memory quotations

„I’m more than drunk kisses and flirty messages.

I’m sunday morning cuddles in bed, after staying up way too long the night before.

The first cup of coffee, when you have to wake up way too early.

I’m the sun that lights up your mind after a day full of rain,

The warm breeze that smells like the ocean and the sun that kisses your skin.

I‘m way more than broken promisses and words that break hearts.

I‘m not someone you only spend one night with,

I am a lifetime full job lover.

A person you can grow old with, that still loves you after 50 years of marriage.

I‘m complicated,

Sometimes I can make you crazy by acting like a fool but trust me,

I‘m worth everything

And if you let me be yours

I will love you forever.“


When you came into my life, my life got a whole new meaning; a new beginning and wonderful new memories.
—  Melwowz

“A volte, i vecchi amori, ritornano.
Succede che uno prova ad andare avanti, ci proverà. Proverà altri amori, altre emozioni, altre esperienze. Proverà a perdersi in altri occhi, in altre braccia. Proverà a viaggiare, a scovare altri posti. Magari proverà anche quelle storie del ‘senza impegno’. E magari, per un po’ di tempo, starà bene anche così. Molte volte, chi ha amato forte, ritorna.
Magari capiterà di rincontrarsi per le strade. Magari nei giorni d'inverno, leggendo un libro, in quelle righe ritroverà voi due. Allora durante la notte ci penserà e il mattino seguente farà qualcosa per venirvi incontro.
A volte, i vecchi amori, sconvolgono più della prima volta. Più intensi. Più forti ancora. Si ancorano addosso certi amori, non c'è scampo.
E allora a che serve provare a scappare se quello che si vuole è essere presi per un braccio e non lasciarsi più?”

– M. Auriemma.

The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.
—  The Giver, Lois Lowry

And we swam in sunsets,
Jumped off of cliffs together,
Flew in the freedom,
And fell into happiness.

Trees flew past us,
As we left behind our problems,
We kicked our feet up on the seats,
And let the music take over our thoughts.

Rain drops danced on our skin,
The sun tinted our skin,
But also healed our minds,
And our bodies.

We sat on the bench on our balcony,
That held many early morning talks,
Many night silences,
And lots of laughs.

We lived and we felt.

—  N.C. // too special for words.

„I gave you everything I had not only my naked body which was not just a surmounting, it was a proof of trust. I opened up like a book, I showed you the darkest sides of my inner - my soul, all my dreams and hopes. I wanted to save you, to hold your broken soul and heal it. Making you feel loved like you deserve it but I couldn’t. You didn’t let me and that destroyed me in some way.“


I think that one of the reasons we hold onto memories so much is that we are afraid that nothing so wonderful will ever be experienced again.
—  Melwowz

“And that’s the problem my dear, you think another person can make you happy. But your happiness does not depend on a boy. No one is responsible for making you feel good. If you’re sad from deep down inside, he will not change anything. You have to find your own key to be happy without someone else.”

-what my teacher once told me / c.n