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10.12.16 // 12oC ☁️

26/100 Days of Productivity

Spent the morning working on my 2017 bullet journal. Somehow it ended up unintentionally minimalist (I promise the photos are all colour!). So far, so happy👌🏼. I’m hoping to make the twenty seventeen page a memory log, and write down random good things that happen throughout the year.  

And in other news, tomorrow (the 11th) I turn 20! Goodbye, teenage era, here’s hoping my twenties aren’t as crappy! 👋🏼💃🏽🍸

🎧 KT Tunstall - Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon (Deluxe Version)


In 2014, a man called Nathan posted on Reddit that somebody was messaging him from his girlfriend, Emily’s, Facebook account. However, Emily had been dead for two years. At first, he assumed it was a glitch but then Emily began to tag herself in photos. He even received a message which read: “ust [sic] let me walk.” This message disturbed Nathan the most due to the fact that Emily’s legs had been severed in the car accident which killed her. He soon turned Emily’s Facebook page into a memorial page hoping that the messages would stop but instead, they continued and even more alarming, he received a photograph of himself taken from behind the door. He claims nobody was in the house at the time.


Childhood Memories

Page 12-14 <<page 15-16>>  page 17-18

This is Nick’s Home, the basement of an apartment. I used lots of references by Armand Seranno:…

My friend dared me to complete the next pages quicker since I’m such a slow sloth  XD (She wrote and edits this story with me, so credits to her as well )


01.06.2017 HAPPY 2017! I’m sorry I’ve been off the radar. Life got very very crazy. But I’ve been busy on break setting up for a new semester! I love how my 2016 memories page turned out. I’m planning on using the page across from my goals to write down bills and such. The layout with January through April is my semester overview which I’ll fill out as my syllabi become available. More coming soon!

Lucifer knows Famine is a song that rises until its caco(phony) s h a t t e r s:

every(one) is starving (literally or metaphorically). He finds he prefers the latter; starved for praise with in(domitable) pride — those that reflect onto him what caused his fall: this is Lucifer’s self-inflicted punishment.

Not a list of memories but a

page devoid of praise.

- Horsemen & Archangels || Eliot C.

Love a girl who writes,
                             and live her many lives;
                             you have yet to find her, 
                             beneath her words of guise.
Kiss her blue inked fingers,
                             forgive the pens they marked.
                             the stains of your lips upon her - 
                             the ones she can’t discard.
Forget her tattered memories,
                            or the pages others took.
                            you are her ever after -
                            the hero of her book.
—  Her Words, by Lang Leav

So I spent about 3 days cleaning and typesetting an english version of the BLEACH Memories of the Soul pages for Rukia, Renji, and Orihime. Enjoy!

Translations courtesy of  @lightverse and @missstormcaller

This popped on my Memories on my FB page

I captioned this “ Lord! He is so proud of her! “ “ Sam: pssst! You’re very obvious! Love it! “