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Hockey players and smart girls [MICHAEL]

Hockey was Michael’s passion since he was a little kid. He didn’t remember when he had learned to play hockey like he didn’t remember when he had learned to walk. It was in his blood and being a professional hockey player was his fate.

He was the star player of the team and everyone knew the name Michael Clifford. They knew he would be a great player in the future but he still had to go to school and study normal subjects like the other teenagers of his age.

He wasn’t very good in school but he tried his best. He didn’t have much time to study because when he wasn’t in school, he’d be playing hockey and improving his skills.

Unlike him, (y/n) was a straight A student. No one knew who she was, but she didn’t care. She had the right amount of friends so she didn’t need anything else. Her father was a big fan of hockey and she liked it as well so that meant that whenever there was a game in her town, they would go see it.

Michael knew who (y/n) was. He knew she was the shy girl who liked hockey and she was the beautiful and smart girl that had stolen his heart. Every time there was a game, he’d search for her in the crowd and once he spotted her talking to her father, he would smile. She was his good luck charm even if she didn’t know it.

He was in love with her and he wanted to meet her and know more about that little creature that would make his stomach do backflips every time he looked at her. There was only one problem: he wasn’t confident enough.

Michael was confident in many things. He knew he was good at playing hockey and he knew he didn’t have to put much effort in talking to girls, but (y/n) wasn’t just any girl. (y/n) was something much more complicated than hockey and she was unique and somehow she scared him. She scared him because no other girl had ever made him feel like that. No one had made him feel insecure. He wasn’t smart and intelligent like all the guys she was friends with and because of that, he thought he wasn’t good enough for her. Why would she want to date a popular hockey player when she could have an intelligent guy who would go to University with her?

And those were the things that made Michael sick, because he knew he would never be good enough for her but at the same time the thought of seeing (y/n) with another guy made him angry, because she was his…or at least that’s what he wanted.

So one night, he decided to memorize random facts about important stuff. He worked really hard on that and after spending the whole night trying to learn stuff that he thought would impress (y/n), he went to school and finally asked her out. She said yes and he almost died of happiness.

That night, he took her to an elegant restaurant and started having a conversation about politics. He knew nothing about the theme but he tried to make things up. Then he moved on and talked about Economy, something he wasn’t an expert but managed to say some things right. He was ready to start a conversation about Science vs. Religion when (y/n) stopped him.

“What is this all about?” She asked with her eyebrows raised.

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t seem like the type of guy who talks about politics with his friends.”

He started sweating. She knew he wasn’t good enough for her so he started feeling anxious because he knew the girl he loved could reject him.

“I thought you wanted to talk about this kind of stuff.” He looked at the plate of food in front of him.

“You don’t have to talk about stuff you don’t like to impress me. I just want you to be yourself. Tell me about hockey, sports and stuff like that. Tell me about what you like to do.” She gave him a sincere smile. “In fact, I hate when people talk about Economy, Politics and stuff like that. It’s so boring. I’d much rather hear someone talk about something like hockey.”

He smiled and she could see the sparkle that formed in his eyes. He started telling her everything he liked and then it was her turn. He was fascinated by what she liked and never imagined they could have so much in common.

And after that day, they became close friends and later started dating. He would give her his shirt to wear whenever she went to his games and that made him the happiest person in the world. (y/n) didn’t need a smart guy, she only needed someone who cared about her and that someone was Michael.

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