memory lane monday

Memory lane Monday

I have so many memories from my labour it’s crazy! I remember Andrew going to get me slush puppies from the shop downstairs and I remember my family coming to visit the night before I went into labour. One of my strongest memories is being on the special care ward after giving birth to Daisy. I was there for three or so days and on the last day I wanted to go home SO much that I forced myself up and out of bed. when the doctors did their little walk around I made sure they saw me sitting up on a chair out of bed and looking very awake and as healthy as I could make myself look! 

They did a few more tests and said I could go back upstairs to the ward and then soon be discharged. After being transferred and feeling so incredibly happy that going home was finally coming into sight I felt strange. I felt like I was in a little dream and everything was blurry and nothing actually made sense. I remember thinking to myself ‘act normal!’ I tried so hard to act normal because I didn’t want to go back down to be cared for! 

Andrew started to talk to me, in a very normal and calm manner and I turned round and shouted at him! I shouted at him to stop shouting! Haha. The woman doing the medication round looked at me as if I was a complete and utter weirdo. I was all over the place! After a glass of water and a lay down I soon calmed down. 

But I just remember the feeling so clearly! 

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Memory Lane Monday

My second child, my first spontaneous labour, my first natural delivery. I remember Davids mum texted me she loved me while we drove to the hospital, I remember crying inbetween contractions because it was so sweet. I remember thinking I couldnt cope having only just arrived. I remember realising how quickly things were going and being terrified and elated at the same time. The thing I remember most about giving birth to Kaison was how painful it was. I know people say you forget the pain, and maybe you do after time. But almost 3 months on and I still remember that pain very clearly. Although the lack of any painkillers and him being assisted breech delivery probably didnt help my situation.

It was a time that scared me beyond belief. That pushed me past limits I didnt know existed. That proved to me that my body is amazing. That showed me how you can love so completely.

Been Listening to A Lot of Imelda May and Rockabilly Lately…

which inspired my transformation this morning from a regular 21st century college student into a cat-eyed, red-lipped, high-heeled pin-up in a vintage Betsey Johnson body con dress. I even had time to curl my hair and style it into victory rolls. 

I might start dedicating one day each week to dressing for another decade just to spice things up a bit. I’m thinking either 90s or 20s for next week.  

memory lane monday: announcing my pregnancy

memory lane monday: announcing my pregnancy

Today, my Zoe is six months old! I can hardly believe it. It seems so crazy that it has been over a year since we found out we were expecting. It was such an exciting even time in my life, I wanted to shout it out to the everyone. However, we learned our lesson from the prior pregnancy we lost, not to do that. Instead, we kept the news to ourselves until we safely reached the second trimester, and then we sent out cards with this picture! It was such a difficult thing to keep a secret! especially at work, I had the worst morning sickness. but oh, so worth it! :D

Memory Lane Monday

I’m trying to be consistent. Is it working so far?

Date:November 21, 2012

Location: Presidio Park, San Diego, CA

The day was quite sunny, visibility wasn’t that bad and if you’ve been in Presidio Park, you can view Point Loma, Cabrillo, and a bit of Sea World from the vista points. 

It’s quiet a mission to get up the steep hill of the park if you don’t have a car but it is a well worth hike. The sun seemed to grow tired and start setting soon. As I laid under the trees and let time coast by, I had to take a shot (many were taken but you know a good shot from any other). The trees seemed to caress your personal space, observing your every move buy still keeping you from the beating sun.

I hope that this shot, “Arboreal Confinement”, will encourage you to take a trip to Presidio Park.

memory lane monday: documenting progression of pregnancy

We had a lot of fun documenting my pregnancy journey. I was thinking about my lovely zoe bump today so thought for memory lane monday,  I would post my 50%, 75%, and 100% marks! My belly looked pretty good :] although zoe moved after the last one was drawn, so it looks slanted haha. guess she was anxious to meet us too! <3