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Just because a character is flawed doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to love them. And just because you love a character doesn’t mean they don’t have flaws


The day was quickly approaching. Aiden wasn’t quite sure how to feel – Excited? Nervous? Like this is a mistake? He hoped for nothing more than for this relationship with Pixie to work. Aiden was in love with her; but this wedding was causing more stress than expected. “Maybe we can just get married here – just us.” Aiden spoke, his voice shook with anxiety. “No, no..” He muttered. “I’m just really fuckin’ nervous, Pix.”

Don’t talk to me about Fayt/Albel and how I will ship them till the end of time. Don’t talk to me about vulnerable Albel who doesn’t take his gauntlet off in front of anyone but Fayt, don’t talk to me about how Fayt eventually gets taller in his 20s, don’t talk to me about how they’re going to travel the universe and never tell anyone they are boyfriends but they are definitely never separated.

Definitely don’t talk to me about that abandoned fic on I wrote where Albel makes hauler beast soup for a sick Fayt.

Okay, you can talk to me about anything but that fic tbh, because that fic is 10+ years old and my writing was atrocious back then. More so than it is now, if you can believe it.

Anyone still ship these two? Because I probably never will stop.

  • Me:*Waiting for past life memories*
  • Brain:...
  • Me:*Continues waiting*
  • Brain:Oh, did you want something?
  • Me:Yes, I'd like to have memories of my past life now.
  • Brain:Let me see what I can do.
  • Brain:...
  • Brain:Okay, I can't do past life memories right now, but, guess what! Here's some super shitty memories from your childhood that may or may not be beneficial for you at the moment! Haha, aren't I great?
  • Me:This is not what I asked for! You're so unreliable!
  • Brain:Wait, I definitely do have past life memories, though.
  • Me:Really?
  • Brain:Yes.
  • Me:...
  • Me:*Waiting for past life memories (again)*

Is it okay if I request an imagine for isaac where the reader and him are childhood friends, but all of a sudden he starts acting really rude to her and he says something that hurts her feelings but he ends up telling her that he loves her later?

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Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Word count: 922 words

Warnings: assholeish behaviour, not sure about anything else

a/n: you requested this so cute omg, but here you go, i hope you enjoy it! :-)

You had learnt the hard way to keep your head down and not to speak up. You figured out where to sit in class to not be picked on so much, and you learnt how to do the minimal effort required in gym class. These were all things you had learnt and discovered so that when things went haywire, you could escape the crossfire.

However, the moment you had met Isaac Lahey in Middle School that went out the window. You guys had clicked instantly. The friendship had been wonderful and you were ever grateful for the memories. But that’s all it was now – just a memory.

At some point during high school you guys had developed different friends. It wasn’t anything alarming as you two still walked to and from school together. Until Isaac stopped showing up. And then he started ignoring you or making snarky remarks.

It was at that point where you realised that there was no point in clinging to who he used to be. You put up with his little comments for a while, waiting for the one comment to set you off.

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Armenians-specifically you guys in Glendale

You all know that old witch lady… The one who your mom takes you to when you’re sick with something mysterious? The one who measures your fear with a pencil and an egg? I can’t remember her name, if it’s Horom or Gorom, but you guys KNOW WHO I’M TALKING ABOUT THE WOMAN HAS A REPUTATION.

Anyway, do you guys know what she’s doing with that egg? I know she marks it continuously until it cracks, but how does she know what caused it to crack? Is she chanting or thinking a sea of things until the shell breaks when she hits a buzzword? How does it work?

Asking for a friend. Me.