signs as verbatim quotes i found in my pm threads from middle school
  • aries:I could give you a whole list of all the reasons I've been gone, but I'll break it down to: a smoothie dumped on the keyboard
  • taurus:shllllllllllllurp
  • gemini:post your shit crap story somewhere else
  • cancer:Ohmycupcakes we SHOULD!!!!!!!
  • leo:Lol, nah, that character is based on my pink horsey-obsessed friend
  • virgo:My OC's middle name is Elshira. That isn't very important, but I thought I'd tell you
  • libra:Yes, I am famously known for my work
  • scorpio:re: why their kids keep getting kidnapped
  • sagittarius:its normal to feel upset from diabetes
  • capricorn:The firs thcpater is up! I can't spell and am too lazy to delete that.
  • aquarius:My bathroom is inhabited by sleep-deprived gnomes who are trying to construct a plan to take over the lower half of Michigan
  • pisces:Good luck, follow god, and don't carry any wooden nickels

@persokong remember 200 years ago when we’d stay up all night on AIM and play SIMS where we’d build a room with no doors or windows and put 10+ kids in there just to see what would happen???
Ahhhh…. Child endangerment.


Sedona, AZ 

Exploring Sedona

My Friend Jeremy -Memories 200 Film

Among my usual hiking friends I’m usually the one sporting a camera besides the camera on the phone. However it was a very pleasant experience hiking with my friend Jeremy for he brings his digital SLR camera which i might add is an expensive piece of equipment to bring out into nature I feel we do subconsciously learn from each other’s styles of photography. Honestly as there are many things I can say about Jeremy’s photography I do enjoy the time he takes with each of his shots, almost like he is using a film camera. You can take multiple shots with digital but he is diligent with his work. 

-December 1, 2013

Sedona, AZ 

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Interesting Accident -Memories 200 Film

So I accidentally reeled my film to hard and it snapped from the cartridge cylinder but I was not certain. So I attempted to cover my camera with my jacket and tried to peek inside my camera if the film rolled in or not. To my dismay I accidentally let some light on the film. However after it got developed the shot came out like this which was a pleasant surprise. It kind of gives the spiritual feeling from within the Chapel. 

-December 2, 2013

Sedona, AZ 

Airport Mesa Lookout

First Shots in Sedona -Memories 200 Film

It was my first time in Sedona, actually my first time visiting the state of Arizona. The sun was waning down but I was able to quickly grab a couple of shots with my camera before the sun fully set. You can tell how I was quickly trying to see where to get a good shot at the same time the sun was setting pretty quickly. I combined two of my shots into one, it may have been just 10 minutes apart each shot. 

-November 29, 2013


Sedona, AZ 

Cathedral Rock Hike

My Friend Beverly -Memories 200 Film

Its an interesting friendship with Beverly for we have been friends since college and see each other very sparingly now a days. However despite that when we do see each other we just pick up where we left off. 

-December 1, 2013


San Francisco, CA 

Lands End Lookout

First SF Hike - Memories 200

I believe this was the first time I took to the trails offered in the city of San Francisco. I did see pictures online of this basin like area being filled with water and I was glad it was all exposed. Because exposed ruins are just an invite to explore. 

-August 3, 2013


Quang Nihn Province, Vietnam 

Ha Long Bay

Sung Sot Cave- Memories 200

They said it was called surprising cave which was exactly my reaction to it. I have been through caves before and I did not expect the illumination of lights within this one. I really wish my hands were not as shaky because I did loose a number a pictures to blur but a couple of pictures survived. 


Sedona, AZ 

Bell Rock Hike

First Hike In Sedona -Memories 200 Film

It was a nice change of pace from my usual Southern Californian hikes. The weather was quite nice this time of year, I actually over-packed warm clothes for the weekend because I thought it would be freezing during the day. 

-November 30, 2013