loves someone else’  awww poor bb
  • also even the title is Sun & Moon theory

Where I Belong: R again one of Ry’s 2014 demos

  • If you wanna see the sun, You’re gonna have to dig your way out - Sun & Moon theory 
  • I know I should’ve never left, I’d gotten tired being buried -possibly he was tired of hiding behind Brendon’s voice for his words, but he regrets leaving
  • I hope that I’ve still got your help - Ryan’s actually said he’s not against working with panic again

Impossible Year: B

  • There’s no sunshine, This impossible year - Sun & Moon theory  
  • bitter pills, tattoos, last bruises, no you and me

House of Memories: B he’s not subtle lmao

  • Memories turn into daydreams, Become a taboo 
  • I think of you from time to time, More than I thought I would….You were just too kind And I was too young to know 
  • Those thoughts of past lovers, They’ll always haunt me.. I wish I could believe, You’d never wronged me 
  • honestly, brendon didn’t really have very serious relationships before Sarah so who is he talking about?? (ryanryanryan)

Golden Days: B the throam song (I’m looking @ u anna green)

  • I found a pile of Polaroids, In the crates of a record shop 
  • Boy he was something debonair in 1979
  • Time can never break your heart but it’ll take the pain away
Studying Bottle Spell

It’s that time of the year again, when exams are around the corner ugh. Anyone else last minute cramming for a test like me? Witches, I gotchu.

This spell can be done just as last minute, and it helped me so much to stay focused and motivated while studying. I also added some relaxing crystals and herbs to help me stay calm, since exams up my anxiety like there’s no tomorrow.

You probably have most of these herbs/crystals around your house already, but if not feel free to substitute or omit. I put some crystals together in a bag, and you can use any container for these. Then I ground up most of the herbs (minus the orange peel and bay leaf) and put those in a small glass jar, again you can use anything you’ve got around. I put those together in a plastic baggy with a clear quartz to amplify the effect. I kept this around me while studying and I’ll take it with me in my pocket during the test.

You can also use this for anyy type of studying, including studying witchcraft! So here it is :)

- sodalite or lapis lazuli (or both)
- tiger’s eye
- jade
- sunstone
- blue lace agate
- carnelian
- onyx
- fluorite
- aventurine
- moonstone
- calcite

Add an orange peel and bay leaf. Write your intention on the bay leaf (“academic success today and tomorrow” or “good grades this semester”, or simply “concentration, motivation, focus, and memory”) or you could also draw a sigil. Tear that up to activate and place in the bottle. I’m using a small bottle so that was another reason for tearing it up, or you could leave it whole, or burn, or whatever you want. Then add a pinch of:
- Earl Grey tea
- St John’s wort
- pink himalayan salt, black salt, or regular salt
- lavender or lavender tea
- rosemary
- chamomile
- sage
- sugar
Grind that up together and add to the bottle. I only used a pinch of each because the bottle I used is small, but if you have a bigger container you could use more, and put those and the crystals together even. I kept them separate because I didn’t want the salt to damage any of my crystals. Like I mentioned before, I added the clear quartz as well, but I put it separately so it wouldn’t “combine” with everything and instead would amplify the effects of the other crystals and herbs as a whole.

Voilá and good luck studying!!

Imagine Dean shooting you when he loses his memory.

A/N: This is set during the episode “Regarding Dean” when he loses his memory.

The witch stood there as you came bolting down the stairs; Sam was somewhere behind you but you were more concerned with making sure the witch didn’t disappear before you could fix Dean. Looking down the stairs you made eye contact with Dean, who was quick to raise his gun to you instead of the witch the gun was originally pointed at.

You threw your hands up in the air and shouted “no” right before a gunshot went off. Your eyes closed at the sound but quickly ripped them open when you felt the immense pain spreading through your abdomen.

Rowena stood there in shock as you stumbled back a step, falling to the stairs. Dean continued to look around confused when Sam came to the banister. His eyes widened at the sight of you on the stairs before looking at Dean and raising his hands. “B-brother.” He said, tapping his chest. Next he pointed to where you were, “Sister.” Lastly he pointed at the blonde woman, “Witch.”

Dean quickly pointed the gun the witch and shot her. He give a grin after killing her and looked to Sam for approval but Sam was already at your side panicking.

“Crap.” Sam muttered as he put his large hands over yours as blood continued to pour from your body.

“Not good Sammy.” You grunted out as he pushed on your hands to apply more pressure.

“It’s okay, it’s gonna be okay. Remember I got shot last year by the werewolf? I’m still here right. You’re gonna be fine.” Sam said, trying to convince you and himself that he was telling the truth.

“I’m sorry.” Dean cut in as he approached the stairs, “You’re my sister and I shot you.”

“It’s okay Dean, you don’t remember us.” You tried to sound kind but it came out in grunts.

“Rowena,” Sam called out for the red headed witch, “Can you take Dean upstairs and fix him, please?”

Rowena nodded her head before walking up the stairs, passing you with care, “Come on Dean, let’s get your memories back.”

You watched as Dean followed Rowena upstairs and disappeared before returning your attention to Sam. “Sammy,” You mumbled as you looked down to see a scary amount of your blood pooling around you, “I think this might be worse then Idaho last year.”

“You’re gonna be fine.” Sam replied while trying to formulate a plan.

“Just-make sure Dean doesn’t find out, okay? Say the witch shot me or something, otherwise the guilt will kill him.” You told your older brother.

Sam absentmindedly nodded his head before he looked up and caught your eyes, “Y/N, do me a favor?”

“Kinda bad timing but yeah?” You responded.

Sam maneuvered and lifted you so that he was carrying you bridal style in his arms which resulted in you letting out a painful shout.

“Try not to die.”

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Dream Pillow to remember Prophetic Dreams

Hello lovelies! Been awhile, I wanted to give you guys this recipe/spell I created for a friend to enhance her dream memory! I know a lot of people struggle with remembering dreams, and that’s ok! I am here to try and help!

You will need some fabric and a sewing kit for starters!


-Sandalwood Powder: Visionary Properties

-Peppermint: Psychic awareness and Intuition

-Hawthorne Berries: Protection of witches

-Blood Salt: To protect yourself, and have the ability to defend yourself from any negativity that may try and harm you in these dreams.

-Purple, purple, purple!: Add some purple yarn, tissue paper, or fabric on the inside to help with opening your third eye (Purple is most commonly associated with your third eye, I’ve learned:)

-Amethyst: Once again, to help with your third eye and visionary properties beyond our realm/spirit work. (If you are hoping for channeling, I would substitute amethyst with a piece of fluorite…but that’s just me:)

-Sigil(s): I created a personal sigil for this friend, stemming from, “I will remember my dreams”. I find it stronger to make your own personal sigil when making these pillows for your self.

-Sage: I always add sage for positivity, cleansing, and protection.

The pillow doesn’t have to be huge, the ones we make are relatively small, maybe 2x2 in (After sewn). I start off by folding the fabric in half, and I sew along two sides only, while the fabric is inside out (The pattern that you want on the outside needs to be on the inside so you can create a clean seam). Once both sides are done, I turn it back so the pattern or color is on the outside (I recommend purple) and start stuffing! I go in this order,

Tissue paper, sigil (folded up), Sandalwood powder, peppermint, Hawthorne berry, blood salt, Amethyst, and sage.

If you don’t have some of these items, feel free to substitute them with items you have that you personally feel would work best for you. Our correspondences may be different, and one thing that may work for me, may not work for you. Mix it up!

As I sew the pillow shut, I say the following

“May _________ see what they need to see

May _________ know what they need to know

May _________ fight what they need to fight

May this help ___________’s senses grow”

If this is for you, replace the spaces with I, and the last with my.

Then to finish off, I recommend smudging these pillows with Cedar or sage. Personally, I use this sage spray a friend of mine got me, and it does wonders!

I charge these pillows by simply sleeping with them the very first night I create them. I put them under my pillow right away and then that’s that! Its good to smudge them beforehand, or after if you have any negative dreams.

As far as the sigil goes, I do not charge the sigil in the pillow. I draw the sigil first, and put the original in a bowl with some quartz points and selenite, then I draw a second one and put that in the pillow right away. I leave the original sigil in the bowl overnight, and then add it to my collection the next day:)

I hope you all enjoyed this, please reblog to share with others, and follow/like if you wanna see more! :)

Lots of unconditional love,


  1. Sprinkle ground cinnamon and cloves into some honey—rosemary honey, if at all possible.
  2. Add a few drops of pure vanilla extract.
  3. Inhale the fragrance and let the dish sit beside you for a minimum of an hour while you’re studying.
  4. Just before the exam, slide a sprig of rosemary through the scented honey and rub it against the back of your neck.

Taken from Judika Illes’s Magic when you need it.

(Disclaimer: take care when using cinnamon oil on the skin, as it has been known to cause irritation)

Finding Things/Memory Spell🌿

a spell for when many things go missing, to help things reappear

🌿 gather: a compass, a sprig of rosemary, and white thread. 

🌿 attach the rosemary to the compass using white thread

🌿 hold level, and turn three times clockwise with the compass

🌿 place it in the center of the room. 

🌿 wait a few days for it to begin to draw out the things lost

🌿 for memory, each time there is something important to remember, touch the compass and place it somewhere else. 

Spirit work observations

It’s been roughly 7 months now that I’ve started accepting my abilities and learn how to use them, especially with spirit work because that’s where I feel most comfortable. I thought I’d share some impressions.

  • It works best to send feelings/images to entities to be understood
  • They and us don’t use the same language, or even communication systems (including body language… if they have a body)
  • Names very rarely “stick” to your memory because of the two observations above, it’s like hearing symbols and it’s so foreign that your brain directly refuses to understand it
  • There are spirits everywhere, and ghosts are more common than you’d think. It’s just that either they’re so weak you have to pay very close attention to feel them, or they ignore you, or they just… exist in one place and you do too
  • Evil spirits are like herpes
  • The kind of spirits that has the closest way of thinking to our own are probably the gods (add “” if you’re a secular witch, you can still meet them even if you don’t believe in them as I discovered), which makes sense because mythos describe them as having “human flaws”
  • Be polite at all costs until you’re attacked. Then wreck havoc.
  • Creating basic thoughtforms is easy, but if you don’t give them orders they will do shit. If you give them energy regularly they develop a more and more complex intellect
  • Places have feelings
  • Rocks too (my obsidian is sassy)
  • Domestic animals partially communicate through telepathy and wild animals have sort of basic energy shields blocking it
  • Plants are so fucking chill and nice, don’t hurt them (most of the time they are happy, such smol precious happy simple souls)
  • I think my soulmate might be dead because I can only find their empty bedroom through astral travel ( :’( )
  • I am beginning to experiment with past lives memories, I have more of them than I thought (though not many human ones, which would explain how terrible I am at human communication)

That’s all I can remember right now, if you have questions my askbox is open


If you’ve never seen it, definitely treat yourself to a ten-minute Scooby-Doo themed parody of The Blair Witch Project called The Scooby-Doo Project! This special aired on Cartoon Network in 1999 during a Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! marathon. 

While you’re there, be sure to subscribe to Doo Central’s new YouTube channel where I’ll be uploading my Q/A Video next week!

Past Life Connection Spread by Intuitive-Witch

This spread can be used to further explore a past life connection you feel with someone in this life. Divining past lives isn’t always easy, and it takes a lot of intuition and imagination to put everything together. Nonetheless, I hope this will help you gain some insight into how you might have known the person in question and how that relationship affected you in the past.

1. Central Theme of Your Relationship: What was the overarching theme of your connection? Keep this card in mind as you continue your reading to contextualize the other cards. I personally like to use an oracle card in this slot as opposed to a tarot card.

2. First Meeting in Your Past Lives: What brought the two of you together in the first place? This might also clue you in to the nature of your relationship (romantic, family, business partner, etc).

3. Developing Your Bond: What happened between you that really strengthened your bond and connection? This might be a tragedy that drew you closer or a business arrangement or any number of things. This card may help you understand the dynamics of your relationship.

4. Challenges to Your Relationship: Did something happen that posed a threat to your relationship, or were there parts of your personalities that conflicted? This card will tell you what obstacles you had to overcome with one another.

5. Positive Impact of Your Relationship: How did your relationship benefit the two of you, or possibly others who knew you? This might show you some of the lessons you learned or qualities you developed because you knew this person.


nearly witches (ever since we met) // panic! at the disco


  • grounding
  • protective
  • strengthens connection to the earth
  • helps with feeling safe and secure
  • gives courage, strength, vitality, and endurance
  • aids concentration and focus
  • assists memory
  • stimulates original thoughts
  • dissolves negativity and prevents you from absorbing others’ negativity
  • strong and supportive of the timid
  • boosts self-esteem
  • increases willpower
  • makes the user more reliable
  • imparts confidence
  • boosts survivability
  • helps in overcoming compulsions and addictions