memory lane

okay let me tell you a memory of mine that surfaced in my head this morning. I’ve been in love only once; I’ve never really had many chances to find love due to my mental illness, which had me secluded from life. I was on holiday in England and met this boy who was part of the family who hosted me and another girl, he was around one year older than me. I remember one day it was raining, I was feeling very bad due to my mood swings and my italian friend was trying to confort me and asked me what she could do to help me, I thought about it for a bit and then said: “let’s go out under the rain”, I remember she smiled and convinced me to bring the boy along. We walked for hours under the rain and talked about many different things, fed some swans and at one point I was getting in a bad mood again, so the boy whispered to my friend “I think she’s going down again”, and I said “no, I’m not” but actually I was on the verge of tears (mood swings will do that to you) so he cut an hydrangea from a bush and gave it to me with a smile. And I remember I was in love in that moment, it was like a fairytale. Now it may seem stupid and childish, but I remember the magic of that moment so well.

Memory Lane

Part IV

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“Ace, you damn brat!”

Asce flinches on instinct at the voice, then realises it’s ringing a bell. He’s not sure why, no memories spring to mind. But the deep-rooted sensation of fear that insists he’s in danger must have been well conditioned into his subconscious for a reason. 

Then the fist descends upon his head and he realises why.

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Memory Lane

Part III

Part I | Part II

Asce’s first physio session does not go well.

He doesn’t get as far as he’d been expecting, and his temper gets the best of him.

He’d always felt it, sizzling away under his skin, but he hadn’t realised how explosive it was until he’d managed to wheel himself away in his chair (because his fucking body can’t weight bare enough for walking yet, he’s got to build up to it and that’s bullshit) with tears of frustration clumping his eyelashes together.

He’d left Riskua there and he feels like shit for it, even more so when he discovers she’s fallen asleep by his empty bedside waiting for him to get back.

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One day, I will see you at the mall and we will hug. The hug would last longer than the time it took us to fall apart.
One day, I will ask how you have been and you will tell that you missed me.
One day, I will admit that I missed you too.
One day, we will unconsciously hold hands and start walking down the memory lane.
That day, our story will start…again.

On this day in music history: May 9, 1979 - “Minnie”, the fifth album by Minnie Riperton is released. Produced by Henry Lewy, Dick Rudolph and Minnie Riperton, it is recorded at A&M Studios from Mid 1978 - Early 1979. Recording four albums for Epic Records between 1974 and 1977, singer Minnie Riperton ends her association with the label that she finds her initial success as a recording artist. In 1976, she is diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and is initially given only six months to live. Instead of accepting the grim prognosis, Minnie undergoes a radical masectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Miraculously, the treatment appears to have worked, and the singer resumes her career, also becoming a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society. Riperton signs a new contract with Capitol Records in 1978, and begins work on her first album for the label. Minnie and her husband Dick Rudolph co-produce the project with veteran producer and engineer Henry Lewy (Joni Mitchell, Neil Young). They gather together a team of A-List musicians that include Chuck Rainey, Abraham Laboriel, David Hungate (bass), Phil Upchurch, Marlo Henderson, Oscar Castro-Neves (guitar), Harvey Mason, Alex Acuna, Leon “Ndugu” Chancler, Claudio Slon (drums), Victor Feldman, Jeremy Lubbock, Randy Waldman (keyboards), Hubert Laws, Tom Scott, Jerome Richardson (flutes), Paulinho DaCosta (percussion), and The Seawind Horns. Singer and guitarist Jose Feliciano and Riperton’s old friend and former boss Stevie Wonder also make guest appearances. The sessions completed by early 1979 are highly productive, and yielding some of the best music of her career. But as the sessions wrap, comes unfortunate news. Minnie’s cancer has returned with a vengeance, leaving her unable to move her right arm. Once released, the album is well received by the public, spinning off two singles including “Memory Lane” (#16 R&B) and “Lover And Friend” (#20 R&B). She makes her final television appearance performing the albums first two singles on The Mike Douglas Show, which airs on June 15, 1979. Less than a month later, Riperton loses her battle with cancer on July 12, 1979 at the age of only thirty-one. “Minnie” peaks at number five on the Billboard R&B album chart, and number twenty nine on the Hot 100.

They say to never wander
In dark alleyways
Yet I trace
My steps back
Along this poorly lit
Memory lane

I chance upon the
Ghosts of past men
Whose sleeves
Drip with blood and
Hide pieces of
My heart

Tempting me
With empty promises
That rattle in their
Beer bottles
And forcing me down
With forgotten kisses

Until their hands
Search for more
Tear my clothes
Like candy wrapper
My no’s a distortion
To their drunken ears

Soon the memories
Of these men
Rape my mind
Over and over
Taking turns
In this mental orgy

We are told
To be wary
Of physical entities
But how do you
Say no
To memories?

—  “Memory Lane” by Red Beanie
Memory Lane

Part I

More Risace AU

It’s driving him mad.

They have no idea who he is, only that he’s suffered a head injury and was found by some do-gooder.

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