memory strategies

Studying tips for ENFPs


- Turn lessons into stories : you have a great imagination use it to make studying more entertaining. Making up stories will help you memorize you’re lessons easily and it will make the studying process less boring.

- Try to connect the new information to your existing knowledge : even if it was some weird connection only you get.

- Learn the general concepts first before learning the details.

- Write down notes : ENFPs daydream and space out a lot and the best solution to prevent this from happening while studying is writing down the piece of information you want to memorize. ( saying it out loud helps too )

- Go over what you studied once in a while to make sure you remember everything and if you forget something write it down over and over again till you memorize it as if it is the first time you’re studying it.

- Avoid the Internet while on break.

- Test yourself : to mentally prepare for the pressure of the exam.

- Eat snacks and keep a water bottle beside you.


- Don’t study in groups : I know some people highly recommend studying in groups for enfps but honestly it doesn’t work you will get distracted either by helping your studying mates and forgetting about yourself or by observing them while studying.

- Don’t Highlight : Highlighting is a form of procrastination because you are saving taking notes for later.

- Don’t keep your cell phone close to you.

Having a bad memory for names is so surreal sometimes.

Like, there are people I’ve known for years - relatives, co-workers, etc. - who I recognise on sight, know a fair amount about their personal lives, could tell you their likes and dislikes and political opinions and such in some detail…

… yet for the life of me I could not tell you their names.

I’ve developed a whole library of conversational workarounds.

When I need to refer to someone who’s present, I’ll nod or gesture toward them, or find an excuse to address them directly with an aside or off-handed remark so everybody knows who I mean.

If they’re not present, I’ll ask a leading question to get whoever I’m talking to to tip me off (e.g., “remind me, who did you go to the thing with, again?”), or allude to them in terms of a known role or relationship (e.g., “your buddy over in marketing”), or even pretend I’m being cleverly circumspect (”well, not naming any names, but…”).

I honestly have no idea whether I’m actually fooling anyone, or whether everyone I know is just too polite to give me a hard time about it.

Sleeper Awake!

by  Saṃsāran

Do not be fooled into thinking that human beings, or other animals, are born as individuals with only new memories. We have other memories, past memories, going back to times before we were human.

Scoff, skeptics, scoff but think about this: what is instinct? All instinct is memory, ancient memory, of programmed survival strategies. In fact in lower animals, that is animals without a developed brain for making NEW memories these ancient memories are ALL they have.

Yes indeed. Your conscious mind is a thin veneer. It is just a survival tool like instinct. We have instincts which go much deeper than thought. Ancient thoughts, from our distant ancestors, frozen now coded in our core being. Coded in our DNA and accessed on a level of consciousness deeper than waking consciousness.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that instinct is just simple behaviors hardwired into primitive creatures. Nature gives up little but adds all the time. She did not give up instinct. She merely added conscious awareness to it as another layer. Instinct even in simple creatures is complex. Maps of the territory in Monarch butterflies along with moon positions to determine time and direction. Hard wired. Coded. Magnetic maps of the sea floor in sharks. Hard wired. Coded.

You are not you any more than Hawaii is an island. It only appears separate because of the sea. In truth it is all one connected mass of the Earth’s surface. You are only separate because of the sea of your conscious mind.

It is an illusion. You are immortal. You are more than you.

When I look at your faces I see a tunnel. A tunnel of being all the way back to the beginning but not separate not within time but in space time. Oh you sleeping Gods who know not your divinity. Oh, you poor blind Gods fumbling in the dark.

Sleeper Awake!