naminamae  asked:

Hi! I only read the manga, and I always get confused when I see people analysing in detail past!Allen, as I remember seeing him maybe twice in the manga (or not even) Did I miss something? How can I know more about him? Thank you so much!

No, you didn’t miss anything, mostly we’re just specualting. What we know for sure is:

  • Past!Allen and Neah were close, Neah even referred to him as friend
  • After Neah’s failure, Past!Allen offered to protect his memories
  • Past!Allen investigated the “Helix of Life“
  • Cross was asked by Neah to search for his host who is named Allen

And here the rest are speculations:

  • Past!Allen used “watashi“ pronoun and also his speech pattern indicates that he’s a person who likes to keep people at arm’s lenght
  • he is suspected to be the previous Bookman Apprentice who disappeared
  • he either de-aged and forgot everything as Neah suspects or Past!Allen and Present!Allen are two different person (not two different personas sharing a body)
  • if we accept the latter then there might be similarities between Past! and Present!Allen personality wise, just because they speak poilitely they can very well have a defiant nature

People just like to talk about him, because in some way he IS connected both to Present!Allen and Neah, also, Hoshino did a great job building such mystery around him.