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Top ten favorite lines you have written in umfb

So u mentioned earlier a line that was in your top ten favorite to write. What are the other lines that you have written that are in your favorites?


I’ll do my favourite lines excluding dialogue because I usually prefer the non-dialogue parts :D

Yuuri had none of that. And Viktor was the one, the only one. But Viktor was beautiful and successful and had presumably shared his bed with hundreds of people, all begging for time with him. Yuuri was nothing special, just a brief amusement in a long line of people that had come and gone throughout Viktor’s life. As insignificant as the day they met, seen and instantly forgotten, faded from memory while Yuuri remained, with Viktor’s mark left on him forever. - Chapter 9

Viktor was like a searing light and like a moth to a flame, Yuuri couldn’t seem to stay away. He would keep coming back, over and over to revel in the brightness until he burned. - Chapter 10

Viktor was beautiful, lying there before him, but more than that Viktor was kind. Not kind with any expectation of reward or compensation but kind for the sake of being kind. Viktor had broken Yuuri’s heart when Yuuri was just a child but Viktor had been a child as well. They had both been children and just as Yuuri was so far from the boy that he had once been, maybe Viktor had changed too. Life had moulded them both throughout the years and neither of them would ever be the same again. - Chapter 11

Yuuri knew he couldn’t have Viktor forever. Someone like Yuuri would never be able to hold onto someone like Viktor. Viktor who was beautiful and successful and could have the whole world if only he asked. Yuuri could never compete with that, could never hold Viktor down. But he didn’t need to, didn’t expect to, he never had. He had Viktor here. He had Viktor now. That fact, this moment, that was what mattered. - Chapter 11

But still he stopped. And still he looked because he had been looking back his whole life even as it destroyed him and he couldn’t help but do it one last time. -  Chapter 13 (This one was a reference to the biblical story of Lot’s wife and specifically the Kurt Vonnegut quote from Slaughterhouse-Five -
“But she did look back, and I love her for that, because it was so human.”)

Yuuri had worshiped Viktor as a concept and hated him as a memory. But he loved him as a person - Chapter 14

And now everything was in pieces at his feet like the pieces of his heart and yet he loved Viktor still. But he wasn’t sure if he could put the fragments of his heart back on the line again. Put them back into Viktor hand’s because he had done it twice before and each time it had been broken further. If it happened a third time then there would be nothing left, not even fragments. Nothing but dust. - Chapter 14

Yuuri barely had time to think before a warm body was colliding with his own and suddenly lips were on his and he was falling but he didn’t care because he had been falling for years and Viktor was finally there to catch him again. - Chapter 14

“I don’t care.” he said and the words felt like the last link in the chain snapping after so many years and finally setting him free. “I don’t care who won.” - Chapter 14

Viktor pulled him close, their fingers still laced together and Yuuri could see the light in his eyes, bright and shining like the light of a star, drawing him into their orbit. He went willingly and Viktor wrapped his arms around him again, holding him close to his chest, so close that Yuuri could hear the beat of Viktor’s heart, perfectly in time with his own as Viktor spoke again. - Chapter 14 (Both for the name drop of the companion fic and also because in the last line it’s almost like…Yuuri, can you hear Viktor’s heartbeat?…)

Glorious Gems of MP - The Woven History of Chanderi

The fabric of Chanderi has great tales woven into them. The name of the town itself is synonymous with the world of exquisitely hand-crafted saris. The unique warp and weft of chanderi saris are one of the best kept secrets of this town. The saris are woven out of very fine threads making them extremely lightweight and wearable all year long. And the trade of these sarees has been passed on from one generation to the other, and each member of the family makes a significant contribution to the craft.

Chanderi saris use cotton and silk for the base, and zari butis are woven using extra weft technique. It is amazing to watch each motif being created by hand, one thread at a time. The more complex designs on borders and pallu are now made by dobby and jacquard (complex cards are added to the loom). The beautiful colours (neembu-lemon, narangi-orange, tamatari-tomato) and motifs (leaves, mango, chana-peas) are all inspired by nature.

With a background in Textile Design, I was completely drawn to the painstakingly detailed process of weaving. During my graduate programme I had to make a number of table loom samples and if that was challenging for me, Chanderi weaving is a class apart in its mastery. The simplest of Chanderi sari takes at least 3 days to weave, depending on the motifs and complexity of the design. All the weavers have soft hands enabling them to work with extremely fine threads. There are about 5000 weavers working on looms in Chanderi today.

Later, I got an opportunity to meet a few master weavers and visit their homes. The little time I spent with them will remain in my memory forever. The honesty and sincerity of these talented craftsmen humbled me. I was gazing with wide eyes at the beautiful sari being made right in front of me and in that moment I gained deep respect for these guys, for it takes a colossal effort to set up the loom. With the meticulous addition of each buti (motif), I saluted them for the enormous creativity, patience, skill and sincerity required to master this process. 

Looking at my enthusiasm, one of the weavers narrated a small couplet for me:

“Sheher Chanderi Momenbada,
Tiriya Raj Khasam panihara”

“In the city of Chanderi where weavers dwell,
women rule whereas men fill water”

Master weaver Abdul Fareed, who has been in this business since the last 20 years, showed me some of his sarees. His favourite color is Gajari Pink (Carrot Pink) and favourite motif is Keri (Mango).

Spending time at the weavers’ basti, I was curious to know about the origins of these Bunkars (weavers). “How did the city of looms come to be?”, I enquired. And my guide Kalle bhai, a very erudite man told me the story of the weaver community.

It is believed that they came from the lost city of Gaur Lakhnauti - an ancient city that thrived on the India-Bangladesh border. Kalle bhai’s quest to search the origins of this ancient city led him to Bangladesh in 2011 where he discovered art, crafts and even dialect similar to that of Chanderi. He has penned his research and findings in a deeply engrossing book.  

Another highlight of Chanderi saris is the kaala tika (black spot) that each weaver puts on the sari marking its originality and more importantly to protect it from the evil’s eye - a practice common in India.

Some of the traditional designs are Masrai Dadia Sari, Do Chashmi (both sides can be worn), Daadi Dar, Baane Bar and Mehandi Bhari Haath. One master weaver has been weaving the Mehandi Bhari Haath sari since 1976. Chanderi fabrics are so precious that they are treated like a newborn baby, with utmost care. Legend has it that Chanderi was the most prized fabric of Akbar’s court. With diminishing royalty, Chanderi fabric also saw downfall in production and skilled craftsmen. When Madhav Rao Scindia I inherited the throne, he established a training centre for the weavers of Chanderi.

A centre that is making waves across the city and the country is Chanderiyaan- a cluster of weavers part of Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and Media Lab Asia. It is a social entrepreneurial initiative towards sustaining livelihoods of the Chanderi weavers community. Set up in the Raja Rani Mahal where heritage seeps through each and every wall, Chanderiyaan is an opportunity for weavers to bypass the hefty network of middlemen and sell their creations directly in the global market. That’s why they call it the Digital village of Chanderi.

Designers from all over the country come to Chanderiyaan to develop their weaves and saris. It felt great to see digital empowerment allowing the craft to live long and prosper.

The looms shall be etched in my memory for years to come and the weavers shall continue to remind me of their rich heritage, pride and modesty. The exquisitely crafted saris will wrap me around in their sheer radiance. With a hope to return someday, I bade salaam and left this magnificent city.

About the artist 

Neethi Goldhawk is an independent illustrator and textile print designer who loves drawing all things dreamy, inspired by nature and life. She has illustrated for platforms like Redbull Amaphiko and Launchora. Her pen name (Goldhawk) was concocted in the crowded space of her mind full of absurd characters, who are but little children at heart. She is an avid Tumblr blogger and can be found here

By Neethi Goldhawk

“Was it worth it?” He asked

She was in so much pain. Her heart was beating so hard she felt like her ears were ringing with the sound. She had cried herself to sleep for so many nights, the impression her nails made on the pillow would never leave, the muffled sounds of her sobs would forever remain embedded in her memory; but the thought of not having done it made her sick to her very core. She took a deep breath and truth flowed out of her like the waves of pain she often experienced. “Yeah” she croaked “Even if it were more painful than it already is, I would always choose leaving the man who could never truly love me, at least not in the way I needed him to. I’m sorry if it hurt you too.”

He smiled. The answer that he was dreading had finally been given, and surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as much. He pulled up his walls as high as he could, hid his emotions with perfect accuracy and said “Then it’s okay. I’m happy you’re happy.”

Afterall, they were both broken by the same society, the one which so desperately tried to convince them that love would fix everything.

—  Needless to say, it didn’t.
One Night Only [Chapter 1]

Jackson can’t put you in his past, not before he gets one last night with you.

Genre: Angst

Contains Text Images, Flashbacks throughout.

You exhaled deeply as you sent the text, giving into Jackson. You knew that you shouldn’t continue seeing him. You couldn’t allow yourself to be pulled back in. You weren’t sure if you would be able to recover this time around. You thought back to the night he left you without any sort of explanation.

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i am trying to forget you
but all these scribbled words
won’t let me so
i keep erasing the words
that i’ll never write
because tell me
what’s the point in writing
some things that only
dig a buried body
what’s the point in writing
some things that only
reopen wounds
but the point is
i still love you
and i am trying to accept that
you never loved me
and i am trying to move on
but i have only ever written
about you and my hands
only ever write your name
in every metaphor i’ve ever known
and my head only thinks about you
even when i tell it not to
and my heart holds on to you
even when it hurts
because muscles have
a memory of their own
and the pain you caused
in my heart remains in it’s memory

What am I to you?

   You’re my moon and I’m your sun and what we have is a forbidden love. I’m jealous because of the stars, they can be with you, they can reach you and you can all look good together.

   I’m just your sun, who is willing to lose my own life just for you to breathe. We keep running in circles, thinking that maybe, it is possible for us to meet soon. Our memories of us will be forever cherished and it will remain under my subconscious mind.
—  And if the day comes that I forget about you, always know that, mind forgets but the heart always remembers. (zeus)

In Memory of Diana,  Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Countess of Chester (b. 1 July 1961 d. 31 August 1997).

Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd:
“I thank God for giving me Diana. My heart says thanks to all for their prayers, flowers and letters and for the endless thoughtful kindness towards Diana. I pray for her and for the two men that died with her. I thank God that he gave me Diana as a gift and for her personality that was able to love and give. I give her back to God with my love, my pride and my admiration. Rest in peace.”  

Prince Charles:
“It took me 3 ½ hours to take in what has happened, to sort my thoughts. Then I went to my sons and told them, as cautiously as possible, that their mother will never come home.”  

Queen Elizabeth II:
“Since we heard the sad news, we all tried on Balmoral to help William and Harry to cope with this horrible loss. Nobody who knew Diana will ever forget her.”

Sarah, Duchess of York:
“I have lost a sister. Diana was my best friend. Her personality will never be replaced.”
Mohamed Al Fayed:
These deaths are horrible and they are senseless. The world has lost a princess who is simply irreplaceable.”
Mother Teresa who died on 05/09/1997:
“Diana was a wonderful woman and mother. She helped wherever there was poverty and suffering. All nuns will pray for her and her children. I am in deep grief.”

President of the British Red-cross Cornelio Sommaruga:
“Diana’s commitment for the abolishment of anti-personnel landmines has helped the campaign to greater attention worldwide. “

Pope Johannes Paul II:
“I feel deep grief and sadness about the sudden death of Princess Diana.”
The Dutch Queen Beatrix:
“I am profoundly shocked. My thoughts are with the relatives.”
King Carl Gustaf XVI. and Queen Silvia of Sweden:
“We are deeply sorry about what has happened and the horrible circumstances the princess has lost her life in. The Princess of Wales has brought light into an often dark world.”

Albert, Prince of Monaco:
“This is a horrible tragedy, not only for her family and for Great Britain, but also for rest of the world. She was such a generous human-being.”

England’s prime minister Tony Blair:
“I have cried. She was a people’s princess, and that’s what she will remain- in our hearts and in our memory forever. But without her smile, the world is a darker place. The whole country is in shock. Diana had a sympathetic, wonderful personality.”

Former US president Bill Clinton:
“Hillary and I are deeply saddened about Diana’s death. We liked her particularly much. Our thoughts are with her family and her two sons.”

Former first lady Hillary Clinton:
“I will miss the pride in her voice, when she discussed her sons. I will miss how she talked about people whom she was trying to help. And I will miss admiring her how she tried to live an upright life with her own rules. The shadows are long today, since we lost a light that was shining brightly and softly.”

Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl:
„With shock and grief I heard of the tragic death of the princess. Many people in Germany liked her because of her open personality and her humanitarian commitment.”

The French president Jacques Chirac:
“With great shock, I heard of the cruel death of Princess Diana. She was a young woman of our time, warm-hearted and full of life.”

The former Russian president Boris Jelzin:
“I offer my deepest condolences to the whole British nation. The humanitarian work of the Princess of Wales is unique. She was one of the most active in this field.”

Australia’s former president John Winston Howard:
“The death of Princess Diana under such tragic circustances shocks and saddens all Australians.”
South-Africa’s former president Nelson Mandela:
“Princess Diana will be missed as a warm and sympathetic personality who always had a heart for others.
The official statement of the Chinese government in Peking:
“We are shocked about the death of Lady Diana and express the relatives our condolences.”
“When I heard of the accident, I cried: God, let her live!”

Michael Jackson:
“I am devastated by the death of Diana. I offer my deepest condolences to her family as well as to her two sons William and Harry.”  

Elton John:
“She was a “Princess next door”, a human-being in the midst of the people. I have already known her before her marriage to Prince Charles. She was a wonderful human-being.”

Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti:
“I am sitting her and I am crying the whole day long.”

Elizabeth Taylor:
“I am shocked. I feel deepest grief. Why could they not let Diana live? Nobody was so convinced of our good purpose as Diana.”

Cindy Crawford:
“Dodi was the boyfriend, Diana had been looking for all her life. I have known Diana for a long time. I have never seen her so relaxed and happy as in the last months.”

Giorgio Armani:
“With the death of the princess we have lost a huge icon for fashion and style of our time, but also a woman who had the rare capability to make people dream. But she also had the ability to use her image and her popularity to help other people. I am deeply saddened by her death.”

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Obvious In Game Text Spoiler Warning Obvious

Vergissmeinnicht für Ain

Along with the mission, the Goddess told me,
Do not disturb their order by being stained by the color of their world.

The last chance to fulfill my mission…!!

… Elsword, why do you want to restore the El?
The energy I felt just now from Elsword… It’s from that time…!
There’s no mistaking it. He is a being with the same root as I… Elsword will definitely try to find Lady of El and restore the El. No, he will never give up its restoration..

That’s no good. My strength hasn’t returned yet, but I must intervene.

…? I can't… intervene. What… What’s going on…?
Elsword is next to me and yet… I should try again.

How can this be… I definitely have enough strength to maintain my existence.
But why… can’t I intervene? Why…
Intervene… I must intervene…
If even the Holy Beast has changed… This is a serious situation.
I must intervene… and solve it. I must… do it.

If I… was there…

That human… he doesn’t belong in this time period. How is he here?
What is his purpose? He must be planning something.
Elsword… I must tell you about that human…
That’s something… I have to do.
I must annihilate the demons preying on the El, and restore the El and return its energy.
I don’t have time to be doing this… There must be a way to recover my strength… something… I have to try anything…
… I must intervene. If I was there, it would’ve been easier to take care of them.

I failed again this time. I don’t understand the reason…

My body… is splitting…
But I ended the intervention… How…?

… I can’t do anything in this state. I must… hurry and intervene…
Elsword, if I was there, you would’ve followed it much easier.

I can sense those demon’s aura, so I’m sure I can be of h…

No… Elsword, you can’t trust that human…
Only I can be your help…

I must help… Elsword…

I must… intervene to solve this.
I have to intervene…
No… My body can’t maintain my form and has started to split…

Elsword Are you okay without me?
Don’t you…
Don’t you need me?

Secret of the priestess of water…?
What is that? Priestesses have secrets?
How come I… didn’t know?
The mission I received… is to return the El’s energy.
To achieve that… I must know everything about priestesses of El and the El..

How can I… be so utterly powerless…
The mission the Goddess gave me..
Is absolutely vital in maintaining the existence and balance of this world…
And I, the one who will perform the deed, also am…. important…
I am… definitely… needed

Elsword… Can you not hear my voice anymore?
I thought…
I thought you are different from other humans…
Why can’t you hear me…

… No.. I will do it with my own strength. If I can gather up all the strength in me, it shouldn’t be hard to intervene. That’s right… if I gather all the strength…


My body… has disappeared… My form… Everything…

… O… Goddess…
… It’s no use. Elsword…You can’t remember when I have not intervened.

No one can remember me.
Without the intervention…
I’m just a helpless mass of light..

Elsword… In the end, you were just like other humans.
That energy I felt… The original power of El…
Was that just my mistake?



El… sword?
Yes? Ah, well, that… Yes…

He remembered me… and called my name… By Elsword calling for me… I have returned. Elsword… You are…

That Nasod’s mission have become solely our mission now. It was a very Nasod-like ending for him…

A life born with a mission, living to fulfill that mission, and disappearing after it’s become useless…

..Is there anything different from my own life?

I too will disappear when I’ve fulfilled my mission… I will be forgotten from everyone’s memories. Is that what I truly wanted? To disappear after I’ve fulfilled my mission?

… No, I don’t need to think about something like this. My mission is my sole reason to exist here. Useless thoughts… emotions… I must get rid of them.

But if I throw them away, then I’ll end up becoming like Nasods. I… I don’t want to be like that. I… don’t want to be a tool.

… They are grieving for someone they’ve known for such a short period of time. 

When I disappear after fulfilling my mission, would they remember me and grieve for me?

… There’s no way they can remember me.
I’ve been created this way… What was I expecting…

I see now… I didn’t want to be forgotten by them.

How stupid of me… to think such thoughts…

Lady of El… We’ve finally come this far. It won’t be too long. We will recover her, restore El and return its energy… then I will disappear.

… I don’t want to disappear like this… Not like this…

But… I cannot abandon my mission. I must fulfill it.

Nasods are disposed when they break down or malfunction. There’s always replacements to do the exact same thing.

It’s not so different from my fate. If I can’t fulfill my mission, or even disappear… A new being will descend here with the Goddess’s mission.

But I don’t want someone else to replace me… I want to stay in their memories. 

As someone who made the long journey with them…
I want to be acknowledged as their ’friend’.

But, that’s just my wishful thinking.
A wish that will never come true…

I was envying the Nasod boy without even realizing. He will forever remain… in their memories.

… I never thought I would find each moment so precious… I… have become sentimental.


Elsword, you want to find Lady of El and restore the El, right?

Will you ever… change your mind?
… Yes. I see. I… wanted that also.
… I must restore the El.

Because… there’s something I have to do. For that… I must.
I… want to restore it. I think I want to.

… Actually..
… Actually, no… I don’t want to. If that happens…!

I don’t want to disappear…
I don’t want to be forgotten.

Elsword… I don’t want that…

This is it… When Elsword walks into the light,
I will be able to fulfill my mission.

…If I stop Elsword here…
I might be able to stay next to these people.

I might not disappear. 
I might not be forgotten.

But… this moment can’t last forever.
Elsword has to make a decision.

… Elsword and the El Search Party.
I was happy I could be with you.
Thank you… for everything.

…Even if you forget me, I will not forget you…

Flower by Kim Chun-Soo

Before I spoke his name,
he had been nothing but a gesture.
When I spoke his name,
he came to me and became a flower.

Now who will speak my name,
A name fitting this color and fragrance of mine,
the way I spoke his
So that I may go to him and become his flower.

We all yearn to become something.
I yearn to become an unforgettable meaning to you,
And you to me.

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“Love is the most complicated thing in the world. Artists are the most eccentric people. So when artists fall in love, the passion must be special, beautiful and somewhat melodramatic. With feelings so strong and minds dazed, we guess their love stories are the greatest.

Meet artists Marina Abramovic. In the 1970s, Marina and her then boyfriend names Ulay broke up. But even until the end of the relationship, they chose to do it in an interesting fashion, just like true artists. They went to opposite ends of the Great Wall of China and walk towards each other in the middle. When  they finally met, they gave each other one last embrace and parted ways. They never saw each other again after that.

More than 30 years later, Marina held a live art performance. She spent one minute in silence with complete strangers. They just stared at each other, probably getting inspiration or energy of some sort. But one particular man seemed to have captured Marina’s attention in a more special way because her reaction was different from the others. It turned out that the man at 1:30 was Ulay. It was their first time to see each other after more than 30 years, and the moment was so emotional and beautiful.

Love is the most wonderful ting in the world and even if some relationships don’t last and the feelings fade, the memories still remain. We shall keep it in our hearts and minds forever. Even though Marina and Ulay just stood there without saying a word, we are sure that they were able to speak with each other through their hearts. This is such a beautiful story!”

-Inah Garcia (Elite Readers)

Half full of nothing.
The particles of the air
Whizzing and buzzing
Endlessly in motion

Nothing is still
Not even the silence
The air is alive
Nothing is alive.

The space between us
That we so foolishly call empty
Is stronger than our eyes will tell us
Its invisible defence.

There is never nothing between us
We are never truly alone
Secrets shared only between me and you
Pass through the darkness too.

Maybe it doesn’t remember
But don’t we all forget?
Memories will fade in time
But nothing forever remains.

The lack of nothingness
Makes my insides crawl
Hunger growing
From the craving of space.

And time
What is time?
Time is space
Space and time
Empty space
Scattered with something
Something more than us

Maybe it’s nothing
Just another curtain of darkess
Waiting to be lifted
Secrets waiting to be uncovered

Or maybe
Just maybe
Something we can’t comprehend
Something beyond our thoughts
Something that dwarfs our existence

Maybe it’s only half full
Of stars and matter unknown
Or maybe it’s half empty
Full of the darkness we call home.

Why we should be careful of conjugating verbs (*this photo will serve as an evidence, and not to humiliate the fan)

A fan who is apparently studying korean tweeted 2ne1’s Park Sandara. She was asking her if she had already finished filming for today and sweetly reminded her to rest but messed up with its conjugation. Instead of using the word “쉬다”, she accidentally used “쉬하다” which meant to pee so instead of saying “Have you already finished filming for today? Take a rest, eonni”, she said “Have you already finished filming for today? Pee, eonni”. Sandara said that at first she was surprised but eventually realized that it was an error. She finds it very cute and even said that this message will forever remain in her memory.

Do not be confused with “쉬다” (to rest, “쉬하다” (to pee), and “쉽다” (easy)

The Red Line

By: RPSV Poetry
April 16, 2017 - Easter Sunday. 9:46PM
Dedicated to my closest of friends; My family.

They say that whichever road you end up taking, you’ll always end up back home.
For me, Home hasn’t existed in years. I’m either here, or I’m somewhere else,
Far away from any place that’s felt like home to me.
Over this weekend that’s just recently passed me by,
I’ve been taking the red line.
All these unfamiliar places, all these faces that I don’t even recognize.
The many different hands that have touched mine.
The many hands that I’ve held.
The irreplaceable beauties that have crossed my eyes.
The distinguishable faces that have now been ingrained into my lost mind.
It’s thanks to my taking the red line,
That I’ve come across memories that’ll forever remain with me until the end of time. -The end-

Now that Moon Lovers is ending I would just like to say:

1.) Wang So and Hae Soo falling apart was meant to happen, so let’s not feel so bad. Hae Soo was only meant to love him and to help him become king, she was not meant to be with him until the end. notice how they started falling apart after So became king? it’s because her purpose for being sent back to Goryeo period is done, fate is taking its course to let them know that she is no longer needed there. it’s absolutely unfair for two people who love each other so much, but history must happen in the way it was always meant to happen. she needs to go, and sadly there’s nothing she, nor So, nor Baek Ah, nor you and i can do about it

2.) Wang So and Hae Soo’s love story was one of the most poignant yet beautiful love stories i’ve ever come across with. it hurts to think that they can’t be together in Goryeo, but we have to accept it. we shipped a ship that was meant to sink. but their moments, the stories they told each other, the things they did for each other, all are such beautiful memories, i’m sure will remain in their hearts forever. if we get a modern day Wang So with no memories about Hae Soo at all, he just won’t feel like the same person, i know. i’m sad about that, too

but at this point, the best thing we can do is believe that two hearts that are meant to be together will always gravitate back to each other

Most things are forgotten over time. Even the war itself, the life-and-death struggle people went through is now like something from the distant past. We’re so caught up in our everyday lives that events of the past are no longer in orbit around our minds. There are just too many things we have to think about everyday, too many new things we have to learn. But still, no matter how much time passes, no matter what takes place in the interim, there are some things we can never assign to oblivion, memories we can never rub away. They remain with us forever, like a touchstone.
—  Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore