memory lane

One day, I will see you at the mall and we will hug. The hug would last longer than the time it took us to fall apart.
One day, I will ask how you have been and you will tell that you missed me.
One day, I will admit that I missed you too.
One day, we will unconsciously hold hands and start walking down the memory lane.
That day, our story will start…again.
Memory Lane

Ah, June 2016. Back when Harambe was not just a gorilla, Trump didn’t seem like much of a leading candidate, and Bee Movie memes were nonexistent. What a strange time that was.

A conversation with my friend @notactualusername about shipping WildeHopps gave me the idea of posting my story of how I first saw the movie and I first began shipping these two. Strap in (if you’re curious, of course). Bonus! At the end, I’ll show the exact video that got me into WildeHopps!

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