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Hello!☺️ It’s so nice to visit your studyblr. I think your studyblr and notes are so awesome. 😍 And I wonder how to take notes with color pens. Because my notes are always too colorful to review but if I only write in black, I can’t find the key point easily.

Hey! Oh god yes, sometimes I’ll be so engrossed with annotating or highlighting with different colours that when I step back to review my notes, it looks as if someone’s vomited a rainbow over my page.

Here are my three tips to avoid looking like your page has been destroyed;

1. Create a legend

  • Useful for 
    • Note taking
    • Annotating articles/notebooks/journal articles/ cases ○
    • Language Study 
    • Speed reading large chunks of text 
  • Method 
    • Assign a label to each colour
    • Each colour will correspond to a category of information
    • This will help you find all the key points related to a particular topic
    • (So if you write in black, you can write all your keywords/ definitions in colour)
  • Examples
    • Here: yellow=section, blue = grammar structure, orange = particle, pink = new vocabulary, green = things I already know. 
    • Here green = legal issue , yellow = legal principle, blue= argument, pink = application to facts

2. Limit the colours you use

  • Useful for 
    • Review sheets
    • Chapters/ large topics
  • Method 
    • Pick 2-3 colours for each chapter 
    • Write all the sub points in the other colour / black or blue pen
    • When you change chapter, change to different set of colours.
    • The key is to limit the colours you use per page, thus making it easier to read
    • Useful for exam revision - in theory, the headings are used as memory prompts
  • Example
    •  Here: three branches of government, three different colour schemes for each one

3. Colour each section or heading in a completely different colour

  • Useful for 
    • Comparing /Contrasting perspectives 
    • Timelines
    • Essay plans 
  • Method 
    • Colour each paragraph/chunk of notes/ section in a completely different colour 
    • Each viewpoint has a different colour 
    • Each time period has a different colour 
  • Examples 

Which one should I use?

The method I choose will depend on the subject, the type of content, and what I’m going to do with those notes (e.g. use them as revision, exam notes, or use them to write an essay). I will also combine two methods.

Why bother colour coding?

It may prompt your memory. When you have 200+ pages of notes for exams, its easier to locate key points. It makes it easier to organise and plan an essay.

What if I don’t have colourful pens?

Don’t fret! Got a pen and a pencil? Alternate between the two. Underline key points. Write keywords, headings etc in UPPERCASE and associated points in lower case. Experiment with different handwriting styles and sizes.

This is all nice and well, but I type my notes!

So do I! The heading options, customising my keyboard, shortcuts and the ToC have been my bffl throughout law school. Seriously.

Other tips I have found useful: 

In the end, its not the sheer number of colours you use but the ease of access that’s important.

If you have any questions about this feel free to ask here!

Hope this helps!

- fuckstudy.

*the notes supplied are for demonstrational purposes only. TL;DR these notes are old as fuck, there will be errors, and are used for example purposes only

April is autism awareness month; For the month I’m gunna try and draw/doodle the characters I headcanon autistic wearing red to support #RedInstead rather than associate the month with Autism$peaks “ Light it up blue ” .

Feel free to join in and show me !!

i have so many characters i think i may do a lot in pairs and such lol but yeah !!

Tsumiki is a timid girl due to bullying, with a big difficulty socalising and recognising others emotions when talking. She has a really good memory (memorising over 200 conversational topics!) and a love for helping others. She also loves medics, and sparks up when she can talk about her medical knowlege in conversation; such as her favourite bandages!! Tsumiki is also rather clumsy and seems to lack moter skills, but has great hand-eye coordination!!

Chiaki enjoys the patterns and mathmatics in gaming, making her extremely good at them!! Its hard to get her away from a game and even talking she would rather look at a game while doing so. I believe she dislikes making eye-contact when talking. Chiaki takes her time to collect her thoughts and vocalise them, making her responses a bit delayed in conversations! Much like tsumiki, chiaki also sparks when she gets to talk about her games when talking!! Chiaki has difficulty understanding things that arent stright-forward and often uses her gaming understanding to figure out situations!

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Haikyuu!! Donpisha Match!! General Game Guide (UPDATED: Added Normal Missions 04092017)


Hi guys! I made a general translation of the game and how to play it. I can only explain the parts of the game that I have experienced, but hopefully this guide will help you get a feel of it and not just randomly click buttons on the screen :) I will update the guide if I learn anything new!

The translation is under the cut since it’s kinda long! Hope it’ll help you. Again, please do not repost the translations without my permission. If you’ve read it and it helped you, please don’t just like :) Reblog as well so it’ll help others! You can also RT it on Twitter

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[TRANS] 171109 Twitter Update

[#Handong]I’ve come to deliver a Dongie photo^^This time we did a performance in Vietnam and we’re back safely~Really, i think it will be a unforgettable memory😊 We received %200 passion from fans. The weather became cold these days so make sure to wear warm clothes~❄
#드림캐쳐 #Dreamcatcher

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

Exo’s Reaction - Selfies

Xiumin - *Xiumin goes on his phone to see that the camera roll was open, he scrolled through the recent photos to see over 65 selfies of you. He smiles and just sets one of them as his wallpaper and lock screen*

Lay - *He went to post a picture up on twitter and all he could see was your face all through his camera roll, about over 40 selfies of you and gets annoyed but forgives you later*

Kai - *Leaves his phone unattended with you and only 8 minutes went, he came back and you hand him his phone. He turns it on and sees you as his lock screen, he finds it cute at first but then he got onto his photo albums and to his surprise, there were over 60 selfies of you*

Suho - *He goes on his phone, and comes face to face with you. He smiles and carries on, he went to download a new single that was released but there was no memory left at all, he goes through everything that could clog up the memory and comes across 200 selfies of yours, he sees you giggling to yourself, looks up and just smiles*

Kyungsoo - *He goes on his phone to check his Instagram but got greeted by your selfies.He up fronts you and asked you what it was and gave your reason why there were so many selfies and says sorry also, he accepts and changed his wallpaper to you anyway. Although Chanyeol, being the reaction king he is, does what he does and laughs straight away and Kyungsoo tells him to shut up*

Tao - *Tao catches you taking selfies on his phone, he looks through the albums and most of them were you, he immediately gets a bit disappointed when Kris says that your selfies were cute* I thought I was cute

Chen - *You give away that you have done something with his phone as you keep laughing while looking at him. He wonders why you are laughing so he unlocks his phone and sees nothing at the moment, he then goes onto his Instagram and notices there are over 17 posts of just selfies of you, then he clicks on his albums and there are more. He doesn’t get annoyed at all,he just laughs it off*

Chanyeol - *While scrolling through his own photos, he comes across selfies of you, some very adorable but may seem embarrassing and decides to post them on his facebook and tags you in them with the caption, “Never leave your phone with this jagi, she’ll clog yup your memory with adorableness. Being the little shit he is, he winds you up no stop about them for days but you still love him*

Baekhyun - *He went to take a selfie to put as his new profile picture but it wouldn’t save. He got really confused why it wouldn’t and checks his photos. He could not believe how many selfies were there and just decided to make you as his profile picture instead*

Sehun - *He didn’t have to guess what happened while his phone was with you without him there, he trusts you with his phone and doesn’t mind you taking selfies. He saw that you took some new ones and a few he really liked so he decided to make a collage for his cover photo for facebook and while he did that, he found a very sexy selfie of yours and saved it as his lock screen and pulled this face every time someone asked to go on his phone* You don’t want to do that 

Luhan - *He walks in the room from the kitchen and catches you taking selfies. He asks how many have you taken and you said only 6. He runs towards you and grabs his phone as he grabbed it he clicked on the photo album and seen over 40 selfies then laughed and turns towards you*


****** PLEASE HELP!!! *******

I really hate to ask for this but I am in dire need of money. I wont go into much detail since it’s really my own fault, but I forgot to return a textbook due to my poor memory and was charged $200 without warning. I was then locked out of my amazon account due to a mandatory password reset which required an email that is no longer in use. Im really desperate right now since I need that money to pay for groceries (as well as other things) while my parents are gone and for tuition/textbooks in the fall. 

Ill be reducing my price and selling pencil commissions for $10 for anyone who wants them. I can draw anything you want. If you really dont want a drawing you can donate to my venmo, but I feel a little uncomfortable asking for money without giving something back. 

The user for venmo is reycommissions and my paypal for commissions is 

Ill be attempting to sell the book or will ask for partial refund if/when i am able to get my amazon account back. Until then, anything helps!!! 

Memories ~ Werewolves and Confessions Part 2

Summary: Instead of the vacation you hoped you would have, you end up hunting a werewolf with the Winchesters…a hunt that could have you facing some unknown truths and strengthening things between you and Dean. 

Dean x Reader, Sam

Warnings: Canon violence

A/N: This is a Supernatural series that I have been working on.  The "Memories" are meant to provide a backstory between the reader and the Winchesters, so they will span over a few years.  I did change a few things about the timeline, but I tried to stick as much as possible to the events of the show.  I appreciate all feedback!  Thanks a bunch!

Word Count: 2,200

Memories Masterlist

White walls, so many white walls.  They felt like they were closing in on you.  You could feel the stares in your direction as you sat on the bench, Dean’s blood still on your clothes and your hands.  You pulled his leather jacket closer around you, zipping it up in the front to cover your now red undershirt.  You kept your head down, resting your forehead on your closed fists, gripping his keys tightly, like a lifeline, images flashing randomly through your mind.

The wheels of the impala humming down the asphalt as fast as you could make her go

Dean laying across the backseat with Sam kneeling on the floorboard, holding pressure to his chest

Dean coughing, the blood…so much blood

Seeing Dean close his eyes in the rearview mirror

Sam’s voice screaming his name, trying to keep him awake

“Stay with me.”  You whispered again, your own pleas echoing in your ears.

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no but think of Nick and Deacon

both having identity issues

because Nick is literally this pre-war guy shoved into a different body in a different time, and while he appreciates old Nick it still doesn’t feel like *him* a lot of the time, those memories are over 200 years old, those memories have nothing to do with this world, but they’re still there trying to tell him who he is but it’s just *not right*

and Deacon does everything in his power to change who he is sometimes, abruptly get a new face, possibly a new name, and once he gets tired of looking at that face it’s time for a new one, and sometimes he’s not sure he actually remembers what he looked like to start with, he’s not sure he remembers his actual name

and Nick has the agency, he has the people he helps, and it’s something, but they don’t know about those memories, they don’t know that he’s as old as those songs on the radio

and Deacon has the Railroad, his little dysfunctional family, but they see his face-changing as another skill in his repetoire, another reason he’s one of their best agents

think of those two finding some sort of stability with each other, someone who isn’t just a recon job or a case, someone else who gets the feeling of not actually knowing who you are sometimes

think about this because I have emotions

My Little Music Box (Part 2/?) -Victuuri Composer/Music AU Fanfic-

Okay so it took quite some time before I managed to update this fic cuz I was stuck at like…1K words and then suddenly boom, update. Thanks for everyone who commented and reblogged, you guys are the sweetest and I hope you’ll enjoy this update~!

Please take note:

‘Italics’ - Thoughts
“Italics” - Japanese
“Normal” - English

Hint: Yuuri speaks with Minako in English , sometimes with Yuuko as well but he prefers Japanese when talking to his family and friends. It’d be complicated if I included the russian language as well so just note that Victor speaks russian with Yurio and Yakov~

Part 1 on Tumblr

Read on AO3

Victor had never felt so overwhelmed before. Over the years, many people tried to impress him with their music, some even tried to play his songs to show their dedication but no one… no one ever played it like this musician before him.

He could hear how his composition was being ‘completed’ or ‘answered’ by this composer. He was playing the song so naturally, answering all of Victor’s plea that he had buried in the keys. No one ever understood Victor’s pieces enough to realize the words behind them but this…this random pianist whom Victor stumbled on… this person knew. Victor was sure of it.

He had finally found it – his music box.

As Victor gave a standing ovation, gaining the musician’s attention, Victor held out his hand and offered the words close to a proposal followed by, “Will you be m-“

Suddenly, the pianist jerked himself off the chair and smiled sheepishly. He said something in Japanese really quickly before he immediately grabbed his items and ran back stage.

Victor was dumbstruck but then he took off as well, climbing onto the stage and starting the chase, “WAIT!”

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