memory man delay

Here’s the most recent incarnation of my board.
ALL the dirt is mine!

Small clone with depth pot and chorus/pitch vibrato toggle
1995/scuzz (available very soon)
1981/decay - scrambler based on my reissue and not a vintage version so it’s much louder. Also added a hi cut filter in the scrambled path since the nature of the scrambler is so bright.
1993/distorter - IC big muff transformed into the perfect (for me at least) high gain distortion.
1987/driver - my take on classic hard clipping drive/distortion. Sounds sort of like a rat with slightly less gain and a much thicker low end (also available very soon)
Colorsound overdriver - was originally a straight clone but that didn’t last long. Now it’s real dirty with hard clipping before the baxandall eq.
MXR loop box switches the back row other than the small clone
(un)holy grail - it’s got fuzz on the reverb.
Moog trem
Deluxe Memory Man tt1100
DOD 490 phasor - in the effects loop of the memory man so just the delays are phased. Dry kill switch for mellower “vibe” style shifting.