memory headache

The one and only wasteland beverage that doesn’t list radiation as an ingredient. [disclaimer: radiation may still be present in Sunset Sarsaparilla, and the Sunset Sarsaparilla company is not responsible for; mouth mutations, tumors, loss of brain function, decrease in memory retention, headaches, nausea, constipation, numbness in fingers or toes, sudden bouts of existentialism, or death, consult your doctor before drinking in Sunset Sarsaparilla.]


Re-Introducing ‘Ciel Nocturne’

The little Étoile wakes up with a headache and memory loss in a storage room, not knowing who and where she is. Blood and wine intermix into a deep red liquid dripping down the tips of her hair and pulling her back to reality. “Who and where am I?“

Made with RPG Maker VXAce
drama, horror, psychological
ENDINGS 4 { true - good - normal - bad }

Aside from the main story, you can learn about all the other characters.


  • Étoile can run only for a certain time. Look out for the stamina bar
  • Sneak to get away from others or walk over fragile floorboards
  • Push and pull certain objects.
  • You can skip cutscenes, but not decisions.

SANITY Whenever Étoile encounters something horrifying, she will lose sanity points. When her sanity bar is low, she will hallucinate. On 0, she will give up on everything. She can calm herself by resting on a bench.

ITEMS You have to use Items manually. They have to be used on the right spot, sometimes even on the right time. For example: a key with the corresponding door When Items can’t be used, Étoile will shook her head, meaning it is not the right place.

LANTERN Étoile will use her lantern when you press { q }. When pressing once again, she will turn it off. It is advised to use it only when really needed. Using it will consume oil. You can find oil hidden around the orphanage.


This game contains strong violence, disturbing content, grotesque imagery and depicts murder.

We know that the warning / triggerlist is long, but we also don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable because they didn’t know what was going to happen. Feel free to ask for details for any of the listed things below.

These are serious themes and we won’t treat them lightly. They are all story-related and not used for entertainment!

We do NOT support these themes in real life!

💀 blood, injuries, body horror
💀 religious aspects
💀 (thoughts of) suicide, self harm
💀 transphobia, homophobia
💀 scopophobia, trypophobia, spectrophobia
💀 eating and mental disorders
💀 bullying
💀 child and animal abuse { non-sexual }

Dumb midnight headcanon doodle. The main components that comprise a large percentage of Fi’s overall composition are time shift stones and bluebird feathers, which is why she is blue and purple and why the Master Sword can be used to travel through time in Ocarina of Time.

Also Ghirahim has a triPhone. He takes millions of selfies and photos of other things and people and posts them on his blog. He’s popular for being handsome but he is well known for being a huge asshole.

Detective Conan- Football/Soccer

The dancing one is already done

This one was hard because all soccer gifs are hilarious and involve more than one person. It is also very hard to match up to characters when every gif is a fail gif. So have zero accuracy but a lot of laughs. None of these gifs belong to me.


Sato and Takagi




Shiratori and Takagi

Yumi (Senpai that’s immature- shhh Naeko look, they’re getting scared)

Eisuke (White shirt)

Shinichi and Heiji (Why Kudo I thought we were friends)

The new Kaitou Kid trap


Gin (Annoying shit I did not push yo- oh wait)






Heiji (Hah Kudo, told you my booty workouts bring results)



Hakuba and Kid

Shenanigans (I just really like football gifs)

Sorry about today

I need in a lot pain recently. Problem due to the fact I have more energy so I’m trying to program myself getting used to energy boosts and not doing too much to ruin it (but still doing something).

I know most of you are new but I have a condition called fibromyalgia. It is a  long-term condition that causes pain all over the body. As well as widespread pain, people with fibromyalgia may also have:   

  • increased sensitivity to pain  
  •  fatigue (extreme tiredness)  
  •  muscle stiffness  
  •  difficulty sleeping  
  •  problems with mental processes (known as “fibro-fog”) – such as problems with memory and concentration  
  •  headaches  
  •  irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – a digestive condition that causes stomach pain and bloating

So yeah what is happening right now its called a “flare up” Always fun <3

To quote House:

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I’m not depressed at least.

Guys’ Night


Being able to move my arm without the aluminum cast felt better than I remembered. Though it might be the lack of pain due to the Winter Knight. For now being on Mab’s side might actually be for the good of things. Hopefully that was my mind thinking that… Not sure how long it will last, but every second or so she could be changing her mind. To top everything else off I still had no idea how to get Molly out of being the Winter Lady or myself out of this. 

I also had two daughters now. Although one lived in a wooden skull. She didn’t really have a flesh and blood body but the birthing could have probably gone better. A little memory headache spurred for a moment. Reminder to self to make Bob a new wooden replacement skull since she took his. The other, Maggie,  Michael and Charity handled. Everything taken care of since their home remained the safest place, hands down, in all of Chicago.

Alfred would probably scare the Hell out of her too. Not to mention the evil power buried under the island. Definitely not bringing her here any time soon. I didn’t really have a safe way to do that either. The Nevernever is a place I’d prefer avoiding bringing her through.

Still, no one wanted to really visit. Even Thomas and Murphy only stopped by shortly to drop off essentials. Having a brother who could afford just about everything made being a hermit a little nicer before the diamonds from Hades came along. It didn’t help with all of the boredom though. 

Parkour. Re-reading books. Trying to rebuild my lab. Day in and day out, nothing but being alone. Maybe I should have named Alfred ‘Wilson’ instead.

Enough of this. I wanted a beer. Nothing is keeping me cooped up on Demonreach any longer with the threat of my immanent death. Possible death could still be just around the corner in Chicago even without the supernatural population. I didn’t worry about that too much.  

Getting dressed I didn’t bother with the duster. Just an Amazing Spider-man T-shirt and jeans. It felt weird to have clothes that fit for once and be able to afford them. Glove, shoes, and finally the new shield bracelet. Recovery time at Michael’s provided great access to some of the finer tools needed for the metal work. Thomas-it’s-definitely-not-Maybelline helped convert some of my share of the diamonds into actual cash to buy the fine metals. Thinking about it he likely took them to Lara to actually cash them out.

Maybe my brother, Butters, and Billy would come out for a couple of beers. Murphy would likely be for it if her leg felt up to it. Maybe I shouldn’t ask her just in case. Even if her leg wasn’t up to it she’d be the stubborn five-foot-nothing she is and insist on coming anyway.

A guys’ night wouldn’t be bad. Beer, maybe some darts or something.

Just one night in town couldn’t cause too much trouble. Could it?

“Aparturum,”  the way opened and I walked through. 

It didn’t take long to get to Thomas’ place, though having the Blue Beetle would have made it easier. The option to call Thomas hung in the air, but where would the surprise be if I did something like that? 

Knocking ‘a trim and a hair cut’ tune on his apartment door I waited. 

Okay but hear me out here - WADANOHARA: THE MUSICAL

- Everyone is onstage in costumes that replicate the characters perfectly

- ENTIRE SONGS devoted to things like Wadanohara’s conflicted feelings, Fukami’s jealousy, etc.

- Wadanohara and Sal. “Love Is An Open Door”. You do the math.

- PUPPETS. All the characters in animal form are represented as puppets, puppeteered by their actors. You know how kabuki theater the scenery guys dress in all black to not be seen when they move sets and props? That’s what the actors do here.

- The above works BEAUTIFULLY when you get to *THAT PART*, where You-Know-Who, after revealing themself, tears off the black to reveal their human form. Cue awesome villain song.

- Adding to the above again, if you want to use non-original songs, USE DRUMMING SONG BY FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE. Have a short version be sung by Wadanohara when the memory shit and headaches start. Have a short reprisal be sung by Fukami when his jealousy starts getting to him. Have the glorious, epic full version be sung by You-Know-Who at *THAT PART* to explain his descent into villainy. USE DRUMMING SONG.

- THE LAST SONG. Instead of a crowd song, have it start as a solo by Wadanohara that suddenly turns into a duet with Samekichi as he shows up out of nowhere.




Kevin Schiller had no idea what hit him.

With 21 years on the job, the building engineer for Macy’s department stores had been in and out of every nook and cranny of many of the retail giant’s Texas stores, including the storage room in the Macy’s in Denton, Texas.

One minute, the stocky, 6'2" Schiller was searching there for a floor drain. The next, he was sprawled on the floor, stunned, confused and bleeding slightly.

“All I heard was a loud crack and I found myself looking up on people looking down on me,” Schiller recalls more than five years later. “They saw the mannequin hit me in the head and it drove my head into a shelf and then after that my head hit the cement.”

The mannequin fell 12 feet from the highest shelf. Schiller has hardly worked since, given persistent headaches, memory loss, disorientation and extreme sensitivity to bright light and loud sound.

Schiller, 54, is among 1.5 million workers in Texas and Oklahoma who don’t have state-regulated workers’ compensation to turn to when they’re injured on the job. Millions more may join them as more states consider giving employers the right to opt out of state workers’ comp systems.

Federal Workplace Law Fails To Protect Employees Left Out Of Workers’ Comp

Photos: Brandon Thibodeaux for NPR

anonymous asked:

The last few chapter's of TG:RE have got me wondering. What would the different members of the Quinx Squad do in the scenario that they found Haise in the midst of one of his memory headache/migraine things?

I love my Quinx babies so thank you for requesting them <3

SHIRAZU: Shirazu would immediately rush to his mentor’s side and ask what’s wrong. When Shirazu realizes that Haise is in pain, he remembers what happened during the Torso Investigation and how the older went berserk. Shirazu would then remember that Akira was the person who stopped Haise, so he hastily searches for Haise’s phone and calls her for help.

SAIKO: First, Saiko would run to see if anyone can help; if the rest of the Quinx are nearby, she would immediately run to them and call them over. If she’s alone with Haise, Saiko would not have any idea what to do but would stay by his side and give him hugs for comfort. When he finally calms down and regains his senses, Saiko will tackle him with another hug and then proceed to babble about how she was scared that something really bad happened to her Maman.

MUTSUKI: Mutsuki would panic at first but he would come to his senses after realizing that his mentor needs his help. Though Mutsuki doesn’t know how to make the pain go away, he would try to alleviate it by rushing to retrieve an ice pack, water, a wet towel, medicine, anything that he thinks could be useful. After the migraine subsides and Haise calms down, Mutsuki would ask Haise if he’s okay but would not further question him because he knows that Haise is exhausted.

URIE: Initially, Urie would pay no attention and just mentally tell Haise to suck it up and deal with it like a real man. However, as the headache grows more severe, Urie would become a tad concerned but mask his emotions and try to make Haise regain his senses by shaking him firmly. After the headache disappears, Urie would play it off like he did not care and claim that Haise was nothing but troublesome, so that it did not appear that the young Quinx was worried.

Like A Prayer

Title: Like a Prayer

Pairing: CasXReader

Word count: 3,866

Song: Like a Prayer by Madonna 

You wake up in the morning with a splitting headache and memories of something you would only do when you’re drunk.

You turned on your side and slowly opened your eyes, only to see light. You quickly shut your eyes and groaned, turning over. Once you felt a little better you raised your head and opened you eyes, only to be met by a pounding in your head. You quickly winced and put your hand up to your head, slowly sitting up. You then looked around and realized that you were in your room in your bunker, and that there were two pills of aspirin and a glass of water on your nightstand.

“What happened?” you thought as you twisted your body towards the nightstand and quickly took the pills.

“Ok what’s the last thing you remember?” you asked yourself. Then you remembered that you, the boys, and Cas just finished hunting a wendigo. You guys decided to go to the bar to celebrate. And that was about all that was coming to you.

“Must have gotten a little tipsy,” you thought to yourself as you rubbed your head. You decided that you would get up and go talk to the guys to see what else happened last night that you were to drunk to remember, when something caught your eye. On the nightstand, next to the glass of what use to be water, was a small note. Confusion took over your face, because you never kept anything on the nightstand except for your gun and clock. You saw that the water covered the note when you first looked at your nightstand, which would explain why you didn’t see the note, but that didn’t explain what was on the note. You went over to the nightstand and picked up the small piece of paper, making out the scribbled words on it. 

“Drink up. The amount of drinking that
made you do what you did must be taking
its toll now. Can’t imagine your hangover.
Come to the kitchen when you wake up
and I’ll have something greasy for you.

You slowly placed the note on the nightstand and let the confusion on your face show even more than before.

“What did I do?” you asked yourself, afraid of the answer. You closed your eyes and tried to remember more of what happened last night, when suddenly memories of last night flashed through your mind. You quickly opened your eyes, panic erasing the confusion on your face, and you put your face in your hands, shaking your head as you did so.

“Oh no oh no oh no,” you thought. You pulled your face out of your hands and took a deep breath, closing your eyes and trying to go through everything that happened last night, step by step.

“One more drink!” you yelled to the bartender. She gave you your drink and you made your way back to Sam, Dean, and Cas, keeping a lopsided smile on your face. Sam and Dean just looked at you and shook their heads while Cas seemed a bit more worried about you.

“Y/N don’t you think you’ve had enough to drink,” Dean said smiling at you, taking a swing of his beer, still being ways away from being drunk.
“Yes I agree with Dean Y/N, it seems as though you have reached your alcohol intake,” Cas said, with more concern than Dean. You looked at the angel and smiled, leaning against him and laying your head on his shoulder, looking up a him.

“Oh Cassy I’m fine! You’re so cute when you get worried about me!” you said, your drunken state preventing you from keeping a filter on what you were saying. You didn’t have time to see Cas blush at your nickname before you took your shot. You swallowed it and smiled, enjoying the warmth spreading through you with every drink.

“I’m gonna get another one!” you said as you started getting up, before feeling a hand on your wrist. 

“Y/N I think it’s unwise for you to drink more,” Cas said, pulling you down in the booth with the rest of them.

“Yeah I have to agree Y/N, were cutting you off,” Sam said, smiling at you then drinking him beer. You groaned and then dramatically rolled your eyes at them.

“Oh come on,” you said, looking at Sam and Dean, but even though they were enjoying you in a drunken state, you knew they wouldn’t budge. You then looked down, thinking about what you could do, when suddenly an idea popped in your head. You looked up at the angel sitting next to you and you put a smirk on your face. You leaned up to him until your lips were just barely touching his ear, and you grasped his trench coat lightly with one hand while you placed the other hand softly around his neck, letting skin touch skin. 

“Cas why do you want to make me sad? Don’t you want to make me happy? I’m suppose to be having fun tonight, I’m suppose to be celebrating. Don’t you want to celebrate with me Castiel? Just you and me?” you said slowly, letting every word drag out. This was something you would never do if you were sober, but your drunken state didn’t exactly do a good job of hiding the want you felt for Cas. You slowly pulled away from Cas’s ear until you were face to face with him, only inches apart. The boys widened their eyes at you and Cas, always knowing that you had feeling for him but never knowing to what extent, and Cas was looking at you with a shocked look too, not knowing what to do.

“So what do you say?” you asked, smirking at him. He looked at your lips then back at you, and then shook his head and gently pushed you away.

“It’s like Sam said Y/N, your cut off,” Cas said in a gentle but gruff voice. You looked at him with a shocked expression on your face, and then let out an exasperated sigh and crossed your hands over your chest. Here you were, pretty mush offering yourself to him, and he was pushing you away! It seemed that no matter what you tried, you could never get the reaction you wanted from this angel. Cas drove you crazy; every time he talked you could feel the butterflies in your stomach do summersaults and every time he touched you, you felt like your whole body was on fire. And yet here he was, seeming as though he was completely unaffected by you. You felt as though he only saw you as a friend and nothing more, and that thought drove you crazy.

“It’s not fair!” you thought, “How the hell can I get you to see me as something more than a friend?” you rolled your eyes and looked around, doing anything to avoid looking at Cas or the boys. You looked at the tables full of people talking and laughing, at the stage where people karaoke, and at the couples scattered around making out. You then widened your eyes and let a smirk once again play at your lips, knowing exactly what you were going to do.

“Would you excuse me,” you said, getting up. The boys were about to stop you, thinking that you were going back to the bar, but they stopped in their tracks when they realized that you were heading the opposite direction of the bar.

“Where is she going?” Cas asked, keeping an eye on you as you made your way though the crowd. 

“I don’t know,” Dean said, letting confusion take over his face. They then lost you in the crowd, and they got up, to see if they could find you, when something interrupted their thoughts.

“Alright and now we have a good one for you guys!” the announcer of the karaoke said. “Singing Like a Prayer by Madonna give a big round of applause for Y/N!” The guys quickly looked towards the stage and saw you walk on with a microphone and a shit-eating expression on your face. You looked at them and winked, and then took you place in the center of the stage. They then slowly sat down, and Dean shook his head and smiled at you, raising his beer and then winking back at you, and then the music started..

“Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone,”

You looked down as though you were shy and kept you eyes on the floor as you started singing the first few verses. The guys looked at each other in shock, because they never heard you sing before, and even though they only heard a few lines, they could already tell you were amazing.

“I hear you call my name, and it feels like home,”

You then looked up and smirked, starting to move your hips as the rhythm started to pick up.

“When you call my name it’s like a little prayer
I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there
In the midnight hour I can feel your power
Just like a prayer you know I’ll take you there.”

You sang, keeping eyes contact with Cas as you made your way down the stage and to him. You then put one leg on either side of him and straddled him, and he instinctively put his hands on your waist, his eyes widening as he did so, and you continued singing.

“I hear your voice, it’s like an angel sighing
I have no choice I hear your voice
Feels like flying,”

You maintained eye contact with him as he did you, and he didn’t look anywhere else. You could hear the people cheering for you and whistling at your actions, which just made you more confident in what you were doing.

I close my eyes, Oh God I think I’m falling,”

You closed your eyes and leaned back, trusting Cas to support you, and sure enough he did. His hands went to your back as you laid back, and you kept a smile on your face as you continued singing into the microphone.

“Out of the sky I close my eyes,”

You then pulled up and Cas felt what you were doing and helped pull you up slowly, until you two were chest to chest, faces only inches apart.

“Heaven help me,”

You smirked at him as you stood up and quickly turned your back at him, getting back on the stage. You heard the people cheering for you and you let your hips sway as you continued singing.

“When you call my name it’s like a little prayer
I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there
In the midnight hour I can feel your power
Just like a prayer you know I’ll take you there.”

You sang, smiling and dancing as you did so. The crowd was going crazy for you and you could even hear Sam and Dean cheering for you two and you looked at Cas, noticing that he was looking at you with wide but dark eyes.

“Like a child, you whisper softly to me
You’re in control just like a child
Now I’m dancing,”

You twirled around and looked up, letting the hand that wasn’t holding the mic go up in the air. You then stopped and looked at Cas with an innocent smile, only to see him breathing heavily.

“It’s like a dream, no end and no beginning
You’re here with me it’s like a dream
Let the choir sing,”

You then went off stage and pulled some people up with you, and soon enough more people followed. You sang the chorus with them, dancing with whomever and letting yourself feel free. You then stopped dancing and went to the front of the stage and sat down, letting your legs dangle off the side of the stage. You put on hand on the floor of the stage and leaned away from the stage, leaning your body in Cas’s direction keeping eyes contact with Cas as your other hand held the mic to your face.

“Just like a prayer, your voice can take me there
Just like a muse to me, you are a mystery
Just like a dream, you are not what you seem
Just like a prayer no choice your voice can take me there,”

You bit your bottom lip and winked at him then got back up, dancing and singing with he rest of the people on stage. You finished singing the song and you then felt yourself being lifted by two guys and being placed on their shoulders.

“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!” they cheered.

And that was all you could remember.

“Shit,” you mumbled to yourself. 

“How could you be so stupid!” You thought to yourself. You should have known to watch what you drank; you knew how you got when you were drunk. But yet here you were, embarrassed to face Sam and Dean after that and terrified to think that your friendship with Cas might be over because you couldn’t control yourself when you were drunk. You ran a hand through your hair and decided that you needed to get up, because if you just sat in your bed and continued to think about it any longer your head might just explode. You got up and made your way out of your room and squinted as you opened the door, not expecting to see the amount of light that you did. You blinked a couple of times and then made you way to then kitchen, not bothering to say hi to Sam and Dean as you took a seat on the stool.

“Hey there sleepy head,” Sam said. You looked up at them and saw them smirking at you, and you knew exactly why. 

“Ughhh,” you groaned as you brought you face back to your hands. You heard them laugh and then heard a plate being placed in front of you.

“Come on eat up you’ll feel better,” Sam said, passing you a plate with bacon, eggs, and sausages. 

“Ugh thanks,” you said as you picked up a piece of bacon. You could already feel your stomach churning but you knew that you would feel better once you took a bite so you did, and sure enough you didn’t feel that sick anymore.

“Well good to see you’re eating. I’m gonna go out for a run Madonna,” Sam said, smirking at you. You picked up the newspaper that was next to you and threw it at him, hitting him just as he walked out.

“Oh fuck you,” you screamed at him. He laughed and then you heard the doors open and shut, signaling that he was out running.

“Do you remember what you did?” Dean asked with a small smirk on his face.

“God I wish I didn’t,” you said, looking down at your food. 

“I had no idea you could sing,” Dean said. You brought your attention back to him and shrugged your shoulders. 

“It’s not a big deal, I just do it for fun,” you said, taking a bite of your bacon. 

“Well you’re really good at it.”

“Thank you,” you said. it stayed silent for a while until you dropped your fork and winced at the sound, but only for a moment before you were looking at Dean who seemed surprised by your sudden action.

“Dean I know what I did but I’m a little foggy on some of the details.” You said, needing to know what happened after your little “show”. Dean smirked and nodded, closing the paper in front of him and looking at you.

“Well you were drinking a bit to much so we cut you off and then you flirted with Cas the sang Madonna and pretty mush directed it to Cas.”

“Ok yes I remember that but what happened afterwards?”

“Afterwards?” Dean asked.

“Yes afterwards. I remember singing and everything, all the way until the end, but I don’t remember anything afterwards.” You said, getting a little nervous.

“Well Cas left quickly after that and then Sam and I took you home.” Dean said.

“Oh gosh he must hate me,” you said softly to yourself.

“What?” Dean asked.

“Cas! He must have felt so awkward and shit. He probably never wants to see me again.” You said.

“Umm Y/N,” Dean said, trying to conceal the smile that was slowly creeping up on his face, “I don’t think that the case.” You gave him a confused look and tilted his head, not quite understanding what he was saying.

“What do you mean?” you asked.

“Well let’s just say he left because you got the attention of something of his,” Dean said with a smirk on his face. You were still confused, not knowing what he was talking about. He was just so vague! Honestly what did it mean that you got the attention of something of hi- oh.


“Wait are you saying…?” you asked, drifting off before you finished the question. Dean nodded and then gave you a smirk.

“You gave the poor angel a boner,” Dean said, erupting into laughter. You widened your eyes and looked at him with shock. 

“Oh my God are you serious?” you asked, to which Dean nodded

“He was all like ‘I have to go I have matters to attend to’ and then he covered his ‘area’ with his coat and bumped into a few tables on his way out.” Dean said, calming down with his laughter and instead taking a sip of his coffee.

“Holy shit,” was the only thing you could manage to say.

“Trust me,” Dean said as he stood up, walking over to you and patting your shoulder as he walked away, “He likes you.” You sat there for a moment and then turned around to see Dean’s figure walking away from you.

“Just cause he got a boner doesn’t mean he likes me!” you shouted.

“Trust me!” Dean said, waving his hand in reassurance as he turned the corner. You leaned into your chair and sighed, not exactly sure what to do. Before your go to plan was to beg for forgiveness from the angel for what you did, but that was before you found out his reaction. Sure you could still do that and pretend that you never heard his reaction towards you, but a part of you didn’t want to do that. Ok actually a big part of you didn’t want to do that. But then again you couldn’t hold him responsible for his vessels response to what happened. But Dean did say that Cas liked you and for you to “trust him”. 

“Damn it,” you said, because you really didn’t know what to do. You stayed in the bunker pondering what you should do, before you finally decided that you should apologize for that night. You would just say that you were drunk and you obviously weren’t thinking and you also decided that you wouldn’t even mention the whole umm, situation that he had. Yep that was exactly what you were gonna do. No all you needed to do was get him to the bunker.

“Hey umm Cas? This is um Y/N. I really need to talk to you so if you could just stop b-“

“Y/N you were calling me?” Cas said, keeping direct eye contact with you. You smiled at him and then remembered how you made eye contact with him last night and you immediately looked down, avoiding his stare.

“Yeah I just wanted to say that I am so sorry for last night. I was drunk and out of line and I’m so sorry,” you said. After a moment of not hearing anything you slowly looked up and saw Cas staring at you as if he was trying to read you. 

“I understand you were drunk and you inhibitions were compromised but I also understand that most of the time when people are drunk they tell the truth rather than lie. Dean told me that your act last night was a sign of attraction towards me. Is that true?” Cas asked, tilting his head in the way that made you want to hug him and never let him go. You froze in your position and was left speechless.

“Why does it matter if I am or not? I just wanted to apologize” you said, trying to get his to drop the conversation. You turned away from him and back at your mostly full plate, hoping that he would just say ok and talk about something else. You heard silence coming from Cas and then you felt a hand on your wrist turn you around only to be met face to face with Cas, an image that was all to familiar.

“It matters,” Cas said, keeping his eyes focused on yours, “It matters because I have always been attracted to you and last night, last night I had to leave because what you did to me, because of the reaction my body had towards you. Now I want to know if you only did that because you were drunk, because if that’s so then I will accept your apology and act like nothing ever happened, but if you did what you did last night because the alcohol caused your inhibitions to leave, and you actually feel the same way you felt last night, then I don’t think I am prepared to leave you just yet.” He looked into your eyes with a more lustful stare and you felt your breath stop, feeling yourself go weak in is stare and in the way his voice deepened more if it was even possible. 

“Then you better not leave,” you said quietly looking at his lips then at his eyes.

Before you even knew it you felt lips on yours, and you immediately felt yourself go closer to his body. You wrapped your arms around his nick, and he put his arms on your waist, pulling you closer and leaning down so he had a better access point to your lips. You two kissed each other with the type of passion described in books; gentle but yet powerful all at once, all the while the kiss making you feel like the most fragile, yet strongest girl in the whole world. You two then pulled apart, you gasping for air, your chest rising and falling against his, as you looked up into his eyes. he looked down at you too, taking a couple of breaths, before grabbing your hands and kissing them both, one by one, all the while holding your gaze. You felt your breath hitch at this intimate gesture and you watched closely towards every movement that he made, connecting his lips to your skin. Once he finished he brought his face back to your level and brought his face to your ear, as you did last night.

“I hope you can show me your dance again,” he said, and you could feel the smirk in his voice. You shuddered at his words and at the feeling of his breath on your skin and you nodded, pulling your face back and looking at him in those beautiful blue eyes.

“Next time though, I wont be drunk.”