memory forever


This will FOREVER be my most favorite thing EVER 😂😂

“You’re our hero, Stanley”.

remember when taylor swift walked slowly down the catwalk and stood there strumming her guitar and then with no warning whatsoever the words “i said remember this moment” came out and 30 000 people screamed like they’d never screamed before because taylor swift gave NO WARNING nO nOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SHE RUINED US FOR ETERNITY

Your best friend will leave, love her anyway.
Your high school boyfriend won’t be the love of your life, love him anyway. 
Your memories will fade away, love them anyway.

Forever may not exist but it doesn’t keep you from enjoying their company even if it’s just for a while.

—  One thing I realised today. 

2017 book releases I’m most looking forward to

You chose her. You married her. You have a kid with her. So why is it when you’re lying in bed awake at 3:00 am I’m the one you call. Why is it that when you’ve had a rough day my number is the first you dial just waiting for me to say “Hi Prince.” You left me for her so why is it that you still have my pictures saved and even after 5 years of being apart you’ve still managed to hold on to them. You’re with her so why is it that every year on my birthday at 12:00 am you’re the first to say “Happy Birthday.” You’re married to her so why is it that when we both walk past you, your eyes linger on me. Why did you choose her if you love me?

Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #350


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